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#1. I love weird science. I learned in an article in 'National Geographic' that there are trillions of bacteria in our guts that help us digest food. These are non-human creatures. - Author: Will Hobbs
Reader Digest Love quotes by Will Hobbs
#2. You have more issues than Reader's Digest. - Author: Rebecca McNutt
Reader Digest Love quotes by Rebecca McNutt
#3. I had a few glasses of wine at lunch. just the little bottle Sutter Home 4-pack from the party store. Kept it light. It's European, helps you relax, and lets you digest your food properly. Plus. I paired it with a new Artisan Bread sandwich from Quiznos. It's inspired by Europe. So good. Ate it in my car. Europeans love to dine outside. - Author: Karl Welzein
Reader Digest Love quotes by Karl Welzein
#4. She's a poetry book.
You must read every letter,
and digest every word.
Every part of her paints
a part of a bigger picture.
You can't love her,
if you do not intend on
reading every page
and learning how to
comprehend every piece of her. - Author: Pierre Alex Jeanty
Reader Digest Love quotes by Pierre Alex Jeanty
#5. Did my courage make you crazy? Cripple you with the unknown?
Did my silence create desire - make you feel things you could not discern?
Is my shinning light exploding? Can your eyes not yet adjust?
Is my forgiveness running through you? Knowing your pain I will not digest?
Is my confidence disrupting the girl you LOVE to HATE the most? - Author: Coco J. Ginger
Reader Digest Love quotes by Coco J. Ginger
#6. Are you still with this man?
On no, She sniffed. I realized pretty quickly I couldn't marry a man without a bookshelf.
No bookshelf?
In his house. Not even a little one in his loo for the Reader's Digest.
Many people in this country don't read books.
He didn't have one book. Not even a true crime. Or a Jeffrey Archer. I mean, what does that tell you about someone's character? - Author: Jojo Moyes
Reader Digest Love quotes by Jojo Moyes
#7. How much of what we think of as an admirable response to trauma - the "stiff upper lip" - is actually dissociation, the mind's attempt to protect us from experiences that are too painful to digest? I can recall the facts, at least some of them. But I don't feel very much. At least, the feelings I have are not kind. They are not sympathetic toward my fifteen-year-old self. It happened. It happens to a lot of women. I survived. Most women do. I am "strong," but in those moments of strength, I don't feel. I will admit that I am very afraid of one thing. Not just afraid. Ashamed. I am afraid that I am incapable of love. (11) - Author: Jessica Stern
Reader Digest Love quotes by Jessica Stern
#8. You have to digest life. You have to chew it up and love it all through. - Author: Paula McLain
Reader Digest Love quotes by Paula McLain
#9. Love Poem with Peanut Shells"

Now I am in the warm oil of your mouth,
comfortably sleeping in your throat. We build
with flagstone, shop for sconces and radiance.
Your large hands bundle and stack wood into walls.
You digest my shape, unlit layer, lung. Light
begins here, where we are one decimal point, where
I stand with a cool blue hat that covers my eyes,
red shoes that drop anchor. Where we sit in bars
with peanut shells with Mikes and Leroys and Toms.
Where you counsel me on lips and throat. Where
you love the hiss of my atom. Where the ocean is zero
miles from everywhere. Here, madness has no map.
Here, God is abridged. 0 to be loved this way.
To have lips that bear fruit. To be cancelled. - Author: Victoria Chang
Reader Digest Love quotes by Victoria Chang
#10. We're told by TV and Reader's Digest that a crisis will trigger massive personal change
and that those big changes will make the pain worthwhile. But from what he could see, big change almost never happens. People simply feel lost. They have no idea what to say or do or feel or think. they become messes and tend to remain messes. - Author: Douglas Coupland
Reader Digest Love quotes by Douglas Coupland
#11. I have been an avid reader of 'Golf Digest' ever since I started playing this great game. - Author: Paula Creamer
Reader Digest Love quotes by Paula Creamer
#12. Chocolate and coffee ? Together ? Whoever came up with that combination should have won a Nobel Peace Prize. Or at least a subscription to Reader's Digest. - Author: Darynda Jones
Reader Digest Love quotes by Darynda Jones
#13. I took a course in speed reading. Then I got Reader's Digest on microfilm. By the time I got the machine set up, I was done. - Author: Steven Wright
Reader Digest Love quotes by Steven Wright
#14. ...One lives and survives only if one has the ability to swallow and digest bitter and unpalatable things. We, you and I, and our people shall live because there are only a few among us who do not love raw onions. - Author: Jamil Ahmad
Reader Digest Love quotes by Jamil Ahmad
#15. I read Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, Reader's Digest ... I read some responsible journalism, and from that, I form my own opinions. I also happen to be intelligent, and I question everything. - Author: Gary Coleman
Reader Digest Love quotes by Gary Coleman
#16. A man doesn't have time in his life
to have time for everything.
He doesn't have seasons enough to have
a season for every purpose. Ecclesiastes
Was wrong about that.

