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#1. My curiosity, alas, is not the kind that can be satisfied by objective knowledge. Plato said that opinion is worthless and that only knowledge counts, which is a neat formulation. But melancholy [men] from the northern mists understand that opinion is all there is. The great questions transcend fact, and discourse is a process of personality. Knowledge cannot respond to knowledge. And wisdom? Is it not opinion refined, opinion killed and resuscitated upward? Maybe Plato would have agreed with this. - Author: Hayden Carruth
Resuscitated Cardiopulmonary quotes by Hayden Carruth
#2. Dr. Mark Crisplin, a Portland, Oregon, ER doctor, reviewed the original EEG readings of a number of patients claimed by the scientists as being flatlined or "dead" and discovered that this was not at all the case. "What they showed was slowing, attenuation, and other changes, but only a minority of patients had a flat line, and it [dying] took longer than 10 seconds. The curious thing was that even a little blood flow in some patients was enough to keep EEGs normal." In fact, most cardiac patients were given CPR, which by definition delivers some oxygen to the brain (that's the whole point of doing it). Crisplin concluded: "By the definitions presented in the Lancet paper, nobody experienced clinical death. No doctor would ever declare a patient in the middle of a code 99 dead, much less brain dead. Having your heart stop for 2 to 10 minutes and being promptly resuscitated doesn't make you 'clinically dead.' It only means your heart isn't beating and you may not be conscious."31 Again, since our normal experience is of stimuli coming into the brain from the outside, when one part of the brain abnormally generates these illusions, another part of the brain - quite possibly the left-hemisphere interpreter described by neuroscientist Michael Gazzaniga - interprets them as external events. Hence, the abnormal is interpreted as supernormal or paranormal. - Author: Michael Shermer
Resuscitated Cardiopulmonary quotes by Michael Shermer
#3. If you rest in the silence inside, all those you meet will have their spiritual hearts resuscitated. - Author: Ram Dass
Resuscitated Cardiopulmonary quotes by Ram Dass
#4. My heart has been resuscitated as a result of becoming a mom. - Author: Emm Gryner
Resuscitated Cardiopulmonary quotes by Emm Gryner
#5. Hello." Sara's soft, sexy voice sounded on the other end. "Mitch?" "Yeah?" Forgoing pleasantries and getting right to the point, she said, "My kitty stopped purring. I think it needs to be resuscitated." - Author: Cathryn Fox
Resuscitated Cardiopulmonary quotes by Cathryn Fox
#6. I remember being told of a poor wretch I once knew, who had died of hunger. I was almost beside myself with rage! I believe if I could have resuscitated him I would have done so for the sole purpose of murdering him! - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Resuscitated Cardiopulmonary quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#7. It's hard: you get older, you have a career, the normal frustrations that come with what you do when you wear your heart on your sleeve and you try really heard. I was exhausted, and I couldn't quite see the magic of creating at that time. That's all. I couldn't get into it, and Andy [Kim] slowly resuscitated me, and that's how I made Darlings. - Author: Kevin Drew
Resuscitated Cardiopulmonary quotes by Kevin Drew
#8. So until babies are closer to term and stuff comes up into the pharynx, their response may be to simply hold their breath, resulting in apnea and sometimes slowing of their heart rate. As one of the more frightening complications of reflux in infancy, this typically warrants treatment and close cardiopulmonary monitoring. - Author: Bryan Vartabedian
Resuscitated Cardiopulmonary quotes by Bryan Vartabedian
#9. They've gave me many names,
I've wore many masks and sat on their altars,
They've called me Hitler, and Muhammad Ali,
They've crucify me,
And forced me to be like them,
They resuscitated me,
They forced me to live.
I am God, and the Devil,
The looser and the champion,
I created all you see,
I am God, and Muhammad Ali
I'm the one creating time, and eternity,
I am God, I am Hitler,
I am the king and the slave,
I am life and death, and Muhammad Ali - Author: Quetzal
Resuscitated Cardiopulmonary quotes by Quetzal
#10. At its very core the story of Easter has nothing to do with angelic announcements or empty tombs. It has nothing to do with time periods, whether three days, forty days, or fifty days. It has nothing to do with resuscitated bodies that appear and disappear or that finally exit this world in a heavenly ascension. - Author: John Shelby Spong
Resuscitated Cardiopulmonary quotes by John Shelby Spong
#11. I fear, I despair,
I die and I live again through my hope.

How many times have I not been dead
and resuscitated?

They are all here around me,
men, jinns,
but I do not care!

If they think they can forbid me from seeing you:
I shall come to you anyway! - Author: Joyce Akesson
Resuscitated Cardiopulmonary quotes by Joyce Akesson
#12. I think any supernatural hero today, whether he's a vampire, werewolf, a resuscitated mummy, whatever he is, is going to have to deal with the fact that scientists are going to want to catch him and study him. His big enemy is not going to be Dr. Van Helsing today, it's going to be the doctor who wants to put him in a lab and get his blood for what it can do to cure disease or grant immortality. - Author: Anne Rice
Resuscitated Cardiopulmonary quotes by Anne Rice
#13. Two-thirds of the terminal cancer patients in the Coping with Cancer study reported having had no discussion with their doctors about their goals for end-of-life care, despite being, on average, just four months from death. But the third who did have discussions were far less likely to undergo cardiopulmonary resuscitation or be put on a ventilator or end up in an intensive care unit. Most of them enrolled in hospice. They suffered less, were physically more capable, and were better able, for a longer period, to interact with others. In addition, six months after these patients died, their family members were markedly less likely to experience persistent major depression. In other words, people who had substantive discussions with their doctor about their end-of-life preferences were far more likely to die at peace and in control of their situation and to spare their family anguish. - Author: Atul Gawande
Resuscitated Cardiopulmonary quotes by Atul Gawande
#14. From antiquity, Latin died but is still studied in seminaries and elite universities. So did Sanskrit in Asia. iI was replaced by Pali, but even Pali died, too. Linguists say the only ancient language which was resuscitated from the grave was Hebrew of Israel. - Author: F. Sionil Jose
Resuscitated Cardiopulmonary quotes by F. Sionil Jose
#15. My movie is born first in my head, dies on paper; is resuscitated by the living persons and real objects I use, which are killed on film but, placed in a certain order and projected onto a screen, come to life again like flowers in water. - Author: Robert Bresson
Resuscitated Cardiopulmonary quotes by Robert Bresson
#16. When I can feel you breathing into me i, like a stone gargoyle
atop some crumbling building,
spring to life
a resuscitated
angel. - Author: Saul Williams
Resuscitated Cardiopulmonary quotes by Saul Williams
#17. But there's a sacredness which is not of thought, nor of a feeling resuscitated by thought. It is not recognizable by thought nor can it be utilized by thought. Thought cannot formulate it. But there's a sacredness, untouched by any symbol or word. It is not communicable. It is a fact. - Author: Jiddu Krishnamurti
Resuscitated Cardiopulmonary quotes by Jiddu Krishnamurti
#18. It was India's forsaken multitudes - whose suitability for democracy was repeatedly questioned and whose disenfranchisement high-mindedly rationalised away by the country's post-colonial elite - who resuscitated the republic [from the Emergency] - Author: Komireddi K S
Resuscitated Cardiopulmonary quotes by Komireddi K S

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