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There's this kind of almost - kind of a weird kind of elitism that says well maybe - maybe certain people in certain parts of the world shouldn't be free; maybe it's best just to let them sit in these tyrannical societies. And our foreign policy rejects that concept. And we don't accept it. And so we're working. ~ George W. Bush
Riverman Parts quotes by George W. Bush
There's three parts to football: offense, defense, and special teams. You'd no more ignore special teams than you would offense or defense. ~ Marv Levy
Riverman Parts quotes by Marv Levy
Sometimes people come up and say, "You have this line in this song and it meant a lot to me." You don't always remember that line as the one. You're putting part of your human being on the page so people are going to have different responses - the other humans are going to connect with different parts. ~ Craig Finn
Riverman Parts quotes by Craig Finn
When I get out of here, if I'm ever able to set this down, in any form, even in the form of one voice to another, it will be a reconstruction then too, at yet another remove. It's impossible to say a thing exactly the way it was, because what you say can never be exact, you always have to leave something out, there are too many parts, sides, crosscurrents, nuances; too many gestures, which could mean this or that, too many shapes which can never be fully described, too many flavors, in the air or on the tongue, half-colors, too many. But ~ Margaret Atwood
Riverman Parts quotes by Margaret Atwood
There are people in whole parts of our cities who are being totally left behind and disregarded. They are unheard. They are told they are unneeded by this economy. And that extreme poverty breeds conditions for extreme violence. ~ Martin O'Malley
Riverman Parts quotes by Martin O'Malley
I made a tin man costume with tin foil and furnace parts because I thought it would help me be more heartless. ~ Marcel Dzama
Riverman Parts quotes by Marcel Dzama
O Time the fatal wrack of mortal things,
That draws oblivion's curtains over kings;
Their sumptuous monuments, men know them not,
Their names without a record are forgot,
Their parts, their ports, their pomps all laid in th' dust
Nor wit nor gold, nor buildings scape time's rust;
But he whose name is graved in the white stone
Shall last and shine when all of these are gone. ~ Anne Bradstreet
Riverman Parts quotes by Anne Bradstreet
Like all enjoyable things, you see, it has unenjoyable parts to it. ~ Philip Roth
Riverman Parts quotes by Philip Roth
He was the parts of the day where I smiled. ~ Heather Demetrios
Riverman Parts quotes by Heather Demetrios
Da thought of people as books to be read, but I've always thought of them more as formulas- full of variables, but always the sum of their parts. ~ Victoria Schwab
Riverman Parts quotes by Victoria Schwab
On a collective level, the mind-set "We are right and they are wrong" is particularly deeply entrenched in those parts of the world where conflict between two nations, races, tribes, religions, or ideologies is long-standing, extreme, and endemic. Both sides of the conflict are equally identified with their own perspective, their own "story," that is to say, identified with thought. Both are equally incapable of seeing that another perspective, another story, may exist and also be valid. Israeli writer Y. Halevi speaks of the possibility of "accommodating a competing narrative,"3 but in many parts of the world, people are not yet able or willing to do that. Both sides believe themselves to be in possession of the truth. Both regard themselves as victims and the "other" as evil, and because they have conceptualized and thereby dehumanized the other as the enemy, they can kill and inflict all kinds of violence on the other, even on children, without feeling their humanity and suffering. ~ Eckhart Tolle
Riverman Parts quotes by Eckhart Tolle
When we, system dynamicists, see a pattern persist in many parts of a system over long periods, we assume that it has causes embedded in the feedback loop structure of the system. Running the same system harder or faster will not change the pattern as long as the structure is not revised. Growth as usual has widened the gap between the rich and the poor. Continuing growth as usual will never close that gap. Only changing the structure of the system - the chains of causes and effects - will do that. ~ Donella H. Meadows
Riverman Parts quotes by Donella H. Meadows
Unless we are willing to escape into sentimentality or fantasy, often the best we can do with catastrophes, even our own, is to find out exactly what happened and restore some of the missing parts. ~ Norman Maclean
Riverman Parts quotes by Norman Maclean
I have never been given these words
in this way before. This small piece of
gospel, three parts hosanna, two parts
testimony, one part lamentation. ~ David Levithan
Riverman Parts quotes by David Levithan
It requires genius to make a good pun - some men of bright parts can't reach it. ~ Hannah Cowley
Riverman Parts quotes by Hannah Cowley
