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#1. Rafe hadn't sworn in front of a lady since he was fifteen and said something unacceptable in his mother's hearing. Though he'd been twice her size already, she grabbed him by his hair queue and dragged him to her boudoir, where she proceeded to wash his mouth out with lavendar soap. He had been vilely sick, to this day couldn't bear the scent of lavendar, anhd watched his tongue around females of all ages and social rank. - Author: Laurie Alice Eakes
Revisits Boudoir quotes by Laurie Alice Eakes
#2. Each truth that a writer acquires is a lantern, which he turns full on what facts and thoughts lay already in his mind, and behold, all the mats and rubbish which had littered his garret become precious. Every trivial fact in his private biography becomes an illustration of this new principle, revisits the day, and delights all men by its piquancy and new charm. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
Revisits Boudoir quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#3. The logic: Reading is a private pursuit, one that often takes place behind closed doors. A young lady might retreat with a book, might even take it into her boudoir, and there, reclining on here silken sheets, imbibing the thrills and chills manufactured by writerly quills, one of her hands, one not absolutely needed to grip the little volume, might wander. The fear, in short, as one-handed reading. [p. 146] - Author: Siri Hustvedt
Revisits Boudoir quotes by Siri Hustvedt
#4. A girl never can predict who might wander into her boudoir during a bubble bath. - Author: John Burnham Schwartz
Revisits Boudoir quotes by John Burnham Schwartz
#5. With a room of his own, a room at the top, he could proffer a temporary refuge to some lovely, fatigued, world-weary, sophisticated, black-turtlenecked, heavily-eyelinered girl he might lure up the stairs into his newspaper-strewn boudoir and onto his Indian-bedspreaded bed with the promise of artistic talk about the craft of writing, and the throes and torments of creation, and the need for integrity, and the temptations of selling out, and the nobility of resisting such temptations, and so forth. A promise offered with a hint of self-mockery in case such a girl might think he was pompous and cocksure and full of himself. Which he was, because at that age you have to be that way in order to crawl out of bed in the morning and sustain your faith in your own illusory potential for the next twelve hours of being awake. - Author: Margaret Atwood
Revisits Boudoir quotes by Margaret Atwood
#6. It is the hardships you face in life that produce sensual depth and evoke your creative genius. - Author: Lebo Grand
Revisits Boudoir quotes by Lebo Grand
#7. Sex is what you think you want until you taste sensuality. Then, all of a sudden, you want more. - Author: Lebo Grand
Revisits Boudoir quotes by Lebo Grand
#8. Sensuality is for you, not about you. It's for you in a sense that you are allowed to indulge all of your senses and taste the goodness of this world and beyond. It's also for you in a sense that you're allowed to curate and express yourself in an authentic way (i.e. in the way you dress, communicate, live, love, play, etc.).

However, sensuality is not ABOUT you, it's about those to whom you were brought here to touch and inspire. It's about the joy and pleasure you're here to bring. You didn't come here for yourself nor empty-handed, but you came here bearing special gifts. You were brought here to be a vessel of sensual innovation and a conveyor of heaven's most deepest pleasures.

Your passion is an indication of the sensual gift(s) you were endowed with before you made your grand entry into this world. Your divine mandate now is to exploit every sensual gift you have to the fullest whether it's music, photography, boudoir or fashion modeling, etc.

If you have a love for fashion, always dress impeccably well like my friend Kefilwe Mabote. If you have a love for good food and wine, create culinary experiences the world has never seen before like chef Heston Blumenthal whom I consider as one of the most eminent sensual innovators in the culinary field.

