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#1. I was brought up in a very small town in upstate New York. - Author: Bill Pullman
Riflessi New York quotes by Bill Pullman
#2. I really like Wisconsin. I enjoy it. I enjoy the people. I enjoy the fact that it's not L.A. or New York. And there's some sense of normalcy here - people having children in homes they can somewhat afford to live in. - Author: Michael Feldman
Riflessi New York quotes by Michael Feldman
#3. The day before I left to fly in New York, I went in the ocean and was just lying on my black looking up at the sky, which was that Hawaii blue. Just that moment was worth the entire thing. The ocean is everything. It can heal you. - Author: Gavin Rossdale
Riflessi New York quotes by Gavin Rossdale
#4. More than one-third of congressional staffers turn to a career in lobbying after leaving Capitol Hill. It's clear the staffer-turned-lobbyist's value to special interests depends on the robustness of his or her network on Capitol Hill. According to an August 2010 study, when a lobbyist's former boss on Capitol Hill left office, the lobbyist's salary declined by an average of 50 percent in the six months following the departure.27 Moving from Capitol Hill to K Street isn't limited to staffers: In 2010, 37 percent of the newly out-of-office members of Congress went to work for lobbying firms or clients. After losing his run for Senate in 2006, Tennessee Democrat Harold Ford Jr. moved to New York to take a job with Merrill Lynch with a guaranteed annual compensation of $2 million. At the time he had no experience in finance. What he was paid for were his networks: - Author: Christopher L. Hayes
Riflessi New York quotes by Christopher L. Hayes
#5. As yesterday's positive report card shows, childrens do learn when standards are high and results are measured. - New York, Sept. 26, 2007 - Author: George W. Bush
Riflessi New York quotes by George W. Bush
#6. In New York, you couldn't wish for a nicer audience, or in L.A., Chicago, Boston. But when you get into secondary markets, they don't have a clue. - Author: Bryan Ferry
Riflessi New York quotes by Bryan Ferry
#7. It was Miles Davis who took me to New York, and Coltrane was in the band, as well as Paul Chambers, Philly Jo Jones. 'Trane took me aside, and, of course, we did Blue Trane, which was my first album-and that started everything. He had confidence that I didn't have; he saw something that I didn't see. - Author: Curtis Fuller
Riflessi New York quotes by Curtis Fuller
#8. New York is the greatest character actor ever. Any film that is shot in New York is elevated by the city. - Author: Jeffrey Wright
Riflessi New York quotes by Jeffrey Wright
#9. The New York City police department is more representative of the city it serves than most law firms, university faculties, and media companies. - Author: Mike Barnicle
Riflessi New York quotes by Mike Barnicle
#10. I feel like kids that grew up in New York City or in L.A. were exposed to all these subcultures and subgenres, whereas I was only exposed to the poppiest of pop music so I never had this negative connotation towards pop music. That's not South African music having an effect on me, but just how international music was filtered through South Africa affected me. It gave me a not-negative connotation towards pop music growing up. - Author: St. Lucia
Riflessi New York quotes by St. Lucia
#11. Old Money

Blue hydrangea, cold cash, divine,
Cashmere, cologne and white sunshine.
Red racing cars, Sunset and Vine,
The kids were young and pretty.

Where have you been? Where did you go?
Those summer nights seem long ago,
And so is the girl you used to call,
The Queen of New York City.

But if you send for me you know I'll come,
And if you call for me you know I'll run.
I'll run to you, I'll run to you, I'll run, run, run.
I'll come to you, I'll come to you, I'll come, come, come.

Ohh, Ohh.
Ahh, Ahh.

The power of youth is on my mind,
Sunsets, small town, I'm out of time.
Will you still love me when I shine,
From words but not from beauty?

My father's love was always strong,
My mother's glamour lives on and on,
Yet still inside I felt alone,
For reasons unknown to me.

But if you send for me you know I'll come,
And if you call for me you know I'll run.
I'll run to you, I'll run to you, I'll run, run, run.
I'll come to you, I'll come to you, I'll come, come, come.

Ohh, Ohh.
Ahh, Ahh.

And if you call, I'll run, run, run,
If you change your mind, I'll come, come, come.

Ohh, Ohh.
Ahh, Ahh.

