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That's what it was supposed to be, but then we started meeting up for morning workouts, which led to a joint trip to the GNC, and then we discovered we both play chess, which led to inviting him over for a game night, and then I quoted Mallrats but he didn't get it, which led to a movie enlightenment mission and several movie-at-home nights…" I trail off, leaving the "etcetera etcetera" unspoken. Huffing out an exasperated sigh, I explain, "The more we hung out together, the more couple-y we got, and before I knew it we were buying extra toothbrushes to keep at our apartments and doing silly shit like giving each other keys. Add in the most amazing porn star sex ever, and it's apparently enough for me to want to have his puppy."

"You mean baby."

"God, no. You know better than that. I'm not the nurturing type."

"Yeah, well, you also used to say you weren't the falling in love type, either."

I narrow my eyes at her. "No one likes a wise-ass, Janey."

"Maybe not, but sometimes a hard-ass like you needs a wise-ass like me. ~ Gina L. Maxwell
Rebounder Workouts quotes by Gina L. Maxwell
eating enough carbohydrate every day will allow you to train harder, better absorb the stress of your training, and perform better in important workouts than you would without adequate carbohydrate intake. ~ Matt Fitzgerald
Rebounder Workouts quotes by Matt Fitzgerald
If I'm on holiday, I'm active on the beach, I play tennis, I run, I swim a lot. It's just about making the workouts fun, I think, and then it doesn't really feel that bad. ~ Candice Swanepoel
Rebounder Workouts quotes by Candice Swanepoel
Cheer for your teammates, regardless of whether they're fast or slow, veteran or neophyte, varsity or JV. Or rally the spirits of someone who's had a bad performance. Also, encourage stragglers during tough workouts; jog back to 'pick up' a runner who's behind during a long run. ~ Don Kardong
Rebounder Workouts quotes by Don Kardong
After workouts, I always try to eat protein right away, like a protein smoothie or an organic protein bar - you get them online. ~ Martha Hunt
Rebounder Workouts quotes by Martha Hunt
Really? If I could hate my trainer? That would be ideal. I'd prefer to despise this person with the fire of ten thousand suns. So when I walk - nay, crawl - out of here at the end of my workouts, I want to lull myself to sleep by picturing my very talented and inspirational trainer getting hit by a bus. A bus that I am driving. ~ Jen Lancaster
Rebounder Workouts quotes by Jen Lancaster
I think it's fun to get in a room and sweat with people. I'm happy to share my workouts with everyone. ~ Madonna Ciccone
Rebounder Workouts quotes by Madonna Ciccone
Don't measure anything unless the data helps you make a better decision or change your actions.
If you're not prepared to change your diet or your workouts, don't get on the scale. ~ Seth Godin
Rebounder Workouts quotes by Seth Godin
You don't need great skill to be a tough rebounder; being a rebounder is all about effort, determination, and physicality ~ Michael Malone
Rebounder Workouts quotes by Michael Malone
I don't like workouts that make you bulky. ~ Naomi Campbell
Rebounder Workouts quotes by Naomi Campbell
The most important thing for staying in shape is having fun with your workouts. ~ Erin Heatherton
Rebounder Workouts quotes by Erin Heatherton
If you're not on your 'A' game in our workouts every day, you're going to get absolutely smoked. ~ Michael Phelps
Rebounder Workouts quotes by Michael Phelps
Now, granted, Howard doesn't fit the conventional psychological profile of a rebounder - that of the no-nonsense, utilitarian "dirty work" specialist. Rather, this is a guy who sings Beyoncé at the free throw line, who quotes not Scarface but Finding Nemo, whose idea of humor is ordering 10 pizzas to be delivered to another player's hotel room, or knocking on teammates' doors and sprinting off down the hall, giggling. He goofs around during practice, during press conferences and during team shootarounds, for which Magic coach Stan Van Gundy has had to institute a no-flatulence rule because, as teammate Rashard Lewis says, "Dwight really likes to cut the cheese. ~ Chris Ballard
Rebounder Workouts quotes by Chris Ballard
Live Foods and Exercise = Good Health and Happiness. Make eating the right foods and daily workouts a top priority. ~ Bradford Winters
Rebounder Workouts quotes by Bradford Winters
To combat the monotony of gym workouts, I started playing soccer. I looked at workouts as training sessions. My soccer training includes squats, pushups, resistance-band work, and sprints. Ninety minutes of running became part of my love of the game rather than a chore. ~ Adam Richman
Rebounder Workouts quotes by Adam Richman
I have worked out with the Thunder, Lakers, Knicks, Grizzlies, Spurs, and a few others before the draft. I have worked out primarily against shorter and supposedly faster players in these workouts. ~ Jeremy Lin
