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One beautiful day, a radiant day, Mr Abramovich introduced himself to me and said I should put a shopping list together ~ Claudio Ranieri
Radiant Day quotes by Claudio Ranieri
Little by little, studying the infinite possibilities of a loss of memory, he realized that the day might come when things would be recognized by their inscriptions but that no one would remember their use ... At the beginning of the road into the swamp they put up a sign that said "Macondo" and another larger one on the main street that said "God exists". ~ Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Radiant Day quotes by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Yesterday, a beautiful day ... I was talking to [an older] woman who said that she wouldn't want to be me for anything in the world. She wouldn't want to live today and look ahead to what it is she sees because she's afraid. Fear is always with us but we just don't have time for it. Not now. HILLARY RODHAM, Wellesley commencement speech, 1969 ~ Rebecca Traister
Radiant Day quotes by Rebecca Traister
I never dreamed I would one day work at it White House. ~ Karen Hughes
Radiant Day quotes by Karen Hughes
One, the term 'Jaws of Life' will always make me laugh; those firemen had some great comic timing. Two, I'm glad I covered her face because in this day and age, she'd have been the laughingstock of the entire world, even if she deserved it. Third, I'm glad I took the blackmail photo because it made you laugh. ~ Debra Anastasia
Radiant Day quotes by Debra Anastasia
every day with you? Come on ~ Leon Uris
Radiant Day quotes by Leon Uris
You know, I do projects that I really care about. I hope I'll stand by that until the day I die! ~ Juno Temple
Radiant Day quotes by Juno Temple
To me, birth control and abortion are genocide.I say, make room for children, don't do away with them. ~ Dorothy Day
Radiant Day quotes by Dorothy Day
Who knows what tomorrow will bring
Tomorrow is in the hands of God
Tomorrow will be a lovely day. ~ James Clavell
Radiant Day quotes by James Clavell
No, it was the brutal loss of his family that haunted him and for that Nykyrian couldn't fault him at all. Syn had been put through a meat grinder by life. The fact that man could still get up and make it through a day without blowing his brains out amazed him.' (Nykyrian) ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
Radiant Day quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
I'd never put all my chips anywhere, because I don't want to close any doors, but I was raised in a very blue-collar family. I was raised by parents who said, 'If you don't go to work every day, you're not contributing', so that's my mentality. I have to work every day; I have to bring home a paycheck. ~ Katee Sackhoff
Radiant Day quotes by Katee Sackhoff
We're still in the first minutes of the first day of the Internet revolution. ~ Scott Cook
Radiant Day quotes by Scott Cook
A lovely deep timber sound that zips from his powerfully strong chest and enters my bones to reverberate through me. Turning in his arms without breaking the connection, I lay my forehead on his chest and inhale him, whatever cologne he selected today, he smells so good.

You know those men who get second glances in the street when he walks by because he smells like heaven dipped in chocolate and the scent of him makes women a little stupid for a few seconds and gives them crazy thoughts about following a strange man home? That's my Grayson.

