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Eve looked away for a moment, then locked her ridiculous baby blues on him. She whipped a knife out of God knows where and held it in front of her face.

Oh, crap. She's gonna try to kill Cole's girl. ~ Debra Anastasia
Ridiculous Irish quotes by Debra Anastasia
I find it impossible not to believe that there's something in Irish blood that favors their power with words. ~ Jim Harrison
Ridiculous Irish quotes by Jim Harrison
Reality is subjective, and there's an unenlightened tendency in this culture to regard something as 'important' only if 'tis sober and severe. Sure and still you're right about your Cheerful Dum, only they're not so much happy as lobotomized. But your Gloomy Smart are just as ridiculous. When you're unhappy, you get to pay a lot of attention to yourself. And you get to take yourself oh so very seriously. Your truly happy people, which is to say, your people who truly like themselves, they don't think about themselves very much. Your unhappy person resents it when you try to cheer him up, because that means he has to stop dwellin' on himself and start payin' attention to the universe. Unhappiness is the ultimate form o' self-indulgence. ~ Tom Robbins
Ridiculous Irish quotes by Tom Robbins
I kind of have an interest in all history. And I suspect it comes from being Irish - we like stories, we like telling stories, which makes a lot of us lean towards being writers or actors or directors. ~ Colm Meaney
Ridiculous Irish quotes by Colm Meaney
Why do we like being Irish? Partly because
It gives us a hold on the sentimental English
As members of a world that never was,
Baptised with fairy water;
And partly because Ireland is small enough
To be still thought of with a family feeling,
And because the waves are rough
That split her from a more commercial culture;
And because one feels that here at least one can
Do local work which is not at the world's mercy
And that on this tiny stage with luck a man
Might see the end of one particular action.
It is self-deception of course;
There is no immunity in this island either;
A cart that is drawn by somebody else's horse
And carrying goods to somebody else's market.
The bombs in the turnip sack, the sniper from the roof,
Griffith, Connolly, Collins, where have they brought us?
Ourselves alone! Let the round tower stand aloof
In a world of bursting mortar!
Let the school-children fumble their sums
In a half-dead language;
Let the censor be busy on the books; pull down the
Georgian slums;
Let the games be played in Gaelic.
Let them grow beet-sugar; let them build
A factory in every hamlet;
Let them pigeon-hole the souls of the killed
Into sheep and goats, patriots and traitors.
And the North, where I was a boy,
Is still the North, veneered with the grime of Glasgow,
Thousands of men whom nobody will employ
Standing at t ~ Louis MacNeice
Ridiculous Irish quotes by Louis MacNeice
Life was so very precarious. I already knew that, of course. No one knew it better than me. I know, I know how ridiculous this is, how pathetic, but on some days, the very darkest days, knowing that the plant would die if I didn't water it was the only thing that forced me up out of bed. ~ Gail Honeyman
Ridiculous Irish quotes by Gail Honeyman
It is just like one of those ridiculous paperbacks where some amateur with no apparent connection to the forces of law and order leaps in and saves the day. ~ Claire Ingrams
Ridiculous Irish quotes by Claire Ingrams
It is obvious that art cannot teach anyone anything, since in four thousand years humanity has learnt nothing at all. We should long ago have become angels had we been capable of paying attention to the experience of art, and allowing ourselves to be changed in accordance with the ideals it expresses. Art only has the capacity, through shock and catharsis, to make the human soul receptive to good. It's ridiculous to imagine that people can be taught to be good…Art can only give food – a jolt – the occasion – for psychical experience. ~ Andrei Tarkovsky
Ridiculous Irish quotes by Andrei Tarkovsky
