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I'm kind of kooky, but do I look like a religious nut? ~ Peggy Lipton
Religious Nut quotes by Peggy Lipton
I expect to see, on television, the porcine Governor of the State of Michigan decrying to the whole world that my client should be in jail for rendering kindness and compassion, primarily because the porcine Governor of the State of Michigan is a religious nut. ~ Geoffrey Fieger
Religious Nut quotes by Geoffrey Fieger
I didn't really think this poor woman was out to destroy the world. You have to be crazier than just schizophrenic to have an interest in that kind of thing. Usually you have to be a religious nut, too. ~ Cherie Priest
Religious Nut quotes by Cherie Priest
I know people who have, until recently, lived with dirt floors. There are people who live way back off the grid, without electricity. Not a whole lot, but quite a few. That's a choice for a lot of them. There might be a religious element in their isolation, at least with some of them. ~ Daniel Woodrell
Religious Nut quotes by Daniel Woodrell
I am more spiritual than religious. ~ Jill Scott
Religious Nut quotes by Jill Scott
If we could only put God first, maybe this ugly trend could one day be reversed. ~ Rebecca St. James
Religious Nut quotes by Rebecca St. James
Kansas is very religious, very Republican, and very straight-laced. I needed to get away from that. ~ Colton Haynes
Religious Nut quotes by Colton Haynes
In speaking of the fear of religion, I don't mean to refer to the entirely reasonable hostility toward certain established religions and religious institutions, in virtue of their objectionable moral doctrines, social policies, and political influence. Nor am I referring to the association of many religious beliefs with superstition and the acceptance of evident empirical falsehoods. I am talking about something much deeper–namely, the fear of religion itself. I speak from experience, being strongly subject to this fear myself: I want atheism to be true and am made uneasy by the fact that some of the most intelligent and well-informed people I know are religious believers.

I want atheism to be true and am made uneasy by the fact that some of the most intelligent and well-informed people I know are religious believers. It isn't just that I don't believe in God and, naturally, hope that I'm right in my belief. It's that I hope there is no God! I don't want there to be a God; I don't want the universe to be like that."("The Last Word" by Thomas Nagel, Oxford University Press: 1997) ~ Thomas Nagel
Religious Nut quotes by Thomas Nagel
It was as if the demise of the owner had lent the flat a physical void it hadn't had before. At the same time he had the feeling that he wasn't alone. Harry believed in the existence of the soul. Not that he was particularly religious as such, but it was one thing which always struck him when he saw a dead body: the body was bereft of something ... the creature had gone, the light had gone,there was not the illusory afterglow that long-since burned-out stars have. The body was missing its soul and it was the absence of the soul that made Harry believe. ~ Jo Nesbo
Religious Nut quotes by Jo Nesbo
You can't blame all people's psychological ills on religion. A lot of people were crazy before they got in a religion and they just happen to be crazy and religious. ~ Lino Rulli
Religious Nut quotes by Lino Rulli
How many races have been dehumanized in the name of evolution and scientific race theories? Is a bomb a religious or a scientific invention? ~ Matshona Dhliwayo
Religious Nut quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
Satire has been a sanctuary historically monopolized by progressives, originally used as a discreet tool against Western religious fundamentalism. ~ Maajid Nawaz
Religious Nut quotes by Maajid Nawaz
But [religious faith]'s not extinct, Janet. It's become nearly universal in the fleet and is growing very quickly in the Alliance."

"Yes, and that's why I cannot now or I think ever will have a chosen faith. There should be no pressure for the path one takes. Oh, it's no secret that Islam has more of an appeal to me than the others, but Allah understands this as he understands all things. The notion of faith is, I believe, far more important than the choice of a particular one."

"And what of the unfaithful?" asked Justin. "What of them?"

