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Growth requires courage, strength and the willingness to go beyond fear. ~ Catherine Louise Birmingham
Ruscellis Birmingham quotes by Catherine Louise Birmingham
Life is like riding, you will only have harmony once you stop fighting it. ~ Catherine Louise Birmingham
Ruscellis Birmingham quotes by Catherine Louise Birmingham
That her son had developed all the latent characteristics of a three-dollar bill escaped her notice - all she knew was that she was glad he lived in Birmingham because he was oppressively devoted to her, which meant that she felt obliged to make an effort to reciprocate, which she could not with any spontaneity do. ~ Harper Lee
Ruscellis Birmingham quotes by Harper Lee
Revenge is the pleasure of a small feeble mind -- I read that somewhere back in college. ~ Birmingham, John
Ruscellis Birmingham quotes by Birmingham, John
People forget that many of the aspects of the Selma campaign were laid out in response to the church bombing in Birmingham. ~ Andrew Aydin
Ruscellis Birmingham quotes by Andrew Aydin
I will work out exactly how - with my no money, no money at all, until I actually receive my first, dawdling pay-cheque - I will get to Birmingham later. Perhaps Birmingham will, in the next week, move closer to Wolverhampton, and I can simply walk there! ~ Caitlin Moran
Ruscellis Birmingham quotes by Caitlin Moran
At ten I was playing against 18-year-old guys. At 15 I was playing professional ball with the Birmingham Black Barons, so I really came very quickly in all sports. ~ Willie Mays
Ruscellis Birmingham quotes by Willie Mays
The children of Birmingham did not really die in the State of Alabama, however, because Alabama is a state of mind, and in the minds of the [white] men who rule Alabama, those children had never lived [ ... ] their blood is on so many hands, that history will weep in the telling ... and it is not new blood. It is old, so very old. ~ Roger Ebert
Ruscellis Birmingham quotes by Roger Ebert
I have consistently preached that nonviolence demands that the means we use must be as pure as the ends we seek. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.
Ruscellis Birmingham quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr.
Disappointed Englishman.

Several Englishmen who were inveigled by a mountain guide in eastern Tyrol into climbing the Drei Zinnen with him were so disappointed, after reaching the highest of the three peaks, with what Nature had to offer them on this highest peak that then and there they killed the guide, a family man with three children and, it seems, a deaf wife. When, however, they realized what they had actually done, they threw themselves off the peak, one after the other. After this, a newspaper in Birmingham wrote that Birmingham had lost its most outstanding newspaper publisher, its most extraordinary bank director, and its most able undertaker. ~ Thomas Bernhard
Ruscellis Birmingham quotes by Thomas Bernhard
Habits don't change before or after we do them, they change when we are in them. ~ Catherine Louise Birmingham
Ruscellis Birmingham quotes by Catherine Louise Birmingham
We should never forget that everything Adolph Hitler did in Germany was "legal" and everything the Hungarian freedom fighers did in Hungary was "illegal." It was "illegal" to aid and comfort a Jew in Hitler's Germany. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.
Ruscellis Birmingham quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr.
So I have tried to make it clear that it is wrong to use immoral means to attain moral ends. But now I must affirm that it is just as wrong, or even more so, to use moral means to preserve immoral ends. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.
Ruscellis Birmingham quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr.
Cycling to work is an important issue for business - the more who do it, the more our communities will support it. Healthy and green, cycling is worthy of the support of every business in the land. ~ Digby Jones, Baron Jones Of Birmingham
Ruscellis Birmingham quotes by Digby Jones, Baron Jones Of Birmingham
Birmingham City Council was playing third time lucky with the design of the city's celebrated Victoria Square ... ~ Tom Holt
Ruscellis Birmingham quotes by Tom Holt
I said, "Was it Amy?" "If it was, she was too smart for them, which is what drew their attention." Pike said, "They couldn't ID the source." "Meaning what?" Jon smirked. "Meaning the crap on these boards is usually posted by a crank in a garage, or a thirteen-year-old idiot, toked up on the big sister's weed. Thirteen-year-old idiots are easy to find. This computer was hidden behind anonymous proxies, virtual networks, and spoofed identity numbers. One post looked like it came from Paris, the next from Birmingham, another from Baton Rouge. Each post appeared to be written on a different computer, only none of the computers actually existed." I ~ Robert Crais
Ruscellis Birmingham quotes by Robert Crais
I write late into the night at the Tutweiler in downtown Birmingham, and try hard to turn down that second cheeseburger at Milo's over by UAB, which has the best one in the whole wide world. ~ Rick Bragg
Ruscellis Birmingham quotes by Rick Bragg
She's remarkably refined." "You told me she slung Miss Birmingham over her shoulder and tossed her into a carriage. ~ Jen Turano
Ruscellis Birmingham quotes by Jen Turano
Unfortunately for the Culver Creek Nothings, we weren't playing the deaf-and-blind school. We were playing some Christian school from downtown Birmingham, a team stocked with huge, gargantuan apemen with thick beards and a strong distaste for turning the other cheek. ~ John Green
Ruscellis Birmingham quotes by John Green
Your medal is there already in your heart, in how you think, feel and act toward yourself. ~ Catherine Louise Birmingham
Ruscellis Birmingham quotes by Catherine Louise Birmingham
Listen to your fears, they are the doorway to your freedom. ~ Catherine Louise Birmingham
Ruscellis Birmingham quotes by Catherine Louise Birmingham
The people of Birmingham also have souls. ~ Eugene H. Peterson
Ruscellis Birmingham quotes by Eugene H. Peterson
This is about putting education absolutely in the centre of enterprise and then using the traditions of Birmingham to inspire and grow. If you have knowledge and business linked together you will grow well, you go further down the innovative path and actually you create more and more jobs. Those jobs will only be available for people with skills but they will be real sustainable employments. That is how important innovation is. ~ Digby Jones, Baron Jones Of Birmingham
Ruscellis Birmingham quotes by Digby Jones, Baron Jones Of Birmingham