Still our old question of the comparative advantage of justice and injustice has not been answered: Which is the more profitable, to be just and act justly and practise virtue, whether seen or unseen of gods and men, or to be unjust and act unjustly, if only unpunished and unreformed? In my judgment, Socrates, the question has now become ridiculous. We know that, when the bodily constitution is gone, life is no longer endurable, though pampered with all kinds of meats and drinks, and having all wealth and all power; and shall we be told that when the very essence of the vital principle is undermined and corrupted, life is still worth having to a man, if only he be allowed to do whatever he likes with the single exception that he is not to acquire justice and virtue, or to escape from injustice and vice; assuming them both to be such as we have described? ~ Plato
Ridiculous Irish quotes by Plato
I came to the resolve that the attempt was not only worth trying, but should be tried in the very near future if we wanted at all to keep our flag flying; for I was sure as of my own existence that if another decade was allowed to pass without an endeavour of some kind or another to shake off an unjust yoke, the Irish people would sink into lethargy from which it would be impossible for any patriot ... to arouse them ... ~ James Stephens
Ridiculous Irish quotes by James Stephens
It seems so ridiculous to me,' he said, 'that a person should be expected to lock themselves into a suit of clothes. I mean like the suit of clothes of an engineer or a doctor or a geologist and then the skin grows over it, over the clothes, I mean, and that person can't ever get them off. When we are given a chance to explore the whole world of inner and outer reality and to live in a way that takes in the spiritual and the physical and the whole range of the beautiful and the terrible available to mankind, that is pain as well as joy and turmoil. This way of expressing myself may seem overblown to you, but one thing I have learned to give up is intellectual pridefulness ... ~ Alice Munro
Ridiculous Irish quotes by Alice Munro
Ridiculous!" The goddess sneered. "Your mind is too wily, girl-too stubborn and intelligent. I couldn't steer you as easily."
"Steer me?" I protested. "Hey lady, I'm not a Toyota. ~ Rick Riordan
Ridiculous Irish quotes by Rick Riordan
Best player? For me, it's Paul Scholes. He'll do ridiculous things in training like say, "You see that tree over there?" - it'll be 40 yards away - "I'm going to hit it". And he'll do it. Everyone at the club considers him the best. ~ Rio Ferdinand
Ridiculous Irish quotes by Rio Ferdinand
I had grandparents who were native Irish speakers, and also, two of the four grandparents were illiterate. ~ Brian Friel
Ridiculous Irish quotes by Brian Friel
I couldn't believe it. That was the first time I had ever seen somebody celebrate for a whole 40-second clock. That was ridiculous. ~ Charles Woodson
Ridiculous Irish quotes by Charles Woodson
I think of my admission that I haven't had much happiness, and it suddenly seems ridiculous. What am I waiting for? ~ Barbara O'Neal
Ridiculous Irish quotes by Barbara O'Neal
Wehehehehell, if it isn't Ollie-Ollie-oxidant-free ... "
You can take ... all the tea in China ... put it in a big brown ... bag for me.
He's as sweet as tupelo honey; he's an angel of the first degree.
Men with insight ... men in granite ... knights in armor bent on ... chivalry.
He's as sweet as ... tupelo honey; just like honey, baby ... from the bee."
=> For those who read and liked "When Irish eyes are sparkling"
Can i have a musician here? ~ Tom Collins
Ridiculous Irish quotes by Tom Collins
[Boycott Oscar] is like crying about not having enough icing on your cake. It's just ridiculous. ~ Ice Cube
Ridiculous Irish quotes by Ice Cube
He (Mario Vargas Llosa) looks grave, transported. And there, I think, is the personality that wrote the books: one in which a subversive comic sense and appetite for the ridiculous jostle with an intense, statesmanlike seriousness about the business of being alive. ~ Tim Martin
Ridiculous Irish quotes by Tim Martin
Chimerical and empty being, your name alone has caused more blood to flow on the face of the earth than any political war ever will. Return to the nothingness from which the mad hope and ridiculous fright of men dared call you forth to their misfortune. You only appeared as a torment for the human race. What crimes would have been spared the world, if they had choked the first imbecile who thought of speaking of you. ~ Marquis De Sade
Ridiculous Irish quotes by Marquis De Sade
Why are you smiling?' Gargarin asked Froi, from across the balconette. 'When you're going to have to learn a lesson in diplomacy today and choose between the gardens of two women?'
