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Power. The word fixed in my mother's mind like a curse. In America, it had generally remained hidden from view until you dug beneath the surface of things; until you visited an Indian reservation or spoke to a black person whose trust you had earned. But here power was undisguised, indiscriminate, naked, always fresh in the memory. ~ Barack Obama
Ramjet Memory quotes by Barack Obama
What ails us? What is the name
Of our disease? Because we cannot utter it,
It is something we cannot conjure or cure.
It is the memory before this Paradise
That is the darkness of our soul. ~ Marne L. Kilates
Ramjet Memory quotes by Marne L. Kilates
How can we hold onto those fleeting moments in our lives? Hold onto the moments that otherwise evaporate into the forgotten past? Or moments that become faded and morphed into our own version of reality as they sit in the corners of our memories, losing their truth and shifting focus? The only way to hold onto these moments and share them for years to come, in all their beauty and truth and glorious imperfections, without losing accuracy is through a photograph. ~ Rosanne Moreland
Ramjet Memory quotes by Rosanne Moreland
Still, the thing lurks in the corners of my mind, that squat little beast called memory, its sticky fingers covering everything with a thin layer of slime. ~ Claire Seeber
Ramjet Memory quotes by Claire Seeber
But if nostalgia means the powerful recollection of strong emotions - and a regret that such feelings are no longer present in our lives - then I plead guilty . . . And if we're talking about strong feelings that will never come again, I suppose it's possible to be nostalgic about remembered pain as well as remembered pleasure. And that opens up the field, doesn't it? ~ Julian Barnes
Ramjet Memory quotes by Julian Barnes
Beyond a certain degree of hardship or misery, life often revives and heals the scars. As time passed, deportation [to the concentration camps for the young woman] had become a kind of voyage and even, thanks to the almost terrifying capacity of memory to transform horror into courage, a voyage that she could easily mention. Any way of seeing the world is good, as long as one returns. ~ Nicolas Bouvier
Ramjet Memory quotes by Nicolas Bouvier
The man who forgets does not forgive, he only loses the remembrance; forgiveness is the offspring of a noble heart, of a generous mind, whilst forgetfulness is only the result of a weak memory, or of an easy carelessness. ~ Giacomo Casanova
Ramjet Memory quotes by Giacomo Casanova
Human justice is very prolix, and yet at times quite mediocre; divine justice is more concise and needs no information from the prosecution, no legal papers, no interrogation of witnesses, but makes the guilty one his own informer and helps him with eternity's memory. ~ Soren Kierkegaard
Ramjet Memory quotes by Soren Kierkegaard
But that alteration, catastrophic though it was, had long been absorbed into the water table; the unspeakable day still flooded the downs. He wasn't the type to convince himself that facts were not facts, but he needed to stop living intolerable spans again. Surely it was enough to have lived them once. ~ H.S. Cross
Ramjet Memory quotes by H.S. Cross
I think a lot of us can relate to not choosing to face a painful memory, and something that's a painful past, and wanting to pretend like it never happened. ~ Derek Magyar
Ramjet Memory quotes by Derek Magyar
The few surviving Armenians no longer ask to go home. They do not ask for restitution. They ask simply to have the memory of their obliteration acknowledged. It is a moral obsession, the lonely legacy passed onto the third and fourth generation who no longer speak Armenian but who carry within them the seeds of resentment that will not be quashed. ~ Chris Hedges
Ramjet Memory quotes by Chris Hedges
A complying memory has obliterated many of them and edited my childhood down to a brief cinematic blur. ~ V.S. Naipaul
Ramjet Memory quotes by V.S. Naipaul
Memory is the faculty of absolution. Men developed memories to ease their disquiet over things they did as men. The deep past is the only innocence and therefore necessary to retain. ~ Don DeLillo
Ramjet Memory quotes by Don DeLillo
The memory doesn't fit with the reality, because I don't remember anger, raging fury. I remember fear. ~ Paula Hawkins
Ramjet Memory quotes by Paula Hawkins
16 o The face of the LORD is against those who do evil, to p cut off the memory of them from the earth. ~ Anonymous
Ramjet Memory quotes by Anonymous
Like other kinds of intelligence, the storyteller's is partly
natural, partly trained. It is composed of several qualities, most
of which, in normal people, are signs of either immaturity or
incivility: wit (a tendency to make irreverent connections);
obstinacy and a tendency toward churlishness (a refusal to
believe what all sensible people know is true); childishness (an
apparent lack of mental focus and serious life purpose, a fondness
for daydreaming and telling pointless lies, a lack of proper
respect, mischievousness, an unseemly propensity for crying
over nothing); a marked tendency toward oral or anal fixation
or both (the oral manifested by excessive eating, drinking,
smoking, and chattering; the anal by nervous cleanliness and
neatness coupled with a weird fascination with dirty jokes);
remarkable powers of eidetic recall, or visual memory (a usual
feature of early adolescence and mental retardation); a strange
admixture of shameless playfulness and embarrassing earnestness,
the latter often heightened by irrationally intense feelings
for or against religion; patience like a cat's; a criminal streak of
cunning; psychological instability; recklessness, impulsiveness,
and improvidence; and finally, an inexplicable and incurable
