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2. We must never cease to proclaim in fearless tones the great principles of freedom and the rights of man which through Magna Carta, the Bill of Rights, the Habeas Corpus, trial by jury, and the English common law find their most famous expression in the American Declaration of Independence. ~ Winston S. Churchill
Runaway Jury Famous quotes by Winston S. Churchill
While there are deeper regularities in the Universe than the simple circumstances we generally describe as orderly, all that order, simple and complex, seems to derive from laws of Nature established at the Big Bang (or earlier), rather than as a consequence of belated intervention by an imperfect deity. "God is to be found in the details" is the famous dictum of the German scholar Aby Warburg. But, amid much elegance and precision, the details of life and the Universe also exhibit haphazard, jury-rigged arrangements and much poor planning. What shall we make of this: an edifice abandoned early in construction by the architect? The evidence, so far at least and laws of Nature aside, does not require a Designer. Maybe there is one hiding, maddeningly unwilling to be revealed. Sometimes it seems a very slender hope. The significance of our lives and our fragile planet is then determined only by our own wisdom and courage. We are the custodians of life's meaning. We long for a Parent to care for us, to forgive us our errors, to save us from our childish mistakes. But knowledge is preferable to ignorance. Better by far to embrace the hard truth than a reassuring fable. If we crave some cosmic purpose, then let us find ourselves a worthy goal.
--Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space ~ Sagan, Carl; Druyan, Ann
Runaway Jury Famous quotes by Sagan, Carl; Druyan, Ann
By virtue of his celebrity, he would be coddled by worshipful cops, pumped up by star-fucking attorneys, indulged by a spineless judge, and adored by jurors every bit as addled by racial hatred as their counterparts on the Rodney King jury. O. J. Simpson slaughtered two innocent people, and he walked free - right past the most massive and compelling body of physical evidence ever assembled against a criminal defendant. I am not bitter. I am angry. ~ Marcia Clark
Runaway Jury Famous quotes by Marcia Clark
Of all the questions I'm asked, the most difficult is, "How does it feel to be famous?" Since I'm not, that question always catches me with a feeling of surrealism ... I've got three kids and I've changed all their diapers, and when it's two o'clock in the morning and you're changing something that's sort of special delivery with one eye open and one eye shut you don't feel famous. ~ Stephen King
Runaway Jury Famous quotes by Stephen King
If I stay at home, I'm not famous. I'm only famous when I'm out in the streets, so I don't go out on the streets much. ~ Morgan Freeman
Runaway Jury Famous quotes by Morgan Freeman
I was never very interested in boys - and there were plenty of them - vying with one another to see how many famous women they would get into the hay. ~ Bette Davis
Runaway Jury Famous quotes by Bette Davis
Tiant, noted for odd pitching mannerisms, is also a famous mound dawdler. Stands on hill like sunstruck archeologist at Knossos. Regards ruins. Studies sun. Studies landscape. Looks at artifact in hand. Wonders: Keep this potsherd or throw it away? Does Smithsonian want it? Hmm. Prepares to throw it away. Pauses. Sudd. discovers writing on object. Hmm. Possible Linear B inscript.? Sighs. Decides. Throws. Wipes face. Repeats whole thing. Innings & hours creep by. Spectators clap, yawn, droop, expire. ~ Roger Angell
Runaway Jury Famous quotes by Roger Angell
Because I live in south Florida I store cans of black beans and gallons
of water in my closet in preparation for hurricane season.
I throw a hurricane party in January. You're my only guest.
We play Marco Polo in bed. The sheets are wet like the roof caved in.
There's a million of me in you. You try to count me as I taste the sweat
on the back of your neck. I call you Sexy Sexy, and we do everything twice.
After, still sweating, we drink Crystal Light out of plastic water bottles.
We discuss the pros and cons of vasectomies. It's not invasive you say.
I wrap the bedsheet around my waist. Minor surgery you say.
You slur the word surgery, like it's a garnish on a dish you just prepared.
I eat your hair until you agree to no longer talk about vasectomies.
We agree to have children someday, and that they will be beautiful even if they're not.
As I watch your eyes grow heavy like soggy clothes, I tell you When I grow up
I'm going to be a famous writer. When I'm famous I'll sign autographs
on Etch-A-Sketches. I'll write poems about writing other poems,
so other poets will get me. You open your eyes long enough to tell me
that when you grow up, you're going to be a steamboat operator.
Your pores can never be too clean you say.
I say I like your pores just fine. I say Your pores are tops.
I kiss you with my whole mouth, and you fall asleep next to my molars.
