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He jumped at the Giants face, clambered up his lip and nose, and began to dig in the Giant's eye. ~ Orson Scott Card
Restylane Lip quotes by Orson Scott Card
I love to use beets as a lip tint. It lasts all day. ~ Shay Mitchell
Restylane Lip quotes by Shay Mitchell
Less is more when you do a bright, bold lip. Just draw on black liner and some mascara and you're good to go! ~ Stacy Keibler
Restylane Lip quotes by Stacy Keibler
I'm a terrible lip-syncer anyway because I have to be in the moment, and I can't lip-sync to something I recorded three months before. ~ Barbra Streisand
Restylane Lip quotes by Barbra Streisand
My friends and I were the class clowns in high school, so one day we were showing off at our seats, and I fell off my chair! I had to get stitches, and I had a bloody lip. I was trying so hard to be a cool class clown! ~ Prince Royce
Restylane Lip quotes by Prince Royce
His teeth scraped her lower lip as he drew back, his eyes steady on hers. Wildly blue and hot with need, those eyes made her want to believe. I love you, Alexa. You were the only thing worth risking you for. If taking back what I did means I couldn't be there to watch you succees, I wouldn't do it. ~ Cari Quinn
Restylane Lip quotes by Cari Quinn
To me, it's really easy to feel glamorous and beautiful with red lips. It's great because you don't have to do anything else. I don't have to do anything to my face. I can have cleanly washed hair and if I just put on like a matte red lip, it just makes everything seem special. ~ Rashida Jones
Restylane Lip quotes by Rashida Jones
Alexia had spent long hours wondering over that mustache. Werewolves did not grow hair, as they did not age. Where had it come from? Had he always had it? For how many centuries had his poor abused upper lip labored under the burden of such vegetation? ~ Gail Carriger
Restylane Lip quotes by Gail Carriger
Gods, he felt so good.
My hands splayed along his now clean torso and I leaned over and bit his bottom lip. No other man in the history of the universe was as hot as he was. I would dare anyone to say otherwise. My wolf barked her agreement. ~ Amanda Carlson
Restylane Lip quotes by Amanda Carlson
Miss Dartle,' I returned, 'how shall I tell you, so that you will believe me, that I know of nothing in Steerforth different from what there was when I first came here? I can think of nothing. I firmly believe there is nothing. I hardly understand even what you mean.' As she still stood looking fixedly at me, a twitching or throbbing, from which I could not dissociate the idea of pain, came into that cruel mark; and lifted up the corner of her lip as if with scorn, or with a pity that despised its object. She put her hand upon it hurriedly - a hand so thin and delicate, that when I had seen her hold it up before the fire to shade her face, I had compared it in my thoughts to fine porcelain - and saying, in a quick, fierce, passionate way, 'I swear you to secrecy about this!' said not a word more. ~ Charles Dickens
Restylane Lip quotes by Charles Dickens
Under the mellowing influence of good food and good music, Adam relaxed, and I discovered that underneath that overbearing, hot-tempered Alpha disguise he usually wore was a charming, over-bearing, hot-tempered man. He seemed to enjoy finding out that I was as stubborn and disrespectful of authority as he'd always suspected.
He ordered dessert without consulting me. I'd have been angrier, but it was something I could never have ordered for myself: chocolate, caramel, nuts, ice cream, real whipped cream, and cake so rich it might as well have been a brownie.
"So," he said, as I finished the last bit, "I'm forgiven?"
"You are arrogant and overstep your bounds," I told him, pointing my clean fork at him.
"I try," he said with false modesty. Then his eyes darkened and he reached across the table and ran his thumb over my bottom lip. He watched me as he licked the caramel from his skin.
I thumped my hands down on the table and leaned forward. "That is not fair. I'll eat your dessert and like it - but you can't use sex to keep me from getting mad."
He laughed, one of those soft laughs that start in the belly and rise up through the chest: a relaxed, happy sort of laugh.
To change the subject, because matters were heating up faster than I was comfortable with, I said, "So Bran tells me that he ordered you to keep an eye out for me."
He stopped laughing and raised both eyebrows. "Yes. Now ask me if I was watching you for Bran."
It was a tr ~ Patricia Briggs
Restylane Lip quotes by Patricia Briggs
Then the image changed to something else. A birthday cake. It was chocolate with a plastic horse in the center, rearing up. Four candles flickered around it.

"He's four," I said, trusting that that was what Eli was trying to tell me. But I knew. I'd seen the dates on the grave.

"He would be six now." She shook her head defiantly. I waited. The child looked up at me expectantly and then looked back at his mother.

"He's still four," I said. "Kids wait."

Her lower lip trembled and she bit into it. She was starting to believe me. That, or she was starting to hate me. Or maybe she already did.

