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The commercial music video industry is very hard to break into, and until you break in, that first job is the hardest thing in the world to get. ~ Joseph Kosinski
Romanek Video quotes by Joseph Kosinski
The cup flew out of my hands and my God was it beautiful. I wish the Planet Earth video crew were there to film it at 100 frames per second so that we could watch it again at super slow motion in all of it's glory. ~ David Bowick
Romanek Video quotes by David Bowick
Vane, you okay in there?" my mom calls through my door.
I jump so hard I crash into my desk and knock off some books and video game cases.
If my mom comes in and finds a gorgeous girl in a skimpy dress passed out on my worn gray rug, I'll be grounded for the rest of eternity. Especially since all I have on at the moment are my Batman boxers. Pretty sure she won't buy my ghost-guardian angel/freak-of-nature theories either.
I stumble toward the door, prepared to barricade it with my dresser if I have to. "I'm fine, Mom," I say as I grab the first T-shirt I see off my floor and throw it on, along with my gym shorts.
"Then what's all that banging?"
Come on, Vane. Think!
Inspiration strikes. "I found a date roach in my bed."
"Did you kill it?" My mom sounds farther away, like she jumped back.
"I tried to, but now I can't find it." I don't need to worry about my mom offering to help. She's a big believer in the whole boys should kill all the bugs philosophy.
"Well, I won't distract you, then," she says, and I can't help smiling. ~ Shannon Messenger
Romanek Video quotes by Shannon Messenger
Now there's something you don't see everyday. Gah, I hope there's no human roaming around with a video recorder or cell phone. Be a bitch to explain that. Easier to just kill them." – Sasha ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
Romanek Video quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
The number one thing I want my videos to be is relatable. ~ Lilly Singh
Romanek Video quotes by Lilly Singh
Videos are more like photography. It's not as much about trying to tell a story as it is creating images. ~ Tatyana Ali
Romanek Video quotes by Tatyana Ali
When I hear music as a fan, I see fields. I see landscapes. I close my eyes and see an entire universe that that music and the voice, or the narrative, create. A music video-and any other kind of visual reference-is created by someone else. ~ Michael Stipe
Romanek Video quotes by Michael Stipe
We counsel you, young men, not to pollute your minds with such degrading matter, for the mind through which this filth passes is never the same afterwards. Don't see R-rated movies or vulgar videos or participate in any entertainment that is immoral, suggestive, or pornographic. Don't listen to music that is degrading ~ Ezra Taft Benson
Romanek Video quotes by Ezra Taft Benson
A digital camera does have many advantages and I was a believer that digital video would be a big influence on film-making. ~ Abbas Kiarostami
Romanek Video quotes by Abbas Kiarostami
My friend Ray Comfort has produced a powerful piece of media that leaves a lasting mark on your heart and mind. '180' is 33 minutes of video adrenaline, shock, and hope. As defenders of the unborn and messengers of the Gospel of Life, we need to see this video and share it with as many people as we can. ~ Kirk Cameron
Romanek Video quotes by Kirk Cameron
On the other side of that big-ass mirror, a video camera was watching us. In about ten seconds, it was going to start spitting static at itself, and everything it saw was going to break up into a fuzzy, gray-white wash, rolling up and down, that wouldn't be admissible as evidence on Judge Judy. Those missing frames would last a little less than a quarter of a minute, consolidate themselves back
into a semblance of reality, and then I would theoretically go walking right back out of here.
