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Sunglasses must be kept on until an acquaintance is identified at one of the tables, but one must not appear to be looking for company. Instead, the impression should be that one is heading into the cafe to make a phone call to one's titled Italian admirer, when
quelle surprise!
one sees a friend. The sunglasses can then be removed and the hair tossed while one is persuaded to sit down. ~ Peter Mayle
Returning Friend quotes by Peter Mayle
I have a heart!"
"No, you don't."
"Yes, I do," he says. "Look, I'll prove it to you." He reaches into the tub and wraps his arms around Hector, suds and all. "Oooh," he says in a baby voice. "Ooooh, Hector, you're such a good boy, oooh, I love you, Hector."
Hector's tail immediately starts wagging, and he pushes his snout into Jace's face and starts licking it. "Oh, Hector, you're so sweet," Jace says. "You're just the best dog."
Hector moves and Jace's elbows slip, causing Jace's whole upper body to slide over the side and into the tub. For a second, everyone freezes. I'm afraid Jace is going to be mad, since now he's soaking wet, but instead he just says, "Oooh, Hector, that's okay," and then slides his whole body into the tub, clothes and all.
Hector gives a happy bark, glad to have a friend with him, and then plants his front paws on Jace's chest. ~ Lauren Barnholdt
Returning Friend quotes by Lauren Barnholdt
I dare say you marvel sometimes at my independent way of walking through the world just as if nature had made me of your sex instead of poor Eve's. Trust me, my beloved friend, the mind has no sex but what habit and education give it, and I who was thrown in infancy upon the world like a wreck upon the waters have learned, as well to struggle with the elements as any male child of Adam. ~ Frances Wright
Returning Friend quotes by Frances Wright
I told him what my dad had said. That got him laughing and as we pulled into the school parking lot, even the sight of Rafe waiting for me only made him roll his eyes.
We got out. I glanced at Daniel.
He sighed. "Go on."
"You sound like you're giving a five-year-old permission to play with an unsuitable friend."
"If the shoe fits ... "
I flipped him off.
"Watch it or I won't marry you," he said. "Truck of no truck."
I laughed and jogged over to Rafe.
"Did he just say ... ?" Rafe began. ~ Kelley Armstrong
Returning Friend quotes by Kelley Armstrong
America cannot do most of what needs to be done alone. You need friends. And we have good friends around the world. We have friends with whom we share values in Europe and Asia - thanks to the forward march of democracy - in Latin America, in Africa, and increasingly in the Middle East. ~ Condoleezza Rice
Returning Friend quotes by Condoleezza Rice
That's Xenophilius Lovegood, he's the father of a friend of ours,' said Ron. His pugnacious tone indicated that they were not about to laugh at Xenophilius, despite the clear provocation. 'Come and dance,' he added abruptly to Hermione. ~ J.K. Rowling
Returning Friend quotes by J.K. Rowling
What are you smiling about?" Rider asked. Willow glanced at him and flushed. "That must have been some daydream you were having."
If you only knew, Willow thought.
"Come on, Freckles, it's time you get back to the ranch. I have work to do."
His big work-roughened hand swallowed hers as he helped her to her feet. Against her will, her body responded to its warmth. She snatched her hand away, garnering a searching expression in his dark brown eyes.
She quickly excused her reaction with a flirty smile. "I promised not to touch you, remember?"
"Yes,but I dont't recall promising not to touch you." He wiggled his brows in a comical imitation of an evil villain in a bad play.
She laughed and shook her head. "Help me mount Sugar before I decide to wipe that grin off your face."
"And how do you propose to do that?" he asked, retrieving the horses and returning to he side. He bent down, cupped his hands, and boosted her into the mare's saddle. "You weren't planning on slapping my face again, I hope," he said, reaching for Sultan's reins.
"Oh,no, nothing like that." She batted her lashes coquettishly, the affect intensified by the naughty twinkle in her eyes.
"You better stop looking at me like that, or I'll have to follow Sultan's example and break down your door tonight."