Froi laughed, his chin resting on Quintana's head, his eyes taking in the joy of his son, despite the ridiculous cap that covered the babe's head. He looked across at Lirah and Arjuro and Rafuel, and then back to Gargarin who was smiling himself, because he knew the answer to his own question.
'Because today, I think I'm leaning on the side of wonder. ~ Melina Marchetta
Ridiculous Irish quotes by Melina Marchetta
Perhaps if this abbey exists and if we still speak of the Holy Roman Empire, we owe it to the Irish. At that time, the rest of Europe was reduced to a heap of ruins; one day they declared invalid all baptisms imparted by certain priests in Gaul because they baptized 'in nomine patris et filae' [In the name of the Father and of the Daughter]--and not because they practiced a new heresy and considered Jesus a woman, but because they no longer knew any Latin....

Vikings from the Far North came down along the rivers to sack Rome. The pagan temples were falling into ruins, and the Christian ones did not yet exist. It was only the monks of Hibernia in their monasteries who wrote and read, read and wrote, and illuminated, and then jumped into little boats made of animal hide and navigated towards these lands and evangelized them as if you people were infidels, you understand? ~ Umberto Eco
Ridiculous Irish quotes by Umberto Eco
Senator. If you call my friend a liar one more time, I will take it badly."
"Excuse me?" Arnos said, his eyebrows rising up.
"I suggest you find an alternate shortsighted, egomaniacally ridiculous reason to blatantly, recklessly ignore an obvious threat to the Realm simply because you don't wish it to exist. If you cannot restrain yourself from base slander, I will be pleased to meet you in juris macto and personally rip your forked tongue from your head. ~ Jim Butcher
Ridiculous Irish quotes by Jim Butcher
Everyone wants to know about the gold ring. Everyone knows already - it's ridiculous. ~ Kristen Stewart
Ridiculous Irish quotes by Kristen Stewart
Of the Sturges family, much more is known than is available about poor Irish immigrants and obscure Scottish-English settlers around Rochester. ~ Preston Sturges
Ridiculous Irish quotes by Preston Sturges
The most important obstacle to speed and ease of assimilation, however, is race. In the nineteenth century, swarthy Jews, "black" Irish, and Italian "guineas" - a not so subtle euphemism borrowed from the African country of Guinea - were all seen as what we today call "people of color." These immigrants terrified lighter-skinned native-born Americans, who accepted the newcomers as "white" only when they - actually, their descendants - began to earn middle-class incomes. Of course, skin color does not affect an immigrant's ability to absorb American culture. But color can play a large part in hindering economic and social assimilation: today's black newcomers, from the Caribbean and elsewhere, are often treated as part of the African-American population, with all the associated disadvantages. ~ Tamar Jacoby
Ridiculous Irish quotes by Tamar Jacoby
You're not falling for me, are you, Irish?