addiction to stories, written or oral, bad or good. ~ John Gardner
Ramjet Memory quotes by John Gardner
The mob believes everything it is told, provided only that it be repeated over and over. Provided too that its passions, hatreds, fears are catered to. Nor need one try to stay within the limits of plausibility: on the contrary, the grosser, the bigger, the cruder the lie, the more readily is it believed and followed. Nor is there any need to avoid contradictions: the mob never notices; needless to pretend to correlate what is said to some with what is said to others: each person or group believes only what he is told, not what anyone else is told; needless to strive for coherence: the mob has no memory; needless to pretend to any truth: the mob is radically incapable of perceiving it: the mob can never comprehend that its own interests are what is at stake. ~ Alexandre Koyré
Ramjet Memory quotes by Alexandre Koyré
So, as you do the practice, if you are connected with your consciousness, then the mind is just free. It is so free that everything that you have smelled, tasted, touched, heard and seen is all there. You don't have to try to remember anything; it is all simply there. You can just pull it back. Memory is not about remembering, memory is just about your ability to bring back the data, isn't it? ~ Sadhguru
Ramjet Memory quotes by Sadhguru
Names disappear, but not the faces. The faces stay with you. ~ Marty Rubin
Ramjet Memory quotes by Marty Rubin
It is a miserable thing to be a backslider. Of all unhappy things that can befall a man, I suppose it is the worst. A stranded ship, a broken-winged eagle, a garden overrun with weeds, a harp without strings, a church in ruins, - all these are sad sights; but a backslider is a sadder sight still. That true grace shall never be extinguished, and true union with Christ never be broken off, I feel no doubt. But I do believe that a man may fall away so far that he shall lose sight of his own grace, and despair of his own salvation. And if this is not hell, it is certainly the next thing to it! A wounded conscience, a mind sick of itself, a memory full of self-reproach, a heart pierced through with the Lord's arrows, a spirit broken with a load of inward accusation, - all this is a taste of hell. It is a hell on earth. ~ J.C. Ryle
Ramjet Memory quotes by J.C. Ryle
And you rage and scream and reach through the Force to crush the shadow who has destroyed you, but you are so far less now than what you were, you are more than half machine, you are like a painter gone blind, a composer gone deaf, you can remember where the power was but the power you can touch is only a memory, and so with all your world-destroying fury it is only droids around you that implode, and equipment, and the table on which you were strapped shatters, and in the end, you cannot touch the shadow. In the end you don't even want to. In the end, you do not even want to. In the end, the shadow is all you have left. Because the shadow understands you, the shadow forgives you, the shadow gathers you unto itself - And within your furnace heart, you burn in your own flame. ~ Matthew Woodring Stover
Ramjet Memory quotes by Matthew Woodring Stover
It takes good memory to keep up a lie. ~ Pierre Corneille
Ramjet Memory quotes by Pierre Corneille
Sit and quiet yourself. Luxuriate in a certain memory and the details will come. Let the images flow. You'll be amazed at what will come out on paper. I'm still learning what it is about the past that I want to write. I don't worry about it. It will emerge. It will insist on being told. ~ Frank McCourt
Ramjet Memory quotes by Frank McCourt
On his bedside table, between the reading lamp and the telephone, was his battered copy of David Copperfield. Homer didn't have to open the book to know how the story began. "Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life, or whether that station will be held by anybody else, these pages must show," he recited from memory. ~ John Irving
Ramjet Memory quotes by John Irving
Increasingly, Sawtooth's own memories are a loud bright muddle, like opening the door on a party full of strangers. He lies awake at night, limping down the long corridors of his memory, trying to find the girl's hands, ... ~ Karen Russell
Ramjet Memory quotes by Karen Russell
Another one of the old poets, whose name has escaped my memory at present, called Truth the daughter of Time. ~ Aulus Gellius
Ramjet Memory quotes by Aulus Gellius
My best fishing-memory is about some fish that I never caught. ~ George Orwell
Ramjet Memory quotes by George Orwell
Memory is the first casualty of middle age, if I remember correctly. ~ Candice Bergen
Ramjet Memory quotes by Candice Bergen
I think it is a matter of love: the more you love a memory, the stronger and stranger it is. - Vladimir Nabokov ~ Jodi Picoult
Ramjet Memory quotes by Jodi Picoult
We're friendly toward strangers because of a general belief (I don't know where it comes from) that we're born strangers and that the memory of how that feels never really leaves us. ~ Helen Oyeyemi
Ramjet Memory quotes by Helen Oyeyemi
Back then, things were plainer: less money, no electronic devices, little fashion tyranny, no girlfriends. There was nothing to distract us from our human and filial duty which was to study, pass exams, use those qualifications to find a job, and then put together a way of life unthreateningly fuller than that of our parents, who would approve, while privately comparing it to their own earlier lives, which had been simpler, and therefore superior. ~ Julian Barnes
Ramjet Memory quotes by Julian Barnes
Sweet is the memory of past troubles. ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero
Ramjet Memory quotes by Marcus Tullius Cicero
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