Blue hydrangea, cold cash, divine,
Cashmere, cologne and hot sunshine.
Red racing cars, Sunset and Vine,
And we were young and pretty. - Author: Lana Del Rey
Riflessi New York quotes by Lana Del Rey
#12. In some neighborhoods, faces mature faster than bodies. - Author: Brandon Stanton
Riflessi New York quotes by Brandon Stanton
#13. I feel New York inside me when I talk too loudly, when I'm in line for coffee and feel rageful and restless, when I ask inappropriate and personal questions of strangers. When I say, 'Oh, I walked,' and people look at me quizzically and say, 'That's a long walk. - Author: Chloe Caldwell
Riflessi New York quotes by Chloe Caldwell
#14. We're all good when we want to be, otherwise we're fucking animals. There's no VIP room in reality, and there is no reality in this city. You can't Google the answers. People talke about being on the ride of your life - THIS IS YOUR LIFE. Whatever you need to know, you already know. Imagine what it is to be in another country, another landscape - heat, insects, fear. Imagine watching someone right in front of you trip on a wire, step on a mine, blow their body to shreds, in mid-sentences, mid-cigarette. Imagine yourself splattered with human flesh. Imagine talking to that boy for the five minutes when he is profoundly conscious of the fact that he is not goingt to make it home. Imagine the difference between that and being in upstate New York, drinking beer, trying to get laid, and spending the summer as lifeguard at Lake George. Imagine zipping your friends into body bags. Tell me why anyone ever thought this was a good idea. How could anyone not be angry? You'd have to be insane." --Nic Thompson - Author: A.M. Homes
Riflessi New York quotes by A.M. Homes
#15. The interesting thing about the top 200 to 300 tweeters - a lot of them are musicians, actors, etc. LeBron James, etc. I think Lady Gaga is number one. But! They're not all celebrities. There's 'CNN Breaking News.' And the 'New York Times.' And other brands like Gary Vaynerchuk, who aren't really that known outside that world. - Author: Dick Costolo
Riflessi New York quotes by Dick Costolo
#16. Nothing did more to spur the boom in stocks than the decision made by the New York Federal Reserve bank, in the spring of 1927, to cut the rediscount rate. Benjamin Strong, Governor of the bank, was chief advocate of this unwise measure, which was taken largely at the behest of Montagu Norman of the Bank of England ... At the time of the Banks action I warned of its consequences ... I felt that sooner or later the market had to break. - Author: Bernard Baruch
Riflessi New York quotes by Bernard Baruch
#17. OLD GRIZZLY ADAMS. [37-*] James C. Adams, or "Grizzly Adams," as he was generally termed, from the fact of his having captured so many grizzly bears, and encountered such fearful perils by his unexampled daring, was an extraordinary character. For many years a hunter and trapper in the Rocky and Sierra Nevada Mountains, he acquired a recklessness which, added to his natural invincible courage, rendered him truly one of the most striking men of the age. He was emphatically what the English call a man of "pluck." In 1860, he arrived in New York with his famous collection of California animals, captured by himself, consisting of twenty or thirty immense grizzly bears, at the head of which stood "Old Sampson" - now in the American Museum - wolves, half a dozen other species of bear, California lions, tigers, buffalo, elk, etc., and Old Neptune, the great sea-lion, from the Pacific. - Author: P.T. Barnum
Riflessi New York quotes by P.T. Barnum
#18. Someone should have a record that doesn't have any singing. It's my favorite Miles Davis record. I love hanging out in the summer, in New York, when it's miserably hot. I love electric Miles Davis in the summer. Jack Johnson, the songwriting especially, is a premier example of that. It always makes me feel hot in the city. It's also nice to have something not yelling in your ear. For me, as a lyricist, it's nice to put on something without any words. - Author: Craig Finn
Riflessi New York quotes by Craig Finn
#19. I made some fresh pasta with a neat machine Frank brought from New York; it flattens the dough in sheets and cuts the pasta into any shape you want. It's important to have toys like that, if you live in Maine. - Author: John Irving
Riflessi New York quotes by John Irving
#20. If you're a Democrat and 'The New York Times' is calling for your head, you know it's time for an exit strategy. - Author: Mark McKinnon
Riflessi New York quotes by Mark McKinnon