In the ~ Gregory Sherl
Runaway Jury Famous quotes by Gregory Sherl
A celebrity is an object that the media manufactures today, just so they have a subject tomorrow. ~ Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Runaway Jury Famous quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
In fact, the science of thermodynamics began with an analysis, by the great engineer Sadi Carnot, of the problem of how to build the best and most efficient engine, and this constitutes one of the few famous cases in which engineering has contributed to fundamental physical theory. Another example that comes to mind is the more recent analysis of information theory by Claude Shannon. These two analyses, incidentally, turn out to be closely related. ~ Richard P. Feynman
Runaway Jury Famous quotes by Richard P. Feynman
I put my hand down below the table to check my zipper. You have to stand before a jury only once with your fly open and it will never happen again ~ Michael Connelly
Runaway Jury Famous quotes by Michael Connelly
I was definitely not the kid that just wanted to be famous for no reason whatsoever and then happened to find comedy. Fame and all that stuff have always been slightly terrifying to me, and it makes me very anxious. ~ Bo Burnham
Runaway Jury Famous quotes by Bo Burnham
Jesus was not famous in his day. If there were no Bible, there would have been no record of him. The record belongs to his four disciples; nobody else has ever mentioned him, whether he existed or not. He was not famous. He was not successful. Can you think of a greater failure than Jesus? But, by and by, he became more and more significant; by and by, people recognized him. It takes time. ~ Rajneesh
Runaway Jury Famous quotes by Rajneesh
Eighty-five percent of recorded species live in the terrestrial realm, and the majority of these, some 850,000, are arthropods (that is, insects, spiders, and crustaceans). Most of the arthropod species are insects, and almost half of these are beetles, a fact that is said to have inspired a famous epigram from the British biologist J.B.S. Haldane. On being asked, one day, by some clerical gentlemen what his study of the natural world had revealed to him about God. Haldane is said to have replied that it indicated that He had an inordinate fondness of beetles. ~ Richard E. Leakey
Runaway Jury Famous quotes by Richard E. Leakey
Morality is like the famous fig leaves that Adam and Eve used to cover their genitals after they first sinned. But what morality really covers up is will, which is our true nature. ~ Shai Tubali
Runaway Jury Famous quotes by Shai Tubali
Tom Cohen.
Object of my sexual fantasies.
Totally out of my league.
He was world famous and wanted by every queer and housewife. ~ V. Theia
Runaway Jury Famous quotes by V. Theia
Who doesn't want to be famous? I am famous. I'm dying to be on TV. ~ Eileen Myles
Runaway Jury Famous quotes by Eileen Myles
I love singing - singing is what I'm famous for doing. Now it's turned into things I am famous for doing - like having rows with my mum or about my boyfriend, so it does get irritating. ~ Charlotte Church
Runaway Jury Famous quotes by Charlotte Church
See God gave us the talent, but the devil make us famous. ~ Barry Sanders
Runaway Jury Famous quotes by Barry Sanders
Ursula Nordstrom was famous for finding artists in unlikely places. Maurice Sendak was a window designer, and she just came across one of his windows. Everyone was looking to find a talent. ~ Peter Sis
Runaway Jury Famous quotes by Peter Sis
I'm fortunate to be famous for two rather imposing characters like Magneto and Gandalf. ~ Ian McKellen
Runaway Jury Famous quotes by Ian McKellen
It wasn't just Adnan being indicted at this grand jury proceeding, it wasn't just him being prosecuted. His faith, his ethnicity, his community--they were all on trial. ~ Rabia Chaudry
Runaway Jury Famous quotes by Rabia Chaudry
The man in the water saw the eye of the man on the bridge gazing into his own through the sights of the rifle. He observed that it was a gray eye and remembered having read that gray eyes were keenest, and that all famous markmen had them. Nevertheless, ~ Ambrose Bierce
Runaway Jury Famous quotes by Ambrose Bierce
Long ago, Margaret Mead, the world-famous anthropologist, noted that we should "never underestimate the power of a small group with dedication to change the world; it is, in fact, the only thing that does. ~ Michael J. Marquardt
Runaway Jury Famous quotes by Michael J. Marquardt
There's some downsides to being famous, which are not even worth mentioning. But to combat the bad sides of being famous, you really should take advantage of the good sides. The good sides are, you can use that fame to get projects you might not normally get. ~ Chris Rock
Runaway Jury Famous quotes by Chris Rock
It's not my goal to be a famous actor. ~ Gavin DeGraw
Runaway Jury Famous quotes by Gavin DeGraw
I am famous because I am an African American jazz artist. ~ Nat King Cole
Runaway Jury Famous quotes by Nat King Cole
If you try to do your best there is no failure. ~ Mike Farrell
Runaway Jury Famous quotes by Mike Farrell
The famous physician Dumoulin said when dying, 'I leave two great physicians behind me, simple food and pure water.' ~ Voltaire
Runaway Jury Famous quotes by Voltaire
Peterhof (Petrodvorets). Nicknamed the "Russian Versailles," the elaborate interiors, formal gardens, and beautiful fountains of Peter the Great's summer palace live up to their moniker. This is St. Petersburg's most famous imperial residence, located in the suburbs about 40 minutes away. ~ Fodor's Travel Publications Inc.
