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#1. Very often, all the activity of the human mind is directed not in revealing the truth, but in hiding the truth - Author: Leo Tolstoy
Revealing The Truth quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#2. In a free society we're supposed to know the truth.. In a society where truth becomes treason, then we're in big trouble. And now, people who are revealing the truth are getting into trouble for it.. This is media, isn't it? I mean, why don't we prosecute The New York Times or anybody that releases this? - Author: Ron Paul
Revealing The Truth quotes by Ron Paul
#3. Our intellect is not the most subtle, the most powerful, the most appropriate, instrument for revealing the truth. It is life that, little by little, example by example, permits us to see that what is most important to our heart, or to our mind, is learned not by reasoning but through other agencies. Then it is that the intellect, observing their superiority, abdicates its control to them upon reasoned grounds and agrees to become their collaborator and lackey. - Author: Marcel Proust
Revealing The Truth quotes by Marcel Proust
#4. Acting is no longer about lying. It's now about revealing the truth. People are at ease with me now. Honesty is the best policy. - Author: Ian McKellen
Revealing The Truth quotes by Ian McKellen
#5. Why do you continue your... charade? Your current position would seem to be a good one for revealing the truth'.
'A few people know, sir. Bobby, Jane, some of the Leatherbacks. For the rest... it just seems easier to keep things as they are.' Winter thought of Novus and his tirade. 'It would be one thing if I had just joined up, but it's been so long. People might be upset that they'd been fooled. And...'
Janus raised an eyebrow. Winter hesitated.
'It's all right for the Girl's Own,' she said. 'They joined up because Vordan needs them, and when the war's over they'll go home. I... I haven't anywhere to go.' She tugged the collar of her uniform. 'This is who I am now, for better or worse. This is my home. After the war, maybe it will be all right for a woman to keep this on, but... maybe not.'
Winter found her throat getting thick. She'd never put it that way before, never even thought it so bluntly. This is my home. - Author: Django Wexler
Revealing The Truth quotes by Django Wexler
#6. Revealing the truth is like lighting a match, it can bring light or it can set your world on fire. - Author: Wiz Khalifa
Revealing The Truth quotes by Wiz Khalifa
#7. Criticizing others is a dangerous thing, not so much because you may make mistakes about them, but because you may be revealing the truth about yourself ... - Author: Harold Medina
Revealing The Truth quotes by Harold Medina
#8. You think you know the truth. You no longer want to hold it from public gaze, you reveal it to simple souls who can't manage it and you lead them into unbelief, then you are left with a mob of monsters you do not know what to do with - Author: Bangambiki Habyarimana
Revealing The Truth quotes by Bangambiki Habyarimana
#9. I do what I feel impelled to do, as an artist would. Scientists function in the same way. I see all these as creative activities, as all part of the process of discovery. Perhaps that's one of the characteristics of what I call the evolvers, any subset of the population who keep things moving in a positive, creative, constructive way, revealing the truth and beauty that exists in life and in nature. - Author: Jonas Salk
Revealing The Truth quotes by Jonas Salk
#10. Art is not merely an imitation of the reality of nature, but in truth a metaphysical supplement to the reality of nature, placed alongside thereof for its conquest. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
Revealing The Truth quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#11. The truth was, there was never a connection between Iraq and Osama Bin Laden. There were no weapons of mass destruction, either. - Author: Richard Engel
Revealing The Truth quotes by Richard Engel
#12. The truth is, yes, you were... altered for many years. But I think the worst thing you could do is pretend like it never happened. It did. Sometimes, terrible, awful things happen to people, things you can't predict or wish for differently that happen just the same. But you can't let them consume you. You can't wish it away. All you can do is pray you've learned from it, that it's made you stronger, and that you will move on. I bought this dress because it's beautiful, but also because it's you. I felt like if you wore it, embraced who you are and what you've been and done... it will help you move on. - Author: Heather Lyons
Revealing The Truth quotes by Heather Lyons
#13. But seriously, because you both fail to understand what is happening to you. You cannot see or hear or smell the truth of what you see
and you, looking for destiny! It's classic! And the boy, this automaton, he was made of the very mud of the region and he sees far less than you. Poor stumblers, neither of you can see the other. To you he is a mark on the score-card of your achievement, a thing and not a man; a child, or even less
a black amorphous thing. And you, for all your power, are not a man to him, but a God, a force
- Author: Ralph Ellison