"Wait for what?" Her voice was so soft I barely caught the question.

"Wait for someone to raise them. ~ Amy Harmon
Restylane Lip quotes by Amy Harmon
She catches sight of herself in her video-feed, her face contorted with fury. Wiping spittle from the sides of her mouth, she reaches behind her to grab her lip gloss and reapplies it. "And don't even start thinking about what a bitch I am," she says. Her eyes are steady, the heat receding from her skin. "This is not my fault. I'm just doing what we have been trained to do. This is who we are, freida. This is who we were designed to be. ~ Louise O'Neill
Restylane Lip quotes by Louise O'Neill
Blake shook his head at Beckett's lack of manners but held the chair out for Livia. She sat and smiled at Beckett like he was a guest at her freaking wedding. She's so damn happy.
Blake accepted the two water bottles from a server with a nod of gratitude. He opened his first and handed it to Livia, taking her unopened one as his own. She bit her lip and smiled.
Simple shit makes this chick crap bubbles and rainbows. Beckett shook his head, rattling his mental snow globe again. ~ Debra Anastasia
Restylane Lip quotes by Debra Anastasia
He was known by three names. The official records have the first one: Marcos Maria Ribeira. And his official data. Born 1929. Died 1970. Worked in the steel foundry. Perfect safety record. Never arrested. A wife, six children. A model citizen, because he never did anything bad enough to go on the public record.
The second name he had was Marcao. Big Marcos. Because he was a giant of a man. Reached his adult size early in his life. How old was he when he reached two meters? Eleven? Definitely by the time he was twelve. His size and strength made him valuable in the foundry,where the lots of steel are so small that much of the work is controlled by hand and strength matters. People's lives depended on Marcao's strength.
His third name was Cao. Dog. That was the name you used for him when you heard his wife, Novinha, had another black eye, walked with a limp, had stitches in her lip. He was an animal to do that to her.
Not that any of you liked Novinha. Not that cold woman who never gave any of you good morning. But she was smaller than he was, and she was the mother of his children, and when he beat her, he deserved the name of Cao.
Tell me, is this the man you knew? Spent more hours in the bars than anyone but never made any friends there, never the camaraderie of alcohol for him. You couldn't even tell how much he had been drinking. He was surly and short-tempered before he had a drink and he was surly and short-tempered right before he passed out-nob ~ Orson Scott Card
Restylane Lip quotes by Orson Scott Card
The kiss, dear maid ! thy lip has left

Shall never part from mine,

Till happier hours restore the gift

Untainted back to thine.

Thy parting glance, which fondly beams,

An equal love may see:

The tear that from thine eyelid streams

Can weep no change in me.

I ask no pledge to make me blest

In gazing when alone;

Nor one memorial for a breast,

Whose thoughts are all thine own.

Nor need I write --- to tell the tale

My pen were doubly weak:

Oh ! what can idle words avail,

Unless the heart could speak ?

By day or night, in weal or woe,

That heart, no longer free,

Must bear the love it cannot show,

And silent ache for thee. ~ George Gordon Byron
Restylane Lip quotes by George Gordon Byron
A purely sinister smirk shapes his
upper lip and I swear his eyes turn black. ~ J.M. Sevilla
Restylane Lip quotes by J.M. Sevilla
The first two concepts - morality and immorality - are well understood in America: codes and boundaries of behavior are set by principles, doctrines, dictate, or convention. It's the third one - amorality - that is largely misunderstood but crucial to identify and comprehend. Amorality is a state of affairs where there are no moral principles or rules to follow or betray. None. Even though a culture may have rules regarding physical behavior, if there are no moral standards regarding truth, for example, then one cannot be right or wrong in such a societal vacuum because there is nothing to be right or wrong about. Therefore, even if lip service to the virtue of truth telling exists on one level or another, lying is firmly established in many cultures as an amoral practice. ~ Alexandra York
Restylane Lip quotes by Alexandra York
I don't believe any lip shade is off-limits, but texture is key. A sheer lipstick in a healthy pink or neutral color looks more polished and grown-up than a super-shiny gloss. ~ Bobbi Brown
Restylane Lip quotes by Bobbi Brown
The arch of heaven looks like an
upside-down cup, under which the wise
wander in vain. May your love for your beloved
be as great as the love of the bottle for the glass.
Look, how one gives and one receives, lip against
lip, the precious blood of the grapes. ~ Omar Khayyam
Restylane Lip quotes by Omar Khayyam
Ben leans over and whispers in my ear, "I missed you."
I bite my lip and whisper that I missed him too. He leans back in his chair all calm and collected, while I break out in a sweat, just hearing him say those three little words. ~ Amanda Cowen
Restylane Lip quotes by Amanda Cowen
I can do a reddish-brown or brown lip, but not a bright red. I just don't look good in it. Over the years you learn certain things that don't look good on you, and that's one of them for me. ~ Mariah Carey
Restylane Lip quotes by Mariah Carey
And there, row upon row, with the soft gleam of flowers opened at morning, with the light of this June sun glowing through a faint skin of dust, would stand the dandelion wine. Peer through it at the wintry day - the snow melted to grass, the trees were reinhabitated with bird, leaf, and blossoms like a continent of butterflies breathing on the wind. And peering through, color sky from iron to blue.
Hold summer in your hand, pour summer in a glass, a tiny glass of course, the smallest tingling sip for children; change the season in your veins by raising glass to lip and tilting summer in ~ Ray Bradbury
Restylane Lip quotes by Ray Bradbury
I love you." She was almost angry. "Do you get it? You. These kids. This life. It is my world."
He nodded. She knew he felt the same way, but this Blake didn't talk, he proved. He found the spot on her body that made her see white and held her until she was desperate for more. Then he reached behind her and turned on the washer.
Dirty. Filthy for her. He kissed her and added tongue, bit her neck gently while the vibrations from the machine increased.
She would come for him like this. He pushed up her shirt and pulled down her panties so he could be inside her when she was lost in the ecstasy of it, of him.
He came right after she did, and she locked him close with her legs, dragging her nails down his back as he bit his lip to stay quiet.
He kissed the top of her head in between gasps for air. He looked in her eyes before responding, "I get it. ~ Debra Anastasia
Restylane Lip quotes by Debra Anastasia
You promise you're not going to hurt me?"