Polygamy has an ancient history and is legal in many parts of the world. I find the rules of polygamy to be damaging and it's potentially dangerous to young girls and terrible for "excess" boys. But polyamory is supposed to be a more equal arrangement among agreeing adults. ~ Emily Yoffe
Riverman Parts quotes by Emily Yoffe
That's what our life is like: little bits and broken pieces…Picture your life as a mixed media collage. Whatever you add to the collage from this point forward is up to you. You can keep moving those broken parts around. You can add similar pieces…But God might have something more for you. God's plans for you are so much bigger than what you can ever imagine for yourself. He can use you in so many ways if you let him. You can grow in him and share in the masterpiece he wants to make of your life's collage. ~ Mary Potter Kenyon
Riverman Parts quotes by Mary Potter Kenyon
Now, having had this experience, I can't say really what they were looking for. I don't know their minds. But every time I see a reality show, it seems that the most entertaining parts on other reality shows are when they make their guests look foolish. ~ Liza Minnelli
Riverman Parts quotes by Liza Minnelli
We do not choose our own parts in life, and have nothing to do with those parts. Our duty is confined to playing them well. ~ Epictetus
Riverman Parts quotes by Epictetus
The separate parts of my life became like beads and I the string that ran through them all. I believe if I had ever paused to consider the intricacy of all I did to keep those parts separate, I would have found it impossible. But I was young then, much younger than I suspected, and somehow I found the energy and time to do and be it all. ~ Robin Hobb
Riverman Parts quotes by Robin Hobb
After finishing the work I start rearranging the parts again and eventually start to work with themes - images and thoughts and things. ~ Tim Zuck
Riverman Parts quotes by Tim Zuck
In hindsight, I know that high school is a festering pit of boredom and hormones, not to be taken as seriously as it seemed while I was there. It is earthly purgatory before you enter the better parts of your life: you've got one foot in heaven and the other in hell. ~ Alida Nugent
Riverman Parts quotes by Alida Nugent
Our world is in turmoil. It is aging toward senility. It is
very ill. Long ago it was born with brilliant prospects. It
was baptized by water, and its sins were washed away. It
was never baptized by fire, for that is still to come. It has
had shorter periods of good health, but longer ones of
ailing. Most of the time there have been pains and aches
in some parts of its anatomy, but now that it is growing
old, complications have set in, and all the ailments seem
to be everywhere.
The world has been 'cliniced,' and the complex
diseases have been catalogued. The physicians have had
summit consultations, and temporary salve has been
rubbed on afflicted parts, but it has only postponed the
fatal day and never cured it. It seems that while remedies
have been applied, staph infection has set in, and the
patient's suffering intensified. His mind is wandering. It
cannot remember its previous illnesses nor the cure
which was applied. The political physicians through the
ages have rejected suggested remedies as unprofessional
since they came from lowly prophets. Man being what
he is with tendencies such as he has, results can be
prognosticated with some degree of accuracy. ~ Spencer W. Kimball
Riverman Parts quotes by Spencer W. Kimball
Writing in Library Journal, Ben Vershbow of the Institute for the Future of Book envisioned a digital ecology in which "parts of books will reference parts of other books. Books will be woven toghether out of components in remote databases and servers." Kevin Kelly wrote in The New York times Magagzine: "In the the new world of books, every bit informs another; every page reads all the other pages. ~ Jeff Jarvis
Riverman Parts quotes by Jeff Jarvis
On the night bus, I felt as though parts of other people were going into parts of me I didn't even know existed. I felt like I was being more intimate with members of the night-bus community than I'd ever been with anyone in my whole life. ~ Helen Fielding
Riverman Parts quotes by Helen Fielding
My approach to photograph is kept simple, almost routine. All work, good and bad, is documented. I use standard film, a standard lens and no filters. Each work grows, strays, decays-integral parts of a cycle which the photograph shows at its height, marking the moment when the work is most alive. There is an intensity about a work at its peak that I hope is expresses in the image. Process and decay are implicit. ~ Andy Goldsworthy
Riverman Parts quotes by Andy Goldsworthy
There are two parts to learning craftsmanship: knowledge and work. You must gain the knowledge of principles, patterns, practices, and heuristics that a craftsman knows, and you must also grind that knowledge into your fingers, eyes, and gut by working hard and
practicing. ~ Robert C. Martin
Riverman Parts quotes by Robert C. Martin
Goals should be broken down into parts, and then think over the plan of their implementation ~ Sunday Adelaja
Riverman Parts quotes by Sunday Adelaja
You talk like a recipe exists to accustom one to death," I said, bitter.