#21. The boat rocked in the waves, and as I saw the lights of Kowloon come through the fog, I held the railing, breathless. How wrong I had been to assume this feeling had been lost forever. This lightheaded uncertainty, all my fear and joy - I could return here, punching the sky. Because I had found her: Polly Guo. Wherever I went next, I would never let her go again... The water was Minjiang, New York, Fuzhou, but most of all, it was you. - Author: Lisa Ko
Riflessi New York quotes by Lisa Ko
#22. When I moved to New York, I started switching fragrances. Between different seasons I would change fragrance, or if I was going out for a big fancy night versus going out in the daytime. But I also found that I was changing and growing so much. - Author: Blake Lively
Riflessi New York quotes by Blake Lively
#23. I got my first job as a card-carrying actor in New York in 1967. Before that, I was a very desperate wannabe. - Author: Morgan Freeman
Riflessi New York quotes by Morgan Freeman
#24. A mama's boy, loner, intellectual, voracious reader and gourmand, Dimitri was a man of esoteric skills and appetites: a gambler, philosopher, gardener, fly-fisherman, fluent in Russian and German as well as having an amazing command of English. He loved antiquated phrases, dry sarcasm, military jargon, regional dialect, and the New York Times crossword puzzle - to which he was hopelessly addicted. - Author: Anthony Bourdain
Riflessi New York quotes by Anthony Bourdain
#25. At some future time I shall see New York the artist's ground. I think you will create an American School. - Author: Mary Cassatt
Riflessi New York quotes by Mary Cassatt
#26. When we were visiting New York City, I took my kids to the same playground where I went growing up. It was fun to feel that connection of having gone there as a kid and being there as a parent. - Author: Ben Stiller
Riflessi New York quotes by Ben Stiller
#27. Two tragedies, one in New Delhi, one in New York; 3,000 killed in one, 3,000 killed in the other. But what a difference for those the killings left behind. In New York the government went after the attackers, in Delhi the government and its police made sure first that the attacks were not stopped, and then that the government not go after the killers. It made a difference too that in New York they were attacked by obvious aliens, in Delhi the aliens had arisen from among the victims. America got Osama bin Laden in the end to get some justice. The Delhi killings never did lead to justice. - Author: Sanjay Suri
Riflessi New York quotes by Sanjay Suri
#28. A recent example of the racial reconciliation paradigm at work is the #AllLivesMatter retort. In an interview in The New York Times, philosopher Judith Butler unpacked the problem: If we jump too quickly to the universal formulation, "all lives matter," then we miss the fact that black people have not yet been included in the idea of "all lives." That said, it is true that all lives matter (we can then debate about when life begins or ends). But to make that universal formulation concrete, to make that into a living formulation, one that truly extends to all people, we have to foreground those lives that are not mattering now, to mark that exclusion, and militate against it.113 - Author: Robert P. Jones
Riflessi New York quotes by Robert P. Jones
#29. It is the fashion in many parts of the United States to sneer at Chicago. This is notably the case in San Francisco. Most San Franciscans say they dislike Chicago.It is true that there is much that is unlovely there. To the impatient traveler hastening from New York to San Francisco the enforced stop at Chicago is distasteful. For Chicago has contrived things with such skill that it is difficult to cross the continent without stopping within her gates. Everybody must pay toll. The pilgrim must pause, even thought he do not unpack his wallet. He must stop at least for a bath and a bite. You find it difficult to go around Chicago. Chicago will not let you pass her without stopping. - Author: Jerome Hart
Riflessi New York quotes by Jerome Hart
#30. The music that I was playing and writing in those early years, that I was importing to Europe, was quintessentially New York music in a way that I always hoped it would be. I wanted my concert music to be as distinctive as Zappa at the Fillmore East, and I think I ended up doing that. - Author: Philip Glass
Riflessi New York quotes by Philip Glass
#31. The less he sees of other writers the more of a writer he will ultimately become. When he sees scarcely anyone except other writers, he is ready for New York. - Author: Nelson Algren
Riflessi New York quotes by Nelson Algren
#32. There was a time when I was practicing law in New York and I wanted to find something else to do. So I ended up leaving the practice of law to pursue my art and it just happened to be out of Lego bricks. - Author: Nathan Sawaya
Riflessi New York quotes by Nathan Sawaya