"I don't think Juan would be too happy about making me two new doors. It wasn't easy explaining what happened to the first one! ~ Charlotte McPherren
Returning Friend quotes by Charlotte McPherren
Christ be with me, Christ within me,
Christ behind me, Christ before me,
Christ beside me, Christ to win me,
Christ to comfort and restore me,
Christ beneath me, Christ above me,
Christ in quiet, Christ in danger,
Christ in hearts of all that love me,
Christ in mouth of friend and stranger. ~ St Patrick
Returning Friend quotes by St Patrick
A fav'rite has no friend! ~ Thomas Gray
Returning Friend quotes by Thomas Gray
Tad they were too young to die ... My Mom was a spitfire - a total accident waiting to happen. I'm like her - I can trip over nothing." Tad chuckled acknowledging the thought. "My father ... he was more serious. He used to give me lectures like no tomorrow, he had a strong sense of who I should be - who I wanted to be and how to guide me, and he was my best friend. It seems like everything I love is just out of my reach now. ~ Cassandra Giovanni
Returning Friend quotes by Cassandra Giovanni
Max is going through my overnight bag when I get back to Wink Hotel. My favorite part about this is that he doesn't stop when I walk in the room.
"Hey," he says. He pulls out my black Hugo Boss dress hirt, then holds it up to his nose and sniffs loudly.
"Dude. Stop." I pull the shirt from his hands and toss it on the bed.
"I just love your scent," he says in a chick voice.
"You and everyone else, my friend. ~ Victoria Scott
Returning Friend quotes by Victoria Scott
One who knows how to show and to accept kindness will be a friend better than any possession. ~ Sophocles
Returning Friend quotes by Sophocles
You run back and forth listening for unusual events,
peering into the faces of travelers.
"Why are you looking at me like a madman?"
I have lost a friend. Please forgive me. ~ Rumi
Returning Friend quotes by Rumi
If I had to choose between betraying my country and betraying my friend, I hope I should have the guts to betray my country. ~ E. M. Forster
Returning Friend quotes by E. M. Forster
Call reached out and grabbed Aaron's hand. Aaron looked surprised for a second. Then his grip locked with Call's.
Call wanted to tell his best friend how sorry he was, how this was all his fault because he was Constantine Madden. But Aaron spoke before he got a chance.
"At least we're going to die together," Aaron said. Then, unbelievably, he smiled at Call. ~ Cassandra Clare
Returning Friend quotes by Cassandra Clare
When you commit a crime always remember that, the police are always very happy to be your friend". ~ Abdulazeez Henry Musa
Returning Friend quotes by Abdulazeez Henry Musa
I notice my wife when she's on the phone with her friends, man they will share every animate details of their lives with each other. See men once we become friends with another man we may never say another word to him, unless there's valuable information that needs to be exchanged. Things like "Hey Jim, your shirt's on fire." ~ Jeff Foxworthy
Returning Friend quotes by Jeff Foxworthy
Well, friends, learning about the "world" is not pretending you're a hooker while a guy from the part of New Jersey that's near Pennsylvania decides which Steely Dan record to put on at 4:00 A.M. The secrets of life aren't being revealed when someone laughs at you for having studied creative writing. There is no enlightenment to be gained from letting your semiboyfriend's bald friend touch your thigh too close to the place where it meets your crotch, but you let it happen because you think you might be in love. ~ Lena Dunham
Returning Friend quotes by Lena Dunham
What is the spirit of Christmas, you ask? Let me give you the answer in a true story...
On a cold day in December, feeling especially warm in my heart for no other reason than it was the holiday season, I walked through the store sporting a big grin on my face. Though most people were far too busy going about their business to notice me, one elderly gentleman in a wheelchair brought his eyes up to meet mine as we neared each other traveling opposite directions. He slowed in passing just long enough to speak to me.
"Now that's a Christmas smile if I ever saw one," he said.
My lips stretched to their limit in response, and I thanked him for the compliment. Then we went our separate ways. But, as I thought about the man and how sweetly he'd touched me, I realized something simply wonderful! In that brief, passing interaction we'd exchanged heartfelt gifts!