Revealing The Truth quotes by Ralph Ellison
#14. Ask me if Christianity (my version of it, yours, the Pope's, whoever's) is orthodox, meaning true, and here's my honest answer: a little, but not yet. Assuming by Christianity you mean the Christian understanding of the world and God, Christian opinions on soul, text, and culture I'd have to say that we probably have a couple of things right, but a lot of things wrong, and even more spreads before us unseen and unimagined. But at least our eyes are open! To be a Christian in a generously orthodox way is not to claim to have the truth captured, stuffed, and mounted on the wall. - Author: Brian D. McLaren
Revealing The Truth quotes by Brian D. McLaren
#15. Home. It felt strange to use that word about a place she hadn't lived in since she was a child, but the castle felt more familiar than she had expected. She quickly became reacquainted with the layout, her bedroom, and all the other rooms, even visiting her old friend Joan in the portrait gallery. The truth was, home was anywhere Elsa was. - Author: Jen Calonita
Revealing The Truth quotes by Jen Calonita
#16. Tell the truth,' Nels said. 'Decide to tell the truth before it's too late. - Author: David Guterson
Revealing The Truth quotes by David Guterson
#17. Everyone needs a place where they can go to just ponder for a while. Silence is important; it's the only time you can hear the whispering of truth. - Author: Glenn Beck
Revealing The Truth quotes by Glenn Beck
#18. Truth is, I don't know what Deacon wants anymore - it's not just physical. Whatever it is must scare him, though, and I'm the one who ends up getting hurt. So I make the concerted effort to resist his temptation, even if sometimes I'd like nothing more than to surround myself with his affection. - Author: Suzanne Young
Revealing The Truth quotes by Suzanne Young
#19. Be awake in every moment but be calm and live in serenity in the midst of chaos. - Author: Debasish Mridha
Revealing The Truth quotes by Debasish Mridha
#20. That kind of thinking [that writers must alleviate their guilt for leading a creative life] is based on the idea that the creative life is somehow self-indulgent. Artists and writers have to understand and live the truth that what we are doing is nourishing the world. William Carlos Williams said, "It is difficult to get the news from poems yet men die miserably every day for lack of what is found there." You can't eat a book, right, but books have saved my life more often than sandwiches. And they've saved your life ... But we don't say, oh, Maya Angelou should have silenced herself because other people have other destinies. It's interesting, because artists are always encouraged to feel guilty about their work. Why? Why don't we ask predatory bankers how they alleviate their guilt? - Author: Ariel Gore
Revealing The Truth quotes by Ariel Gore
#21. Sitting is the gateway of truth to total liberation. - Author: Dogen
Revealing The Truth quotes by Dogen
#22. Not being locked into one set of feelings, which you run the risk of mistaking for the truth, you have greater and more intense access to all feeling states, including those you would never choose to act out. - Author: Mary Gaitskill
Revealing The Truth quotes by Mary Gaitskill
#23. Some help others in order to receive blessings and admiration. This is simply meaningless. Some cultivate themselves in part to serve others, in part to serve their own pride. They will understand, at best, half of the truth. But those who improve themselves for the sake of the world - to these, the whole truth of the universe will be revealed. - Author: Laozi
Revealing The Truth quotes by Laozi
#24. Realism: the wealth of detail guarantees the truth of the tale. - Author: Mason Cooley
Revealing The Truth quotes by Mason Cooley
#25. Nobody has proved to my friends that the Nazis were wrong about the Jews. Nobody can. The truth or falsity of what the Nazis said, and of what my extremist friends believed, was immaterial, marvelously so. There simply was no way to reach it, no way, at least, that employed the procedures of logic and evidence. The bill-collector told me that Jews were filthy, that the home of a Jewish woman in his boyhood town was a pigsty; and the baker told me that the Jews' fanaticism about cleanliness was a standing affront to the "Germans," who were clean enough. What difference did the truth, if there were truth, make? I - Author: Milton Sanford Mayer
Revealing The Truth quotes by Milton Sanford Mayer
#26. For, Thou art righteous, O Lord, but we have sinned and committed iniquity, and have done wickedly, and Thy hand is grown heavy upon us, and we are justly delivered over unto that ancient sinner, the king of death; because he persuaded our will to be like his will whereby he abode not in Thy truth. - Author: Augustine Of Hippo
Revealing The Truth quotes by Augustine Of Hippo
#27. Sometimes - this is a tough one - not everyone can handle the truth. Sometimes you have to take a beat. But if you can take that beat, and take the high road, it'll serve you in the long run. - Author: Jeremy Piven
Revealing The Truth quotes by Jeremy Piven
#28. If I tell you the truth I know you thought I am lying with you.Again If I tell you lie I know your heart will What you want to hear..

