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#1. You know, I was never totally thrilled with being a Fleetwood Mac member, but surprisingly, I was having such a good time reuniting with John, Mick, and Stevie. - Author: Lindsey Buckingham
Reuniting quotes by Lindsey Buckingham
#2. The Son symbolizes the hope of humanity, bringing light to the darkness of our material existence, and reuniting us with the divinity of our own higher nature. - Author: Belsebuub
Reuniting quotes by Belsebuub
#3. The Atonement is an event that enables us to be reconciled to God. The word atonement, or 'at-one-ment,' means to restore or to come back. In terms of family, it means to be reunited with one another and with God and His Son, Jesus Christ. It means sadness through separation will become happiness through reuniting. - Author: Earl C. Tingey
Reuniting quotes by Earl C. Tingey
#4. I wish I could tell you that reuniting with my birth family fixed everything in my life. It didn't. What it did do was fill a lot of empty spaces in my heart. Just by knowing the facts, the real truth, I have been forced to give up the fantasy and look at it all squarely in the eye. - Author: Zara Phillips
Reuniting quotes by Zara Phillips
#5. Hey, it's nice of you to show up!" That was a decent start. "What has it been - a year since you flattened my heart by leaving without a word and ignoring all of my texts, messages, and voicemails? - Author: Atom Yang
Reuniting quotes by Atom Yang
#6. Whatever happened to 'Hey, how are you?' 'Long time, no see.' Apparently you don't have to observe the rules of etiquette when reuniting with a murderous spouse. - Author: Jennifer Rardin
Reuniting quotes by Jennifer Rardin
#7. Every long separation is a test: A test to see how powerful or how weak the will of reuniting is! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
Reuniting quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#8. Apparently there were seven stages of grief but that was a neat way of putting it. Grief was messy and didn't colour inside the lines - Author: Emily Gale
Reuniting quotes by Emily Gale
#9. Fire is the reuniting of matter with oxygen. If one bears that in mind, every blaze may be seen as a reunion, an occasion of chemical joy. - Author: Tom Robbins
Reuniting quotes by Tom Robbins
#10. Against an economism void of values other than those of exchange, protest stood for reuniting the festival and daily life, for transforming daily life into a site of desire and pleasure. The protesters were protesting against the fact, simultaneously obvious and ignored, that delight and joy, pleasure and desire, desert a society that is content with satisfaction - that is to say, catalogued, created needs that procure some particular object and evaporate in it. - Author: Henri Lefebvre
Reuniting quotes by Henri Lefebvre

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