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#1. I still maintain that you cannot treat [Donald] Trump, analyze Trump, destroy Trump the way politics says you destroy people that are running for office. I don't think the standard, ordinary operating procedures work. - Author: Rush Limbaugh
Running For Office quotes by Rush Limbaugh
#2. There are many ways to be influential. You can work for politicians or in government and make a difference. And for young women who are interested in running for office, you just have to decide you're going to follow Eleanor Roosevelt's maxim about growing skin as thick as the hide of a rhinoceros, and you have to be incredibly well-prepared - better prepared [than a man], actually - and you have to figure out how you're going to present yourself, and you have to have a support group around you, because it can be really a brutal experience. - Author: Hillary Clinton
Running For Office quotes by Hillary Clinton
#3. I ain't running for office. I ain't running for nothing. - Author: Bernie Mac
Running For Office quotes by Bernie Mac
#4. And after I make a lot of money, I'll be able to afford running for office. - Author: Christy Romano
Running For Office quotes by Christy Romano
#5. If you're running for office, it's tough to be an incumbent. It's tough to run out of Washington. It's better to be an outsider. And Establishment support doesn't help; it more likely hurts. - Author: Mark McKinnon
Running For Office quotes by Mark McKinnon
#6. When the Populist congressman "Sockless" Simpson of Medicine Lodge, Kansas, misspelled his hometown while running for office, he said, "I wouldn't give a tinker's durn for a man who can't spell a word more than one way. - Author: William Least Heat-Moon
Running For Office quotes by William Least Heat-Moon
#7. Running for office is important, and you don't really need more than to be right on the issues, and to be able to articulate what it is you believe. You don't need a certain background. You don't need to be a lawyer. You don't need to have some professional degree. - Author: Matt Gonzalez
Running For Office quotes by Matt Gonzalez
#8. I'm running for office, for Pete's sake, I can't have illegals. - Author: Mitt Romney
Running For Office quotes by Mitt Romney
#9. Running for office is similar to being a trial lawyer in a very long trial. It requires adrenaline and stamina; it requires being in shape mentally and emotionally. It's a marathon. - Author: Kamala Harris
Running For Office quotes by Kamala Harris
#10. I don't think running for office is anything I'm prepared for or could even prepare myself for. - Author: America Ferrera
Running For Office quotes by America Ferrera
#11. If I just want to 'start a conversation,' I don't need to run for office. As a matter of fact, it could be argued that many people are more open to hearing you if you're not running for office. - Author: Marianne Williamson
Running For Office quotes by Marianne Williamson
#12. He had spent the last five years, he [JFK] said ruefully, running for office, and he did not know any real public officials, people to run a government, serious men. The only ones he knew, he admitted, were politicians, and if this seemed a denigration of his own kind, it was not altogether displeasing to the older man. Politicians did need men to serve, to run the government. The implication was obvious. Politicians could run Pennsylvania and Ohio, and if they could not run Chicago they could at least deliver it. But politicians run the world? What did they know about the Germans, the French, the Chinese? He needed experts for that - Author: David Halberstam
Running For Office quotes by David Halberstam
#13. Wall Street's outsized influence in our nation's capital is something I've talked about for a long time - long before I even thought about running for office. But where I see a problem - an infestation, really - a lot of others in Washington, both Democrats and Republicans, seem to see government working just fine. - Author: Elizabeth Warren
Running For Office quotes by Elizabeth Warren
#14. In creating superdelegates, the Democratic Party recognized the expertise that its top holders of public office have gained by running for office themselves. They are experts at winning. They know the issues. They are in a unique position to evaluate presidential candidates. - Author: Jim Hunt
Running For Office quotes by Jim Hunt
#15. I'm not superstitious, but I'm a little stitious. - Author: Steve Carell
Running For Office quotes by Steve Carell
#16. I want Christians to consider who they vote for. We look a lot at the presidential elections. And that's where so much of our focus is, especially from the media, but some of the most important elections are the local elections - the mayors, city council members, county commissioners, school boards. How important school boards are - and we need to get Christian men and women running for office. We need Christian men and women not only running for office, but voting and getting behind other Christians that are running for office. - Author: Franklin Graham
Running For Office quotes by Franklin Graham
#17. There is
A madman inside of you
Who is always running for office - Author: Hafez
Running For Office quotes by Hafez
#18. It used to be the custom in this country that when you had made a career and were mature in judgment, you went to the Senate to give something back t the Republic. The idea that at age 25 you go out and buy a blow dryer and starting running for office is not what the founders had in mind - Author: Gore Vidal
Running For Office quotes by Gore Vidal