Between now and that moment, there stretched an infinite ocean of potential
time. Time enough to walk around the world. Time enough to fall in love, get
married on a white beach under purple stars, write a book of poems about
truest passion, have a few good and bloody screaming matches, get divorced in a court of autumn elves and gypsy moths, then set the ink-stained, tear-streaked pages of your text ablaze. ~ Clinton Boomer
Romanek Video quotes by Clinton Boomer
I got to do something I never do, which is go to Starbucks and read 'The New York Times' until 7 a.m. I took my daughter to school on the East Side, which was a lot of fun. And I admit I played Call of Duty, one of those war video games. ~ Joe Scarborough
Romanek Video quotes by Joe Scarborough
The MTV Video Awards were never about the video, but about the song. Most of the time it was just to glorify people for the wrong reason. ~ Michel Gondry
Romanek Video quotes by Michel Gondry
I don't think we should see the world of books as fundamentally separate from the world of the Internet. Yes, the Internet contains a lot of videos of squirrels riding skateboards, but it can also be a place that facilitates big conversations about books. ~ John Green
Romanek Video quotes by John Green
Girlfriends, indeed: the anti-video game. ~ Tom Bissell
Romanek Video quotes by Tom Bissell
Wherever the family was, these two dogs, both six-year-old shepherd mixes, took up their posts at the central coming-and-going point. Gil called them concierge dogs. And it's true, they were inquisitive and accommodating. But they were not fawning or overly playful. They were watchful and thoughtful. Irene thought they had gravitas. Weighty demeanors. She thought of them as diplomats. She had noticed that when Gil was about to lose his temper one of the dogs always appeared and did something to divert his attention. Sometimes they acted like fools, but it was brilliant acting. Once, when he was furious about a bill for the late fees for a lost video, one of the dogs had walked right up to Gil and lifted his leg over his shoe. Gil was shouting at Florian when the piss splattered down, and she'd felt a sudden jolt of pride in the dog. ~ Louise Erdrich
Romanek Video quotes by Louise Erdrich
I would love to direct videos and that's what it keeps moving towards, but I have to stop being scared in order to do that. ~ Keke Palmer
Romanek Video quotes by Keke Palmer
Trina, I never expected to fall in love again. I thought I got my shot, and I was okay with that, because I had my girls. I didn't realize anything was missing. Then came you."
Ms. Rothschild's hands are covering her mouth. She has tears in her eyes.
"I want to spend the rest of my life with you, Trina." Ms. Rothschild starts choking on her candy, and Daddy leaps up off his knee and starts pounding her on the back. She's coughing like crazy.
From his tree Peter whispers, "Should I go do the Heimlich on her? I know how to do it."
"Peter, my dad's a doctor!" I whisper back. "He's got it."
As her coughing subsides, she stands up straight and wipes her eyes. "Wait. Were you asking me to marry you?"
"I was trying to," Daddy says. "Are you all right?"
"Yes!" She claps her hands to her cheeks.
"Yes, you're all right, or yes, you'll marry me?" Daddy asks her, and he's only half kidding.
"Yes, I'll marry you!" she screams, and Daddy reaches for her, and they kiss.
"This feels private," I whisper to Kitty.
"It's all part of the show," she whispers back.
Daddy hands Ms. Rothschild the ring box. I can't quite make out what he says next, but whatever it was, it makes her double over laughing.
"What's he saying?" Kitty asks me, just as Peter says, "What did he say?"
"I can't hear! Both of you be quiet! You're ruining the video!"
Which is when Ms. Rothschild looks over in our direction.
We all pop ba ~ Jenny Han
Romanek Video quotes by Jenny Han
On August 16, 1996, when an eight-year-old female gorilla named Binti Jua helped a three-year-old boy who had fallen eighteen feet into the primate exhibit at Chicago's Brookfield Zoo. Reacting immediately, Binti scooped up the boy and carried him to safety. She sat down on a log in a stream, cradling the boy in her lap, giving him a few gentle back pats before taking him to the waiting zoo staff. This simple act of sympathy, captured on video and shown around the world, touched many hearts, and Binti was hailed as a heroine. It was the first time in U.S. history that an ape figured in the speeches of leading politicians, who held her up as a model of compassion. ~ Frans De Waal
Romanek Video quotes by Frans De Waal
You know, when Arnold Palmer came on TV with an old tractor and told me to buy Pennzoil, I bought that, and when Dale Jarrett advertises UPS, I can go along with that, too. But I don't think having an 18-year-old, somebody who's probably gotten five packages in his life and they were all 'Girls Gone Wild' videos, tell me what delivery service I should use would have much effect on me. ~ Kyle Petty
Romanek Video quotes by Kyle Petty
David Fincher is a longtime friend. As a director, my wife had worked with him as a makeup artist when he would do Madonna videos years before, and his child and my oldest child were in preschool together, so we're kind of dad-friends through that, too. ~ Anthony Edwards
Romanek Video quotes by Anthony Edwards
I think the most extraordinary thing about fans is the level of excellence that they show in the work that they do. I mean, if you go onto the internet and see some of the fan videos that have been put together, they're just extraordinary; they could be programmes in their own right. ~ Peter Capaldi
Romanek Video quotes by Peter Capaldi
If you wanted to torture me, you'd tie me down and force me to watch our first five videos. ~ Jon Bon Jovi
Romanek Video quotes by Jon Bon Jovi
Video games and computers have become babysitters for kids. ~ Taylor Kitsch
Romanek Video quotes by Taylor Kitsch
I remember like that scene with Pharrell where they're at the music video shoot, we have this on camera actually, Pharrell's confused because we weren't doing the script. We were doing all this improv and then Diddy says to him ... Pharrell's like I don't understand what's going on and Diddy goes, "We do a lot of improv". (laughter) I remember being we just made him into a comedy nerd. We somehow turned Sean Combs into a comedy nerd, so. ~ Nicholas Stoller
Romanek Video quotes by Nicholas Stoller
The Nevernever is dying, human. It grows smaller and smaller every decade. Too much progress, too much technology. Mortals are losing their faith in anything but science. Even the children of man are consumed by progress. They sneer at the old stories and are drawn to the newest gadgets, computers, or video games. They no longer believe in monsters of magic. As cities grown and technology takes over the world, belief and imagination fade away, and so do we."