I untie the cord from around her wrists and pull her into my arms.

Then I throw her down on the desk and plant a kiss on her so intense I feel her nipples harden underneath me.

She hesitates at first, but when I tease her bottom lip with my tongue she opens her mouth and lets out a low moan.

I pull away and give her a cocky smirk. "Did that hurt?"
She opens her mouth to say something, but pauses.

The resonating slap across my face with the palm of her hand throws me for a loop.

"Don't you fucking touch me again until I get some answers asshole," she says as she pushes me off of her and pries herself from the desk.

I rub my cheek and stare at her in awe.

God, I love this woman. ~ Ashley Jade
Restylane Lip quotes by Ashley Jade
You only play Pistol Annies when you're pissed, usually at me. I know your fake laugh from your real one. You have a great laugh, by the way. I know which shirts are your favorites, because they're the first ones you wear after you've done your laundry. You lick your bottom lip when you're trying to concentrate on your textbook reading. You cry during those commercials with the absurd animals when you think no one is looking. No, I don't know you at all. ~ Chelsea M. Cameron
Restylane Lip quotes by Chelsea M. Cameron
He ran his thumb over my lower lip, sending a flurry of sparks through me. "Good-bye, Sophie." -Cal ~ Rachel Hawkins
Restylane Lip quotes by Rachel Hawkins
In the council meeting ... " He pUsed and brushed his thumb against my bottom lip."You said I have not given you a kiss good-night since you arrived. I know it is not yet noon, but would now be an acceptable time to remdy that?"
I grinned so hard that the muscles in my cheeks strained. It had been a long time since I'd smiled like that. I'd missed it. "Now would be perfect. ~ Aimee Carter
Restylane Lip quotes by Aimee Carter
Pink was for girls.
Girly girls who wore flavored lip gloss and read magazines and talked on the phone lying on their perfect, lacy bedspreads with their feet in the air. Girls who spent six months looking for the perfect dress to wear to the school formal.
Girls who liked boys. ~ Lili Wilkinson
Restylane Lip quotes by Lili Wilkinson
How did I love her?
Let me count the ways.
The freckles on her nose like the shadow of a shadow; the way she chewed on her lower lip when she walked and how when she ran she looked like she was born going fast and how she fit perfectly against my chest; her smell and the touch of her lips and her skin, which was always warm, and how she smiled.
Like she had a secret.
How she always made up words during Scrabble. Hyddym (secret music). Grofp (cafeteria food). Quaw (the sound a baby duck makes). How she burped her way through the alphabet once, and I laughed so hard I spat out soda through my nose.
And how she looked at me like I could save her from everything bad in the world.
This was my secret: she was the one who saved me. ~ Lauren Oliver
Restylane Lip quotes by Lauren Oliver
In the variety of the tone of her words, moods, hugs, kisses, brushes of the lips, and this night the upside-down kiss over the back of the chair with her dark eyes heavy hanging and her blushing cheeks full of sweet blood and sudden tenderness brooding like a hawk over the boy over the back, holding the chair on both sides, just an instant, the startling sudden sweet fall of her hair over my face and the soft downward brush of her lips, a moment's penetration of sweet lip flesh, a moment's drowned in thinking and kissing in it and praying and hoping and in the mouth of life when life is young to burn cool skin eye-blinking joy - I held her captured upside down, also for just a second, and savored the kiss which first had surprised me like a blind man's bluff so I didn't know really who was kissing me for the very first instant but now I knew and knew everything more than ever, as, grace-wise, she descended to me from the upper dark where I'd thought only cold could be and with all her heavy lips and breast in my neck and on my head and sudden fragrance of the night brought with her from the porch, of some 5 & 10 cheap perfumes of herself the little hungry scent of perspiration warm in her flesh like presciousness. ~ Jack Kerouac
Restylane Lip quotes by Jack Kerouac
A perfect Judge will read each work of Wit
With the same spirit that its author writ;
Survey the WHOLE, nor seek slight faults to find