Rebounder Workouts quotes by Jeremy Lin
Workouts are like brushing my teeth; I don't think about them, I just do them. The decision has already been made. ~ PattiSue Plumer
Rebounder Workouts quotes by PattiSue Plumer
Being busy helping customers meant that I had no time to train the way I was used to, with an intense four-or five-hour workout each day. So I adopted the idea of training twice a day, two hours before work and two hours from seven to nine in the evening, when business slacked off and only the serious lifters were left. Split workouts seemed like an annoyance at first, but I realized I was onto something when I saw the results: I was concentrating better and recovering faster while grinding out longer and harder sets. On many days I would add a third training session at lunchtime. I'd isolate a body part that I thought was weak and give it thirty or forty minutes of my full attention, blasting twenty sets of calf raises, say, or one hundred triceps extensions. I did the same thing some nights after dinner, coming back to train for an hour at eleven o'clock. As I went to sleep in my snug little room, I'd often feel one or another muscle that I'd traumatized that day jumping and twitching-just a side effect of a successful workout and every pleasing, because I knew those fibers would now recover and grow. ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger
Rebounder Workouts quotes by Arnold Schwarzenegger
Writing is a muscle. Smaller than a hamstring and slightly bigger than a bicep, and it needs to be exercised to get stronger. Think of your words as reps, your paragraphs as sets, your pages as daily workouts. Think of your laptop as a machine like the one at the gym where you open and close your inner thighs in front of everyone, exposing both your insecurities and your genitals. Because that is what writing is all about. ~ Colin Nissan
Rebounder Workouts quotes by Colin Nissan
For me, music makes my smile brighter during my workouts. It adds that extra something that motivates me to go further or work harder! ~ Summer Sanders
Rebounder Workouts quotes by Summer Sanders
As your bodybuilding aims become higher, obviously you have to work harder, until, believe it or not, you are performing from 20-30 sets of both biceps and triceps three workouts per week. ~ Reg Park
Rebounder Workouts quotes by Reg Park
I brought killer intensity to my workouts ... It's not enough to just show up and do the workout. You have to bring something to it ... What was your intention? If you are not believing with all fervour and relentlessness in what it is you want to do, no one is going to do that for you. ~ Lynn Jennings
Rebounder Workouts quotes by Lynn Jennings
There are times I might coach one or two workouts a year when the regular coach gets caught in traffic. ~ Mark Spitz
Rebounder Workouts quotes by Mark Spitz
I hate the gym, so I try to diversify my workouts with swimming and basketball. Indoors, it's less boring than running. I do find that diet is key. I eat lots of lean protein, no soda, no fast food or fried foods, and a lot of water. But I love food and often cook. ~ Mike Colter
Rebounder Workouts quotes by Mike Colter
The "active couch potato syndrome" is an actual observed scientific phenomenon whereby devoted fitness enthusiasts - who conduct daily workouts but live otherwise inactivity-dominant lifestyles - are not immune to the cellular dysfunction and metabolic disease patterns driven by inactivity. Statistics referenced by James Levine, MD, PhD, a Mayo Clinic researcher, international expert on obesity, and author of Get Up! Why Your Chair is Killing You and What You Can Do About It, ~ Mark Sisson
Rebounder Workouts quotes by Mark Sisson
It's very difficult for my body to recover after workouts now that I'm older, so we have to keep them short, which means they're extremely difficult and intense. It sucks. ~ Dana Torres
Rebounder Workouts quotes by Dana Torres
Sometimes something as simple as going for a 20-minute jog on any given day is important. Keeps your body moving and legs from getting stiffened up from doing high-intensity workouts during the week. ~ Jozy Altidore
Rebounder Workouts quotes by Jozy Altidore
One of my all-time favorite workouts is boxing. ~ Cassie Scerbo
Rebounder Workouts quotes by Cassie Scerbo
Low-intensity, high-volume training develops the sort of suffering tolerance that enhances fatigue resistance more effectively than does speed-based training. Fast runs may hurt more, but long runs hurt longer. The slow-burn type of suffering that runners experience in longer, less intense workouts is more specific to racing. ~ Matt Fitzgerald
Rebounder Workouts quotes by Matt Fitzgerald
She had streaked blonde hair, long and straight, parted in the middle framing high cheek bones, an aquiline nose and beautiful deep blue eyes. She was young, around 30, tall and lithe with a good body, athletic, not skinny. She wore a sleeveless black dress that exposed her toned arms and shoulders, indicating regular workouts or yoga. There was a hint of vein running the length of her lean muscle. This girl stood out like an arabian in a corral full of draft horses. ~ Nick Hahn