"What can we do to stop it?" I whispered.
"Nothing." Grimalkin raised a hind leg and scratched an ear. "Maybe the Nevenever will hold out till the end of the world. Maybe it will disappear in a few centuries. Everything dies eventually, human. ~ Julie Kagawa
Romanek Video quotes by Julie Kagawa
If you need to improve your focus and learn to avoid distractions, take a moment to visualize, with as much detail as possible, what you are about to do. It is easier to know what's ahead when there's a well-rounded script inside your head. Companies say such tactics are important in all kinds of settings, including if you're applying for a job or deciding whom to hire. The candidates who tell stories are the ones every firm wants. "We look for people who describe their experiences as some kind of a narrative," Andy Billings, a vice president at the video game giant Electronic Arts, told me. "It's a tip-off that someone has an instinct for connecting the dots and understanding how the world works at a deeper level. That's who everyone tries to get." III. ~ Charles Duhigg
Romanek Video quotes by Charles Duhigg
I got the idea for Netflix after my company was acquired. I had a big late fee for Apollo 13. It was six weeks late and I owed the video store $40. I had misplaced the cassette. It was all my fault. ~ Reed Hastings
Romanek Video quotes by Reed Hastings
The last major breakthrough for the theatre was electricity, and we have to push beyond that if we want to move beyond the blue-haired old ladies in the stalls. Im going to keep working on the integration of film and video technology. ~ David Soul
Romanek Video quotes by David Soul
There's something about comedy, funny things, that people want to pass them along. Serious things and personal things are much more privately enjoyed. That's why there are not a lot of sad viral videos. ~ Jonathan Coulton
Romanek Video quotes by Jonathan Coulton
Video games are so popular these days, getting the opportunity to star in one is something special. More people should do it. ~ Carrot Top
Romanek Video quotes by Carrot Top
I never play video games! I'm so bad at it. I have, like, no manual dexterity. ~ Kelly Hu
Romanek Video quotes by Kelly Hu
I needed to get a grip. Or a camera to memorialize this moment, because I bet I could make a money from a video of him. I could make a fortune ... As long as he didn't open his mouth. ~ Jennifer L. Armentrout
Romanek Video quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
I learned that when you're lucky enough to be surrounded by such talented people that you really become more of an orchestrator of this talent - you're just trying to harmonise everyone's contributions. ~ Mark Romanek
Romanek Video quotes by Mark Romanek
Our demand for good looks, expressed in the biting comments that ensue when public figures fall short of perfection, puts enormous pressures on these individuals and may screen out the otherwise qualified. If video killed the radio star, it may also be doing away with the homely politician. ~ Virginia Postrel
Romanek Video quotes by Virginia Postrel
Images of people in the Middle East dressing like Westerners, spending like Westerners, that is what the voters watching TV here at home want to see. That is a visible sign that we really are winning the war of ideas - the struggle between consumption and economic growth, and religious tradition and economic stagnation.

I thought, why are those children coming onto the streets more and more often? It's not anything we have done, is it? It's not any speeches we have made, or countries we have invaded, or new constitutions we have written, or sweets we have handed out to children, or football matches between soldiers and the locals. It's because they, too, watch TV.