"If they have faith, I believe they'll have greater understanding of things; if not, I can't order someone to believe. It would be stupid to try and evil to force someone to pretend. As if God wants frightened adherents bowing on trembling knees. The harm all those fanatics did before the Grand Collapse," she said with true rancor, "those idiots I'd shoot, if I had the ability. ~ Dani Kollin
Religious Nut quotes by Dani Kollin
Enlightenment is not meant to be an object of religious faith. It is an evolutionary goal, something we want to become ... ~ Robert Thurman
Religious Nut quotes by Robert Thurman
Am I the only one who gets embarrassed when religious leaders in America talk about having prayer in public schools? We don't have even that much prayer in many churches! Out of humility, you would think we would keep quiet on that particular subject until we practice what we preach in our own congregations. ~ Jim Cymbala
Religious Nut quotes by Jim Cymbala
That's the thing about a folk tale: It is always addressing incredibly key issues about how you should live and what the right thing to do is, which is really what I'm the most interested in - like the questions that religion takes on. And I think that, for those of us that aren't religious, we need, or I need, art that stimulates the same kind of thinking about what it is to be a mensch, or a good man, things like that. ~ Benh Zeitlin
Religious Nut quotes by Benh Zeitlin
I hope and believe my co-religionists understand and admit that I disclaim their theology in toto, and that by no twisting of language or darkening of its meanings can I be made to have any thing whatever in common with them about religious matters ... they must take my word for it that there is nothing in common between their theology and my philosophy. ~ Harriet Martineau
Religious Nut quotes by Harriet Martineau
The Devil ... clutched hold of the miserable young man ... and flew off with him through the ceiling, since which time nothing has been heard of him. ~ Martin Luther
Religious Nut quotes by Martin Luther
One doesn't have to be religious to lead a moral life or attain wisdom. ~ Allan Lokos
Religious Nut quotes by Allan Lokos
APOLLYON is an alternative and credible alternative drama about the foundation and emergence of Christianity. ~ Greg Rigby
Religious Nut quotes by Greg Rigby
Much of the left-liberal elite despise traditional religious beliefs ... in general, they are profoundly uncomfortable with religious institutions and the traditional values they embody. ~ William Bennett
Religious Nut quotes by William Bennett
Among all the religious persecutions with which almost every page of modern history is stained, no victim ever suffered but for violation of what Government denominated the law of God. To prevent a similar train of evils in this country, the Constitution has wisely withheld from our Government the power of defining the divine law. ~ Richard Mentor Johnson
Religious Nut quotes by Richard Mentor Johnson
How sweet is the assurance, how comforting is the peace that come from the knowledge that if we marry right and live right, our relationship will continue, notwithstanding the certainty of death and the passage of time. Men may write love songs and sing them. They may yearn and hope and dream. But all of this will be only a romantic longing unless there is an exercise of authority that transcends the powers of time and death. ~ Gordon B. Hinckley
Religious Nut quotes by Gordon B. Hinckley
Counsel: Man should yearn to reach a point where the locks to the divine mysteries are opened by his speech, and where he might facilitate by his knowledge what creatures find difficult in religious and worldly affairs, for him to gain a share in the name of opener. ~ Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali
Religious Nut quotes by Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali
We find ourselves under the government of a system of political institutions, conducing more essentially to the ends of civil and religious liberty, than any of which the history of former times tells us. ~ Abraham Lincoln
Religious Nut quotes by Abraham Lincoln
There was little of the religious idealism or of the search for personal freedom that motivated the Pilgrims in 1620 and none of the search to create a "City on a Hill" that spurred the Puritans to take ships for Boston in 1630. To these financial backers, the settlement of Virginia was primarily about trade and money. ~ Kieran Doherty
Religious Nut quotes by Kieran Doherty
Every man's penis is the prettiest thing in the world to him. From the day he's born until the day he dies. It never loses its endless fascination. And, I kid you not, baby, the same is true of every woman and her pussy. It's the closest thing to a real, blind, helpless love and religious adoration that most people ever achieve. But they'd rather die than admit it. Homosexuality, the urge to kill, petty spites and treacheries, fantasies of sadism, masochism, transvestism, any weird thing you can name, they'll confess all that in a group therapy session. But that deep submerged constant narcissism, that perpetual mental masturbation, is the earliest and most powerful block. They'll never admit it. ~ Robert Shea
Religious Nut quotes by Robert Shea
Like overzealous religious converts, climbers originally from the lower rungs of society tend to go overboard when they ape the upper class. ~ Maureen Corrigan
Religious Nut quotes by Maureen Corrigan
He who has God has everything; he who has everything but God has nothing. ~ Saint Augustine
Religious Nut quotes by Saint Augustine
Actually, I've been a fanatical health nut for five years. ~ Jerome Hines
Religious Nut quotes by Jerome Hines
Stop praying. Get off your knees and do something. There's only one particular need that can be effectively addressed while in the kneeling position. If yours pertains to anything else, then please, seek help elsewhere. 'God helps those who help themselves' is just the Church's way of telling you that it's all a sham. You're really on your own. ~ Quentin R. Bufogle
Religious Nut quotes by Quentin R. Bufogle
The success of the West, including the rise of science, rested entirely on religious foundations, and the people who brought it about were devout Christians. ~ Rodney Stark
Religious Nut quotes by Rodney Stark
A spiritual sensibility encourages us to see ourselves as part of the fundamental unity of all being. If the thrust of the market ethos has been to foster a competitive individualism, a major thrust of many traditional religious and spiritual sensibilities has been to help us see our connection with all other human beings. ~ Michael Lerner
Religious Nut quotes by Michael Lerner
The victorious Christian neither exalts nor downgrades himself. His interests have shifted from self to Christ. ~ Aiden Wilson Tozer
Religious Nut quotes by Aiden Wilson Tozer
The fact that 35 percent of all American giving went to religious organizations in 2010 reflects how closely bound many of us are with our place of worship. ~ Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen
Religious Nut quotes by Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen
Western humanism has religious and transcendent sources without which it is incomprehensible to itself. ~ Jacques Maritain
Religious Nut quotes by Jacques Maritain
Paul ... informs us that "our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." From a Kingdom perspective, if it's got "flesh and blood" - if it's human - it's not our enemy. To the contrary, if it's got "flesh and blood" it's someone we're commanded to love and thus someone we're to be fighting for - even if they regard us as their enemy.