"Oh, but there is," she responded. "Take a girl and remove her heart. Add a touch of tragedy and a thirst for vengeance. Divide her into equal parts of grief and rage, then serve her cold. ~ Rin Chupeco
Riverman Parts quotes by Rin Chupeco
There are certain parts of the home that I think embellishment feels cozy and inviting. Then there are other environments, for example, the living room, where I don't have a ton of items on the table. ~ Aerin Lauder
Riverman Parts quotes by Aerin Lauder
I fight to keep my fingers from trembling. I have a sudden urge to lick him. That's not part of the plan. Maybe I can take a bit of a detour, taste what's on display, even though I probably shouldn't. Going against the plan is never advisable. But maybe just a little peck – it's harmless, right? I lean in, and my lips connect with his skin. The reasonable part of my brain reminds me, Not a good idea. The other needy and somewhat desperate parts counter with, Oh god. Best. Idea. Ever. ~ Helena Rac
Riverman Parts quotes by Helena Rac
A lot of times, we also have to live and work. You have to make money to pay rent. In that respect, I don't think you can be so demanding. Those great stories are not the normal stories that come on a daily basis. It's a struggle to land those roles. Everybody is looking for the good parts. ~ Djimon Hounsou
Riverman Parts quotes by Djimon Hounsou
The finger of God hath left an inscription upon all his works, not graphical or composed of letters, but of their several forms, constitutions, parts and operations, which, aptly joined together, do make one word that doth express their natures. ~ Thomas Browne
Riverman Parts quotes by Thomas Browne
As it happens, I think that in really good stories, the whole is always greater than the sum of the parts. ~ Stephen King
Riverman Parts quotes by Stephen King
Writing becomes a really good creative outlet when you're sitting there and feeling creatively frustrated or stilted, but also you then get to write parts for yourself. ~ Zoe Lister-Jones
Riverman Parts quotes by Zoe Lister-Jones
An aspersion upon my parts of speech! ~ Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Riverman Parts quotes by Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Wounding and healing are not opposites. They're part of the same thing. It is our wounds that enable us to be compassionate with the wounds of others. It is our limitations that make us kind to the limitations of other people. It is our loneliness that helps us to to find other people or to even know they're alone with an illness. I think I have served people perfectly with parts of myself I used to be ashamed of. ~ Rachel Naomi Remen
Riverman Parts quotes by Rachel Naomi Remen
The elementary parts of all tissues are formed of cells in an analogous, though very diversified manner, so that it may be asserted, that there is one universal principle of development for the elementary parts of organisms, however different, and that this principle is the formation of cells. ~ Theodor Schwann
Riverman Parts quotes by Theodor Schwann
Our sense of a composition largely inheres in how we feel about the individual parts; narrative arcs are almost always essential in drama but (unless there are lyrics involved) often less essential in music. All of this is, I suspect, again symptomatic of human memory limitations. We live, to a remarkable degree, in the present; what happened thirty seconds ago is already rapidly fading from our memory (or at least rapidly becomes harder for us to retrieve). ~ Gary F. Marcus
Riverman Parts quotes by Gary F. Marcus
I set out to really build this universe of interfaith connectedness, where people could see that other people in different parts of the world are very much like them. ~ Oprah Winfrey
Riverman Parts quotes by Oprah Winfrey
For me, I still have feelings for all of my ex-girlfriends. In different parts of my life, I would miss that person. There's something that drew me to that person, and I shared something with them. ~ Miles Teller
Riverman Parts quotes by Miles Teller
It is exceedingly improbable that the identical action of the corresponding parts of the two retina is the result of a certain habituation, or of the influence of the mind. ~ Johannes P. Muller
Riverman Parts quotes by Johannes P. Muller
The contumelies of tyranny are the worst parts of it. ~ Edmund Burke
Riverman Parts quotes by Edmund Burke
Je suis ce que je suis." – Death
"Is that a spell?" – Nick
"It's French, Nick. Means 'I am what I am.' Sheez, kid. Get educated. Read a book. I promise you it's not painful." – Death
"I would definitely argue that. Have you seen my summer reading list? It's nothing but girl books about them getting body parts and girl things I don't want to discuss in class with my female English teacher. Maybe in the boys' locker room and maybe with a coach, but not with a woman teacher in front of other girls who already won't go out with me. Or worse, they're about how bad all of us men reek and how we need to be taken out and shot 'cause we're an affront to all social and natural orders. Again – thanks, Teach. Give the girls even more reason to kick us down when we talk to one. Not like it's not hard enough to get up the nerve to ask one out. Can you say inappropriate content? And then they tell me my manga's bad. Riiight…Is it too much to ask that we have one book, just one, on the required reading list that says, 'Hey, girls. Guys are fun and we're okay. Really. We're not all mean psycho-killing, bloodsucking animals. Most of us are pretty darn decent, and if you'll just give us a chance, you'll find out we're not so bad.'" – Nick ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
Riverman Parts quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
It was the quality of her feelings that shattered him - the pure belief and care that she had for him. He'd underestimated her, and he was more the fool for it, for denying this regard...this love for him. There was no other word to describe it. It truly was the same for her. The thought flooded him, filled his veins with equal parts relief and agony. ~ Alexandra Bracken
Riverman Parts quotes by Alexandra Bracken
One of the reasons that most literary artists are contemptuous of Sigmund Freud - whose thought Vladimir Nabokov once characterized as no more than private parts covered up by Greek myths - is that his extreme determinism is felt to be immensely untrue to the rich complexity of life, with its twists and turns and manifold surprises. ~ Joseph Epstein
Riverman Parts quotes by Joseph Epstein
The first act of violence that patriarchy demands of males is not violence toward women. Instead patriarchy demands of all males that they engage in acts of psychic self-mutilation, that they kill off the emotional parts of themselves. If an individual is not successful in emotionally crippling himself, he can count on patriarchal men to enact rituals of power that will assault his self-esteem. ~ Bell Hooks
Riverman Parts quotes by Bell Hooks
I have been trying to think of the earth as a kind of organism, but it is no go. I cannot think of it this way. It is too big, too complex, with too many working parts lacking visible connections. The other night, driving through a hilly, wooded part of southern New England, I wondered about this. If not like an organism, what is it like, what is it most like? Then, satisfactorily for that moment, it came to me: it is most like a single cell ~ Lewis Thomas
Riverman Parts quotes by Lewis Thomas
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