Runaway Jury Famous quotes by Fodor's Travel Publications Inc.
Only traumatised people want to be famous. ~ Alanis Morissette
Runaway Jury Famous quotes by Alanis Morissette
I don't think about being famous, really. Being an author, I don't generally get stopped as I walk down the street. It's not like being a movie star. ~ Rick Riordan
Runaway Jury Famous quotes by Rick Riordan
You burn down an entire town, and don't even invoke me?" an angry female voice asked from behind me.
"I didn't think you'd be interested," I shrugged, bending back to my work.
"It was a huge whopping fire!" she snorted. "I'm a fire goddess! That's my primal function! Flaming hells, you were using thermite! Thermite!" she repeated. "How would I not be interested?"
"Did no one else invoke you?" I asked, as I continued to work.
"Certainly! Hundreds did! There was a fire elemental rolling around in there for a while! I showed up personally! But did my most famous lay worshipper bother to invoke me, and share the exquisite bliss of thousands of degrees of pure combustible magic? Minalan!" she pleaded. "Are you losing interest in me?"
"Now, now," I chuckled, "the truth is I was just busy. Astyral was showing off, and I had to give him my full attention. Having a pretty goddess around, making sex noises while she watched the blaze, might have been distracting."
"I don't make sex noises!" she declared, defensively. "I . . . I just . . I'm a fire goddess, it's what I do!" she said, nearly whining. ~ Terry Mancour
Runaway Jury Famous quotes by Terry Mancour
It's four in the morning, the end of december
I'm writing you now just to see if you're better. ~ Leonard Cohen
Runaway Jury Famous quotes by Leonard Cohen
But for their right to judge of the law, and the justice of the law, juries would be no protection to an accused person, even as to matters of fact; for, if the government can dictate to a jury any law whatever, in a criminal case, it can certainly dictate to them the laws of evidence. ~ Lysander Spooner
Runaway Jury Famous quotes by Lysander Spooner
Amelia was instantly distracted when she heard one of her favorite songs: What a Wonderful World made famous by Louis Armstrong. The woman singing did the song justice as she sang:
I see trees of gree, red roses, too.
I see them bloom, for me and you.
And I think to myself.
What a wonderful world!
Before she could blink an eye, Rick pulled her into his arms in a waltz position.
He gave her a wink and said flirtatiously, "May I have this dance, my love?"
As they danced to the rhythm of the music, Amelia said, "Don't ever stop flirting with me, no matter how old we get."
"Never! ~ Linda Weaver Clarke
Runaway Jury Famous quotes by Linda Weaver Clarke
I told my girls, 'Look at Rihanna: She's one of the biggest pop stars in the world. She's really famous, really powerful, really rich. Yet in every single video she can only wear panties. Poor Rhianna! We'll know when she is properly powerful and successful when we see her in a lovely cardigan.' ~ Caitlin Moran
Runaway Jury Famous quotes by Caitlin Moran
I don't know about this thing - being famous. I haven't figured it out yet. It still mystifies me. ~ Helen Slater
Runaway Jury Famous quotes by Helen Slater
Definitely you don't become famous by doing something bad; that's a professional death sentence. ~ Julie Payette
Runaway Jury Famous quotes by Julie Payette
Let the famous not denounce fame. Far from being empty and meaningless, it fills those it touches with divine power. ~ Franz Grillparzer
Runaway Jury Famous quotes by Franz Grillparzer
Eternity is a ham and two people" (also given as "Eternity is two people and a ham") is an old quip from the days when a ham was huge - far more than two people could finish. Irma Rombauer mentions this line in her famous cookbook, The Joy of Cooking. ~ Dorothy Parker
Runaway Jury Famous quotes by Dorothy Parker
There are times when I think, if I were a bit more famous, life could be easier in terms of work because producers want bums on seats, and they're going to get bums on seats if they get a name, if you have had that series on telly. ~ Alexander Hanson
Runaway Jury Famous quotes by Alexander Hanson
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