We may profoundly disagree with their political, ethical, and religious views. We may find their lifestyle disgusting. They may in fact be criminals that need to be locked up behind bars. They may threaten us and our nation. Still, from a Kingdom perspective, our struggle is never against other humans. Our struggle is rather for them and against the evil that works to oppress both them and us. ~ Gregory A. Boyd
Religious Nut quotes by Gregory A. Boyd
I wouldn't have been a health care nut if it hadn't been for my paralysis, so something good came from this. ~ Michael Graves
Religious Nut quotes by Michael Graves
I've spent a life-time attacking religious beliefs and have not wavered from a view of the universe that many would regard as bleak. Namely, that it is a meaningless place devoid of deity.
However I'm unwilling simply to repeat the old arguments of the past when, in fact, God is a moving target and is taking all sorts of new shapes and forms. The arguments used against the long bow are not particularly useful when debating nuclear weapons, and the simple arguments against the old model gods are not sufficient when dealing with the likes of Davies et al.
For example, the notion that God didn't exist, doesn't exist but may come into existence through the spread of consciousness throughout the universe is too clever to be pooh-poohed along Bertrand Russell lines. And if I had the time I could give you half a dozen other scientific theologies that will need snappier footwork from the atheist of the future. ~ Phillip Adams
Religious Nut quotes by Phillip Adams
Because there are now online databases of federally funded research, and these databases are searchable by keyword, sex researchers have to be careful how they title their projects. It's become a simple matter, for those who are so inclined, to find and target researchers whose work they object to on religious grounds. ~ Mary Roach
Religious Nut quotes by Mary Roach
Religious ceremonies are of paramount importance in Bali ( an island, don't forget, with seven unpredictable volcanoes on it-you would pray, too). ~ Elizabeth Gilbert
Religious Nut quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
Lord, we don't need another mountain. ~ Jackie DeShannon
Religious Nut quotes by Jackie DeShannon
I admit at the beginning that 'popular religion,' 'demotic religion,' the pieties of the common folk, tends to sink to the lowest common denominator, be it in syncretizing saints with old, half-forgotten pagan godlings, or in preferring the nasal whine and the revivalist shoutin' to solid sense and learning, regarding intellect as positively inimical to the workings of the Holy Ghost. But it is in American religious life, especially Protestant American religious life, that things bottom out completely. ~ Markham Shaw Pyle
Religious Nut quotes by Markham Shaw Pyle
Submitted to the Sec. of War. On principle I dislike an oath which requires a man to swear he has not done wrong. It rejects the Christian principle of forgiveness on terms of repentance. I think it is enough if the man does no wrong hereafter. ~ Abraham Lincoln
Religious Nut quotes by Abraham Lincoln
If you're not critical about your history, that can be a problem because there are religious leaders, politicians and all kinds of powerful people who can take advantage of a population that isn't really thinking. ~ Jose Gonzalez
Religious Nut quotes by Jose Gonzalez
Be careful what you offer up to God. Any OLD YOU, will not do. There is a set criteria (Rules/Guidelines) for YOU! You MUST strive to be found ACCEPTABLE to GOD. We present ourselves, the mind and body to God as a living and working sacrifice, which is our reasonable service.Romans 12:1
JESUS offered up His all,His life.
What have you offered up to Him? ~ Gloria Jean
Religious Nut quotes by Gloria Jean
Accordingly, France Had Voltaire, and his school of negative thinkers, and England (or rather Scotland) had the profoundest negative thinker on record, David Hume: a man, the peculiarities of whose mind qualified him to detect failure of proof, and want of logical consistency, at a depth which French skeptics, with their comparatively feeble powers of analysis and abstractions stop far short of, and which German subtlety alone could thoroughly appreciate, or hope to rival. ~ John Stuart Mill
Religious Nut quotes by John Stuart Mill
I always felt I was rather too clever for something like a 'program for living', certainly one that had any religious overtones. It's not that I thought that religion was 'the opiate of the masses', if it was, I would've had some, I loved opium. It's that I thought it was dumb. Drab, dry, dumb, shouty, hysterical, dumb. Small-town dumb. Foreign dumb. ~ Russell Brand
Religious Nut quotes by Russell Brand
Protestantism came and gave a great blow to the religious and ritualistic rhythm of the year, in human life. Non-conformity almostfinished the deed ... Mankind has got to get back to the rhythm of the cosmos, and the permanence of marriage. ~ D.H. Lawrence
Religious Nut quotes by D.H. Lawrence
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