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It's the ratings, stupid, don't you know? They've got us putting more fuzz and wuzz on the air, cop-show stuff. ~ Dan Rather
Ratings quotes by Dan Rather
I don't pay attention to the ratings. ~ Martha Plimpton
Ratings quotes by Martha Plimpton
I honestly believe that TV generally is obsessed with the ratings battle to the point of cutting its own throat. ~ Jonathan Dimbleby
Ratings quotes by Jonathan Dimbleby
Nasty is the new normal in Florida. Politics here is very gutterlike. It's like a very bad reality TV show that still gets very high ratings. ~ Dan Gelber
Ratings quotes by Dan Gelber
We all know why [the generals] are so critical of the defense secretary. They're being defensive because they weren't able to implement his brilliant plan [on screen: Operation 'Greet Us As Liberators']. It was so simple: Go in with 100,000 troops, topple the regime, everybody loves us, and we leave by Easter 2003. These ex-military men have their right to their opinions, that's fine. They just shouldn't voice them during a war [on screen: 'Loose Lips Sink Approval Ratings'] ~ Stephen Colbert
Ratings quotes by Stephen Colbert
We got great ratings and fan interest, and that's what management wanted. ~ Trish Stratus
Ratings quotes by Trish Stratus
The trafficking of sex and violence is comes after the demand for ratings. ~ Norman Lear
Ratings quotes by Norman Lear
When I see Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity baying across the television screen, I find it hard to take them seriously. I assume that they must be saying what they do primarily to boost book sales or ratings, although I do wonder who would spend their precious evenings with such sourpusses. ~ Barack Obama
Ratings quotes by Barack Obama
To me, in retrospect, it was amazing that 'Seinfeld' was a show that had such mass appeal. At first it was a disaster in the ratings, but then it became a cultural phenomenon. I don't know if that's possible anymore, but I don't try for that. ~ Bill Lawrence
Ratings quotes by Bill Lawrence
There are those who believe a liberal or a conservative bias permeates the media. I don't. The operative press bias is one that favors conflict, not ideology, and it is lashed by a market-driven bias to boost ratings or circulation with more wow stories, more sizzle. ~ Ken Auletta
Ratings quotes by Ken Auletta
The Great Idea in advertising is far more than the sum of the recognition scores, the ratings and all the other superficial indicators of its success; it is in the realm of myth, to which measurements cannot apply. ~ Leo Bogart
Ratings quotes by Leo Bogart
I get ratings. If I didn't get ratings, they [media] wouldn't do it. They don't care about poll numbers, they only care about ratings. ~ Donald Trump
Ratings quotes by Donald Trump
Psychopathy was positively associated with in-house ratings of charisma and presentation style: creativity, good strategic thinking, and excellent communication skills. ~ Kevin Dutton
Ratings quotes by Kevin Dutton
I'm currently doing Undeclared an American TV show set in a college. It just got aired and got massive ratings so hopefully that'll screen in the UK soon. ~ Charlie Hunnam
Ratings quotes by Charlie Hunnam
Why do you think news of violence and aggression receive huge ratings! It's because the human mind is conditioned to pay more attention to negative events than positive ones, because even if you ignore a positive event, it's very unlikely that something bad will happen to you because of your ignorance, but if you are inattentive to a negative event, you may just lose your life. ~ Abhijit Naskar
Ratings quotes by Abhijit Naskar
The participants gave higher ratings to the studies that confirmed their initial point of view even when the studies on both sides had supposedly been carried out by the same method. And in the end, though everyone had read all the same studies, both those who initially supported the death penalty and those who initially opposed it reported that reading the studies had strengthened their beliefs. Rather than convincing anyone, the data polarized the group. Thus even random patterns can be interpreted as compelling evidence if they relate to our preconceived notions. The ~ Leonard Mlodinow
Ratings quotes by Leonard Mlodinow
There's a lot of kids' shows that are really popular ratings-wise, but they don't sell a lot of stuff. A character on a backpack just doesn't have the same appeal as watching it on TV. ~ Tom Kenny
Ratings quotes by Tom Kenny
Now that I'm not running, I can appear on Fox. Let the cabinet members do the low-ratings shows on MSNBC. ~ Joe Biden
