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The problem with being ravished by books at an early age is that later rereadings are often likely to disappoint. "The sharp luscious flavor, the fine aroma is fled," Hazlitt wrote, "and nothing but the stalk, the bran, the husk of literature is left." Terrible words, but it can happen. You become harder to move, frighten, arouse, provoke, jangle. Your education becomes an interrogation lamp under which the hapless book, its every wart and scar exposed, confesses its guilty secrets: "My characters are wooden! My plot creaks! I am pre-feminist, pre-deconstructivist, and pre-postcolonialist!" (The upside of English classes is that they give you critical tools, some of which are useful, but the downside is that those tools make you less able to shower your books with unconditional love. Conditions are the very thing you're asked to learn.) You read too many other books, and the currency of each one becomes debased. ~ Anne Fadiman
Rastall Tools quotes by Anne Fadiman
In theater, there's a lot of discipline involved in doing eight shows a week for a year and a half. It's nice to be able to bring some of that bag of tools with you over to the film world, where you don't have the rehearsal, you don't have an audience. You don't have a month of rehearsal to examine these words, and you meet the guy who's going to play your brother the morning that you shoot the scene. So you need a bag of tools. ~ William Sadler
Rastall Tools quotes by William Sadler
The effect of a concept-driven revolution is to explain old things in new ways. The effect of a tool-driven revolution is to discover new things that have to be explained. ~ Frank Watson Dyson
Rastall Tools quotes by Frank Watson Dyson
In His presence, we are able to find peace, strength, rest, endurance and all other tools we need for a successful day. ~ Ashley N. Sauls
Rastall Tools quotes by Ashley N. Sauls
I used a fifties Les Paul custom on most of the stuff. I also used a Strat, a newer Strat. I had a million guitars in there but I used the Strat & the Les Paul in just about everything. There were a lot of different amp choices, I was working with a pro tools plug-in which is like an amplifier stimulator. The possibilities with something like that are just endless. ~ Tracii Guns
Rastall Tools quotes by Tracii Guns
With drug use related harms, explanatory models are often presented as predictive tools, even though they 'are [rarely if ever] predictive of consequent behavior' or outcomes. Hence, we feel confident in asserting at outset, that prohibition based approaches in drug policy lack a sound basis in empirical research (despite sounding logical, i.e. remove drugs or the means of their production and less drugs will be available to users, thus minimising or eliminating harm), and are not animated by well-defined goals, goals that are not only consistent with the ethical and humanitarian aims of public health policy in general, but also with the fundamental principles of democracy) such as empowering or enabling those best placed to act, but by beliefs, assumptions, hypotheses and expectations. ~ Daniel Waterman
Rastall Tools quotes by Daniel Waterman
I was convinced that if one prayed hard enough, God gave one the tools to one's salvation. ~ S.A. David
Rastall Tools quotes by S.A.  David
My technicians are my most important tools. Once I establish a rapport with them, then they would understand me in my next film. I wouldn't have to train anyone new. I give a lot of respect to all my technicians, because I'm a technician too. I wouldn't be able to convey a feeling if the writer didn't write it well, and the cameraman didn't shoot it well. ~ Yash Chopra
Rastall Tools quotes by Yash Chopra
I think most Americans believe that although it's better not to use military force if you can avoid it, that the world simply doesn't provide us the luxury of giving away military force as an important tool of foreign policy. ~ Robert Kagan
Rastall Tools quotes by Robert Kagan
Create tools that enable people to make decisions at the same level, ideally, of fidelity that that you would make them yourself. ~ Keith Rabois
Rastall Tools quotes by Keith Rabois
These were the things that built the world. Not to know or care about them was a betrayal of fundamental principles, a betrayal of gender, of species. What could be more useless than a man who couldn't fix a dripping faucet - fundamentally useless, dead to history, to the messages in his genes? I wasn't sure I disagreed. ~ Don DeLillo
Rastall Tools quotes by Don DeLillo
If Mozart had power tools, there's no telling how great his music might have been. ~ Dave Barry
Rastall Tools quotes by Dave Barry
There is no easy way to train an apprentice. My two tools are example and nagging. ~ Lemony Snicket
Rastall Tools quotes by Lemony Snicket
Just like modern economic system, our relationships follow typical profit & loss mechanism where people are nothing more than useful tools. ~ Saurabh Sharma
Rastall Tools quotes by Saurabh Sharma
Nuclear deterrence will remain a vital aspect of security. or Nuclear deterrence will have a smaller role in future security.

Sources are split in their assessment of the importance of nuclear weapons and the validity of traditional nuclear deterrence in the 2001 - 2015 period. On the one hand are those who see nuclear weapons as decreasingly effective tools in deterring war. On the other are those experts who concede that nuclear weapons may have a different role than at the height of the Cold War, but who argue that they remain the ultimate deterrent, with considerable effect on the actions of even rogue states.