#19. Running for office was definitely something I've thought about. When I was younger, I wanted to major in political science. And I've been engaged in current events since I was a kid. If I can make a difference and feel passionately and capable, then I would. Why not? - Author: Queen Latifah
Running For Office quotes by Queen Latifah
#20. Running for office is the least aerobic of the socially interactive sports ... - Author: Carrie Fisher
Running For Office quotes by Carrie Fisher
#21. I made four films on John F. Kennedy, filmed when he was running for office, in office, and after his death. - Author: Robert Drew
Running For Office quotes by Robert Drew
#22. Every member of my family knows that running for office is a personal decision. - Author: Joseph P. Kennedy III
Running For Office quotes by Joseph P. Kennedy III
#23. A man running for office puts me in mind of a dog that's lost-he smells everybody he meets, and wags himself all over. - Author: Josh Billings
Running For Office quotes by Josh Billings
#24. It's useless to hold a person to anything he says wile he's in love, drunk, or running for office. - Author: Shirley Maclaine
Running For Office quotes by Shirley Maclaine
#25. Citizenship in the 21st century requires more than paying your taxes and voting and occasionally running for office. That even if you're never in political office, you have political responsibilities. You can make your society stronger and better. - Author: William J. Clinton
Running For Office quotes by William J. Clinton
#26. Beware the one-party state: the parties that remade states and suppressed rivals were not omnipotent from the start. They exploited a historic moment to make political life impossible for their opponents. So support the multi-party system and defend the rules of democratic elections. Vote in local and state elections while you can. Consider running for office. - Author: Timothy Snyder
Running For Office quotes by Timothy Snyder
#27. I'm not running for office. I just want people to come to my stuff and escape and see me as a character, not as anything else. - Author: Vince Vaughn
Running For Office quotes by Vince Vaughn
#28. It's the uncertainty, the challenge and the willingness to put it all on the line that draws a lot of people to climb mountains. That can also apply to a lot of other challenges in life, whether it's running for office, starting a family, going to grad school or taking all of your cash and assets and starting a business. - Author: Mark Udall
Running For Office quotes by Mark Udall
#29. Hillary Clinton, our junior senator from New York, announced that she has no intentions of ever, ever running for office of the President of the United States. Her husband, Bill Clinton, is bitterly disappointed. He is crushed. There go his dreams of becoming a two-impeachment family. - Author: David Letterman
Running For Office quotes by David Letterman
#30. When I left the secretary of state office, I had a 69% approval rating. Once I start running for office and all the incoming you know is battering away, people are going to say, "Hey, wait a minute - what's that mean, what's that mean?" I get all of that, but I don't think we do any service to our country or the voters if we descend into the kind of insult fest that he seems to relish. - Author: Hillary Clinton
Running For Office quotes by Hillary Clinton
#31. It's hard running for office when people can't say your name. - Author: John Boehner
Running For Office quotes by John Boehner
#32. I'm not running for office. I don't have to be politically correct. I don't have to be a nice person. Like I watch some of these weak-kneed politicians, it's disgusting. I don't have to be that way. - Author: Donald Trump
Running For Office quotes by Donald Trump
#33. Equal pay is not yet equal. A woman makes 77 cents on a dollar and women of color make 67 cents ... We feel so passionately about this because we are not only running for office, but we each, in our own way, have lived it. We have seen it. We have understood the pain and the injustice that has come because of race, because of gender. And it's imperative that ... we make it very clear that each of us will address these issues. - Author: Hillary Clinton
Running For Office quotes by Hillary Clinton
#34. Do I need to be liked? Absolutely not. I like to be liked. I enjoy being liked. I have to be liked. But it's not like a compulsive need to be liked. Like my need to be praised. - Author: Michael Scott
Running For Office quotes by Michael Scott
#35. By the early-afternoon hours, if your brain is normal, it's running strictly on inertia and reflex. All you can do during those hours are the things that are exactly like other things you've done in similar situations. Creativity is out of the question. You might argue that you don't notice any difference in your thinking during the afternoon. That's because you're too dazed to notice anything during those hours. I'm sure it's true for me; I believe you could set my eyebrows on fire during the afternoon and I wouldn't notice until sometime the next morning. - Author: Scott Adams
Running For Office quotes by Scott Adams
#36. Every day, once a day, give yourself a present. Don't plan it. Don't wait for it. Just let it happen. It could be a new shirt at the men's store, a catnap in your office chair, or two cups of good, hot black coffee. - Author: Dale Cooper
Running For Office quotes by Dale Cooper
#37. All due respect, Renny," said Mary Jo, "I have a pretty freaking good idea of your capabilities. And I think Mr. Traegar's decision to bring us in first was the correct one. We don't really know what we're dealing with when it comes to the fae - there is no way that the sheriff's office would. We had two werewolves, Mercy and the goblin king out there - and if it weren't for the goblin king we'd have failed to bring him in ourselves."