A man needs to love and to hate at the same moment,
to laugh and cry with the same eyes,
with the same hands to throw stones and to gather them,
to make love in war and war in love.
And to hate and forgive and remember and forget,
to arrange and confuse, to eat and to digest
what history
takes years and years to do.

A man doesn't have time.
When he loses he seeks, when he finds
he forgets, when he forgets he loves, when he loves
he begins to forget.

And his soul is seasoned, his soul
is very professional.
Only his body remains forever
an amateur. It tries and it misses,
gets muddled, doesn't learn a thing,
drunk and blind in its pleasures
and its pains.

He will die as figs die in autumn,
Shriveled and full of himself and sweet,
the leaves growing dry on the ground,
the bare branches pointing to the place
where there's time for everything.
- Author: Yehuda Amichai
Reader Digest Love quotes by Yehuda Amichai
#17. ... so many ticks steadily around the clock. My heart beats ferociously, as if to say it will not digest this leaving. But you are gone. I could never look into your tormenting eyes again. You mock me with each word you choose ... . of the millions of words in the English tongue you could have chosen ... you select the one's that break me down. - Author: Coco J. Ginger
Reader Digest Love quotes by Coco J. Ginger
#18. I ate some emotional soup in my childhood and have spent a lifetime trying to digest it. - Author: Billy Ray Chitwood
Reader Digest Love quotes by Billy Ray Chitwood
#19. There's more, Anna. When we first got to California," she says, "you asked me if I remembered your birthday party." I nod, picking at a thread on her comforter. "I did remember. Matt was acting like such a space cadet that night after we got home – like he was floating. I can't believe I didn't figure it out, but of all the things that he could have been thinking about, you were the last – I mean, my mind just didn't even go there. You were like our sister."
"But I–"
"Wait – let me get this out." She looks at me hard, her broken wing eyebrow trembling to keep the tears back. "After I brushed my teeth, I walked into his room. He was sitting on his bed, playing with that blue glass necklace he always wore, a big smile on his face. Remember the necklace?"
The necklace.
"Of course."
"I asked him what was so funny. He jumped a little, not knowing I'd been watching him smile there like a goofy little kid. He said it was nothing – just that he had fun at the party. And I believed him, all the way up until the day I read your journal. That's when it all made sense. All the times he'd ask me about who you liked at school, or who wanted to take you to whatever dance."
She's quiet as I digest her story, putting the pieces together to form a complete whole from the missing half that's haunted me since that night – how did he really feel about me? Was it just one stupid moment, perpetuated a little too long, only to be forgotten as quickly as it came? A - Author: Sarah Ockler
Reader Digest Love quotes by Sarah Ockler
#20. We humans have known since time immemorial something that science is only now discovering: our gut feeling is responsible in no small measure for how we feel. We are "scared shitless" or we can be "shitting ourselves" with fear. If we don't manage to complete a job, we can't get our "ass in gear." We "swallow" our disappointment and need time to "digest" a defeat. A nasty comment leaves a "bad taste in our mouth." When we fall in love, we get "butterflies in our stomach." Our self is created in our head and our gut - no longer just in language, but increasingly also in the lab. - Author: Giulia Enders
Reader Digest Love quotes by Giulia Enders
#21. A heart can no more be forced to love than a stomach can be forced to digest food by persuasion. - Author: Alfred Nobel
Reader Digest Love quotes by Alfred Nobel
#22. This transformation helped me to become productive and my mindset became focused on change for the better. My identity was the essence of me, and the path without fear was ahead of me as I walked, knowing that happiness, grace, joy, and love were my birthright! - Author: Charlena E. Jackson
Reader Digest Love quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#23. Love fuels a happy soul. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Reader Digest Love quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#24. I love the sound of breaking glass Especially when Im lonely I need the noises of destruction When theres nothing new. - Author: Nick Lowe
Reader Digest Love quotes by Nick Lowe
#25. People know when they are being lied to, they know when their rulers are absurd, they know they do not love their chains. - Author: Christopher Hitchens
Reader Digest Love quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#26. Of nothing comes nothing: springs rise not above Their source in the far-hidden heart of the mountains: Whence then have descended the Wisdom and Love That in man leap to light in intelligent fountains? - Author: John Townsend Trowbridge
