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#1. I'll do humor about myself, I'll poke fun and everything, but that's me and I can do it to me. I think it's cruel to do it to somebody else. - Author: Delta Burke
Rvb Delta quotes by Delta Burke
#2. The moon was obscured by heavy clouds. January was already past the mid-mark and the early delta spring would soon be on them. Already on the night was the faint, fresh smell of buddings and the intimacy that comes from the warm delta air trapped between slumbering earth and lowering clouds. - Author: Leslie H. Whitten Jr.
Rvb Delta quotes by Leslie H. Whitten Jr.
#3. The Delta agent saw my itinerary and said, 'You're flying to Jakarta via Atlanta, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur? You must have really pissed off your travel agent. - Author: Tucker Elliot
Rvb Delta quotes by Tucker Elliot
#4. Every other start-up wants to be another United or Delta or American. We just want to get rich. - Author: Robert L. Priddy
Rvb Delta quotes by Robert L. Priddy
#5. We were running all over the front lawn and under the rainspouts, barefooted, in our underpants, with the rain pelting down, straight cold gray rain of Delta summers, wonderful rain. -Mexico - Author: Ellen Gilchrist
Rvb Delta quotes by Ellen Gilchrist
#6. My idea of heaven is a place where the Tyne meets the Delta, where folk music meets the blues. - Author: Mark Knopfler
Rvb Delta quotes by Mark Knopfler
#7. Delta Airlines recently proposed giving frequent flyers a controversial perk: the option of paying $5 extra to speak to a customer service agent in the United States, rather than be routed to a call center in India. Public disapproval led Delta to abandon the idea. - Author: Michael J. Sandel
Rvb Delta quotes by Michael J. Sandel
#8. If novelists truly wanted to simulate the delta of lfe's possibilities, this is what they'd do. At the back of the book would be a set of sealed envelopes in various colours. Each would be clearly marked on the outside: Traditional Happy Ending; Traditional Unhappy Ending; Traditional Half-and-Half Ending; Deus ex Machina; Modernist Arbitrary Ending; End of the World Ending; Cliffhanger Ending; Dream Ending; Opaque Ending; Surrealist Ending; and so on. You would be allowed only one, and would have to destroy the envelopes you didn't select. - Author: Julian Barnes
Rvb Delta quotes by Julian Barnes
#9. Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta...Delta is for Charlie and Charlie is for Cain - Author: Robert Ludlum
Rvb Delta quotes by Robert Ludlum
#10. Blanche talks about aging, and why should she be considered poor, because physical beauty is transitory and fading and she has such richness of the soul. I think that speech is so beautiful, and so telling and so true. - Author: Delta Burke
Rvb Delta quotes by Delta Burke
#11. I went through all my twenties thinking that I wasn't good enough. - Author: Delta Burke
Rvb Delta quotes by Delta Burke
#12. The Frenchman showed her a great deal of Paris that day, saying over lunch at a café that it was impossible to see everything of interest in so short a time. "And of course the sights are only one aspect; there's also the theatre, the markets, clubs, festivals, gardens and much more."

Delta smiled dreamily; it sounded wonderful.

Enjoying her smile, Valois gave her cheek a playful caress. "If I try hard enough, you may never want to leave. - Author: Brooke Templar
Rvb Delta quotes by Brooke Templar
#13. What is the world? What is it for?
It is an art. It is the best of all possible art, a finite picture of the infinite. Assess it like prose, like poetry, like architecture, sculpture, painting, dance, delta blues, opera, tragedy, comedy, romance, epic. Assess it like you would a Faberge egg, like a gunfight, like a musical, like a snowflake, like a death, a birth, a triumph, a love story, a tornado, a smile, a heartbreak, a sweater, a hunger pain, a desire, a fufillment, a desert, a waterfall, a song, a race, a frog, a play, a song, a marriage, a consummation, a thirst quenched.
Assess it like that. And when you're done, find an ant and have him assess the cathedrals of Europe. - Author: N.D. Wilson
Rvb Delta quotes by N.D. Wilson
#14. Crowds of lower-caste workers were queued up in front of the monorail station - seven or eight hundred Gamma, Delta and Epsilon men and women, with not more than a dozen faces and statures between them. - Author: Aldous Huxley
Rvb Delta quotes by Aldous Huxley
#15. I went to Ft Bragg and learned that Delta was indeed gearing up for the rescue. Still I was concerned the Reagan staff would not be willing to take the risk of sending an official military force into Laos. - Author: Bo Gritz
Rvb Delta quotes by Bo Gritz
#16. I put the weight on after we were together. I put on about 20 pounds when we got married, and people were flipping their lids. And then I put on more after that, and I've gone up and down since then. - Author: Delta Burke
Rvb Delta quotes by Delta Burke
#17. The blues style - moody or rollicking or boastful or bashful - developed in the Delta around 1900 and was, for a time, exclusively African-American. That isn't the case anymore. - Author: Tim Cahill
Rvb Delta quotes by Tim Cahill
#18. I took Bobby Kennedy through the delta and he cried like a baby. - Author: Charles Evers
Rvb Delta quotes by Charles Evers
#19. No matter what a person does to cover up and conceal themselves, when we write and lose control, I can spot a person from Alabama, Florida, South Carolina a mile away even if they make no exact reference to location. Their words are lush like the land they come from, filled with nine aunties, people named Bubba. There is something extravagant and wild about what they have to say - snakes on the roof of a car, swamps, a delta, sweat, the smell of sea, buzz of an air conditioner, Coca-Cola - something fertile, with a hidden danger or shame, thick like the humidity, unspoken yet ever-present.

