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I want to say, embrace your sexuality, own it, be confident, but you don't have to show everything. Respect yourself, and make others respect you. ~ Liz Goldwyn
Respect Others Decision quotes by Liz Goldwyn
Human cruelty knows no limits and one needs immense courage and a will of iron to help others understand that animals are made of flesh and blood like us, that they suffer the same pains as us, that they deserve the same respect as us and that their continuous slaughter should not be part of human entertainment. ~ Brigitte Bardot
Respect Others Decision quotes by Brigitte Bardot
What these [personality] tests tell employers about potential employees is hard to imagine since the 'right' answer should be obvious to anyone who has ever encountered the principle of hierarchy and subordination. Do I work well with others? You bet, but never to the point where I would hesitate to inform on them for the slightest infraction. Am I capable of independent decision making? Oh yes, but I know better than to let this capacity interfere with a slavish obedience to orders ... The real function of these tests, I decide, is to convey information not to the employer but to the potential employee, and the information being conveyed is always: You will have no secrets from us. We don't just want your muscles and that portion of your brain that is directly connected to them; we want your innermost self. ~ Barbara Ehrenreich
Respect Others Decision quotes by Barbara Ehrenreich
Most people are convinced that as long as they are not overtly forced to do something by an outside power, their decisions are theirs, and that if they want something, it is they who want it. But this is one of the great illusions we have about ourselves. A great number of our decisions are not really our own but are suggested to us from the outside; we have succeeded in persuading ourselves that it is we who have made the decision, whereas we have actually conformed with expectations of others, driven by the fear of isolation and by more direct threats to our life, freedom, and comfort. ~ Erich Fromm
Respect Others Decision quotes by Erich Fromm
We would very much like to see Iran take a position as a responsible leader that doesn't intimidate or threaten or scare its neighbors and others. But the choice is really up to Iran and we're going to keep working to try to come out with the right decision. ~ Hillary Clinton
Respect Others Decision quotes by Hillary Clinton
If we want to

We will become a people, if we want to, when we learn that we are not angels, and that evil is not the prerogative of others
We will become a people when we stop reciting a prayer of thanksgiving to the sacred nation every time a poor man finds something to eat for his dinner
We will become a people when we can sniff out the sultan's gatekeeper and the sultan without a trial
We will become a people when a poet writes an erotic description of a dancer's belly
We will become a people when we forget what the tribe tells us, when the individual recognizes the importance of small details
We will become a people when a writer can look up at the stars without saying: 'Our country is loftier and more beautiful!'
We will become a people when the morality police protect a prostitute from being beaten up in the streets
We will become a people when the Palestinian only remembers his flag on the football pitch, at camel races, and on the day of the Nakba
We will become a people, if we want to, when the singer is allowed to chant a verse of Surat al-Rahman at a mixed wedding reception
We will become a people when we respect the right, and the wrong. ~ Mahmoud Darwish
Respect Others Decision quotes by Mahmoud Darwish
If guys don't respect themselves, they don't respect other people. That's times and personalities. And all of them are not that way. But it don't take but one or two to screw up the whole crowd. ~ Richard Petty
Respect Others Decision quotes by Richard Petty
The same way he treats animals and other vulnerable individuals is the same way he'll relate to your feminine side. ~ Nityananda Das
Respect Others Decision quotes by Nityananda Das
Every choice is a renunciation. Indeed. Every choice is a thousand renunciations. To choose one thing is to turn one's back on many others. ~ Ronald Rolheiser
Respect Others Decision quotes by Ronald Rolheiser
Be respectful to others as you grow ... If we lack respect for one group, then there is a tendency for that attitude to spread. It becomes infectious and no one becomes safe from the ravages of prejudice. ~ Walter Annenberg
Respect Others Decision quotes by Walter Annenberg
Groups become more extreme and entrenched in their beliefs and polarized from others when members only exchange information that reinforces their views and filter out all else or never learn of alternatives. Thus they narrow their options, and magnify each other's prejudices and misconceptions. This trend leads to blind spots in decision making and to extreme behavior, even terrorism. ~ Cass Sunstein
Respect Others Decision quotes by Cass Sunstein
Loneliness is painful; Solitude is peaceful. Loneliness makes us cling to others in desperation; solitude allows us to respect others in their uniqueness and create community ... ~ Henri J.M. Nouwen
Respect Others Decision quotes by Henri J.M. Nouwen
I am also open minded to embrace strange notions and respect its bearers without harsh judgement. Exposure has made me feel confident and wiser to choose what feels right for me, in order to be the best human being for myself and others. ~ Gloria D. Gonsalves
Respect Others Decision quotes by Gloria D. Gonsalves
I keep what I know about Sarah Lynn and Lawrence to myself. I also remind myself that even if Sarah Lynn does have a scary strict father, that doesn't release her from the responsibility of treating others with respect. Abuse of power is wrong, no matter the context, no matter the history.