Ratings quotes by Joe Biden
You want good ratings, you want people to like the show, you want to be appreciated for the hard work you put in. You don't always get it. Every show is not beloved. ~ Yvette Nicole Brown
Ratings quotes by Yvette Nicole Brown
Wall Street bond trading desks, staffed by people making seven figures a year, set out o coax from the brain-dead guys making high five figures the highest possible ratings for the worst possible loans. They performed the task with Ivy League thoroughness and efficiency. ~ Michael Lewis
Ratings quotes by Michael   Lewis
What I didn't want to do is get into a ratings race with television because really, for them, it matters. For me, it doesn't. ~ Ted Sarandos
Ratings quotes by Ted Sarandos
For my own part, I did not see and did not appreciate what the risks were with securitization, the credit ratings agencies, the shadow banking system, the S.I.V.'s - I didn't see any of that coming until it happened. ~ Janet Yellen
Ratings quotes by Janet Yellen
Ironically, the possibility that the president dodged his military service has increased his approval ratings with Democrats by 80 percent. ~ Craig Kilborn
Ratings quotes by Craig Kilborn
Today our nation is in such shambles that it appears that almost anyone could do a better job of execution than the current leaders. The principal problem appears to be a lack of congruency between the president and the people. His goal seems to be a utopian society managed by the government, rather than the free, self-governing society that the founders left us. Americans want to be free, and the president's approval ratings indicate that "we the People" do not agree with his goals. I pray that the next president will have a set of values that matches those of the majority of Americans. I pray that he will use his power to encourage the "can-do" attitude that characterized America's rapid ascent to the pinnacle of the world. ~ Ben Carson
Ratings quotes by Ben Carson
I don't pay attention to target audiences and therefore I often hear that I am a ratings killer, somebody who fundamentally doesn't care whether one person is watching or an entire soccer stadium. ~ Alexander Kluge
Ratings quotes by Alexander Kluge
We got ratings. It isn't that they won't quarrel with you, or say you're always right. But as long as you stay strong and the ratings are good and you're reasonable - I don't think we fought unreasonably. We basically won that right. ~ Norman Lear
Ratings quotes by Norman Lear
When people give one star ratings, they seem to be trying to make a point. In my opinion, one star ratings don't make a constructive point. They are just unfair put downs to creativity. ~ Deborah Johnson
Ratings quotes by Deborah Johnson
Men can have a huge turnover of sponsorship and still survive a lot better than the women. But the women's ratings are better, at least at home in the United States than in the men's tennis. ~ Billie Jean King
Ratings quotes by Billie Jean King
Every time I went on the radio, I would take the crummiest radio station, the station that was like a toilet bowl. I would go on there and build up the ratings, so you couldn't do any worse. ~ Howard Stern
Ratings quotes by Howard Stern
Credit ratings and risk weightings must undergo a thorough process of review and revision. No security or instrument on the planet should have a zero risk weighting. ~ Paul Singer
Ratings quotes by Paul Singer
First, his job approval ratings have been trending down for many months, a trend that has accelerated in recent weeks as the war on terrorism has been supplanted in the public's mind by corporate scandals, stock market declines, and a growing sense of economic insecurity. ~ Thomas E. Mann
Ratings quotes by Thomas E. Mann
I think that we shouldn't be fixated all the time on the ups and downs of the weekly ratings, of the quarter-hour ratings. ~ Walter Isaacson
Ratings quotes by Walter Isaacson
No no there wasn't any planned 14th season, we all saw the writing on the wall. The ratings had been going down and so fourth, that curve goes on every show and in everybody's life. ~ Larry Hagman
Ratings quotes by Larry Hagman
I think FoxNews ratings are a reliable guide to the attitudes of the American electorate. ~ Reese Schonfeld
Ratings quotes by Reese Schonfeld
Thirty-six House incumbents with ratings from the AFL-CIO's Committee on Political Education of seventy-five or higher were defeated - especially traumatic since Republicans had filibustered labor's fondest legislative wish: a repeal of the right-to-work provision of the 1947 Taft-Hartley Act. Union members voted for politicians who weakened their unions because the Democrats supported civil rights. ~ Rick Perlstein
