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#1. One of the strengths of the DC Universe has been the strength of the rogues' gallery. Often times they're as famous - if not more infamous - than our heroes. - Author: Jim Lee
Rogues Gallery quotes by Jim Lee
#2. The last thing I would want is for Monbiot, Mann, Flannery, Jones, Hansen and the rest of the Climate rogues' gallery to be granted the mercy of quick release. Publicly humiliated? Yes please. Having all their crappy books remaindered? Definitely. Dragged away from their taxpayer funded troughs and their cushy sinecures, to be replaced by people who actually know what they're talking about? For sure. But hanging? Hell no. Hanging is far too good for such ineffable toerags. - Author: James Delingpole
Rogues Gallery quotes by James Delingpole
#3. Don't look so shocked. And please, please don't scream. You and I both knew that this was coming… Yes, yes, it's a mess… but the nails were having trouble penetrating so they had to go. Speaking of which… Could you get that last nail?

Vince Liberato
"Because I was Bored - Author: Vince Liberato
Rogues Gallery quotes by Vince Liberato
#4. experience has taught us that a surprisingly high percentage of all our recorded crime, especially burglary and other thefts, are committed by the people in the rogues gallery. We're not stereotyping them, they do that for themselves I'm afraid. - Author: J.J. Salkeld
Rogues Gallery quotes by J.J. Salkeld
#5. They were indeed what was known as 'old money', which meant that it had been made so long ago that the black deeds which had originally filled the coffers were now historically irrelevant. Funny, that: a brigand for a father was something you kept quiet about, but a slave-taking pirate for a great-great-great-grandfather was something to boast of over the port. Time turned the evil bastards into rogues, and rogue was a word with a twinkle in its eye and nothing to be ashamed of. - Author: Terry Pratchett
Rogues Gallery quotes by Terry Pratchett
#6. When I was 13, I had a weekend job at the Photographers Gallery Bookshop in London. - Author: Beeban Kidron
Rogues Gallery quotes by Beeban Kidron
#7. The big pay-off was to work as an artist and gain some shred of respect from your friends, who were also artists. But there was never any notion that you could make a living out of art. On the rare occasions you had a gallery show, and sold a little work, well, that was just gravy. - Author: Edward Ruscha
Rogues Gallery quotes by Edward Ruscha
#8. We both had wanted to see a Mark Rothko exhibit at the Yale Art Gallery but, because of a labor dispute, some of the university's buildings, including the museum, were closed. As Bill and I walked by, he decided he could get us in if we offered to pick up the litter that had accumulated in the gallery's courtyard. Watching him talk our way in was the first time I saw his persuasiveness in action. We had the entire museum to ourselves. We wandered through the galleries talking about Rothko and twentieth-century art. I admit to being surprised at his interest in and knowledge of subjects that seemed, at first, unusual for a Viking from Arkansas. We ended up in the museum's courtyard, where I sat in the large lap of Henry Moore's sculpture Drape Seated Woman while we talked until dark. - Author: Hillary Rodham Clinton
Rogues Gallery quotes by Hillary Rodham Clinton
#9. Some pictures are in the gallery because they belong to humanity and others because they belong to the United States. - Author: Andre Malraux
Rogues Gallery quotes by Andre Malraux
#10. I BUMPED INTO MY 'FRIEND' AGAIN a few weeks later at a private view (a recent Goldsmith's graduate showing protective headgear made out of shortcrust pastry, at the Terminus Gallery). He was standing close to, not actually in, a group in which were mixed some of the art world's established and emerging talents. That's where I was standing as well. I - Author: Simon Bill
Rogues Gallery quotes by Simon Bill
#11. I'm privileged to have had some success, but I've never forgotten what it was like to queue for a half-crown gallery seat for 'Oliver!' which is why I ensure that there are £20 day tickets for 'Miss Saigon' and that the balconies in my theatres are as comfortable as I can possibly make them. - Author: Cameron Mackintosh
Rogues Gallery quotes by Cameron Mackintosh
#12. The point of serving your country is not to do your own thing or to go rogue, but to work as part of the process. - Author: Kal Penn
Rogues Gallery quotes by Kal Penn
#13. I go into a gallery or museum, and I realize that I don't have to formulate any opinions if I don't want to. I don't have to think this thing through and write about it at any great length. I can think about it if I want to; if not, I can just walk out. So I can enjoy painting really a lot more than I could when I had that sort of pressure. - Author: Tom Robbins
Rogues Gallery quotes by Tom Robbins
#14. If we hadn't controlled the Senate, I would never have had to eat that particular shit sandwich," Abbott told Peter Hartcher. "Getting control of the Senate was a curse. It allowed us to do things that we would not normally have been able to get away with and I think it tempted us to chance our arm in ways which ultimately did us significant political damage." In the end, he decided to stay in cabinet. He didn't bitch and moan to the press gallery. He went back to work. - Author: David Marr
Rogues Gallery quotes by David Marr
#15. Creative vision creates art" - he motioned around the gallery - "that shows the rest of the world a new angle. That's beautiful thing."