What is "power" anyway? Power is an ego trip. Power is a way to rise yourself up by lowering others, and I want nothing of it. ~ Lauren Myracle
Respect Others Decision quotes by Lauren Myracle
We cultivate love when we allow our most vulnerable and powerful selves to be deeply seen and known, and when we honor the spiritual connection that grows from that offering with trust, respect, kindness, and affection. Love is not something we give or get, it's something we nurture and grow - a connection that can only be cultivated between two people when it exists within each one of them. We can only love others as much as we love ourselves. Shame, blame, disrespect, and betrayal damage the roots from which love grows. Love can only survive these injuries if they are acknowledged, healed, and rare. ~ Summer Innanen
Respect Others Decision quotes by Summer Innanen
When it comes to our health, there are essentially four things under our control: the decision not to smoke, a commitment to exercise, the quality of our diet, and our level of optimism. And optimism is at least as beneficial as the others. ~ Martin Seligman
Respect Others Decision quotes by Martin Seligman
This inner yes is an unconditionally constructive attitude of acceptance and respect - first toward yourself, then toward life, and finally toward others. ~ William Ury
Respect Others Decision quotes by William Ury
No," he said. "That would be imposing my beliefs on others, something I will never do. I really wish you would respect my career choice. I make enough money to have a comfortable lifestyle, and most importantly, I'm happy. Who cares about a flashy job and wads of cash if you hate life? I'm very proud of you for graduating Harvard with almost perfect honors, but does it really matter? In the end, you can't take that diploma with you. ~ E.L. Todd
Respect Others Decision quotes by E.L. Todd
Are there anything more dishonourable and more coward than not marching in front of the army after taking the decision of war as a politician? Sending others for dying but keeping himself in safety is the affair of the low man only! ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan
Respect Others Decision quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Every time we decide to use our power to influence others, particularly if we`re gleeful and hasty, we damage the relationship. We move from enjoying a healthy partnership based on trust and mutual respect to establishing a police state that requires constant monitoring. ~ Kerry Patterson
Respect Others Decision quotes by Kerry Patterson
He has given ample evidence of qualities hardly any other living statesman has demonstrated to the same degree: the courage to look facts in the face and to seek flexible solutions, respect for others, give-and-take in dialog situations, absence of hypocrisy, a complete absence of grandeur in the conduct of his personal life. He has never been driven by blind self-assertion to make absurd decisions. ~ Alice Miller
Respect Others Decision quotes by Alice Miller
My true religion, my simple faith is in love and compassion. There is no need for complicated philosophy, doctrine, or dogma. Our own heart, our own mind, is the temple. The doctrine is compassion. Love for others and respect for their rights and dignity, no matter who or what they are - these are ultimately all we need. ~ Dalai Lama XIV
Respect Others Decision quotes by Dalai Lama XIV
We stay the same as we've always been, keeping to the path we've walked our whole lives. Paths that carry so much importance and perceived stability that we are utterly convinced it is the only one to walk – that anyone not walking it with us is being misled. ~ A.J. Darkholme
Respect Others Decision quotes by A.J. Darkholme