Ratings quotes by Rick Perlstein
The Grammys used me for ratings. And they were up 18 percent! ~ Justin Timberlake
Ratings quotes by Justin Timberlake
I think it's very sad that CNN leads Jeb Bush, down a road by starting off virtually all the questions, "Mr. Trump this, Mister" - I think it's very sad. I watched the first debate, and the first long number of questions were, "Mr. Trump said this, Mr. Trump said that. Mr. Trump" - these poor guys - although, I must tell you, [Rick] Santorum, good guy. Governor [Mike] Huckabee, good guy. They were very nice, and I respect them greatly. But I thought it was very unfair that virtually the entire early portion of the debate was Trump this, Trump that, in order to get ratings, I guess. ~ Jeb Bush
Ratings quotes by Jeb Bush
Oh, it is quite possible that none of us in 'Downton' will ever again get the ratings this has had. But from a career point of view, it has opened so many doors. ~ Dan Stevens
Ratings quotes by Dan Stevens
Sometimes it's hard to know why networks will stick with something. Sometimes the ratings won't happen, but there's excitement at the network, so they'll stay with the show. ~ Beau Bridges
Ratings quotes by Beau Bridges
The media's no more objective than the last ratings term. ~ J.D. Robb
Ratings quotes by J.D. Robb
The more opportunities people have to experience television on different platforms, the more television they consume overall. So there actually has been a benefit, but the ratings have gone down. But we've seen kind of the horizontal benefit of this. And it remains a great, great promotion engine. ~ Anne Sweeney
Ratings quotes by Anne Sweeney
The collective benefits of higher education will not be asserted unless the public can be engaged in defining them. A student's future returns on his or her personal investment of time and money will seem more critical than the public benefits to be derived from ensuring that all students become people of character as well as of competence. An institution's prowess in potentially lucrative lines of scientific research will seem more essential to its mission than its participation in the development of an aesthetically engaged and broadly humane society. Unless there is public discussion that can help support the balancing of public and private priorities, colleges and universities will dance only to the private ambitions that ensure continuing high levels of enrollment and high ratings in the various surveys of satisfaction that give institutions a boost in national rankings. ~ Ellen Condliffe Lagemann
Ratings quotes by Ellen Condliffe Lagemann
Loopy as the Motion Picture Association of America's ratings system is, it's better than what you'd probably get by putting such decisions in the federal government hands. ~ Timothy Noah
Ratings quotes by Timothy Noah
For me, I never take a job thinking it's going to grab ratings or that it's even going to be a success. I don't. I just take the job because I love the character. Or I love the script. Maybe I love the director. But whatever I do, I never think about how it will do. That is not in my hands. ~ Kate Del Castillo
Ratings quotes by Kate Del Castillo
It's not a stretch to say the whole financial industry revolves around the compass point of the absolutely safe AAA rating. But the financial crisis happened because AAA ratings stopped being something that had to be earned and turned into something that could be paid for. ~ Matt Taibbi
Ratings quotes by Matt Taibbi
I worked very hard on compiling this list of free movie and tv show sources. I would greatly appreciate it if you gave me a positive five star rating on this ebook. I know it is a hassle to leave a rating on an ebook but I would just appreciate it so much. The more positive ratings I have the more other people will learn about this book and possibly saves hundreds of dollars. Thank ~ Thomas Lowman
Ratings quotes by Thomas Lowman
I grinned, revealing the gap where my left incisor had been prior to a nasty encounter with a man who thought that running a zombie dog fighting ring would be a great way to spend his twilight years. Ben alwasy says I'd be more photogenic and pull better ratings if I got it fixed, but Ben can stuff it. I don't have the time or patience to mess around with dentures and bridges, and given the odds and how I tend to do my job, I'll probably be a zombie someday. Being a zombie with unbreakable titanium implants in my mouth seems like an asshole thing to do. ~ Mira Grant
Ratings quotes by Mira Grant