And that, my friend, is the spirit of Christ~mas. ~ Richelle E. Goodrich
Returning Friend quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
His nickname through all the wards was ' Little Friend of all the World'; and very often, being lithe and inconspicuous, he executed commissions by night on the crowded housetops for sleek and shiny young men of fashion. It was intrigue, of course. ~ Rudyard Kipling
Returning Friend quotes by Rudyard Kipling
Our life is to be bound up with the life of Christ; we are to draw constantly from Him, partaking of Him, the living Bread that came down from heaven, drawing from a fountain ever fresh, ever giving forth its abundant treasures. If we keep the Lord ever before us, allowing our hearts to go out in thanksgiving and praise to Him, we shall have a continual freshness in our religious life. Our prayers will take the form of a conversation with God as we would talk with a friend. He will speak His mysteries to us personally. Often there will come to us a sweet joyful sense of the presence of Jesus. Often our hearts will burn within us as He draws nigh to commune with us as He did with Enoch. When this {130} is in truth the experience of the Christian, there is seen in his life a simplicity, a humility, meekness, and lowliness of heart, that show to all with whom he associates that he has been with Jesus and learned of Him. ~ Ellen G. White
Returning Friend quotes by Ellen G. White
She's not your friend. She's a barmaid. ~ Sara Gruen
Returning Friend quotes by Sara Gruen
Julia had a friend, a man named Dennys, who was as a boy a tremendously gifted artist. They had been friends since they were small, and she once showed me some of the drawings he made when he was ten or twelve: little sketches of birds pecking at the ground, of his face, round and blank, of his father, the local veterinarian, his hand smoothing the fur of a grimacing terrier. Dennys's father didn't see the point of drawing lessons, however, and so he was never formally schooled. But when they were older, and Julia went to university, Dennys went to art school to learn how to draw. For the first week, he said, they were allowed to draw whatever they wanted, and it was always Dennys's sketches that the professor selected to pin up on the wall for praise and critique.
But then they were made to learn how to draw: to re-draw, in essence. Week two, they only drew ellipses. Wide ellipses, fat ellipses, skinny ellipses. Week three, they drew circles: three-dimensional circles, two-dimensional circles. Then it was a flower. Then a vase. Then a hand. Then a head. Then a body. And with each week of proper training, Dennys got worse and worse. By the time the term had ended, his pictures were never displayed on the wall. He had grown too self-conscious to draw. When he saw a dog now, its long fur whisking the ground beneath it, he saw not a dog but a circle on a box, and when he tried to draw it, he worried about proportion, not about recording its doggy-ness. ~ Hanya Yanagihara
Returning Friend quotes by Hanya Yanagihara
And as a child I was filled with passionate admiration for acts of civic courage I had seen performed by an elderly military doctor, who was a friend of my family. ~ Rene Cassin
Returning Friend quotes by Rene Cassin
When confronted by a hungry wolf, it is unwise to goad the beast, as Cato would have us do. But it is equally unwise to imagine the snarling animal a friend and offer your hand, as Pompey does." "Perhaps you would have us climb a tree! ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero
Returning Friend quotes by Marcus Tullius Cicero
Better are the blows of a friend than the flase kisses of an enemy. ~ Thomas Becket
Returning Friend quotes by Thomas Becket
Women and doors - did I not tell you, friend Porthos, that they are always to be managed by gentleness? - D'Artagnan ~ Alexandre Dumas
Returning Friend quotes by Alexandre Dumas
Sometimes people are often confused between attitude and style. Nevermind, I'm Awesome. ~ Yugesh Ralli
Returning Friend quotes by Yugesh Ralli
My best friend and I love to make fish faces. ~ Beverley Mitchell
Returning Friend quotes by Beverley Mitchell
When I was growing up, my mother was always a friend to my siblings and me (in addition to being all the other things a mom is), and I was always grateful for that because I knew she was someone I could talk to and joke with, and argue with and that nothing would ever harm that friendship. ~ Marlo Thomas
Returning Friend quotes by Marlo Thomas
It's one way or another, Summer. For me, it's black and white. You're either in the friend zone or the lover zone. And with you ... Gosh, Summer, you're in my danger zone. My rip-my-heart-out and change-me-forever zone. I have to tread lightly with you. Because if I don't, I may never be able to find my way back. ~ Kailin Gow
Returning Friend quotes by Kailin Gow
This was not a good idea coming home for Christmas. I'm too old. Years ago, coming back from schools or trips, I always expected some sort of new perspective or fresh insight about the family on returning. That doesn't happen anymore-the days of revelation about my parents, at least, are over ... its time to move on. I think we'd all appreciate that. ~ Douglas Coupland
Returning Friend quotes by Douglas Coupland