He gave her a look. "I am going to ignore - just for a minute - how much my geek side is loving that apparently there is a goblin king in the world. And that he is - again apparently - here in the Tri-Cities. Even knowing that David Bowie is gone, I am giddy about this." He said all that in a very dry, professional tone.

I was starting to really like this guy. - Author: Patricia Briggs
Running For Office quotes by Patricia Briggs
#38. I would not run for president. I really like what I'm doing now. People say I'm giving them energy and hope. - Author: Barbara Boxer
Running For Office quotes by Barbara Boxer
#39. She seems to think that running off and leaving me heartbroken is a good idea, so I decided that I'm going to take her home with me every single day to remind her that my heart beats only for her. That my day starts with her running through my mind and ends with her sleeping in my arms. - Author: Claire Contreras
Running For Office quotes by Claire Contreras
#40. Letting agencies are unregulated. They charge a search fee, which in some cases can run into several hundred pounds, but the search consists of no more than checking through a computer database to see whether they have any properties for that person. - Author: Jeremy Corbyn
Running For Office quotes by Jeremy Corbyn
#41. Haven't you noticed that by running away you end up in more trouble?" "Yes, but, you see, you can run away from that, too," said Rincewind. "That's the beauty of the system. Dead is only for once, but running away is for ever. - Author: Terry Pratchett
Running For Office quotes by Terry Pratchett
#42. So [Steve Jobs] had the Pixar building designed to promote encounters and unplanned collaborations ... "to make people get out of their offices and mingle in the central atrium with people they might not otherwise see." The front doors and main stairs and corridors all led to the atrium, the cafe and the mailboxes were there, the conference rooms had windows that looked out onto it, and the six-hundred-seat theater and two smaller screening rooms all spilled into it. "Steve's theory worked from day one, "Lasseter recalled. "I kept running into people I hadn't seen for months. I've never seen a building that promoted collaboration and creativity as well as this one. - Author: Walter Isaacson
Running For Office quotes by Walter Isaacson
#43. Though this motion for a new trial is an application to the discretion of the Court, it must be remembered that the discretion to be exercised on such an occasion is not a wild but a sound discretion, and to be confined within those limits within which an honest man, competent to discharge the duties of his office, ought to confine himself. And that discretion will be best exercised by not deviating from the rules laid down by our predecessors; for the practice of the Court forms the law of the Court. - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Running For Office quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#44. Once we get into the groove, we're kind of like long-distance runners - that adrenalin kicks in for me and I just keep running - and I don't stop! - Author: Keith Urban
Running For Office quotes by Keith Urban
#45. St. Clair gets a crush on Anna. He's torn between her and Ellie, and he spends so much time running between them that he hardly has time left for Josh. And the more time that Josh spends alone, the more he realizes how alone he actually is. All of his friends will be gone the next year. Josh grows increasingly antagonistic toward school, which makes Rashmi increasingly antagonistic toward him, which makes him increasingly antagonistic toward her. And she's upset because Elie dropped her as a friend, and Meredith is upset because now St. Clair likes two girls who aren't her, and Anna is upset because St. Clair is leading her on, and then St. Clair's mom gets cancer.
It's a freaking soap opera. - Author: Stephanie Perkins
Running For Office quotes by Stephanie Perkins
#46. The property qualifications for federal office that the framers of the Constitution expressly chose to exclude for demonstrating an unseemly "veneration of wealth " are now de facto in force and higher than the Founding Fathers could have imagined. - Author: Bill Moyers
Running For Office quotes by Bill Moyers
#47. Office holders are a self-selected group; you don't get elected if you don't put your name on the ballot. There are many people who would do a great job, but who would never think to run. Find them. Badger them. Get them elected. They might not thank you for it, but a lot of other people will. - Author: John Sununu
Running For Office quotes by John Sununu
#48. The notion of a world government to defend our rights would have sent the founding fathers running for their muskets. - Author: Pat Buchanan
Running For Office quotes by Pat Buchanan
#49. But here's the ugly truth: nature doesn't care about democracy, or who's right, or what's fair. And because of the slow-change aspect of climate, we can't wait until the worst effects are upon us to make a decision