The question was ??

Do yor have any girl friend ?? - Author: Aimless Mahfuz
Revealing The Truth quotes by Aimless Mahfuz
#29. To be a spiritual teacher is the call of compassion. - Author: Swami Dhyan Giten
Revealing The Truth quotes by Swami Dhyan Giten
#30. How sweet the words of Truth, breathed from the lips of Love. - Author: James Beattie
Revealing The Truth quotes by James Beattie
#31. If he scratches my baby . . ." Ben tried to scowl, but it didn't take. He seemed relieved. And still hadn't let go of my hand.
I heard a shoe scuff the ground. Shelton and Hi were standing across from Ben and me.
Shelton took a deep breath. "So it's like that, huh?"
"Guys." I felt my stomach lurch. "I know this is weird. Ben and I, we - "
Hi's face was pained. "I don't even get a chance? No shot to say how I feel?"
My head jerked back. "What?"
"So it's all decided." Shelton sullenly kicked a rock, his voice resentful. "What does Ben have that I don't?"
I stared, openmouthed.
Hi dropped to a knee and pinned me with solemn eyes. "I can't hide it anymore, Victoria. You need to know the truth. I love you, too. Forever and ever. I want to be your sweet babushka."
My mind reeled. "Hi, I . . . I didn't - "
"I'm gonna wring your stupid necks." Ben's face was burning.
Hi burst out laughing, rolling away from his kick. I glanced at Shelton, who was trying - and failing - to hold it together.
"I love you, Tory Brennan!" Hi bounced to his feet, ready to bolt at Ben's slightest twitch. "Let me rub your supple feet!"
I covered my face with both hands. "Oh God. - Author: Kathy Reichs
Revealing The Truth quotes by Kathy Reichs
#32. You know the minute you stop thinking about it, it'll happen. - Author: Sarah Dessen
Revealing The Truth quotes by Sarah Dessen
#33. Sometimes you don't want the truth. Sometimes you're like, "Oh just tell me the good answer. I don't want the truth." - Author: Keri Russell
Revealing The Truth quotes by Keri Russell
#34. Truth is singular and lies are plural, but history - the facts of what happened is both immutable and mostly unknowable. - Author: David Carr
Revealing The Truth quotes by David Carr
#35. On more than one occasion I have been ready to abandon my whole life for love. To alter everything that makes sense to me and to move into a different world where the only known will be the beloved. Such a sacrifice must be the result of love... or is it that the life itself was already worn out? I had finished with that life, perhaps, and could not admit it, being stubborn or afraid, or perhaps did not known it, habit being a great binder. I think it is often so that those most in need of change choose to fall in love and then throw up their hands and blame it all on fate. But it is not fate, at least, not if fate is something outside of us; it is a choice made in secret after nights of longing.
... I may be cynical when I say that very rarely is the beloved more than a shaping spirit for the lover's dreams... To be a muse may be enough. The pain is when the dreams change, as they do, as they must. Suddenly the enchanted city fades and you are left alone again in the windy desert. As for your beloved, she didn't understand you.