Where nature moves, and rapture warms the mind;
... In wit, as nature, what effects our hearts
Is not th'exactness of peculiar parts;
'Tis not a lip, or eye, we beauty call,
But the joint force and full result of all. ~ Alexander Pope
Restylane Lip quotes by Alexander Pope
You think I'm going to ask these sweet 14 year olds to ask their parents to buy a $100 ticket then run around in latex and lip sync? No way. ~ Lady Gaga
Restylane Lip quotes by Lady Gaga
My heart ... " Her lower lip trembled. "I would have given it to you - to save you. I would have done anything." "I'll still take it." "What?" "Your heart," I whispered. "I'll still take it, if the offer stands. I want all of it, even the broken pieces, the shredded ones that no longer fit. I want all of them - all of you. I need it all. ~ Rachel Van Dyken
Restylane Lip quotes by Rachel Van Dyken
He leaned forward and bit her bottom lip. It was just the right size. He hated women with thin, judgmental lips. Smeared with dark red lipstick. Stingy and manipulative. Bev's mouth looked ripe and vulnerable. He sucked on that soft lower lip for a few seconds. ~ Penny Watson
Restylane Lip quotes by Penny Watson
We're hard-core realists - we just pay lip service to death and decay and keep right on feeling immortal anyway. ~ Peter Watts
Restylane Lip quotes by Peter Watts
I joined Twitter and you read a lot of the comments. You're biting your lip and you want to reply but you know a headline will be made from it and you don't want to give people the satisfaction. ~ Michael Owen
Restylane Lip quotes by Michael Owen
He adopted his standard mocking approach. "Having trouble getting out of the pool, Lily? There's a ladder on the side for the old ladies who come and do aqua aerobics."
Everything inside her stilled. That condescending wretch. She felt him come closer, and was careful not to stir an inch, not even a hair.
"You should get out of the pool and take a long hot shower. It'll make you feel better," he suggested, not ungently. His brow furrowed with worry.
She ignored the thread of concern in his voice and concentrated on not moving too suddenly. Slowly, as if in unbearable agony, she lifted her head. He was dressed once more in his khakis and shirt, his sneakers were in one hand, his gear bag in the other. Good. She let her face crumble, her expression slip into wretchedness. Her lower lip trembled, a special added effect. "I - I'm not sure I can even make it to the ladder," she confessed haltingly. "My whole body's shot."
Damn, she must be hurting worse than he'd imagined. Trying not to stare at her lush lower lip quivering helplessly, Sean dropped his gear bag and stepped forward. "Here," he said, leaning over, stretching out his hand. "Grab my hand. I'll pull you out."
She'd braced her feet against the wall of the pool, knowing she'd have to strike fast. They grasped hands. The second his tightened about her forearm, she jerked backward with all her strength.
Physics were on her side.
Caught off balance, Sean somersaulted through the air, with ~ Laura Moore
Restylane Lip quotes by Laura Moore
You also notice that the right side of your face feels like it's sliding off of your skull. And your bottom lip is in your lap! ~ Bill Cosby
Restylane Lip quotes by Bill Cosby
You know why I've always liked your mouth, Rhubarb?" he asked in that whispery voice again, but it was twice as intimate as before. He let go of his prizes and reached up his free hand to rub his thumb over the bottom edge of her lip. Those shivers started again. "Even when you're calling me names, it's the perfect shape for kissing."
"There's no shape for kissing." She wasn't quite sure how the words came out. Her brain was completely disconnected and so her mouth had to be on auto-pilot. Which explained why it didn't do anything when his eyes closed and his lips descended to hers. ~ Dee Tenorio
Restylane Lip quotes by Dee Tenorio
There's many a slip betwixt the cup and the lip. ~ Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
Restylane Lip quotes by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
The Veretian palace, afroth with ornament, paid only lip service to defence. The parapets were purposeless curving decorative spires. The slippery domes that he skirted would be a nightmare in an attack, hiding one part of the roof from the other. ~ C.S. Pacat
Restylane Lip quotes by C.S. Pacat
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