They watch TV and see how we live here in the West.

They see children their own age driving sports cars. They see teenagers like them, instead of living in monastic frustration until someone arranges their marriages, going out with lots of different girls, or boys. They see them in bed with lots of different girls and boys. They watch them in noisy bars, bottles of lager upended over their mouths, getting happy, enjoying the privilege of getting drunk. They watch them roaring out support or abuse at football matches. They see them getting on and off planes, flying from here to there without restriction and without fear, going on endless holidays, shopping, lying in the sun. Especially, they see them shopping: buying clothes and PlayStations, buying iPods, video phones, laptops, watch ~ Paul Torday
Romanek Video quotes by Paul Torday
The revolution of video had a massive affect. We grew up in a time where suddenly you could own films. Before, they had a theatrical run, and then perhaps they'd come back, or you'd catch them in a retro cinema. ~ Simon Pegg
Romanek Video quotes by Simon Pegg
Chris Cornell: I think Pearl Jam was the band that set the perfect example. Their big video, "Jeremy," propelled them into becoming TV stars and one of the biggest rock bands on the planet, so they stopped making videos, which was proof positive that that wasn't where they wanted to be. And that made a lot of sense to me.

Nirvana doing an Unplugged at the same time that they did it and making a video for "Heart-Shaped Box," that didn't make a lot of sense to me, because it seemed clear to me that Kurt was pretty disillusioned by the situation that he was being put in. It felt like, If he's so unhappy, he shouldn't be doing this kind of stuff. ~ Mark Yarm
Romanek Video quotes by Mark Yarm
Directing music videos, especially ones that are concept/narrative driven is challenging in itself, but Directing a music video within a digital video environment is even more difficult. ~ Jon Jon Augustavo
Romanek Video quotes by Jon Jon Augustavo
It's like you're screaming but no one can hear. You almost feel ashamed that someone could be that important, that without them, you feel like nothing. No one will ever understand how much it hurts. You feel hopeless, like nothing can save you. And when it's over and it's gone, you almost wish that you could have all that bad stuff back so you can have the good. ~ Rihanna
Romanek Video quotes by Rihanna
THE BUTCHER AND THE DIETITIAN A good friend of mine recently forwarded me a YouTube video entitled The Butcher vs. the Dietitian, a two-minute cartoon that effectively and succinctly highlighted the major difference between a broker and a legal fiduciary. The video made the glaringly obvious point that when you walk into a butcher shop, you are always encouraged to buy meat. Ask a butcher what's for dinner, and the answer is always "Meat!" But a dietitian, on the other hand, will advise you to eat what's best for your health. She has no interest in selling you meat if fish is better for you. Brokers are butchers, while fiduciaries are dietitians. They have no "dog in the race" to sell you a specific product or fund. This simple distinction gives you a position of power! Insiders know the difference. ~ Anthony Robbins
Romanek Video quotes by Anthony Robbins
And so the idea was, well maybe you can take an Atari video game machine, where people plug in a game cartridge, and plug in a modem, and tie that into a telephone, and essentially turn that game in the machine into an interactive terminal. ~ Steve Case
Romanek Video quotes by Steve Case
I'm used to the other kind of party. The kind where you get to someone's house and their mom shows you down to the basement, and there's junk food and Apples to Apples and a bunch of people randomly singing. Maybe some people playing video games. ~ Becky Albertalli
Romanek Video quotes by Becky Albertalli
Even though Raster Blaster was only a video game, I was learning about designing stuff. I got good at drawing. ~ Bill Budge
Romanek Video quotes by Bill Budge
Correction officers struck adolescents in the head and face at "an alarming rate" as punishment, even when inmates posed no threat; officers took inmates to isolated areas for beatings out of view of video cameras; and many inmates were so afraid of the violence that they asked, for their own protection, to go to solitary confinement, the report said. ~ Anonymous
Romanek Video quotes by Anonymous
I never thought to look at the New York Times one, even though I knew people were pissed off. I've seen YouTube videos from people who are pissed off at me about that and that takes a lot of effort to go find. ~ Joel Stein
Romanek Video quotes by Joel Stein
I don't stay in my trailer. I like to sit in video village, probably to the annoyance of some producers and directors, because they really love to talk about actors, and they can't in front of me. ~ Elizabeth Banks
Romanek Video quotes by Elizabeth Banks
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