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The Founding Fathers realized that "the power to tax is the power to destroy," which is why they did not give the Federal government the power to impose an income tax. Needless to say, the Founders would be horrified to know that Americans today give more than a third of their income to the Federal government. ~ Ron Paul
Reliford Tax quotes by Ron Paul
A state is absolute in the sense which I have in mind when it claims the right to a monopoly of all the force within the community, to make war, to make peace, to conscript life, to tax, to establish and disestablish property, to define crime, to punish disobedience, to control education, to supervise the family, to regulate personal habits, and to censor opinions. The modern state claims all of these powers, and, in the matter of theory, there is no real difference in the size of the claim between communists, fascists, and Democrats. ~ Walter Lippmann
Reliford Tax quotes by Walter Lippmann
When he showed them to the rebel leader, Tupac Amaru responded "these books are worthless other than to make empanadas or pastries; I'll just impose strong laws." He explained that once in power they would place one official in every town, who would collect the head tax and send it to the city of Cuzco. This program would begin in Cuzco but expand to Arequipa, Lima and Upper Peru. Escarcena also noted that Tupac Amaru told many people that he would get rid of lawyers and jails and simplify punishment. Major criminals would be hanged on the spot while smaller transgressions would be punished by hanging the perpetrator by one foot from the gallows, placed in every town. This streamlined system would not only reduce crime but also "get rid of lawsuits and notaries. ~ Charles F. Walker
Reliford Tax quotes by Charles F. Walker
I'd like to give zero out capital gains tax and zero out the dividends tax, zero out alternative minimum tax, and zero out the death tax. ~ Michele Bachmann
Reliford Tax quotes by Michele Bachmann
So when the only domestic social policy is tax cuts that mostly benefit the wealthiest Americans, we say, 'Where is faith being put into action here?' ~ Jim Wallis
Reliford Tax quotes by Jim Wallis
He had had many conversations during his long life. Some were fascinating and stayed with him more than a century later. Others were less so. As a younger man he had tolerated those as part of the cost of doing business - a sort of tax that all people must pay in order to take part in civilized society. When he had turned one hundred, he had decided to stop paying that tax. Henceforth he would engage only in conversations that really interested him - which, with a few exceptions for close friends and family members, meant conversations with a purpose. ~ Neal Stephenson
Reliford Tax quotes by Neal Stephenson
Instead of talking about cuts in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, we must end the absurdity of corporations not paying a nickel in federal income taxes. ~ Bernie Sanders
Reliford Tax quotes by Bernie Sanders
A smattering of English is worse than useless; it is an unnecessary tax on our women. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
Reliford Tax quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
Our practical choice is not between a tax-cut deficit and a budgetary surplus. It is between two kinds of deficits: a chronic deficit of inertia, as the unwanted result of inadequate revenues and a restricted economy; or a temporary deficit of transition, resulting from a tax cut designed to boost the economy, increase tax revenues, and achieve
and I believe this can be done
a budget surplus. The first type of deficit is a sign of waste and weakness; the second reflects an investment in the future. ~ John F. Kennedy
Reliford Tax quotes by John F. Kennedy
I'd tax the Daily Mail [if I were a Prime Minister] so high no one could afford to buy it. I hate that paper, I think it's really vicious. I picked one up the other day and every single page is about hate. It's just so negative. ~ Jason Flemyng
Reliford Tax quotes by Jason Flemyng
As an accomplished entrepreneur with a history that spans more than fourteen years, Annette Wise is constantly looking for ways to give back to her community. Using enterprising efforts, she qualified for $125,000 in startup funding to develop a specialized residential facility that allows developmentally disabled adults to live in the community after almost a lifetime of living in a state institution.

In doing so, she has provided steady employment in her community for the last thirteen years. After dedicating years to her residential facility, Annette began to see clearly the difficulty business owners face in planning for retirement successfully.

Searching high and low to find answers, she took control of financial uncertainty and in less than 2 years, she became a Full Life Agent, licensed Registered Representative, Investment Advisor Representative and Limited Principal.

Her focus is on building an extensive list of clients that depend on her for smart retirement guidance, thorough college planning, detailed business continuation, and business exit strategies.

Clients have come to rely on Annette for insight on tax advantaged savings and retirement options.

Annette's primary goal is to help her clients understand more than just concepts, but to easily understand how money works, the consequences of their decisions and how they work in conjunction with their desires and goal.