"Two communities outside Birmingham, Alabama, are
still searching for their dead." - News Telecast

And tomorrow morning at 8 o'clock in Springfield, Massachusetts,
my oldest aunt will be buried from a convent.
Spring is here and I'm staying here, I'm not going.
Do birds fly? I am thinking my own thoughts, who else's?

When I die, don't come, I wouldn't want a leaf
to turn away from the sun - it loves it there.
There's nothing so spiritual about being happy
but you can't miss a day of it, because it doesn't last.

So this is the devil's desire? Well I was born to dance.
It's a sacred duty, like being in love with an ape,
and eventually I'll reach some great conclusion, like assumption,
when at last I meet exhaustion in these flowers, go straight up. ~ Frank O'Hara
Ruscellis Birmingham quotes by Frank O'Hara
The argument that the countries use for the sheer increase in Muslim doctors is the sheer increase in the Muslim population. In for example Birmingham, England where a lot of these guys came from, where one of these plots was hatched, it's up to 30% of the population. Maybe that's the problem? ~ Neil Cavuto
Ruscellis Birmingham quotes by Neil Cavuto
I grew up in a very loving middle class family. My parents were educators. I'm not even the first PhD in my family. They tried to shield me, just as other parents in my neighborhood tried to shield their children. But you knew there was a reason that you couldn't go to that theme park or to a movie theater or to a hamburger stand. They couldn't shield you completely. What they did though was they never let it be an excuse for not achieving, and they always said racism is somebody else's problem, not yours. They tried in that way not to make us bitter about Birmingham. ~ Condoleezza Rice
Ruscellis Birmingham quotes by Condoleezza Rice
You are a perfect flower. Your only task is to grow into it. ~ Catherine Louise Birmingham
Ruscellis Birmingham quotes by Catherine Louise Birmingham
The Dean of St Pauls talks absolute balls, The Dean of Westminster showed his to a spinster The Dean of Oswestry frisks girls in the vestry The Bishop of Birmingham buggers boys while confirming 'em, The Bishop of Norwich makes them come in his porridge, The Dean of West Ham smears their bottoms with jam. ~ Jean Findlay
Ruscellis Birmingham quotes by Jean Findlay
What is known as success assumes nearly as many aliases as there are those who seek it. ~ Stephen Birmingham
Ruscellis Birmingham quotes by Stephen Birmingham
Baldwin thought Europe was a bore, and Chamberlain thought it was only a greater Birmingham. ~ Winston Churchill
Ruscellis Birmingham quotes by Winston Churchill
One of my colleagues in Birmingham University, where I come from,' said Trevair, 'is a moral philosopher. He taught me that one of the ways to judge a course of action is to consider what company it puts one in. I doubt if that's very good philosophy, but I find it a good rule of thumb. ~ Jill Paton Walsh
Ruscellis Birmingham quotes by Jill Paton Walsh
They had been products of their time, and walking in Birmingham now, Marcus was an accumulation of these times. That was the point. ~ Yaa Gyasi
Ruscellis Birmingham quotes by Yaa Gyasi
Every drama school in the country turned me down, and so I was lucky to study drama at all, even if it was lowly Birmingham University. But even when I came out with my degree, my mother promptly insisted I go straight to secretarial college to have something to fall back on, just in case - which didn't exactly fill me with confidence. ~ Tamsin Greig
Ruscellis Birmingham quotes by Tamsin Greig
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