Politicians in their hubris who believe they can ignore debt or wish it away are sorely disappointed - as we see now with the plummeting approval ratings of both the administration and Congress. ~ Victor Davis Hanson
Ratings quotes by Victor Davis Hanson
Ratings don't last. Good journalism does. ~ Dan Rather
Ratings quotes by Dan Rather
Remember: the ratings system is a voluntary infringement of First Amendment rights, an uneasy bargain between the needs of parents, the needs of artists, and the needs of large media corporations to make profits. Any time we chip away at the First Amendment, we should at least do it with some reverence. ~ Marshall Herskovitz
Ratings quotes by Marshall Herskovitz
My partner after Fred Freeman was Jerry Belson. And Jerry Belson, after I was doing so well writing situation comedy, said, this is not good enough. We got to create our own shows. I said, but we're very happy doing this. No, no, no, you got to get your own show. So he made me - and he and I created our own shows. And we actually - everything we created failed. "Hey, Landlord" was our first show - 99th in the ratings. But imagine this - it's a great reflection on the years. ~ Garry Marshall
Ratings quotes by Garry Marshall
At root, vulgar just means popular on a mass scale. It is the semantic opposite of pretentious or snobby. It is humility with a comb-over. It is Nielsen ratings and Barnum's axiom and the real bottom line. It is big, big business. ~ David Foster Wallace
Ratings quotes by David Foster Wallace
You're in the business - when you're a writer, producer, director - to get ratings. ~ Norman Lear
Ratings quotes by Norman Lear
1995: The Hollywood Squares becomes incredibly dull and ratings plummet during the years after special guests Jacques Lemaire and Lou Lamoriello develop a strategy that involves never doing anything except going for the block. ~ Sean McIndoe
Ratings quotes by Sean McIndoe
We can't control what the ratings will be. It's like, if you're going to go skiing, do you hope you'll have a good day of skiing? Yes. Do you hope you won't break your leg? Yes. ~ David Hyde Pierce
Ratings quotes by David Hyde Pierce
Attempts to help humans eliminate all self-ratings and views self-esteem as a self-defeating concept that encourages them to make conditional evaluations of self. Instead, it teaches people unconditional self-acceptance. ~ Albert Ellis
Ratings quotes by Albert Ellis
Ok now
I don't read "all the time." Remember, that these ratings are over quite a while. I'll try to put in some comments over what I've been reading lately. I like Vince Flynn's spy/thrillers. Also, check out Umberto Eco's one "On Beauty"
not the precise title, but great art/comments. Also, Sophie's World if you like a pretty unusual story with philosophy mixed in. ~ Umberto Eco
Ratings quotes by Umberto Eco
Last night's vice presidential debate between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin drew much higher ratings than the presidential debate. Did you know that? Yeah. Yeah, Biden attracted viewers who enjoyed his previous debate appearances, and Palin attracted viewers who enjoyed the movie 'Fargo.' ~ Conan O'Brien
Ratings quotes by Conan O'Brien
Many of the people who consented to talk about their private lives in front of millions of television viewers would say that they were sharing their stories as a way to give comfort [to] fellow sufferers, to raise public awareness, to give a voice to their pain. None of them would ever admit that it was all about ratings and voyeurism and lurid, grotesque curiosity. ~ Elizabeth Wurtzel
Ratings quotes by Elizabeth Wurtzel
I don't think anyone can fall in love for ratings. ~ Kourtney Kardashian
Ratings quotes by Kourtney Kardashian
Ratings for the XFL are so low that pretty soon they'll be able to address the viewers by name. ~ Jay Leno
Ratings quotes by Jay Leno
The ratings board is completely different when it comes to film versus the television arena. ~ Lee Daniels
Ratings quotes by Lee Daniels
I don't mind ratings boards. As a viewer, you have the right not to see a film. ~ Takashi Miike
Ratings quotes by Takashi Miike
Nobody's profitable at this moment, because recession is on; advertising dollars are down, and expenses are way up. So that kind of belies the situation that you would expect, because the ratings are way up everywhere. ~ Brit Hume
Ratings quotes by Brit Hume
In Hebrews 12:2, 'the race set before us' is not a sprint but a marathon. We are promised popularity, ease, and fun if we will pursue the lifestyles presented to us by the world. We are promised easy credit, 250 channels, unlimited minutes, all you can eat, no-fault divorce, free wireless, confidential abortions, and safe sex.