Ever the curious soul who is al ~ Annette Wise
Reliford Tax quotes by Annette Wise
As one man explains, "A lot of us have done okay, but we don't want to lose what we've got, see it given away." When I ask him what he saw as being "given away," it was not public waters given to dumpers, or clean air give to smoke stacks. It was not health or years of life. It was not lost public sector jobs. What he felt was being given away was tax money to support non-working people and non-deserving people--and not just tax money, but honor too. ~ Arlie Russell Hochschild
Reliford Tax quotes by Arlie Russell Hochschild
If the property belongs to God he is able to pay the tax. ~ Robert Green Ingersoll
Reliford Tax quotes by Robert Green Ingersoll
"We have tax revenue that's going to allow us to look in a much more comprehensive way at intervening in addiction." ~ John Hickenlooper
Reliford Tax quotes by John Hickenlooper
It was not until the Abraham Lincoln administration that an income tax was imposed on Americans. Its stated purpose was to finance the war, but it took until 1872 for it to be repealed. During the Grover Cleveland administration, Congress enacted the Income Tax Act of 1894. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional in 1895. It took the Sixteenth Amendment (1913) to make permanent what the Framers feared
today's income tax. ~ Walter E. Williams
Reliford Tax quotes by Walter E. Williams
The important thing about tax reform is you make the tax code less complicated, easier for people to understand. ~ Grover Norquist
Reliford Tax quotes by Grover Norquist
The real reason to oppose increasing tax rates on the wealthy is that it's a good bet they could do more to help the economy if they keep their money rather than have their earnings confiscated by the government and spent on another round of stimulus. ~ Terry Savage
Reliford Tax quotes by Terry Savage
Currently, 94 out of 100 of us pay the Social Security tax all year round. ~ Nick Clooney
Reliford Tax quotes by Nick Clooney
The criticism of religion ends with the teaching that man is the highest essence for man – hence, with the categoric imperative to overthrow all relations in which man is a debased, enslaved, abandoned, despicable essence, relations which cannot be better described than by the cry of a Frenchman when it was planned to introduce a tax on dogs: 'Poor dogs! They want to treat you as human beings! ~ Karl Marx
Reliford Tax quotes by Karl Marx
But at its most official heart, the U.S. Dollar is simply the "I.O.U. a Dollar's worth of Tax credit" promise of our sovereign Federal Government. ~ J.D. ALT
Reliford Tax quotes by J.D. ALT
I want to grow up to be Tom Keneally or David Malouf: still in the game, relevant, putting out quality work, and paying tax aged 78 and 80. ~ Nick Earls
Reliford Tax quotes by Nick Earls
I'm always trying to tackle subjects that tax me and make me think. That's the key to staying young at heart. The brain has to be exercised the same as the rest of the body. ~ Clint Eastwood
Reliford Tax quotes by Clint Eastwood
We already know that social security is more affordable in Scotland than it is in the rest of the U.K. - spending on social protection takes up a smaller share of our economic output and our tax revenues than is the case in the U.K. as a whole. ~ Nicola Sturgeon
Reliford Tax quotes by Nicola Sturgeon
There should not be one new dime in tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires as long as millions of children in America are poor, hungry, uneducated and without health coverage. ~ Marian Wright Edelman
Reliford Tax quotes by Marian Wright Edelman
The guest speaker was Herb Sandler, the CEO of a giant savings and loan called Golden West Financial Corporation. "Someone asked him if he believed in the free checking model," recalls Eisman. "And he said, 'Turn off your tape recorders.' Everyone turned off their tape recorders. And he explained that they avoided free checking because it was really a tax on poor people - in the form of fines for overdrawing their checking accounts. And that banks that used it were really just banking on being able to rip off poor people even more than they could if they charged them for their checks. ~ Michael Lewis
Reliford Tax quotes by Michael Lewis
Over the last 10 years a huge amount has been achieved in getting people into work. Measures such as the New Deal, tax credits, the minimum wage and improved childcare have brought about record numbers of people in work, a number that is still rising despite the global economic slowdown. ~ Lucy Powell
Reliford Tax quotes by Lucy Powell
But a tax on luxuries would no other effect than to raise their price. It would fall wholly on the consumer, and could neither increase wages nor lower profits. ~ David Ricardo
Reliford Tax quotes by David Ricardo
Let me respond with a few points, the first being that all immigrants pay taxes, income taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, gasoline taxes, cigarette taxes, every tax when they make a purchase. ~ Luis Gutierrez
Reliford Tax quotes by Luis Gutierrez
The art of taxation consists in so plucking the goose as to obtain the largest amount of feathers with the least possible amount of hissing. ~ Jean-Baptiste Colbert
Reliford Tax quotes by Jean-Baptiste Colbert
If people buy my books for vanity, I consider it a tax on idiocy. ~ Umberto Eco
Reliford Tax quotes by Umberto Eco
Pascal Saint-Amans, the OECD's top tax official, said the move was "very unhelpful" as it lumped jurisdictions that have signed up to global transparency initiatives together with holdouts such as Panama. He criticised the criteria as unfair, inefficient and subjective. The commission drew the "first pan-EU list of third-country non-cooperative tax jurisdictions" from blacklists provided by individual members. There were high numbers of offshore centres listed as unco-operative by some countries such as Greece and Italy, while others such as the UK, Germany and Sweden did not list any countries. ~ Anonymous
Reliford Tax quotes by Anonymous
I personally - if I were designing the tax code - would have a tax code in which Mitt Romney paid more than 13 percent, given what I know about the kind of investments he made money from. ~ Bill Kristol
Reliford Tax quotes by Bill Kristol
When you really want something, when you lust, seek, desire, await, anticipate or expect, when you sit in front of the TV after the late news twirling a plastic spoon in a bowl of lukewarm skim milk and saturated puffs of Special K, praying for nine or so hours to pass so that you can check the morning mail to see if the college accepted, the one-night stand wrote, the tax refund arrived or Publisher's Clearing House made you the winner of a dream house in Wisconsin, when you're really looking forward to something, that's when Fortuna dispatches a couple of her handmaidens to drop a load of shit on you. ~ Martin Fillmore Clark
Reliford Tax quotes by Martin Fillmore Clark
What I usually do is hoard money - I accumulate as much as possible in the fear of not having enough to pay tax. ~ Mark Billingham
Reliford Tax quotes by Mark Billingham
Even with not having a balanced budget at this time, I support tax cuts. That will help limit spending. ~ Steve Chabot
Reliford Tax quotes by Steve Chabot
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