by then, it would be far, far too late. The scenario we may be faced with is one where doing something for the wrong reasons, run by the wrong people, may still save more lives than holding out for a more appealing option. - Author: Jamais Cascio
Running For Office quotes by Jamais Cascio
#50. If you had told me when I was at high school that one day I would be working for a for-profit company, let alone running one, I would have said you were crazy. But I am interested in how you can empower individuals to make change, and Causes is doing just that. - Author: Joe Green
Running For Office quotes by Joe Green
#51. Crayfish," I said. I dumped out a tin of water. "Really?" I nodded. "Big ones?" "Not these. You can find them, though." "Can I see?" She dropped down off the bank just like a boy would, not sitting first, just putting her left hand to the ground and vaulting the three-foot drop to the first big stone in the line that led zigzag across the water. She studied the line a moment and then crossed to the Rock. I was impressed. She had no hesitation and her balance was perfect. I made room for her. There was suddenly this fine clean smell sitting next to me. Her eyes were green. She looked around. To all of us back then the Rock was something special. It sat smack in the middle of the deepest part of the brook, the water running clear and fast around it. - Author: Jack Ketchum
Running For Office quotes by Jack Ketchum
#52. The day-to-day changes in Amy amazed me: the next evening Raye called me from the studio to say that she and Mark had had a really good day working. He also said that she had been able to take her prescribed Subutex, as she had been drug-free for twelve hours. When it came time for her next dose, though, she couldn't have it as, once again, she had taken other drugs. As a result, she went into withdrawal and the whole process started yet again. That Sunday, I drove down to the Henley studio to find Amy in bed. She was filthy and suffering the effects of withdrawal. I managed to get her into the shower, realizing again how painfully thin she was. If Amy had died at that point, I wouldn't have been at all surprised. I put her back to bed and stayed with her until she fell asleep. Sitting in a chair next to her bed, I despaired. I was running out of ideas. If she took drugs she couldn't take Subutex for twelve hours. If she didn't take Subutex she went into withdrawal so she took more drugs. A horrible vicious circle. - Author: Mitch Winehouse
Running For Office quotes by Mitch Winehouse
#53. I thought of what Cameron said about the day I came across the yard to him to ask him to be in my club. About how I had guts. About how I was brave and strong. He was around to tell me these things now, to remind me, but I was going to have to learn to remember them myself, and believe them.
I got up, crept to Alan's office, and went in.
"Cameron? Cam?"
He didn't move, and appeared to be fast asleep.
I'm not sure what I wanted. To look at him, I guess, and talk. I sat on the floor by the sofa bed so that my face was level with his. His breath came in short, toothpaste-minty sighs.
"Cameron Quick," I whispered, just wanting to hear his name. He still didn't move. I touched his face, following the curve of his jaw, the bow of his lips. This was the boy who made my childhood less lonely, who made me feel loved. And known. And accepted. Who had stared into my most terrifying moment right beside me, while my most terrifying moment was his everyday life. And I pictured him patting that baby doll by a cold window, showing it comfort by instinct. I felt overwhelmed with sadness for his life and what it could have been, even though I knew he wouldn't want me to feel that way. He'd say it was all right, that he'd get by, that he could take care of himself. That he didn't need anyone to fix it. But I still wanted to, to somehow make up for that infinite, infinite well of helplessness that I'd spent most of my life believing had swallowed us up.
It hadn't, t - Author: Sara Zarr
Running For Office quotes by Sara Zarr
#54. It's a negative for the country. It implicates dozens of private companies, many of which are made up of honest people. It besmirches the office of the U.S. Senate and is bad for the country's morale. Dishonest politicians hurt all politicians. Americans need to trust their leaders. This would be an ugly investigation - Author: Dan Brown
Running For Office quotes by Dan Brown
#55. Oh . . . I'd been getting pretty sick of the office. It made me feel dead inside. Finally, the week-ends weren't long enough to get it out of my system. I couldn't read poetry or listen to music. It was like being constipated. Well, I got a holiday and went to Kent for a week's hiking. And for the first two days I felt nothing at all, just a sort of deadness inside. And one day I went into a pub in a place called Marden and had a couple of pints. And as I came out, a sort of bubble seemed to burst inside me, and I started feeling things again. And I suddenly felt an overwhelming hatred for cities and offices and people and everything that calls itself civilisation . . . .