Many experts who state a moral opposition to nuclear weapons have translated this into forecasts of a globalized world in which nuclear deterrence no longer makes sense. With greater economic interdependence, this argument runs, even the so-called "rogue states" will be reconciled to the international order, renouncing or reducing their overt or covert nuclear arsenals. ~ Sam J. Tangredi
Rastall Tools quotes by Sam J. Tangredi
When you're in a songwriting class, and you write a song, and you hand it in to a teacher to grade, I'm still going to say that it's a really awesome song whether I got an A or a D. I learned to stick to my guns and take the tools as tools and not as rules. ~ Madi Diaz
Rastall Tools quotes by Madi Diaz
Very few people know this, but I love organizational products and tools. One of my favorite places to shop are container stores where you can get bins, boxes and crates to organize your life. ~ Kimora Lee Simmons
Rastall Tools quotes by Kimora Lee Simmons
I learned that the first technology appeared in the form of stone tools, 2.6 million years ago. First entertainment comes evidence from flutes that are 35,000 years old. And evidence for first design comes 75,000 years old - beads. And you can do the same with your genes and track them back in time. ~ Zeresenay Alemseged
Rastall Tools quotes by Zeresenay Alemseged
To understand our faith -- to theologize in the Catholic tradition -- we need philosophy. We must use the philosophical language of God, person, creation, relationship, identity, natural law, virtues, conscience, moral norms if we are to think about religion and defend it. Theology has some terms and methods of its own, but its fundamental tools are borrowed from philosophy.

The growth of religious fundamentalism and the collapse of religious education mean theology is more urgently needed in universities -- especially Catholic ones -- than ever before. ~ George Cardinal Pell
Rastall Tools quotes by George Cardinal Pell
The world truly is my oyster, the difficulty is... I haven't discovered the ALL of the tools to shuck it yet. ~ Raymond D. Longoria Jr.
Rastall Tools quotes by Raymond D. Longoria Jr.
We in Congress need to support the American forces in every conceivable way, giving them the tools to continue to convert, capture or kill terrorists and the time to equip the Iraqi security forces. ~ Bob Inglis
Rastall Tools quotes by Bob Inglis
If we're ever going to get the world back on a natural footing, back in tune with natural rhythyms, if we're going to nurture the Earth and protect it and have fun with it and learn from it - which is what mothers do with their children - then we've got to put technology (an aggressive masculine system) in its proper place, which is that of a tool to be used sparingly, joyfully, gently and only in the fullest cooperation with nature. Nature must govern technology, not the other way around. ~ Tom Robbins
Rastall Tools quotes by Tom Robbins
The mind has no tools to enter the unconscious dimensions. Only if you are outside of the mind you can look at everything the way it is. When you are in it, there is no way to dissect yourself. You can catch hold of somebody else and dissect them, but you cannot dissect yourself. Even if you do, you cannot see everything. If you are using any faculty of the mind you cannot truly be aware of the nature of the mind. ~ Sadhguru
Rastall Tools quotes by Sadhguru
Everything you want is cheap or free. If you went to a venture capitalist and said: "I need money to buy tools." You flunked the IQ test, I mean every tool that you need is free! ~ Guy Kawasaki
Rastall Tools quotes by Guy Kawasaki
We are here to learn lessons and our birth chart tells us what our lessons are, what type of energy we possess in the first place, and how, by facing up to the challenges presented to us in life, spiritual growth will ensue. The birth chart is a 'tool' to guide us through our life. By understanding our basic make up, we can learn to make the most out of our positive points and try to improve on our weaker ones. ~ Stephen Arroyo
Rastall Tools quotes by Stephen Arroyo
Reading self-improvement books is like creating a mental savings account from which we can withdraw viable tools for what we perceive as tough days. ~ Dr. Jacent Mpalyenkana, Ph.D. MBA
Rastall Tools quotes by Dr. Jacent Mpalyenkana, Ph.D. MBA
Bodybuilding has been the tool that single-handedly taught a little black boy from the projects to use his mind to achieve success. it taught me to see things for what they can be. I had 17-inch arms; I imagined them to be 24 inches. The power of my mind allowed me to achieve what I imagined. ~ Kai Greene
Rastall Tools quotes by Kai Greene
Embedded in this outlook is an idea of the body as a machine, so that illness is seen as a breakdown of the machine, healing involves repairing the broken parts, and a doctor is a kind of mechanic with medications as his or her tools. ~ Russell Shorto
Rastall Tools quotes by Russell Shorto
Let us rededicate ourselves to the principle that all Americans have the tools to make the most of their God-given potential. For Indian tribes and tribal members, this means that the authority of tribal governments must be accorded the respect and support to which they are entitled under the law. It means that American Indian children and youth must be provided a solid education and the opportunity to go on to college. It means that more must be done to stimulate tribal economies, create jobs, and increase economic opportunities. ~ William J. Clinton
Rastall Tools quotes by William J. Clinton
I think my favorite medium is music, with my main tools being my voice and a guitar. But I do find every other medium extremely fulfilling and useful in helping everything I do. Sometimes I need to make a song just for a comic. All of the art and mediums are connected for me. ~ Gerard Way
Rastall Tools quotes by Gerard Way