Chef Heston has crafted the most sensually innovative culinary experience where each sense has been considered with unparalleled rigour. He believes that eating is a truly multi-senso - Author: Lebo Grand
Revisits Boudoir quotes by Lebo Grand
#9. Migration can be triggered by the angle of sunlight, indicating a change in the season, temperature, plant life, and food supply. Female monarchs lay eggs along the route. Every history has more than one thread, each thread a story of division. The journey takes four thousand eight hundred and thirty miles, more than the length of this country. The monarchs that fly south will not make it back north. Each departure, then, is final. Only their children return; only the future revisits the past. - Author: Ocean Vuong
Revisits Boudoir quotes by Ocean Vuong
#10. I'm kind of crazy with karma. I really believe that everything you do revisits you, so, I'm really adamant about the kids seeing the grandparents, so like, I can see my grandkids, you know what I mean? - Author: Joel Madden
Revisits Boudoir quotes by Joel Madden
#11. mother took a younger man as a lover. They spent all day in her boudoir, festering in each other's company. - Author: Tash Aw
Revisits Boudoir quotes by Tash Aw
#12. As she sallied forth from her boudoir, you would never have guessed how quickly she could strip for action. - Author: William Manchester
Revisits Boudoir quotes by William Manchester
#13. Oh, what a nation of moralists the Americans are! With what fervor do they relish bringing their sexual misconduct to light! A pity that they do not bring their moral outrage to bear on their president's arrogance above the law; a pity that they do not unleash their moral zest on an administration that runs guns to terrorists. But, of course, boudoir morality takes less imagination, and can be indulged in without the effort of keeping up with world affairs - or even bothering to know "the whole story" behind the sexual adventure. - Author: John Irving
Revisits Boudoir quotes by John Irving
#14. Slowly, God is opening my eyes to needs all around me. In Scripture, God revisits this issue of caring for the poor- an echo that repeats itself from Genesis to Revelation. The Bible acknowledges that the poor will always be part of society, but God takes on their cause. The Mosaic law of the Old Testament is filled with regulations to prevent and eliminate poverty. The poor were given the right to glean- to take produce from the unharvested edges of the fields, a portion of the tithes, and a daily wage. The law prevented permanent slavery by releasing Jewish bondsmen and women on the sabbatical and Jubilee year and forbade charging interest on loans. In one of his most tender acts, God made sure that the poor- the aliens, widows, and orphans- were all invited to the feasts. - Author: Margaret Feinberg
Revisits Boudoir quotes by Margaret Feinberg
#15. In Paris, the greatest expression of personal satisfaction known to man is the smirk on the face of a male, highly pleased with himself as he leaves the boudoir of a lady. - Author: Honore De Balzac
Revisits Boudoir quotes by Honore De Balzac
#16. I blinked at her. My shades were down and the hall was dark and to me, half-drugged and reeling, she seemed not at all her bright unattainable self but rather a hazy and ineffably tender apparition, all slender wrists and shadows and disordered hair, the Camilla who resided, dim and lovely, in the gloomy boudoir of my dreams. - Author: Donna Tartt
Revisits Boudoir quotes by Donna Tartt
#17. It is extremely difficult to say how long the process actually took to finally achieve my fragrance, Boudoir, because there was a lot of time waiting around for other people. - Author: Vivienne Westwood
Revisits Boudoir quotes by Vivienne Westwood
#18. In all her intercourse with society, however, there was nothing that made her feel as if she belonged to it ... She stood apart from mortal interests, yet close beside them, like a ghost that revisits the familiar fireside, and can no longer make itself seen or felt. - Author: Nathaniel Hawthorne
Revisits Boudoir quotes by Nathaniel Hawthorne
#19. I swear on all that is holy - if one of you doesn't tell me what the hell just went down here, I'm going to lose my shit."

I chuckle. "My girl wanted me to send her a boudoir shot of me on a red velvet chaise lounge, but you have no idea how hard it is to find a goddamn red velvet chaise lounge."