You'll find that the more closely you embrace the art of viewing, the less you'll be able to escape all that makes us human. You'll eventually learn to live beyond sorrow and anguish, and countless other emotions. Of course you'll always feel them, but you'll understand them unconditionally, and that understanding will give you the wisdom you need to survive. So don't be ashamed of your emotions. Release them freely. We all do around here; it's healthy." He was briefly silent. "Now tell me more about your friend Foley. ~ David Morehouse
Returning Friend quotes by David Morehouse
If your minister comes to you frankly, tells you of your sin, and warns you faithfully, thank God for him. He is your best friend; he is a heaven-sent man. But if a minister speaks smooth, oily words to ~ D.L. Moody
Returning Friend quotes by D.L. Moody
You automatically are trusting because not only is the person a friend, they are so incredibly gifted that you know someone is going to be able to hit the ball back to you across the net. ~ Jennifer Beals
Returning Friend quotes by Jennifer Beals
An pretend and evil friend is haughty to be feared than a unmanageable beast; a unmanageable beast may mouthful your build up, but an evil friend fortitude mouthful your intellect. ~ Gautama Buddha
Returning Friend quotes by Gautama Buddha
You may deem me romantic, my dear sister, but I bitterly feel the want of a friend. ~ Mary Shelley
Returning Friend quotes by Mary Shelley
Anyone who rides a bike is a friend of mine. ~ Gary Fisher
Returning Friend quotes by Gary Fisher
For a second, I stop fighting and think about what he's asking me. Did I live? I made a best friend. Lost another. Cried. Laughed. Lost my virginity. Gained a piece of magic, gave it away. Possibly changed a man's destiny. Drank beer. Slept in cheap motels. Got pissed off. Laughed some more. Escaped from the police and bounty hunters. Watched the sun set over the ocean. Had a soda with my sister. Saw my mom and dad as they are. Understood music. Had sex again, and it was pretty mind-blowing. Not that I'm keeping score. Okay, I'm keeping score. Played the bass. Went to a concert. Wandered around New Orleans. Freed the snow globes. Saved the universe. ~ Libba Bray
Returning Friend quotes by Libba Bray
To trust in spite of the look of being forsaken; to keep crying out into the vast, whence comes no returning voice, and where seems no hearing; to see the machinery of the world pauselessly grinding on as if self-moved, caring for no life, nor shifting a hair-breadth for all entreaty, and yet believe that God is awake and utterly loving; to desire nothing but what comes meant for us from His hand; to wait patiently, ready to die of hunger, fearing only lest faith should fail
such is the victory that overcometh the world, such is faith indeed. ~ George MacDonald
Returning Friend quotes by George MacDonald
In 2nd grade, a girl who was a friend of mine gave me a homemade valentine. Like, a real, handwritten one! ~ Luke Benward
Returning Friend quotes by Luke Benward
We're married now. I'm not going anywhere." And she meant it. He was her husband, her lover, her prince.
Thronos was her best friend.
Though she worried what tomorrow would bring, she believed in them.
As he was drifting off, he said, "With all my dreams having come true, what will I dream of now?"
Oh, damn. Lanthe gazed at his face in sleep. I just fell in love with him. ~ Kresley Cole
Returning Friend quotes by Kresley Cole
Garrett regarded the scene with amazement. "It looks like a Saturday-night market."
"It's to celebrate the new underground London Ironstone line. The railway owner, Tom Severin, is paying out of his own pocket for fairs and concerts across the city."
"Mr. Severin my be taking credit for the celebrations," Garrett said wryly, "but I can assure you, not a shilling of it has come from his own pocket."
Ransom's gaze flashed to her. "You know Severin?"
"I'm acquainted with him," she said. "He's a friend of Mr. Winterborne's."
"But not yours?"
"I would call him a friendly acquaintance." A ripple of delight ran through her as she saw the notch between his brows. Was it possible he was jealous? "Mr. Severin is a schemer," she said. "An opportunist. He contrives everything for his own advantage, even at the expense of his friends."
"A businessman, then," Ransom said flatly.
Garrett laughed. "He certainly is that. ~ Lisa Kleypas
Returning Friend quotes by Lisa Kleypas
Best positive friend ... or worst negative enemy.
The choice is entirely up to you! ~ Timothy Pina
Returning Friend quotes by Timothy Pina
Did you ever dream you had a friend, Alec? Someone to last your whole life and you his. I suppose such a thing can't really happen outside sleep. ~ E. M. Forster
Returning Friend quotes by E. M. Forster
All that I have said up to now has merely been words.
When people come to see me, I have to say something.
But it is best not to speak about these matters too much.
Better to begin practice without delay.
I am like a good friend inviting you to go somewhere.
Do not hesitate, just get going. You won't regret it. ~ Ajahn Chah
Returning Friend quotes by Ajahn Chah
My mom has always been kind of my backbone. She keeps me strong. She is a mother, a friend. She is really everything to me. ~ Aerin Lauder
Returning Friend quotes by Aerin Lauder
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