On the back end, software programming tools and Internet-based services make it easy to launch new global software-powered start-ups in many industries - without the need to invest in new infrastructure and train new employees. ~ Marc Andreessen
Rastall Tools quotes by Marc Andreessen
All men were tools, as she saw it. Dangerous tools, when roused, but that was why one took care in efforts of control. It all came back to leverage. It wasn't enough to ask a man if he would kill his brother. One had to make him see the consequences if he did not. Then one could only ask, which would he choose: brother or daughter? For all that kin might mean, most would choose the daughter. ~ Chris Galford
Rastall Tools quotes by Chris Galford
For a physicist mathematics is not just a tool by means of which phenomena can be calculated, it is the main source of concepts and principles by means of which new theories can be created. ~ Freeman Dyson
Rastall Tools quotes by Freeman Dyson
We have these words 'space' and 'time,' but you can't touch them. They're not objects, they're not things, they go forever. Space and time are really tools of animal sense perception, the way we organize and construct information. ~ Robert Lanza
Rastall Tools quotes by Robert Lanza
Judgment…is one of the ego's tools to foster separation through comparison. ~ Peter Santos
Rastall Tools quotes by Peter Santos
I was dissatisfied with my 1967 manuscript and decided to rewrite the book. It was the first of September, and I said to myself, "If I do not have the finished manuscript in Faber's hands by September 10, I shall have to kill myself." And under this threat, I started writing. Within a day or so, the feeling of threat had disappeared, and the joy of writing took over. I was no longer using drugs, but it was a time of extraordinary elation and energy. It seemed to me almost as though the book were being dictated, everything organizing itself swiftly and automatically. I would sleep for just a couple of hours a night. And a day ahead of schedule, on September 9, I took the book to Faber & Faber. Their offices were in Great Russell Street, near the British Museum, and after dropping off the manuscript, I walked over to the museum. Looking at artifacts there - pottery, sculptures, tools, and especially books and manuscripts, which had long outlived their creators - I had the feeling that I, too, had produced something. Something modest, perhaps, but with a reality and existence of its own, something that might live on after I was gone.

I have never had such a strong feeling, a feeling of having made something real and of some value, as I did with that first book, which was written in the face of such threats from Friedman and, for that matter, from myself. Returning to New York, I felt a sense of joyousness and almost blessedness. I wanted to shout, "Hallelujah! ~ Oliver Sacks
Rastall Tools quotes by Oliver Sacks
Yes, the existence of a separate Palestinian identity exists only for tactical reasons. The establishment of a Palestinian state is a new tool to continue the fight against Israel and for Arab unity. ~ Zuheir Mohsen
Rastall Tools quotes by Zuheir Mohsen
There were decades I didn't play sober. I thought, Who would want to? But at some point, I decided that if it was important enough to me to keep doing it as art, I should do it with all my tools. ~ Kris Kristofferson
Rastall Tools quotes by Kris Kristofferson
Everyone talks about green cities now, but the concrete results in affluent cities mostly involve curbside composting and tackling solar panels onto rooftops while residents continue to drive, to stop, to eat organic pears flown in from Argentina, to be part of the big machine of consumption and climate change. The free-range chickens and Priuses are great, but they alone aren't adequate tools for creating a truly different society and ecology. The future, at least the sustainable one, isn't going to be invented by people who are happily surrendering selective bits and pieces of environmentally unsound privilege. It's going to be made by those who had all that taken away from them or never had it in the first place. {...} There is no moral reason why they should do and be better than the rest of us - but there is a practical one. They have to. Detroit is where change is most urgent and therefore most viable. ~ Rebecca Solnit
Rastall Tools quotes by Rebecca Solnit
An architect's most useful tools are an eraser at the drafting board and a wrecking ball at the site. ~ Frank Lloyd Wright
Rastall Tools quotes by Frank Lloyd Wright
And then there's this: no matter how many bullshit stories you have or don't have, there are no guarantees in life. Nothing is owed to us. That "not knowing" is scary, but the tools to help us--writing, breathing, yoga, connecting--are all we have. And honestly, sometimes the tools are Netflix and coffee as well as breathing and yoga and writing. But we must have tools. ~ Jennifer Pastiloff
Rastall Tools quotes by Jennifer Pastiloff
There is a great need for a new approach, new methods and new tools in teaching, man's oldest and most reactionary craft. There is great need for a rapid increase in the productivity of learning. There is, above all, great need for methods that will make the teacher effective and multiply his or her efforts and competence. Teaching is, in fact, the only traditional craft in which we have not yet fashioned the tools that make an ordinary person capable of superior performance. In this respect, teaching is far behind medicine, where the tools first became available a century or more ago. ~ Peter Drucker
Rastall Tools quotes by Peter Drucker
[On Richard M. Nixon:] The Republican nominee would be far worse than another Eisenhower - he is Tricky Dicky of the first magnitude. His entire record is one of opportunism. I cannot feel that there is the remotest sincerity in him, and that clearly he would be the tool of the highest bidder, which is always 'big business. ~ Marguerite Rawalt
Rastall Tools quotes by Marguerite Rawalt
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