-Adam to Gabrielle ~ Karen Marie Moning
Ridiculous Irish quotes by Karen Marie Moning
I made $3,000 opening for the Neville Brothers, and they paid me in cash. That was a bad situation, because I bought ridiculous stuff. I bought a snake bite emergency kit. Then I said to my friends, "Don't even worry about snakes anymore". My friend stepped on a worm, and I said, "Lay down!" ~ Mitch Hedberg
Ridiculous Irish quotes by Mitch Hedberg
The working classes in England were always sentimental, and the Irish and Scots and Welsh. The upper-class English are the stiff-upper-lipped ones. And the middle class. They're the ones who are crippled emotionally because they can't move up, and they're desperate not to move down. ~ Tracey Ullman
Ridiculous Irish quotes by Tracey Ullman
It was flamboyant and ridiculous; I thought of you immediately. ~ S. Hart
Ridiculous Irish quotes by S. Hart
A day or so later, Gary David Goldberg, who created Family Ties and Spin City and Brooklyn Bridge and owns a house in the area, stops by the store looking for something to read. He picks up a copy of Must Love Dogs from the display. His five dogs are waiting for him in his car. He turns the book over and sees it's about a big Irish family. His wife, Diana Meehan, is from a big Irish family. ~ Claire Cook
Ridiculous Irish quotes by Claire Cook
There are five different ways you can do it. You can do it through not giving them the subsidy that we pay them. You know, we pay Mexico a subsidy. I don't know if you know. But the whole thing is ridiculous. We're paying everybody subsidy. We actually have a small portion of China where they get a subsidy from us because they haven't ended it for years. ~ Donald Trump
Ridiculous Irish quotes by Donald Trump
This notion that the United States is getting ready to attack Iran is simply ridiculous. And having said that, all options are on the table ~ George W. Bush
Ridiculous Irish quotes by George W. Bush
When life seems comparable to a broken tea cup, you must realize there is nothing more than a single chip in the porcelain. ~ Erin Forbes
Ridiculous Irish quotes by Erin Forbes
Didn't you notice that entire gaggle of young ladies perusing you?" A flash of amusement flickered through Edgar's eyes. "Why, Willie, if I didn't know better, I'd say you sounded a touch jealous just now." "Don't be ridiculous, and stop calling me Willie." Instead of looking the least bit contrite, Edgar grinned and took hold of her arm. ~ Jen Turano
Ridiculous Irish quotes by Jen Turano
You know, you find that these stories ... will turn one of us into the good guy and one of us into the bad guy. If you look at it closely or even not that closely ... it's ridiculous. ~ Brad Pitt
Ridiculous Irish quotes by Brad Pitt
Rain is also very difficult to film, particularly in Ireland because it's quite fine, so fine that the Irish don't even acknowledge that it exists. ~ Alan Parker
Ridiculous Irish quotes by Alan Parker
If I'd wanted this place to fill up with every fat Irish rose that passes by, I'd've said so. ~ J.D. Salinger
Ridiculous Irish quotes by J.D. Salinger
I think a lot of people are capitalizing, perhaps exploiting, what was done via me, my family, my administration ... ~ Sarah Palin
Ridiculous Irish quotes by Sarah Palin
Mr. Walsh?" a woman's voice said. "Can I get a comment, Mr. Walsh?"
"That's not about me, is it?" I said.
"No, my client. He's on trial for killing his business partner and dissolving him in quicklime. Which is ridiculous."
"It is. Anyone in my client's line of work knows that quicklime is a very poor solvent. Chemical hydrolysis is the method of choice these days. ~ Kelley Armstrong
Ridiculous Irish quotes by Kelley Armstrong
The magnificently humble. The enormously small. The meaningfully ridiculous. Robert Walser's work often reads like a dazzling answer to the question, How immense can modesty be? ~ Rivka Galchen
Ridiculous Irish quotes by Rivka Galchen
Writing about the indignities of old age: the daunting stairway to the restaurant restroom, the benefits of a wheelchair in airports and its disadvantages at cocktail parties, giving the user what he described as a child's-eye view of the party and a crotch-level view of the guests.
Dying is a matter of slapstick and pratfalls. The aging process is not gradual or gentle. It rushes up, pushes you over and runs off laughing. No one should grow old who isn't ready to appear ridiculous. ~ John Mortimer
Ridiculous Irish quotes by John Mortimer
Few conversations, at any time of life, are more stimulating, more spontaneous and more genuinely original than those long ridiculous talks we all have, when we are very young, late at night about the meaning of life. ~ Jan Morris
Ridiculous Irish quotes by Jan Morris
The Irish sea is a chasm, and it just depends who's been holding the whip for 800 years and who's been under it for 800 years. ~ Noam Chomsky
Ridiculous Irish quotes by Noam Chomsky
It seems to me you do not care what banality a man expresses so long as he expresses it in Irish. ~ James Joyce
Ridiculous Irish quotes by James Joyce
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