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But cooking is best approached from wherever you find yourself when you are hungry, and should extend long past the end of the page. There should be serving, and also eating, and storing away what's left; there should be looking at meals' remainders with interest and imagining all the good things they will become. ~ Tamar Adler
Reversions And Remainders quotes by Tamar Adler
What is JUST in a world
you've ripped in two
as if there could be
a half for me
a half for you
what is FAIR when
there is nothing
left to share
what is YOURS when
your pain is mine to bear
this sad math is mine
this mad path is mine
subtract they say
don't cry
back to the desk
forget addition
and i reply
this is why
division. ~ Kami Garcia
Reversions And Remainders quotes by Kami Garcia
School-boy. The spectators thou regardest as on work-days they regard each other. For thee, then, it may be well to wish thyself behind a desk, over ruled ledgers, collecting tolls, and picking out reversions. Thou feelest not the co-operating, co-inspiring ~ Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Reversions And Remainders quotes by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Anyway, the Rock Bottom Remainders get together once a year to play benefit concerts on behalf of literacy. You may have noticed that for some time now, literacy has been in a steep decline. I'm not saying the Remainders are totally responsible for this, but we're probably a factor, because as a band, we suck. We routinely play entire songs without ever reaching full agreement on the question of what specific key we are in. So when people hear us perform, their reaction often is, 'Maybe literacy isn't such a great idea'. ~ Dave Barry
Reversions And Remainders quotes by Dave Barry
Sevro does not want to go without me. He does not understand why Cassius needs his help to mop up the remainders of Diana. I tell him the truth. "Cassius has a pouch in his boot, the one Lilath gave him. I need you to steal it." His eyes do not judge. Not even now. There are times when I wonder what I did to earn such loyalty, then others when I try not to press my luck by looking the gift horse in the mouth. That ~ Pierce Brown
Reversions And Remainders quotes by Pierce Brown
Though we as Christians are like Christ, having the first fruits of the spirit, yet we are unlike him, having the remainders of the flesh. ~ Thomas Watson
Reversions And Remainders quotes by Thomas Watson
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