Those are the 'joys set before us' by the world, and most people trust these promises to deliver joy apart from God. But notice what is happening. The pursuit of the excellence of Jesus Christ is replaced by the pursuit of the lifestyles of the rich and famous. The knowledge of Jesus Christ is replaced with the ratings of what or who is most popular, and self-control is traded for self-indulgence. Consequently, there is no foundation for endurance. Even God's people quit jobs and marriages at the same rate as the world. More tragically, many of God's people quit trusting God. They have been stripped of Christian character. ~ Jim Berg
Ratings quotes by Jim Berg
students tend to carry their own special psychic scars: nerd, geek, dweeb, wonk, fag, wienie, four-eyes, spazola, limp-dick, needle-dick, dickless, dick-nose, pencil-neck; getting your violin or laptop TP or entomologist's kill-jar broken over your large head by thick-necked kids on the playground - and the show pulls down solid FM ratings, though ~ David Foster Wallace
Ratings quotes by David Foster Wallace
Ratings in the NFL. Then Kemp, too, was injured. His replacement was a fellow named Mike Moroski, so obscure that any question concerning his NFL career would be considered out of bounds in a game of Trivial Pursuit. Moroski had been with the 49ers for exactly two weeks before he became, by default, their starting quarterback. He completed 57.5 percent of his passes. Eventually people must have noticed. As Walsh performed miracle after miracle with his quarterbacks, ~ Michael Lewis
Ratings quotes by Michael Lewis
I mean, all the ratings wars are silly. But, I mean, someone has to be concerned about the ratings because it means, you know, it translates into revenue. ~ Connie Chung
Ratings quotes by Connie Chung
Is it any wonder, why the approval ratings of the Congress go up every time we go into recess? ~ Robert Byrd
Ratings quotes by Robert Byrd
The first day of spring is known as the vernal equinox. The equinox is special. It only happens twice a year, like a good night in ratings for NBC. ~ Craig Ferguson
Ratings quotes by Craig Ferguson
One can do a film and not work for six months, but on TV, you have to produce good content every week. It involves a lot of hard work, as one has to fight for ratings every week. But I have always got love from the audiences, be it during 'The Great Laughter Challenge' or 'Comedy Circus.' ~ Kapil Sharma
Ratings quotes by Kapil Sharma
5 stars = If I weren't taken, I'd marry this book and have its delightful little book babies.

4 stars = goin' steady (or whatever you crazy kids call it these days). So good I'd read it again.

3 stars = A great, one-time fling. I enjoyed it but it probably won't be a reread.

