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The lawyer is not worth in the calm times; his great role is when he must take the power of the despots, presenting before the courts the supreme character of free peoples. ~ Rui Barbosa
Rui Ninomiya quotes by Rui Barbosa
- The world does not need your experiment.
- Rui, what do you think? ~ Kyoko Hayashi
Rui Ninomiya quotes by Kyoko Hayashi
When you have a bird on your shoulder, you don't know when it might fly away, so you do everything you can to keep from flying away...
but once you realize it can't escape, then you don't pay attention to it any more. ~ Tsukasa Hojo
Rui Ninomiya quotes by Tsukasa Hojo
The ocean and outer space are the same thing... There's no air. It's bleak and it's lonely... Humans have walked on the surface of the moon, but we still haven't been to the deepest part of the ocean. ~ Tomoko Ninomiya
Rui Ninomiya quotes by Tomoko Ninomiya
Even though Beethoven wrote this song when he was depressed about his hearing and was sleeping around with girls, it sounds like a happy song. Bright with... Youthful joy... Lightning... ~ Tomoko Ninomiya
Rui Ninomiya quotes by Tomoko Ninomiya
Your life will be the result of who and what you've been reading and the people you know. ~ Rui Zhi Dong
Rui Ninomiya quotes by Rui Zhi Dong
Rui bit out something raw and primitive. He raised his head and she saw his animal in his eyes, a rich, wild gold, and then the room spun and she was on the mattress, his big body covering hers... ~ Rebecca Rivard
Rui Ninomiya quotes by Rebecca Rivard
I live well with very little things but not without my dignity ~ Rui M.
Rui Ninomiya quotes by Rui M.
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