Now it's serious. At last it's becoming serious. So I've grown older. Was I the only one who wasn't serious? Is it our times that are not serious? I was never lonely neither when I was alone, nor with others. But I would have liked to be alone at last. Loneliness means I'm finally whole. Now I can say it as tonight, I'm at last alone. I must put an end to coincidence. The new moon of decision. I don't know if there's destiny but there's a decision. Decide! We are now the times. Not only the whole town - the whole world is taking part in our decision. We two are now more than us two. We incarnate something. We're representing the people now. And the whole place is full of those who are dreaming the same dream. We are deciding everyone's game. I am ready. Now it's your turn. You hold the game in your hand. Now or never. You need me. You will need me. There's no greater story than ours, that of man and woman. It will be a story of giants... invisible... transposable... a story of new ancestors. Look. My eyes. They are the picture of necessity, of the future of everyone in the place. Last night I dreamt of a stranger... of my man. Only with him could I be alone, open up to him, wholly open, wholly for him. Welcome him wholly into me. Surround him with the labyrinth of shared happiness. I know... it's you. ~ Wim Wenders
Respect Others Decision quotes by Wim Wenders
Leaders must (1) define the business of the business, (2) create a winning strategy, (3) communicate persuasively, (4) behave with integrity, (5) respect others, and (6) act. ~ Judith M Bardwick
Respect Others Decision quotes by Judith M Bardwick
We Masons are among the fortunate ones who are taught to meet together with others opposing convictions or competitive ideas and yet respect each other as Brothers. ~ Albert Pike
Respect Others Decision quotes by Albert Pike
The question "Is this an act of self-love or is it an act of self-sabotage?" is
one you must consistently ask yourself if you are committed to having all
that you want and all that you deserve. When you love yourself you feel
worthy and deserving of claiming the gifts of this world. Self-love gives you
peace of mind and balance. Self-love gives you self-respect and the ability
to respect others. It gives you the confidence to stand up and ask for what
you want. Self-love is the main ingredient in a successful, fulfilled life. ~ Debbie Ford
Respect Others Decision quotes by Debbie Ford
In his Kingly Office, The Prince of the Kings of the Earth: which Title sets out Christ not only to be God, equal with the Father, but as Mediator, King of his Kirk. He is called, Prince of the Kings of the Earth; not as if Kings, and all great Men, or others, were in the same Manner Subjects to him in the Relation that Believers are, (in which respect his Kingly Office extendeth no further, nor his Priestly and Prophetical Office) but though so he have not such a near Relation to them, nor they to him; yet he is King over them, to refrain them that they prejudge not his Kirk; and to judge them for any Wrongs or Prejudice they do to them, and to inflict temporal Judgments on them here, and eternal hereafter, when he shall be their Judge, and the Books shall be opened at the great Day. ~ James Durham
Respect Others Decision quotes by James Durham
Civility requires that we listen and interact with intent to learn and respect others opinions. ~ Cindy Ann Peterson
Respect Others Decision quotes by Cindy Ann Peterson
The most stable, and therefore, the most healthy self-esteem is based on deserved respect from others rather than on external fame or celebrity and unwarranted adulation. ~ Abraham H. Maslow
Respect Others Decision quotes by Abraham H. Maslow
How different the world would be if each parent could say to the child: "Who you are is terrific, all you are meant to be. And who you are, as you are, is loved by all of us. You have a source within, which is the soul, and it will express itself to you through what we call desire. Always respect the well-being of the other, but live your own journey, serve that desire, risk being that which wishes to enter the world through you, and you will always have our love, even if your path takes you away from us." Such persons would then have a powerful tool to enable them to change their lives when it was not working out for them. Such persons would be able to make difficult decisions, mindful always of the impact on others, but also determined to live the life intended by the gods who brought us here. ~ James Hollis
Respect Others Decision quotes by James Hollis
If nothing else in this long and short life, let me be true to my conscience, to the dignity of my own heart. Let me act in a way that says, I have honored my spirit as truly as I have honored others'. Let me stand tall and rooted as a mountain in the face of a quaking world. ~ Jennifer DeLucy
Respect Others Decision quotes by Jennifer DeLucy
It takes less courage to criticize the decisions of others than to stand by your own. ~ Attila The Hun
Respect Others Decision quotes by Attila The Hun