The truth is, you never understood yourself. - Author: Jeanette Winterson
Revealing The Truth quotes by Jeanette Winterson
#36. Hana: Only a devil...wouldn't be scared of people hating her!

Maria: Of course that scares me. But...because I've refused to ignore the truth...I've felt so much joy...that I've wanted to cry. Since I'm a devil...I can't accept the good in life without the evil. - Author: Miyoshi Tōmori
Revealing The Truth quotes by Miyoshi Tōmori
#37. A mathematical problem should be difficult in order to entice us, yet not completely inaccessible, lest it mock at our efforts. It should be to us a guide post on the mazy paths to hidden truths, and ultimately a reminder of our pleasure in the successful solution. - Author: David Hilbert
Revealing The Truth quotes by David Hilbert
#38. Scott himself had taught me that in the boundless sphere of the intellect there is no prudishness, no shockability. There is only evaluation of facts, and a morality founded on truth. - Author: Sheilah Graham
Revealing The Truth quotes by Sheilah Graham
#39. QUESTION: Are you suggesting that history is irrelevant, then, and the temporal span of humankind merely the recycling of tropes?
ANSWER: Well, I think it's two things. It's always two things, unless it's three. The first thing is moms and martyrs are the way we will think, just as when we dance we tend to tango. Jung suspected as much, you know, and every story could, I suppose, be seen as such a spyglass. Second, either there is or there isn't, point-blank, and if there is not, and something besides lead backs our philosophies, then previously Truth flashed its temper like a fictitious schoolgirl showing her panties, then went all cowboy cool in the neonew, barely speaking, keeping mum, despite the fact we's done forgot dear mammy, savoring the slow satisfying burn of a cigarette before the bonfire of a billion bodies, and still millions more wait their turn, we're better at keeping our appointments, at any rate, skinny corpses stripped of teeth and hair and skin, difference plucked like daisies, for there is no difference; in ether words, to hear the Great Apes tell it, every plague is one for the pointless and every poppy's got jack to do with Us. Hoohah! A particularly ballsy bit of business given the most recent nearing too close, we're singing our rondel with a bellyful of gravy and sourmash, we're at the highpocked end, and there's no more to come, come the dawn. Though bear in mind we've no pret-a-porter poodle sniffing around here, nossir, we're not afraid to s - Author: Vanessa Place
Revealing The Truth quotes by Vanessa Place
#40. In China, much of life involves skirting regulations, and one of the basic truths is that forgiveness comes easier than permission. - Author: Peter Hessler
Revealing The Truth quotes by Peter Hessler
#41. Listen to your own Self. If you listen to that Self within, then you find the Truth. - Author: Kabir
Revealing The Truth quotes by Kabir
#42. You have to do some thinking and know who you are, and then you have to resist compromising your truth for the comfort of others. - Author: Bryant McGill
Revealing The Truth quotes by Bryant McGill
#43. And when we go to church, read our Bibles, have our quiet times, and go to Christian conferences, we too can build some impressive spiritual muscles, but unless we use those spiritual muscles to change our lives, build the church, love our neighbors, and care for the sick and the poor, we ... are just posers. Let us not take God's truth for granted. - Author: Richard Stearns
Revealing The Truth quotes by Richard Stearns
#44. It was so long in the past that it should not have mattered, but it did. It did. Once he had realized that these words and words like them were the truth, once they had broken through his defensive barrier of denial, then they became a part of him, burning their way into his soul. - Author: J.N. Stroyar
Revealing The Truth quotes by J.N. Stroyar
#45. He had never clearly fathomed the true weight of a word of good, truth, and purity cast in the stream of human speech and the deep bend it cut in it. Nor had he thought that a word spoken boldly and loudly, with no hint of false shame, but rather with courage, that this word would not drown in the ugly cries of fashionable satyrs but would plunge like a pearl into the abyss of public life and always find itself a shell.