Reader Digest Love quotes by John Townsend Trowbridge
#27. I used to hate L.A., but I met such a great group of people there that I fell in love with it. - Author: Alber Elbaz
Reader Digest Love quotes by Alber Elbaz
#28. I know you can't see it, not you, Ed, but maybe if I tell you the whole plot you'll understand it this once, because even now I want you to see it. I don't love you anymore, of course I don't, but there's still something I can show you. You know I want to be a director, but you never truly see the movies in my head and that, Ed, is why we broke up. - Author: Daniel Handler
Reader Digest Love quotes by Daniel Handler
#29. God's grace is sufficient when we come up short in our obedience, but it is important to call sin "sin" and declare war on it. Those who love God in truth will set their hearts to live in a spirit of obedience in every area of their lives - including their use of time, money, and words, and in what their eyes look at. - Author: Mike Bickle
Reader Digest Love quotes by Mike Bickle
#30. who is actually delusional? Who is actually following Jesus: fundamentalist Christians rejecting gay men and lesbians' right to marry, or atheist humanists treating men and women with love and dignity? Fact-based, enlightened atheists sometimes treat people like shit, and delusional fundamentalists sometimes miss a book event in order to help a lonely hotel maid. Labels don't mean anything. Who cares about labels when someone is slapping you in the face? Who cares about labels when someone is saving you from drowning? - Author: Frank Schaeffer
Reader Digest Love quotes by Frank Schaeffer
#31. However she redefined herself, that part of one that made for the core of the self, that part that we think of as the ultimate, inner being - that was ineradicable Scottish. That part spoke with a Scottish voice; that part looked out through Scottish eyes; and it was that part that now welled within her as she gazed out through the window of the descending plane and saw below her the rolling Borders hills… - Author: Alexander McCall Smith
Reader Digest Love quotes by Alexander McCall Smith
#32. I'm the last person to ask about unrequited love - I've run away to the Moon and fled to its valleys ... - Author: John Geddes
Reader Digest Love quotes by John Geddes
#33. But the love of adventure was in father's blood. - Author: Buffalo Bill
Reader Digest Love quotes by Buffalo Bill
#34. A smile grew slowly on his face, and he rubbed his nose gently against mine. "That has to be the longest ' I love you' in the history of the world. - Author: Kate McCarthy
Reader Digest Love quotes by Kate  McCarthy
#35. I love vintage, but it's so expensive now. - Author: Alexandra Roach
Reader Digest Love quotes by Alexandra Roach
#36. I always sleep well, dearest, except for when your hot body smothers me completely!"
Darcy grinned. "Forgive me. Even sub- consciously I must be near you. I have no control over the matter. Tea and a scone?"
"Yes, please." She sat, tucking her feet under her. "No need to apologize, William. I simply elbow you hard and you roll away, temporarily at least. Come winter you can re- pay the treatment when I slip my frozen feet between your thighs. - Author: Sharon Lathan
Reader Digest Love quotes by Sharon Lathan
#37. Love is when your heart melts like butter on toast; when you feel lightheaded and free. Most of all, you feel an ache to be with them, to look at them and to touch them. - Author: Astrid Lee Miles
Reader Digest Love quotes by Astrid Lee Miles
#38. For me, there's nothing that beats playing. When I'm not playing, I'll watch games on the television, watch stuff on You Tube, everything. I just live for football, love watching great players. - Author: Jermain Defoe
Reader Digest Love quotes by Jermain Defoe
#39. Ordinarily we think sex makes people loving - sex can never make people loving. In fact, it is sexuality that prevents love from growing - because it is the same energy that has to become love. It is being destroyed in sex. To become love, the same energy has to move to the heart centre. - Author: Rajneesh
Reader Digest Love quotes by Rajneesh
#40. What's your heart telling you to do?
I don't know.'
Maybe, you're trying too hard to hear it. - Author: Nicholas Sparks
Reader Digest Love quotes by Nicholas Sparks
#41. God's creation is absolute amazing.
He is the great God of wonders. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Reader Digest Love quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#42. I think that she is everything I have ever loved about our religion distilled down to fit into one person, everything about the faith that is both selfless and responsible. - Author: Ann Patchett
Reader Digest Love quotes by Ann Patchett
#43. Well, do be careful, my love. Poetry can cause irreparable harm when misapplied. - Author: Gail Carriger
Reader Digest Love quotes by Gail Carriger
#44. Maybe we weren't broken after all. - Author: Calista Lynne
Reader Digest Love quotes by Calista Lynne

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