"You say this as if it's an explanation. It is not." Justin sighs like the weight of the world rests on his shoulders. "You hockey players are fucked up. - Author: Elle Kennedy
Revisits Boudoir quotes by Elle Kennedy
#20. Raub's quarters were gross. They were decorated like something out of a hunting lodge crossed with a whore's boudoir from a bad Western film. - Author: Jennifer Foehner Wells
Revisits Boudoir quotes by Jennifer Foehner Wells
#21. We wish that this column, rising towards heaven among the pointed spires of so many temples dedicated to God, may contribute also to produce in all minds a pious feeling of dependence and gratitude. We wish, finally, that the last object to the sight of him who leaves his native shore, and the first to gladden his who revisits it, may be something which shall remind him of the liberty and the glory of his country. Let it rise! let it rise, till it meet the sun in his coming; let the earliest light of the morning gild it, and the parting day linger and play on its summit! - Author: Daniel Webster
Revisits Boudoir quotes by Daniel Webster
#22. We are not in a mincing lady's boudoir; we are, as it were, two abstract beings in a balloon, who have met in order to speak out the truth. - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Revisits Boudoir quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#23. My Aunt Dahlia, who runs a woman's paper called Milady's Boudoir, had recently backed me into a corner and made me promise to write her a few words for her "Husbands and Brothers" page on "What the Well-Dressed Man is Wearing". I believe in encouraging aunts, when deserving; and, as there are many worse eggs than her knocking about the metrop, I had consented blithely. But I give you my honest word that if I had had the foggiest notion of what I was letting myself in for, not even a nephew's devotion would have kept me from giving her the raspberry. A deuce of a job it had been, taxing the physique to the utmost. I don't wonder now that all these author blokes have bald heads and faces like birds who have suffered. - Author: P.G. Wodehouse
Revisits Boudoir quotes by P.G. Wodehouse
#24. She turned back to her sandwich. And here, of all things, was desire again. (She could have put the palm of her hand to the front of his white shirt.) Here was her chicken sandwich and her tea and the waitress with a hard life in her eyes and a pretty face disappearing into pale flesh asking if there's anything else for now, dear. Here was the boudoir air of respectable Schrafft's with its marble counters and pretty lamps and lunchtime bustle (ten minutes until she should be back at her desk), perfume and smoke, with the war over and another life begun and mad April whipping through the streets again. And here she was at thirty, just out of church (a candle lit every lunch hour, still, although the war was over), and yearning now with every inch of herself to put her hand to the worn buckle at a stranger's waist, a palm to his smooth belly. A man she'd never see again. Good luck. - Author: Alice McDermott
Revisits Boudoir quotes by Alice McDermott
#25. So it's happened. I close my eyes again, and blank out the boudoir. Instead the image of himm standing next to me inthe garden floats into my mind: he's strong, happy and similig. He's telling me that something told him to come and find me, and here I am.
But he's gone.
And now, my wait begins. - Author: Sadie Matthews
Revisits Boudoir quotes by Sadie Matthews
#26. Doctor controlled his anger. "Tom," he said, "Tom, boy. Pull yourself together. Go back and lay cold cloths - cold as you can get them. I don't suppose you have any ice. Well, keep changing the cloths. I'll be out as fast as I can. Do you hear me? Tom, do you hear me?" He hung the receiver up and dressed. In angry weariness he opened the wall cabinet and collected scalpels and clamps, sponges and tubes of sutures, to put in his bag. He shook his gasoline pressure lantern to make sure it was full and arranged ether can and mask beside it on his bureau. His wife in boudoir cap and nightgown looked in. Dr. Tilson said, "I'm walking over to the garage. Call Will Hamilton. Tell him I want him to drive me to his father's place. If he argues tell him his sister is - dying. - Author: John Steinbeck
Revisits Boudoir quotes by John Steinbeck
#27. There are Californians who waiver in their allegiance to the climate of California. Sometimes the climate of San Francisco has made me cross. Sometimes I have thought that the winds in summer were too cold, that the fogs in summer were too thick. But whenever I have crossed the continent - when I have emerged from New York at ninety-five degrees, and entered Chicago at one hundred degrees - when I have been breathing the dust of alkali deserts and the fiery air of sagebrush plains - these are the times when I have always been buoyed up by the anticipation of inhaling the salt air of San Francisco Bay.
If ever a summer wanderer is glad to get back to his native land, it is I, returning to my native fog. Like the prodigal youth who returned to his home and filled himself with husks, so I always yearn in summer to return to mine, and fill myself up with fog. Not a thin, insignificant mist, but a fog - a thick fog - one of those rich pea-soup August fogs that blow in from the Pacific Ocean over San Francisco.
When I leave the heated capitals of other lands and get back to California uncooked, I always offer up a thank-offering to Santa Niebla, Our Lady of the Fogs. Out near the Presidio, where Don Joaquin de Arillaga, the old comandante, revisits the glimpses of the moon, clad in rusty armor, with his Spanish spindle-shanks thrust into tall leathern boots - there some day I shall erect a chapel to Santa Niebla. And I have vowed to her as an ex-voto a silver fog-horn, wh - Author: Jerome Hart
Revisits Boudoir quotes by Jerome Hart
#28. Woman is shut up in a kitchen or in a boudoir, and astonishment is expressed that her horizon is limited. Her wings are clipped, and it is found deplorable that she cannot fly. Let but the future be opened to her, and she will no longer be compelled to linger in the present. - Author: Simone De Beauvoir
Revisits Boudoir quotes by Simone De Beauvoir
#29. Covering a historic event is perfectly legitimate. It's not sneaking into somebody's boudoir ... These people belong to history, and not to record that if you have the opportunity would be wrong. - Author: Elliott Erwitt
Revisits Boudoir quotes by Elliott Erwitt
#30. A girl's boudoir was sacred! - Author: Gail Carriger
Revisits Boudoir quotes by Gail Carriger
#31. Always wear sexy lingerie. Others may not see it, but trust me, they feel it. - Author: Lebo Grand
Revisits Boudoir quotes by Lebo Grand
#32. It was a woman's bedroom, actually a boudoir, and no man belonged in it except by invitation. - Author: Kathleen Winsor
Revisits Boudoir quotes by Kathleen Winsor
#33. 'Avatar' imaginatively revisits the crime scene of white America's foundational act of genocide, in which entire native tribes and civilizations were wiped out by European immigrants to the American continent. - Author: Annalee Newitz
Revisits Boudoir quotes by Annalee Newitz

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