Many stumble over a good word, blushing in embarrassment, and utter a careless word boldly and loudly, never suspecting that it, too, unfortunately, will not go for naught but will leave a long trail of often times ineradicable evil.
p. 296 - Author: Ivan Goncharov
Revealing The Truth quotes by Ivan Goncharov
#46. Stories are important, the monster said. They can be more important than anything. If they carry the truth. - Author: Patrick Ness
Revealing The Truth quotes by Patrick Ness
#47. At the end, you flip over and start again because now you are not isolated. They have gone to work so that you can go home. High above, the day turns pink and you feel your feet lift above the ground as new roads open up in front of you. In this town, the jury is always rigged but the people know. They always know the truth. Believe. Belief. Beyond. Their morning glory. - Author: Noel Gallagher
Revealing The Truth quotes by Noel Gallagher
#48. Herein is a capital truth. It is not the natural capacity, the congenital gift, nor is it the effort, the will, the work, which in the intelligence as sway over the energy capable of making it fully efficacious. It is uniquely the desire, that is, the desire for beauty. This desire, given a certain degree of intensity and purity, is the same thing as genius. At all levels it is the same thing as attention. If this were understood, the whole conception of teaching would be quite other than it is. First, one would realize that the intelligence functions only in joy. Intelligence is perhaps even the only one of our faculties to which joy is indispensible. The absence of joy asphyxiates it. - Author: Simone Weil
Revealing The Truth quotes by Simone Weil
#49. It appears to me that those who rely simply on the weight of authority to prove any assertion, without searching out the arguments to support it, act absurdly. I wish to question freely and to answer freely without any sort of adulation. That well becomes any who are sincere in the search for truth. - Author: Vincenzo Galilei
Revealing The Truth quotes by Vincenzo Galilei
#50. You need to understand the inner flowing energy and the eternal truth, is revealed to you. This is the only mystery, cult, esoteric, elusive or magic of life exists in the universe. - Author: Roshan Sharma
Revealing The Truth quotes by Roshan Sharma
#51. Love casts out fear; but conversely fear casts out love. And not only love. Fear also casts out intelligence, casts out goodness, casts out all thought of beauty and truth. What remains in the bum or studiedly jocular desperation of one who is aware of the obscene Presence in the corner of the room and knows that the door is locked, that there aren't any windows. And now the thing bears down on him. He feels a hand on his sleeve, smells a stinking breath, as the executioner's assistant leans almost amorously toward him. "Your turn next, brother. Kindly step this way." And in an instant his quiet terror is transmuted into a frenzy as violent as it is futile. There is no longer a man among his fellow men, no longer a rational being speaking articulately to other rational beings; there is only a lacerated animal, screaming and struggling in the trap. For in the end fear casts out even a man's humanity. And fear, my good friends, fear is the very basis and foundation of modern life. Fear of the much touted technology which, while it raises out standard of living, increases the probability of our violently dying. Fear of the science which takes away the one hand even more than what it so profusely gives with the other. Fear of the demonstrably fatal institutions for while, in our suicidal loyalty, we are ready to kill and die. Fear of the Great Men whom we have raised, and by popular acclaim, to a power which they use, inevitably, to murder and enslave us. Fear of the war we don't - Author: Aldous Huxley
Revealing The Truth quotes by Aldous Huxley
#52. Lonely people often have great ideas but no support. People with support too often have bad ideas but power. And you don't give up power. No one does, regardless of whether they have good ideas or not. No one gives up power without a long, bloody fight - one that usually involves foul play. Lonely people typically can't stomach treachery, and that's another problem. They tend to tell the truth and fight fair. So we need art and music and poetry for the lonely people to rally around. - Author: Matthew Quick
Revealing The Truth quotes by Matthew Quick
#53. When the truth comes knocking the lies run right out the front door. - Author: Joe Mehl
Revealing The Truth quotes by Joe Mehl
#54. Seek the counsel of men who will tell you the truth about yourself, even if it hurts you to hear it. Mere commendation will not bring the improvement you need. - Author: Napoleon Hill
Revealing The Truth quotes by Napoleon Hill
#55. If you walked around like David Bowie in 1973 in Reading, you'd get beaten up. The 1970s in a small town was more like the 1950s.. and that's the truth. The backdrop was probably Victorian. - Author: Ricky Gervais
Revealing The Truth quotes by Ricky Gervais

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