Often when a southerner reads, the members of the class look at each other, and you can hear them thinking, gee, I can't write like that. The power and force of the land is heard in the piece. These southerners know the names of what shrubs hang over what creek, what dogwood flowers bloom what color, what kind of soil is under their feet.

I tease the class, "Pay no mind. It's the southern writing gene. The rest of us have to toil away. - Author: Natalie Goldberg
Rvb Delta quotes by Natalie Goldberg
#20. What resonates with me now is the acoustic guitar and piano. - Author: Delta Goodrem
Rvb Delta quotes by Delta Goodrem
#21. I don't visit my parents often because Delta Airlines won't wait in the yard while I run in. - Author: Margaret Smith
Rvb Delta quotes by Margaret Smith
#22. This was truly guerilla filmmaking. We shot out in the middle of nowhere in a place called Delta Flats, where basically every day was some new minor catastrophe. - Author: Jeri Ryan
Rvb Delta quotes by Jeri Ryan
#23. I get in my golf cart with my dogs, I have five dogs. - Author: Delta Burke
Rvb Delta quotes by Delta Burke
#24. I like it when I strut. - Author: Delta Burke
Rvb Delta quotes by Delta Burke
#25. GEJ is the only president in recent years who did not allocate a single oil bloc to anybody, not to talk of himself.
And these are the areas where you can tell corruption in its true colour.
He did not allocate oil bloc to himself, family or friends up till now.
He also did not give a single marginal field to himself or anybody else even though he is the only president that comes from the Niger Delta where the oil is coming from. - Author: Nuhu Ribadu
Rvb Delta quotes by Nuhu Ribadu
#26. Of the river of time, he worries neither about its spring nor its delta. - Author: Yann Martel
Rvb Delta quotes by Yann Martel
#27. I tend to prefer the band thing. I think playing solo is good for about 45 minutes. I remember when I was on my solo tour that I got a chance to play with Martin Stephenson of the Daintees. He's now refashioned himself as almost a delta blues guitar player and he's got all the technique, all the persona and the charisma on stage. I think I do too, but I'm more of a first position strummer guy with a little bit of filigree work. I could listen to him for hours; I could listen to myself playing solo for about half an hour! - Author: Bill Mallonee
Rvb Delta quotes by Bill Mallonee
#28. My first car was a 1977 Oldsmobile Delta 88. Ugly car. More ugly on this car than a Rolling Stones group photo. - Author: Christopher Titus
Rvb Delta quotes by Christopher Titus
#29. None of this is to deny that the Niger Delta has made mistakes. It has, and a good number at that. But then, mistakes are made to make wiser and therefore help in better decision making. - Author: Emi Iyalla
Rvb Delta quotes by Emi Iyalla
#30. There are good men everywhere, at all times. Most men are. Some are just unlucky, because most men are a little better than their circumstances give them a chance to be. And I've known some that even the circumstances couldn't stop.