"Then I got an idea. I sat down at the side of the road and thought about it. I'd read somewhere that the Manichees thought the world was created by evil. Well, it suddenly seemed to me that the forces behind the world weren't either good or evil, but something quite incomprehensible to human beings. And the only thing they want is movement, everlasting movement. That's the way I saw it suddenly. Human beings want peace, and they build their civilisations and make their laws to get peace. But the forces behind the world don't want peace. So they send down ertain men whose business is to keep the world in a turmoil - the Napoleons, Hitlers, Genghis Khans. And I called these men the Enemies, with a capital E. And I thought I belong among the Enemies - that's why I detest this bloody civilisation. A - Author: Colin Wilson
Running For Office quotes by Colin Wilson
#56. I believe we can find God in many ways. I believe our heavenly parents seek us out wherever we live, whether that be strictly in the mind, in despair and joy, in an office, or in nature. It is sometimes hard to recognize them or their efforts because we have already written their parts, made up our minds about what a spiritual life looks like. I know for sure, though, that when I stop and enter that space where my children are most comfortable--a space of play, imagination, and possibility--calmness enters in as I believe again that many things are possible. - Author: Ashley Mae Hoiland
Running For Office quotes by Ashley Mae Hoiland
#57. It's a high honor to be a part of the Star Wars universe and such a long running show. Our talented writers, animators and cast of voice actors have made The Clone Wars truly unique. And of course we wouldn't have hit 100 episodes had it not been for our incredibly dedicated fans who make this possible! - Author: Matt Lanter
Running For Office quotes by Matt Lanter
#58. In an era when man can no longer dash out of his cave and slay a mammoth, he simply slips on his Lycra and goes for a run. - Author: Phil Hewitt
Running For Office quotes by Phil Hewitt
#59. people who have made India awesome aren't all politicians. Most of the people that did this are not from the government. Whether it is entrepreneurs like J.R.D. Tata and N.R. Narayana Murthy, sportspersons like Sachin Tendulkar or musicians like A.R. Rahman, people from all walks of life have helped improve our nation. Not just celebrities, but E. Sreedharan, responsible for the Delhi Metro, and Dr Verghese Kurien, who created the Amul revolution, were all ordinary people doing their work extraordinarily well. Mahatma Gandhi and Swami Vivekananda, two of the most influential figures in India's history, never held political office. Aim to be one of those people who made India awesome. - Author: Chetan Bhagat
Running For Office quotes by Chetan Bhagat
#60. And, well, mine are kind of on the heavy side anyway. The first day or two, I don't want to do ANYTHING. Make sure you keep away from me then.'
I'd like to, but how can I tell?' I asked.
O.K., I'll wear a hat for a couple of days after my period starts. A red one. That should work,' she said with a laugh. 'If you see me on the street and I'm wearing a red hat, don't talk to me, just run away. - Author: Haruki Murakami
Running For Office quotes by Haruki Murakami
#61. I'm done doing this!' Obama said, finally erupting. 'We've all agreed on a plan. And we're all going to stick to that plan. I haven't agreed to anything beyond that.'

