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#1. Blessed are those who can content themselves with whorehouses! Parapine, - Author: Louis Ferdinand Celine
Rayures Louis quotes by Louis Ferdinand Celine
#2. Really don't choose every day from the harvest you experience but from the seeds you plant - Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
Rayures Louis quotes by Robert Louis Stevenson
#3. LOUIS SACHAR is the author of the New York Times #1 bestseller Holes, winner of the Newbery Medal, the National Book Award, and the Christopher Award. He is also the author of Stanley Yelnats' Survival Guide to Camp Green Lake; Small Steps, winner of the Schneider Family Book Award; and The Cardturner, a Publishers Weekly Best Book, a Parents' Choice Gold Award recipient, and an ALA-YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults book. His books for younger readers include There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom, The Boy Who Lost His Face, Dogs Don't Tell Jokes, and the Marvin Redpost series, among many others. - Author: Louis Sachar
Rayures Louis quotes by Louis Sachar
#4. I think that anybody from the 20th century, up to now, has to be aware that if it wasn't for Louis Armstrong, we'd all be wearing powdered wigs. I think that Louis Armstrong loosened the world, helped people to be able to say "Yeah," and to walk with a little dip in their hip. Before Louis Armstrong, the world was definitely square, just like Christopher Columbus thought. - Author: Hugh Masekela
Rayures Louis quotes by Hugh Masekela
#5. Quite often the dolphins save the lives of those who are drowning, and sometimes they dolphins make a mistake and try to save those who are not drowning at all but are really diving for turtles. That is something that one just has to put up with from time to time, and it serves to prove how simpatico the animals are. - Author: Louis De Bernieres
Rayures Louis quotes by Louis De Bernieres
#6. Let not that man presumes to look for mercy from God who offends His Holy Mother! - Author: Louis De Montfort
Rayures Louis quotes by Louis De Montfort
#7. It is the mark of a modest man to accept his friendly circle ready-made from the hands of opportunity; - Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
Rayures Louis quotes by Robert Louis Stevenson
#8. When I'm writing my blog, I think of myself at 13 years old, back in St. Louis, daydreaming about Hollywood. - Author: Jenna Fischer
Rayures Louis quotes by Jenna Fischer
#9. about as emotional as a bagpipe. - Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
Rayures Louis quotes by Robert Louis Stevenson
#10. French cinema has always been very interesting, and it's still very powerful. I think it goes to show that it's great to still have a cinema that doesn't try to emulate, for example, American cinema. - Author: Louis Leterrier
Rayures Louis quotes by Louis Leterrier
#11. Well that's true, and what is actually happening now is that there are accusations that those records contain conspiratorial information that has been concealed from the American people and that is a dangerous situation that just cannot be tolerated. - Author: Louis Stokes
Rayures Louis quotes by Louis Stokes
#12. All these words we use, anybody can be a genius now. It used to be you had to have a thought no one ever had before or you had to invent a number. Now, it's like, Hey, I've got a cup in case we need another cup. Dude, you're a genius! - Author: Louis C.K.
Rayures Louis quotes by Louis C.K.
#13. There is a rhythm in life, a certain beauty which operates by a variation of lights and shadows, happiness alternating with sorrow, content with discontent, distilling in this process of contrast a sense of satisfaction, of richness that can be captured and pinned down only by those who possess the gift of awareness. - Author: Louis Bromfield
Rayures Louis quotes by Louis Bromfield
#14. Back home, he sleeps in Clarence's bed. Then he moves across and arranges the pillows beside the ghost of his wife. All three of them lie down together. The pulse of Louis Armstrong sounds out from the record player, the notes moving tenderly through his torment. - Author: Colum McCann
Rayures Louis quotes by Colum McCann
#15. He is a fine friend. He stabs you in the front. - Author: Leonard Louis Levinson
Rayures Louis quotes by Leonard Louis Levinson
#16. A city built upon mud;
A culture built upon profit;
Free speech nipped in the bud,
The minority always guilty.
Why should I want to go back
To you, Ireland, my Ireland?
Her mountains are still blue, her rivers flow
Bubbling over the boulders.
She is both a bore and a bitch;
Better close the horizon,
Send her no more fantasy, no more longings which
Are under a fatal tariff.
For common sense is the vogue
And she gives her children neither sense nor money
Who slouch around the world with a gesture and a brogue
And a faggot of useless memories. - Author: Louis MacNeice
Rayures Louis quotes by Louis MacNeice
#17. Perfection irritates as well as it attracts, in fiction as in life. - Author: Louis Auchincloss
Rayures Louis quotes by Louis Auchincloss
#18. Experience should teach us to be most on our guard to protect liberty when the government's purposes are beneficent. Men born to freedom are naturally alert to repel invasion of their liberty by evil-minded rulers. The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding.
[Olmstead v. U.S., 277 U.S. 438 (1928) (dissenting)] - Author: Louis D. Brandeis
Rayures Louis quotes by Louis D. Brandeis
#19. A classic is like a hidden treasure. Its core is buried under so many layers of varnish that it can be reached only by patience and infiltration. - Author: Jean-Louis Barrault
Rayures Louis quotes by Jean-Louis Barrault
#20. Hitting his enormous body was useless. I might as well have pounded a huge leather sack filled with wheat. So - Author: Louis L'Amour
Rayures Louis quotes by Louis L'Amour
#21. Our job is to be an awake people...utterly conscious, to attend to our world. - Author: Louis Owens
Rayures Louis quotes by Louis Owens
#22. Memory"

I've memorized all the fish in the sea
I've memorized each opportunity strangled
I remember awakening one morning
and finding everything smeared with the color of
forgotten love
and I've memorized
that too.