~from 'Delta Autumn - Author: William Faulkner
Rvb Delta quotes by William Faulkner
#31. Can you just imagine the two of them next year at the Phi Delta Carnation Ball?" Laura Grace asks, clapping her hands together.
Daddy looks confused. "The two of who?"
"Why, Ryder and Jemma, of course." Mama pats him on the hand. "You remember the Carnation Ball--it's the first Phi Delta party of the year. They have to go together, right, Laura Grace?"
She nods. "We've been waiting all our lives for this."
Mama finally glances my way and sees my scowl. "Aw, honey. We're just teasing, that's all."
This sort of teasing has been going on my entire life--second verse, same as the first. It's gotten real old, real fast.
"May I be excused?" I ask, pushing back from the table.
"You go on and finish your dinner," Laura Grace says, entirely unperturbed. "We'll stop teasing. I promise."
"It's okay. I'm done. It was delicious, thanks. I just need to get some air, that's all. I'm getting a bit of a headache."
Laura Grace nods. "It's this heat--way too hot for September." She waves a hand in my direction. "Go on, then. Ryder, why don't you go get Jemma some aspirin or something."
I glance over at Ryder, and our eyes meet. I shake my head, hoping he gets the message. "No, it's fine. I'm…uh…I've got some in my purse."
"Go with her, son," Mr. Marsden prods. "Be a gentleman, and get her a bottle of water to take outside with her."
Ugh. I give up. My escape plot is now ruined.
Wordlessly, Ryder rises from the table and stalks out - Author: Kristi Cook
Rvb Delta quotes by Kristi Cook
#32. I was supposed to go to drama school and then go to New York and do theatre. But I grew up on all those fabulous movies and had read all the bold Hollywood books, and I thought I just had to take a look. - Author: Delta Burke
Rvb Delta quotes by Delta Burke
#33. I rode fire trucks, slid down fire poles, wore a lot of red, and made a lot of appearances. I've always had a special place in my heart for fire fighters. - Author: Delta Burke
Rvb Delta quotes by Delta Burke
#34. The blues and jazz will live forever ... So will the Delta and the Big Easy. - Author: Jack Nicholson
Rvb Delta quotes by Jack Nicholson
#35. Very few writers understand the complex history and maddening social order of the Mississippi Delta. For Steve Yarbrough, though, it's home turf. He is wickedly observant, funny, cynical, evocative, and he possesses a gift that cannot be taught: he can tell a story. - Author: John Grisham
Rvb Delta quotes by John Grisham
#36. Thanks to superior organization, the Egyptian armed forces scored a dual victory, on land and sea, over that second alliance. The fleet of the "Peoples of the North" was entirely destroyed and the invasion route through the Delta was cut. At the same time a third coalition of the same white-skinned Indo-Aryans was being assembled, again in Libya, against the Black Egyptian nation. Yet, this was not a racial conflict in the modern sense. To be sure, the two hostile groups were fully conscious of their ethnic and racial differences, but it was much more a question of the great movement of disinherited peoples of the north toward richer and more advanced countries. Ramses III demolished that third coalition as he had destroyed the first two.... As a result of this third victory over the Indo-Aryans, he took an exceptional number of prisoners. - Author: Cheikh Anta Diop
Rvb Delta quotes by Cheikh Anta Diop
#37. When I was a child, I thought of my Delta town as the center of the universe, but now I realize how little I know about the universe. As a child, I thought I was immortal, but now I recognize how limited a time we all have. As a child, success meant scoring A on every exam, but now I take it to mean good health, close family and friends, achieve- ments in my work, and helping others. - Author: Ahmed H. Zewail
Rvb Delta quotes by Ahmed H. Zewail
#38. Any time where the delta b/w what is possible and how things work today is at its widest, that's an opportunity to go build new technology. - Author: Aaron Levie
Rvb Delta quotes by Aaron Levie
#39. That Mississippi sound, that Delta sound is in them old records. You can hear it all the way through. - Author: Muddy Waters
Rvb Delta quotes by Muddy Waters
#40. A good love is just like a good memory if you know its the but its just out of you reach it can be all you think about and you can try to force it but if you wait maby just maby ot will comw to you. - Author: Lenord Church RvB
Rvb Delta quotes by Lenord Church RvB
#41. The Nile, draining out into the Mediterranean. The bright lights of Cairo announce the opening of the north-flowing river's delta, with Jerusalem's answering high beams to the northeast. This 4,258 mile braid of human life, first navigated end-to-end in 2004, is visible in a single glance from space. - Author: Chris Hadfield
Rvb Delta quotes by Chris Hadfield
#42. And sometimes, when you feel low on yourself, that's just when you have to go out there and be photographed or do a scene where you're hot stuff. You're always working on it. - Author: Delta Burke
Rvb Delta quotes by Delta Burke
#43. Delta: We never make the same mistake three times. - Author: David Letterman
Rvb Delta quotes by David Letterman
#44. But I thought, I've just got to check out Hollywood, so I sent out pictures and resumes. - Author: Delta Burke
Rvb Delta quotes by Delta Burke
#45. The Waterfall and the Sea
Her love and passion are a waterfall, fed from the wellspring of her heart,
gently tumbling into a pool, preparing herself to share her gifts.
His passion and love are like the sea, deep and wide, waiting mysteriously,
Patiently he awaits her calling out through time and space
She hears his call, her pool overflowing.
Her love and passion gushing over her banks she rushes toward him
Winding and twisting she finds her way, destined to reach his shores
He awaits her arrival and she opens her delta as his tide comes in
Their waters mingle every molecule of her river with his sea
Forever mixing and sharing their passion and love in that place between
The Waterfall and the Sea - Author: Christopher Earle
Rvb Delta quotes by Christopher Earle
#46. I think Taj and Nina were better friends, because they get along, they have a lot of fun and they laugh. But it seems that Nina and Jack really hit it off. Nina really fell in love with Jack. there's a lot of chemistry between them! - Author: Delta Goodrem
Rvb Delta quotes by Delta Goodrem
#47. If you look at a farmer and his daily expenditure on existing energy services, it is much higher on an incremental delta basis. And then there is an emotional cost of not providing their kids with the right to educate. If you calculate these costs in economic terms and create a financing mechanism for them to buy it, the emotional delta cost is much higher compared to their household. - Author: Ramon Magsaysay
Rvb Delta quotes by Ramon Magsaysay
#48. Delta glanced at the artwork, the leather-bound books in the glass-fronted bookshelves, the fresh flowers in assorted vases.
"This is stunning," she said, moved by the beauty all around her. "Your home is beautiful."
Valois squeezed her hand in acknowledgement. "Thank you. You'll fit right in then. - Author: Brooke Templar
Rvb Delta quotes by Brooke Templar

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