2 stars and below = The pretty thing didn't make it past the pick-up line. I don't rate these because I don't finish them. ~ Eliza Crewe
Ratings quotes by Eliza Crewe
Are you attracted by his new ideas or his new poll ratings? ~ Pat Buchanan
Ratings quotes by Pat Buchanan
Republican or Democrat, this nation's affluent urban and suburban classes understand their bread is buttered on the corporate side. The primary difference between the two parties is that the Republicans pretty much admit that they grasp and even endorse some of the nastiest facts of life in America. Republicans honestly tell the world: "Listen in on my phone calls, piss-test me until I'm blind, kill and eat all of my neighbors right in front of my eyes, but show me the money! Let me escape with every cent I can kick out of the suckers, the taxpayers, and anybody else I can get a headlock on, legally or otherwise." Democrats, in contrast, seem content to catalog the GOP's outrages against the Republic, showing proper indignation while laughing at episodes of The Daily Show. But they stand behind the American brand: imperialism. They "support our troops," though you will be hard put to find any of them who have served alongside them or who would send one of their own kids off to lose an eye or an arm in Iraq. They play the imperial game, maintain their credit ratings, and plan to keep the beach house and the retirement investments if it means sacrificing every damned Lynndie England in West Virginia. ~ Joe Bageant
Ratings quotes by Joe Bageant
The BBC must never be all about ratings - or even mainly about ratings. In the past year, we have made a raft of terrific programmes which stand comparison with the best the BBC has ever done: 'Blue Planet,' 'Walking with Beasts,' 'Son of God,' 'Clocking Off,' 'The Way We Live Now,' 'Conspiracy,' 'Lost World.' ~ Gavyn Davies
Ratings quotes by Gavyn Davies
Conservative talkers love to throw numbers around: their ratings and their audience size. And to be sure, they have a sizable audience which numbers in the tens of millions. But having people tune in and being able to dictate their actions are two different things. ~ John Ridley
Ratings quotes by John Ridley
We give the podium to a lot of people who shouldn't have the podium. The message that's delivered the loudest and in the most entertaining way is the one that we're going to put on because that's what we want. We want ratings more than we want to deliver information. That's just where the culture's gotten. ~ Dave Matthews
Ratings quotes by Dave Matthews
I don't think there is enough educational programming, but unfortunately, television is built around advertising and those shows don't get the big ratings. ~ Will McDonough
Ratings quotes by Will McDonough
At great, great remove sit the head of General Electric, the head of News Corp, the head of Viacom, or the head of this giant international corporation that wants these ratings. ~ Norman Lear
Ratings quotes by Norman Lear
My tenure at 'The Daily Show' started during the decade after September 11, and fear of Muslims was at an all-time high. Politicians and the media seemed to dial the fright, mistrust, and animosity up to a fever pitch to gain votes and ratings. ~ Aasif Mandvi
Ratings quotes by Aasif Mandvi
One should not associate with controversy; one should always reach for the highest ratings; one should never forget that there is safety in numbers; one should always remember that comedy, adventure, and escapism provide the best atmosphere for selling. ~ Peter George Peterson
Ratings quotes by Peter George Peterson
Ernestine Warner was working with the same rough information available to traders like Eisman. This was insane: The arbiter of the value of the bonds lacked access to relevant information about the bonds. "When we asked her why", said Vinny, she said "The issuers won't give it to us". That's when i lost it. "You need to demand to get it!" She looked at us like, We can't do that. We were like, "Who is in charge here? You're the grown-up. You're the cop! Tell them the fucking give it to you!!!" Eisman concluded that "S&P was worried that if they demanded the data from Wall Street, Wall Street would just go to Moody's for their ratings. ~ Michael Lewis
Ratings quotes by Michael   Lewis
A specter is haunting the modern world, the specter of crypto anarchy. Computer technology is on the verge of providing the ability for individuals and groups to communicate and interact with each other in a