Rebounder Workouts quotes by Nick Hahn
But it's the wrestler who can put the fatigue out of his mind and break through the "wall," like a marathon runner after 18 or 20 miles, who will survive. The key to that survival is in hard workouts that develop mental confidence to the point where you won't submit to fatigue and pain descending upon you. ~ Lou Banach
Rebounder Workouts quotes by Lou Banach
We all have bad days and bad workouts, when running gets ugly, when split times seem slow, when you wonder why you started. It will pass. ~ Hal Higdon
Rebounder Workouts quotes by Hal Higdon
The funny thing is, I really feel it if I don't run. I start getting sluggish, and I feel like I need to do it. That's how I know that the workouts are working - I miss them if I don't have them. ~ Kai Ryssdal
Rebounder Workouts quotes by Kai Ryssdal
There are so many things out there now like these 30-minute workouts. I don't know if they work, but a lot of people have jobs and they don't have time to go to the gym. They can do those little 30-minute workouts they see on TV, or get one of those little portable gyms for their house. I think that's a good start. ~ Andre Reed
Rebounder Workouts quotes by Andre Reed
I think someone should design exercise machines that reward people with sex at the end of their workouts, because people will perform superhuman feats for even the faint hope of that. ~ Tina Fey
Rebounder Workouts quotes by Tina Fey
If you say you're going to do something, you do it. If you start it, you finish it. Yes sir, no ma'am. And you've got to have that kind of structure in your life. It kind of helped me be that disciplined person that I am, whether it's with workouts, film or just the game of football. ~ Robert Griffin III
Rebounder Workouts quotes by Robert Griffin III
A few months later I got a call from a close friend, Jeff Bloch.
"I was reading in Men's Health that they're going to do a search for a regular guy to put on the cover," Jeff said.
He went on to tell me that Men's Health usually only had celebrities on their cover, but they were teaming up with Kenneth Cole to do this "Ultimate Guy Search," and Jeff thought I should enter. During my Army days I used to tell the guys that I'd be on the cover of Men's Health someday. Back then it was a real pie-in-the-sky dream, but I thought about it a lot. I even thought about it again after I was injured and started to design my own workouts. I thought I had a legit story for them. But of course it wasn't a reality until Jeff's call. ~ Noah Galloway
Rebounder Workouts quotes by Noah Galloway
Workouts should be tailored to the participant rather than the participant tailored to the workout. ~ Charline Ratcliff
Rebounder Workouts quotes by Charline Ratcliff
I do my workouts in the morning, and often I'll take someone from my team. The person I'm meeting with can pick the class, whether it's a spin or barre class, or going for a power walk. It's hard to run and talk - I haven't mastered that yet. ~ Alexa Von Tobel
Rebounder Workouts quotes by Alexa Von Tobel
My workouts include aerobic exercise for a healthy cardiovascular system; strength training to maintain muscle tone and bone density; core strength exercise for a stable mid-section; and stretching to maintain mobility. ~ Samantha Stosur
Rebounder Workouts quotes by Samantha Stosur
So if you add it all up, weight workouts give you two, and possibly three, important advantages over endurance exercise: 1. The afterburn, which might be an extra 50 calories. 2. A higher percentage of fat calories used for energy after the workout. 3. A possible increase in resting metabolic rate, in the neighborhood of 50 calories a day. ~ Lou Schuler
Rebounder Workouts quotes by Lou Schuler
Most workouts are way too aggressive. Thousands of lunges wear out the body. ~ Richard Simmons
Rebounder Workouts quotes by Richard Simmons
Maximum Sustained Power workouts are much less taxing on the cardio endurance component and instead focus on going for max power or going home. Literally, you end your mini-sets when you can't lift the heavy bar again due to accumulated fatigue. Or, in the case of vertical jumps or calibrated exercise equipment, you stop the set when you fall materially short of your baseline absolute power performance standard that you started the workout with. ~ Mark Sisson
Rebounder Workouts quotes by Mark Sisson
A player's ability to rebound is inversely proportional to the distance between where he was born and the nearest railroad tracks. The greater distance you live from the poor side of the railroad tracks, the less likely that you will be a good rebounder. ~ Pete Carril
Rebounder Workouts quotes by Pete Carril
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