The 30,000 was a 'hard cap,' he said forcefully. 'I don't want enablers to be used as wiggle room. The easy thing for me to do - politically - would actually be to say no' to the 30,000. Then he gestured out the Oval Office windows, across the Potomac, in the direction of the Pentagon. Referring to Gates and the uniformed military, he said. 'They think it's the opposite. I'd be perfectly happy -' He stopped mid-sentence. 'Nothing would make Rahm happier than if I said no to the 30,000.'

There was some subdued laughter.

'Rahm would tell me it'd be much easier to do what I want to do by saying no,' the president said. He could then focus on the domestic agenda that he wanted to be the heart of his presidency. The military did not understand. 'Politically, what these guys don't get is it'd be a lot easier for me to go out and give a speech saying, 'You know what? The American people are sick of this war, and we're going to get out of there. - Author: Bob Woodward
Running For Office quotes by Bob Woodward
#62. In my opinion, if there is one extremely legitimate use for petroleum besides running wood chippers and front-end loaders to handle compost, it's making plastic for season extension. It parks many of the trucks [for cross-country produce transportation]. With the trucks parked, greenhouses, tall tunnels, and more seasonal, localized eating, can we feed ourselves? We still have to answer that burning question. - Author: Joel Salatin
Running For Office quotes by Joel Salatin
#63. "Whoaaaaa–AARRRGGGGGGGHHHH...shove two fingers down my throat and pull out my prove that you love meeee...!" Clutching her iPod, Nellie emerged from the hatch ad lurched towards them, like creature put together from spare parts–a motion that Dan and Amy recognized as dancing. Pulling out her earbuds, she raised her face to the sky and let the rain pelt her for a few seconds. "Whoo-hoo, that is better than a facial!" she cried, running to join Dan and Amy under the overhang.
"Stick around," Dan said, "for a lava treatment. - Author: Peter Lerangis
Running For Office quotes by Peter Lerangis
#64. Isn't this the weekend of Xander Eckhart's party?"

"Yes." Jordan held her breath in a silent plea. Don't ask if I'm bringing anyone. Don't ask if I'm bringing anyone.

"So are you bringing anyone?" Melinda asked.


Having realized there was a distinct possibility the subject would come up, Jordan had spent some time running through potential answers to this very question. She had decided that being casual was the best approach. "Oh, there's this guy I met a few days ago, and I was thinking about asking him." She shrugged. "Or maybe I'll just go by myself, who knows."

Melinda put down her forkful of gnocchi, zoning in on this like a heat-seeking missile to its target. "What guy you met a few days ago? And why is this the first we're hearing of him?"

"Because I just met him a few days ago."

Corinne rubbed her hands together, eager for the details. "So? Tell us. How'd you meet him?"

"What does he do?" Melinda asked.

"Nice, Melinda. You're so shallow." Corinne turned back to Jordan. "Is he hot?"

Of course, Jordan had known there would be questions. The three of them had been friends since college and still saw each other regularly despite busy schedules, and this was what they did. Before Corinne had gotten married, they talked about her now-husband, Charles. The same was true of Melinda and her soon-to-be-fiancé, Pete. So Jordan knew that she, in turn, was expected - Author: Julie James
Running For Office quotes by Julie James
#65. What are you doing?"
"Activating it."
"Uh ... No you're not." I jerk my hand away. "You're not activating anything until I get some answers."
"Yeah, I am. If I don't activate it, it explodes." He sounds dead serious.
"For real?"
He doesn't answer, and that pisses me off. But I can't be certain it isn't for real, and since I'm fond of having a hand at the end of my arm, I offer my wrist. He finishes running his fingers over the screen.
I change direction and ask, "Would the bracelet really have exploded if you didn't activate it?"
There's a slight pause that makes me think I've surprised him by shifting topics. Good. Better that I have him on his toes than he have me on mine.
"No," he says, and I think the corners of his mouth twitch in the hint if a smile. - Author: Eve Silver
Running For Office quotes by Eve Silver
#66. I took care of my wheel as one would look after a Rolls Royce. If it needed repairs I always brought it to the same shop on Myrtle Avenue run by a negro named Ed Perry. He handled the bike with kid gloves, you might say. He would always see to it that neither front nor back wheel wobbled. Often he would do a job for me without pay, because, as he put it, he never saw a man so in love with his bike as I was. - Author: Henry Miller
Running For Office quotes by Henry Miller
#67. If you admit your fear to yourself and to him, then maybe this time you can face it instead of running away.' Even as he spoke the words to her, they hit him in the gut. He could dole out advice. But he wasn't great at following it. He'd been running away from his past for ten years. - Author: Jody Hedlund
Running For Office quotes by Jody Hedlund
#68. And Gabriel Merrick. I'd hoped your recent brush with the law would keep you out of my office for a while.'
'I'm happy to leave. - Author: Brigid Kemmerer
Running For Office quotes by Brigid Kemmerer

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