#33. Cary Grant and I were doing a play in New York. He had a crush on me. Whenever we went to a party, he would always sit on the floor beside me. I thought that was kind of beautiful, like that's where he wanted to be. - Author: Fay Wray
Riflessi New York quotes by Fay Wray
#34. When I came to this country in America which was in New York City which is crowd-est place in the world first thing I saw; people walking literally constantly back and forth and then first thing went through my mind a question like 'why are this people walking around like zombies' seriously people in America specially New York people are dead walking meaning by this that people are 'off' from reality. - Author: Nadair Desmar
Riflessi New York quotes by Nadair Desmar
#35. Brooklyn Heights itself is a window on the port. Here, where the perspective is fixed by the towers of Manhattan and the hills of New Jersey and Staten Island, the channels running between seem fingers of the world ocean. Here one can easily embrace the suggestion, which Whitman felt so easily, that the whole American world opens out from here, north and west. - Author: Alfred Kazin
Riflessi New York quotes by Alfred Kazin
#36. I like to wear shoes that are cool but also practical. The same goes for bags. Your bag is a big deal in New York. You can't just carry around a little clutch, because you don't have a car or anywhere to stash things during the day, so you need to carry your whole life with you. That's why I like big, chunky bags with lots of compartments. - Author: Zoe Kravitz
Riflessi New York quotes by Zoe Kravitz
#37. There's a reason why in New York Harbor we have the Statue of Liberty, not the Statue of Equality. - Author: Charles Krauthammer
Riflessi New York quotes by Charles Krauthammer
#38. Crime is going down everywhere but in the New York City Police Department. - Author: Al Sharpton
Riflessi New York quotes by Al Sharpton
#39. Nobody uses his car in New York, because so many people use it that traffic is congested and unbearably slow. - Author: George Mikes
Riflessi New York quotes by George Mikes
#40. New York, home of the vivisectors of the mind, and of the mentally vivisected still to be reassembled, of those who live intact, habitually wondering about their states of sanity, and home of those whose minds have been dead, bearing the scars of resurrection. - Author: Muriel Spark
Riflessi New York quotes by Muriel Spark
#41. September 11 reinforced for me that whatever I'm writing about, it better be something that really matters to me because we don't know what's going to happen tomorrow. And for me it's stories about people in pain in New York. - Author: Stephen Adly Guirgis
Riflessi New York quotes by Stephen Adly Guirgis
#42. My first job was scooping ice cream at Friendly's in Albany, New York. I hated the work, most of my colleagues, and the uniform, and I more or less lost my taste for ice cream permanently. - Author: Gregory Maguire
Riflessi New York quotes by Gregory Maguire
#43. I was a Republican until I got to New York and had to live on $18 a week. It was then that I became a Democrat. - Author: Julia Child
Riflessi New York quotes by Julia Child
#44. At some point, when you read about this factual information that comes out in The New Zealand Herald and it's barely mentioned in The New York Times, then I think you've got to question where this is being manipulated, and where the filters are. - Author: Eddie Vedder
Riflessi New York quotes by Eddie Vedder
#45. If I had to compare any of the two, I'd compare the first one in Edmonton, the first one here in New York because it had been so long in New York since we had won. Obviously, being the first time to ever win the cup in Edmonton, they were fairly similar in that regard. - Author: Mark Messier
Riflessi New York quotes by Mark Messier
#46. Bernstein grew up in my building in New York. He's a very, very fine player. When he was a kid, he came by to find out what was going on in the world of jazz. - Author: Lee Konitz
Riflessi New York quotes by Lee Konitz
#47. Lincoln may have shown how relieved he was that there had been none of the "outrage and violence" some had predicted in New York when a giant of a man neared him, and someone in the crowd cried out, "That's Tom Hyer," the retired prizefighter who had won fame with a 101-round victory years before. To which the president-elect replied, to much laughter: "I don't care, so long as he don't hit me. - Author: Harold Holzer
Riflessi New York quotes by Harold Holzer
#48. The thing about New York is you can leave your house without a plan and find the day. You can't do that in Los Angeles. You need to get in your car, all this, you can't just drive around like a lunatic. In New York, you can literally walk outside, and wind up anywhere. - Author: Michael Rapaport
Riflessi New York quotes by Michael Rapaport

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