totally anonymous manner. Two persons may exchange messages, conduct business, and negotiate electronic contracts without ever knowing the true name, or legal identity, of the other. Interactions over networks will be untraceable, via extensive rerouting of encrypted packets and tamper-proof boxes which implement cryptographic protocols with nearly perfect assurance against any tampering. Reputations will be of central importance, far more important in dealings than even the credit ratings of today. These developments will alter completely the nature of government regulation, the ability to tax and control economic interactions, the ability to keep information secret, and will even alter the nature of trust and reputation. ~ Peter Ludlow
Ratings quotes by Peter Ludlow
You know, our ratings after this match will be very close - I think I can also become the world number one in the not too distant future. However, I'm sure that Garry will also have something to say about this! ~ Vladimir Kramnik
Ratings quotes by Vladimir Kramnik
I get ratings but I don't do interviews for those people anymore. I don't watch CNN anymore. I don't do interviews with CNN anymore because its not worth it. It's very biased against me. ~ Donald Trump
Ratings quotes by Donald Trump
As long as ratings are directly linked to pay and career opportunities, every employee has this incentive to exploit the system. ~ Laszlo Bock
Ratings quotes by Laszlo Bock
We're going to get that little bug before that little bug gets my poll ratings down any further. ~ Jerry Brown
Ratings quotes by Jerry Brown
Senator Brown and I have different philosophies as represented in our different ratings: I am a conservative, and he is a liberal. ~ Rob Portman
Ratings quotes by Rob Portman
Just because your ratings are bigger doesn't mean you're better. ~ Ted Turner
Ratings quotes by Ted Turner
The show was number one in the ratings, Gordon Russell was our head writer, the story lines were magnificent and the acting most exciting. I loved working with Judith Light and all the other actors on the show at that time. ~ Michael Storm
Ratings quotes by Michael Storm
What's great about HBO is they just care about quality. They care about the brand. They're not worried about ratings; obviously they want people to buy subscriptions, but they just want people to be into what's on HBO. ~ Eddie Kaye Thomas
Ratings quotes by Eddie Kaye Thomas
Researchers who examined the voting records of wine judges found that 90 percent of the time they give inconsistent ratings to a particular wine when they judge it on multiple occasions. ~ Nathan Myhrvold
Ratings quotes by Nathan Myhrvold
Netflix did it right and focused on all the things that have replaced the dumb, raw numbers of the Nielsen world - they embraced targeted marketing and 'brand' as a virtue higher than ratings. ~ Kevin Spacey
Ratings quotes by Kevin Spacey
Despite the Brian Williams lying scandal, NBC News led in the ratings last week. Although I should note the figures were reported by Brian Williams. ~ Conan O'Brien
Ratings quotes by Conan O'Brien
They say sound is vibration and it got my mind shaking/ Can you feel it vibrating? I call it Vibe Ratings ~ Capital STEEZ
Ratings quotes by Capital STEEZ
According to today's Los Angeles Times, Gray Davis now gets negative job ratings from white people, black people, Latinos, Republicans, Independents and even Democrats. Say what you want about the guy but he's a uniter! ~ Jay Leno
Ratings quotes by Jay Leno
The reason 'The Carol Burnett Show' did so well in the ratings is because people were looking for that comfort zone when the whole family sat around and watched television and enjoyed it. ~ Tim Conway
Ratings quotes by Tim Conway
The days of waking up and reading the overnight ratings are over. ~ Dawn Ostroff
Ratings quotes by Dawn Ostroff
At a time when our country is waging two wars, approval ratings for Congress are at historic lows, unemployment is at a 70-year high and financial institutions have collapsed around us, I can't imagine anyone seriously opposing a National Day of Prayer. ~ Franklin Graham
Ratings quotes by Franklin Graham
Even though the numbers are down with respect to favorability ratings, at every embassy and consular office tomorrow morning that we have, people will be lined up, and they'll all say the same thing, "We want to go to America." So we're still the leader of the world that wants to be free. We are still the inspiration of the rest of the world. And we can come back. ~ Colin Powell
Ratings quotes by Colin Powell
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