I've memorized green rooms in
St. Louis and New Orleans
where I wept because I knew that by myself I
could not overcome
the terror of them and it.

I've memorized all the unfaithful years
(and the faithful ones too)
I've memorized each cigarette that I've rolled.
I've memorized Beethoven and New York City
I've memorized
riding up escalators, I've memorized
Chicago and cottage cheese, and the mouths of
some of the ladies and the legs of
some of the ladies
I've known
and the way the rain came down hard.
I've memorized the face of my father in his coffin,
I've memorized all the cars I have driven
and each of their sad deaths,
I've memorized each jail cell,
the face of each new president
and the faces of some of the assassins;
I've even memorized the arguments I've had with
some of the women
I've loved.

best of all
I've memorized tonight and now and the way the
light falls across my fingers,
specks and smears on the wall,
shades down behind orange curtains;
I light a rolled cigarette and then laugh a little,
yes, I've memorized it all.

Author: Charles Bukowski
Rayures Louis quotes by Charles Bukowski
#23. Sadness is poetic. You're lucky to live sad moments. When you let yourself be sad, your body has antibodies. It has happiness that comes rushing in to meet the sadness. - Author: Louis C.K.
Rayures Louis quotes by Louis C.K.
#24. Wisdom of the Ages "Assault and Battery" Weather forecast for the St. Louis Rams next Sunday in Seattle. - Author: Matthew D. Heines
Rayures Louis quotes by Matthew D. Heines
#25. Whether the task is fixing health care, upgrading K-12 education, bolstering national security, or a host of other missions, the U.S. is better at patching problems than fixing them. - Author: Louis V. Gerstner, Jr.
Rayures Louis quotes by Louis V. Gerstner, Jr.
#26. Nothing but blackness above And nothing that moves but the cars ... God, if you wish for our love, Fling us a handful of stars! - Author: Louis Untermeyer
Rayures Louis quotes by Louis Untermeyer
#27. I decided, long ago, back-room negotiations with a nine iron and a pen, witness tampering, and suppression of evidence weren't for me. That's
what was expected of an independent lawyer hired by Louis Fernoza.

I wanted the corner office overlooking a
cityscape, the fine car and house, and the ability to sleep at night with a clear conscience. I'd say I achieved it all but not without a price. - Author: A.E.H. Veenman
Rayures Louis quotes by A.E.H. Veenman
#28. Sins of omission, Louis said.
You don't believe in sins.
I believe there are failures of character, like I said before. That's a sin. - Author: Kent Haruf
Rayures Louis quotes by Kent Haruf
#29. Experience teaches us to be most on our guard to protect liberty when the government's purposes are beneficent. - Author: Louis D. Brandeis
Rayures Louis quotes by Louis D. Brandeis
#30. Browsing through the shelves in bookstores or libraries, I was completely happy. - Author: Louis L'Amour
Rayures Louis quotes by Louis L'Amour
#31. At the earliest drawings of the fractal curve, few clues to the underlying mathematical structure will be seen. - Author: Louis L'Amour
Rayures Louis quotes by Louis L'Amour
#32. Mealtime
"A mousie squealing in a trap
Woke me from my morning nap.
Wasn't he so very sweet
To tell me it was time to eat?"
(From A CAT'S GARDEN OF VERSES) - Author: Henry N. Beard
Rayures Louis quotes by Henry N. Beard
#33. Fanatics are those who, when following a doctrine becomes inconvenient, make up rules of their own. - Author: Cathryn Louis
Rayures Louis quotes by Cathryn Louis
#34. The Open Road goes to the used-car lot. - Author: Louis Simpson
Rayures Louis quotes by Louis Simpson
#35. The cry 'Liberty, equality, fraternity or death!' was much in vogue during the Revolution. Liberty ended by covering France with prisons, equality by multiplying titles and decorations, and fraternity by dividing us. Death alone prevailed. - Author: Louis De Bonald
Rayures Louis quotes by Louis De Bonald
#36. But Brooklyn, in fact, was the third-largest city in America and had been for some time. It was a major manufacturing center - for glass, steel, tinware, marble mantels, hats, buggy whips, chemicals, cordage, whiskey, beer, glue. It was a larger seaport than New York, a larger city than Boston, Chicago, St. Louis, San Francisco, and growing faster than any of them - faster even than - Author: David McCullough
Rayures Louis quotes by David McCullough
#37. Now get that Rose, get that get that Rose A little Hennessy & Louis the Thirteenth - Author: Nicki Minaj
Rayures Louis quotes by Nicki Minaj
#38. The Louis Vuitton woman is more about a quality - a quality within some women that needs to come forward, to be noticed and recognised. - Author: Marc Jacobs
Rayures Louis quotes by Marc Jacobs
#39. There are two things that men should never weary of, goodness and humility; we get none too much of them in this rough world among cold, proud people. - Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
Rayures Louis quotes by Robert Louis Stevenson
#40. My devil had been long caged, he came out roaring. - Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
Rayures Louis quotes by Robert Louis Stevenson
#41. Initially the papers said that the fact that Louis Brandeis was picked because he was Jewish. The New York Sun said he's the first Jew ever picked for the bench - a long and bitter fight expected in the Senate over confirmation. - Author: Jeffrey Rosen
Rayures Louis quotes by Jeffrey Rosen

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