"Or some sort of madness", she said. - Author: Melissa Marr
Rogues Gallery quotes by Melissa Marr
#16. No other library anywhere, for example, has a whole gallery of unwritten books - books that would have been written if the author hadn't been eaten by an alligator around chapter 1, and so on. Atlases of imaginary places. Dictionaries of illusory words. Spotter's guides to invisible things. Wild thesauri in the Lost Reading Room. A library so big that it distorts reality and has opened gateways to all other libraries, everywhere and everywhen ... - Author: Terry Pratchett
Rogues Gallery quotes by Terry Pratchett
#17. There seems to be art and creativity everywhere, whether it was in the galleries of Jaffa or along the streets of Jerusalem ... the creativity blows my mind because you can see that people want to live their lives to the fullest. - Author: Guillermo Diaz
Rogues Gallery quotes by Guillermo Diaz
#18. Everywhere you walk, every place you go is full of art, explicit or hidden! If you can see them, you will be the richest art collector and your memory will be the richest art gallery! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
Rogues Gallery quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#19. The universe (which others call the Library) is composed of an indefinite, perhaps infinite number of hexagonal galleries. - Author: Jorge Luis Borges
Rogues Gallery quotes by Jorge Luis Borges
#20. No mercy for these enemies of the people, the enemies of socialism, the enemies of the working people! War to the death against the rich and their hangers-on, the bourgeois intellectuals; war on the rogues, the idlers and the rowdies! - Author: Vladimir Lenin
Rogues Gallery quotes by Vladimir Lenin
#21. Alafair Burke's first standalone is a must read! You'll lose yourself in this riveting story of Alice Humphrey, a woman whose nightmare begins when she goes to work at her new gallery job, only to find everything gone - and a murdered man on the floor. You can't guess the plot twists that follow, as Alice's whole word turns upside down and she has to question everyone and everything she thought was real. And the ending is a shocker you'll never see coming. - Author: Lisa Scottoline
Rogues Gallery quotes by Lisa Scottoline
#22. The expressions of those moving about a picture gallery show ill-concealed disappointment that they only find pictures there. - Author: Walter Benjamin
Rogues Gallery quotes by Walter Benjamin
#23. Those who turn against the Church do so to play to their own private gallery, but when, one day, the applause has died down and the cheering has stopped, they will face a smaller audience, the judgment bar of God. - Author: Neal A. Maxwell
Rogues Gallery quotes by Neal A. Maxwell
#24. I'm one of the
freaks, the faggots,
the geeks, the savages,
rogues, rebels, dissident devils,
artists, martyrs, infidels ...
do we sit still
under attack?
or do we start pushing back?
never back up
never back down
& FIGHT. - Author: Otep Shamaya
Rogues Gallery quotes by Otep Shamaya
#25. There are benefits in the sense that there's still a certain level of confidence. But there are liabilities because you can coordinate and manipulate better as the instruments of oversight are more under your control. You don't have so many rogue operations. - Author: Ted Gup
Rogues Gallery quotes by Ted Gup
#26. Like the street his gallery was on, Fortin had an attractive front, hiding quite a foul interior. He was opportunistic. He fed on the talent of others. Got rich on the talent of others. While most of the artists themselves barely scraped by, and took all the risks. - Author: Louise Penny
Rogues Gallery quotes by Louise Penny
#27. Most of all the actor will love the boys and girls, the men and women, who sit in the cheapest seats, in the very last row of the top gallery. They have given more than they can afford to come. In the most self-effacing spirit of fellowship they are listening to catch every word, watching to miss no slightest gesture or expression. To save his life the actor cannot help feeling these nearest and dearest. He cannot help wishing to do his best for them. He cannot help loving them best of all. - Author: Minnie Maddern Fiske
Rogues Gallery quotes by Minnie Maddern Fiske
#28. Now the sun is wide awake, baring its teeth, making the sweat run down people's back. Before it will make its way across the sky and into the waiting arms of the Arabian Sea, so much will have happened: migrations into the city, births, marriages, dowry deaths, illicit love affairs, pay raises, first kisses, bankruptcy filings, traffic accidents, business deals, money changing hands, plant shutdowns, gallery openings, poetry readings, political discussions, evictions. Every event in human history will repeat itself today. Everything that ever happened will happen again today. All if life lived in a day. A day, a day. A silver urn of promise and hope. Another chance. At reinvention, at resurrection, at reincarnation. A day. The least and most of all of our lives. - Author: Thrity Umrigar
Rogues Gallery quotes by Thrity Umrigar