Today make GOOD DECISIONS. Decide to selflessly serve others, to control your thoughts, to eat water-rich foods and to get lots of exercise. ~ Bradford Winters
Respect Others Decision quotes by Bradford Winters
Fortunately for the historian, the court to which his evidence is submitted has no fixed term; interesting cases can be argued before it indefinitely. The jury can remain out for as long as it takes to gather the requisite data and come to a sound decision... the historian can watch with delight or consternation as the case is tried and retried by others, who may prove his hunches right or wrong." The Kindness of Strangers ~ John Boswell
Respect Others Decision quotes by John Boswell
We should never insult others on account of their faults, for it is our duty to show charity and respect to everyone. ~ John Calvin
Respect Others Decision quotes by John Calvin
Keep a little bit of 'ego' in your pocket ,not to hurt anyone but to use it when yourself respect gets tested by others. ~ Amy Fernandes
Respect Others Decision quotes by Amy Fernandes
Keep focused on the substantive issues. To make a decision means having to go through one door and closing all others. ~ Abraham Zaleznik
Respect Others Decision quotes by Abraham Zaleznik
If a mother respects both herself and her child from his very first day onward, she will never need to teach him respect for others. ~ Alice Miller
Respect Others Decision quotes by Alice Miller
Walk a mile in my shoes is good advice. Our children will learn to respect others if they are used to imagining themselves in another's place. ~ Neil Kurshan
Respect Others Decision quotes by Neil Kurshan
Proper respect to others is the most prudent rule of directing the measure of reverence due to ourselves. ~ Norm MacDonald
Respect Others Decision quotes by Norm MacDonald
What is the bedrock on which all of our diverse trans populations can build solidarity? The commitment to be the best fighters against each other's oppression. As our activist network grows into marches and rallies of hundreds of thousands, we will hammer out language that demonstrates the sum total of our movement as well as its component communities.

Unity depends on respect for diversity, no matter what tools of language are ultimately used. This is a very early stage for trans peoples with such diverse histories and blends of cultures to form community. Perhaps we don't have to strive to be one community. In reality, there isn't one women's, or lesbian, gay, bi community. What is realistic is the goal to build a coalition between our many strong communities in order to form a movement capable of defending all our lives. ~ Leslie Feinberg
Respect Others Decision quotes by Leslie Feinberg
In fact that is why the lives of most women are so vaguely unsatisfactory. They are always doing secondary and menial things (that do not require all their gifts and ability) for others and never anything for themselves. Society and husbands praise them for it (when they get too miserable or have nervous breakdowns) though always a little perplexedly and half-heartedly and just to be consoling. The poor wives are reminded that that is just why wives are so splendid -- because they are so unselfish and self-sacrificing and that is the wonderful thing about them! But inwardly women know that something is wrong. They sense that if you are always doing something for others, like a servant or nurse, and never anything for yourself, you cannot do others any good. You make them physically more comfortable. But you cannot affect them spiritually in any way at all. For to teach, encourage, cheer up, console, amuse, stimulate or advise a husband or children or friends, you have to be something yourself. [...]"If you would shut your door against the children for an hour a day and say; 'Mother is working on her five-act tragedy in blank verse!' you would be surprised how they would respect you. They would probably all become playwrights. ~ Brenda Ueland
Respect Others Decision quotes by Brenda Ueland
Treat others with respect, and one should seldom be in need of protection. As for the times when this is not effective, one should do oneself a favor and get a knife. ~ Leslye Walton
Respect Others Decision quotes by Leslye Walton
He who respects others is respected by them. ~ Mencius
Respect Others Decision quotes by Mencius
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