#29. Nothing is more disgusting than the majority: because it consists of a few powerful predecessors, of rogues who adapt themselves, of weak who assimilate themselves, and the masses who imitate without knowing at all what they want. - Author: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Rogues Gallery quotes by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
#30. Books were everywhere, lined neatly on shelves that went from floor to ceiling. The ceiling was two stories high, with an upper balcony that provided access to a second-floor gallery. The dazzling array f red, gold, green, and brown bindings was a feast for the eyes, while the wonderful smells of vellum, parchment, and pungent leather almost caused Amanda to salivate. An exquisite waft of tea leaves lingered in the air. For anyone who enjoyed the pursuit of reading, this place surely was paradise. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
Rogues Gallery quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#31. The First Amendment applies to rogues and scoundrels. You don't lose your First Amendment rights because of a sleazy personality, or even for having committed a crime. Felons in jail are protected by the First Amendment. - Author: Naomi Wolf
Rogues Gallery quotes by Naomi Wolf
#32. I call them "The Tattooed Gerneration," those people who think it cool to use their bodies as canvasses; to desecrate themselves with ugly designs, inane sayings and the names of women who divorced them. And they call it ART? If they want art, let them go to an art gallery and buy a painting. If God wanted our bodies used to display artwork, he would have made us flat. - Author: Howard Giordano
Rogues Gallery quotes by Howard Giordano
#33. She is in Paris, in Parisian clothes, getting ready to go out with a Frenchman she picked up in an art gallery!

She pulls her hair back into a loose knot, puts on her lipstick, sits down on the bed and laughs. - Author: Jojo Moyes
Rogues Gallery quotes by Jojo Moyes
#34. Rogues are always found out in some way. Whoever is a wolf will act like a wolf, that is most certain. - Author: Jean De La Fontaine
Rogues Gallery quotes by Jean De La Fontaine
#35. With acting, I'm taking somebody else's work and interpreting it. Whereas with music, it's organic. It's completely myself. Nobody else is really involved with the beginning stages of it. Art is something that I haven't really put out to the public. There's a couple pictures on MySpace, but I haven't done a gallery opening or anything like that. Art is very personal to me. I haven't really shared it with too many people. - Author: Tinsel Korey
Rogues Gallery quotes by Tinsel Korey
#36. Savannah," he started in a softer voice, "Wait. Please. I - I didn't mean ... I just didn't want you to ... " "I'm going home," she said, rushing from the room before he could say another word. "Savannah!" He shot out of bed, following her through his bedroom door and running down the gallery as fast as his bum leg would allow. While walking or jogging were good for him, he wasn't supposed to sprint on it, and it ached and burned as he got to the top of stairs only to hear the front door slam in her wake. "GOD DAMN IT!" he bellowed, lowering himself to sit on the landing as his leg throbbed with pain. Miss Potts appeared out of nowhere to stand at the base of the stairs with her hands on her hips. She pursed her lips and tsked. "Somehow I don't think peach cobbler is going to fix this one. - Author: Katy Regnery
Rogues Gallery quotes by Katy Regnery
#37. The gallery is generating work for the masses. - Author: Kim Weston
Rogues Gallery quotes by Kim Weston
#38. The couple had lunch the next day and then went to the White Cube, a modern art gallery, and then back to Musk's hotel room. Musk told Riley, a virgin, that he wanted to show her his rockets. "I was skeptical, but he did actually show me rocket videos, - Author: Ashlee Vance
Rogues Gallery quotes by Ashlee Vance
#39. When you go to an art gallery you are simply a tourist looking at the trophy cabinet of a few millionaires. - Author: Banksy
Rogues Gallery quotes by Banksy
#40. Our lips met and parted, and his tongue
slid deep to taste me. The sounds from the peanut gallery - choking and retching - and the tug on my robe instantly drained the heat from the encounter.
"That's disgusting," Kola assured me with a glare that a six-year-old shouldn't have had.
"Why?" I asked snidely.
"Your mouth has germs," he informed me haughtily. "That's why you told Hannah not to lick Chilly."
"No, I told her not to lick Chilly because the cat doesn't like to be
licked by her."
"He licks his body."
"He does," Hannah, our four-year-old, agreed with a nod. "Kola's right."
"But he doesn't want you to do it," I assured my daughter.
"How do you know?" Kola questioned.
I had to think.
Kola waited, squinting at me.
"Do not lick the cat! Nobody licks the cat!" Sam ordered when the silence stretched for too long. - Author: Mary Calmes
Rogues Gallery quotes by Mary Calmes

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