It's a wonder my sugar D has any skin left because most every second of the day I want to claw into him like a diabolical savage. ~ V. Theia
Radiant Day quotes by V. Theia
Another year older, but am I wiser? Wisdom comes from learning and changing for the better. Sometimes we just go through life living the same day over and over and never gaining true wisdom. Let that never be me. ~ Richie Norton
Radiant Day quotes by Richie Norton
Take each day in your open palms and close your fists around it. This life is not done with you yet. ~ D. Antoinette Foy
Radiant Day quotes by D. Antoinette Foy
I did not raise my son, Sam, to celebrate Mother's Day. I didn't want him to feel some obligation to buy me pricey lunches or flowers, some annual display of gratitude that you have to grit your teeth and endure. ~ Anne Lamott
Radiant Day quotes by Anne Lamott
A lot can happen in a day, sometimes. Not every day, of course. Most have one event, and that's if you're lucky. ~ Richard Kramer
Radiant Day quotes by Richard  Kramer
Christianity remains to this day the greatest misfortune of humanity. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
Radiant Day quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
Be reverent before the dawning day. Do not think of what will be in a year, or in ten years. Think of to-day. ~ Romain Rolland
Radiant Day quotes by Romain Rolland
In the pure, strong hours of the morning, when the soul of the day is at its best, lean upon the window sill of God and look into his face, and get the orders for the day. Then go out into the day with the sense of a hand upon your shoulder and not a chip. ~ E. Stanley Jones
Radiant Day quotes by E. Stanley Jones
The god of the world is the gold and the silver. The world worships this god. It is all-powerful to them, though they might not be willing to acknowledge it. Now, it is designed, in the providence of God, that the Latter-day Saints should show whether they have so far advanced in the knowledge, in the wisdom and in the power of God that they cannot be overcome by the god of the world. We must come to that point. We have also got to reach another standard, a higher plane: we have got to love God more than we love the world, more than we love gold or silver, and love our neighbor as ourselves ~ Lorenzo Snow
Radiant Day quotes by Lorenzo Snow
A sheriff arrested me. I could be mistaken, but I'm pretty sure my men-in-uniform fetish began that day. The sheriff was hot. And he handcuffed me. I've never been the same. ~ Darynda Jones
Radiant Day quotes by Darynda Jones
This was the way we loved, until the night became a silent day. And as I lay there with her I could see how important physical love was, how necessary it was for us to be in each other's arms, giving and taking. The universe was exploding, each particle away from the next, hurtling us into dark and lonely space, eternally tearing us away from each other - child out of the womb, friend away from friend, moving from each other, each through his own pathway toward the goal-box of solitary death.
But this was the counterweight, the act of binding and holding. As when men to keep from being swept overboard in the storm clutch at each other's hands to resist being torn apart, so our bodies fused a link in the human chain that kept us from being swept into nothing. ~ Daniel Keyes
Radiant Day quotes by Daniel Keyes
Our son is in school now. You know, he's six-and-a-half and so a big chunk of the day is taken up by school. So I'm hoping that I'll be able to certainly take him to school in the morning, maybe pick him up in the afternoon and come back to work. ~ Connie Chung
Radiant Day quotes by Connie Chung
Parents who can feel, who are conscious of their feelings and realize that uncontrolled anger, though it may be triggered by the child, usually has little to do with it, are less in danger of acting out their rage in the guise of pedagogy. I use the words "guilt" and "victim," rather than "causes" and "effects," as I am often politely urged to do, advisedly. Children are turned into victims by people, by their parents, not by some kind of automaton. These people have no right to behave as though they were merely destructive automatons and adhere to their ignorance, even though conventional wisdom and even moral and religious teachings confirm them in their actions by preaching forgiveness to their victims. One day the effects of such opinions will be seen in all their destructiveness. ~ Alice Miller
Radiant Day quotes by Alice   Miller
Fair greetings. I hope this letter finds you well. I have been counting every minute of every day we have been apart. And on every morning when I awake, the first thought I have is of you. In all my life, I never thought that I would find anyone like you. Someone who makes me laugh even when I no longer have strength even to smile. All I have to do is think of you and my heart is instantly gladded. Indeed, I keep every one of your smiles stored especially there in my heart and in my mind. You'll never know how truly sorry I am that fate would not see us united. That things couldn't have been different between you and me. But then there is much in my life that I regret. I hope this note finds you well and that you will smile when you think of me and not be saddened as I am saddened. I would never wish to be the source of your unhappiness. Instead, I hope you have all you desire and that someday, should things be different, you might again welcome me into your arms. Ever yours, Stryder.

-A letter to Rowena ~ Kinley MacGregor
Radiant Day quotes by Kinley MacGregor
What did they do to you, to make you withdraw so far into yourself? (Sin doesn't answer.) You've left me again, haven't you? I can always tell. Your eyes turn dull, cold. Very well, I shall leave you in peace. But know this: One day I am going to find the heart you have buried away from the world. (Callie)
And what would you do with it if you found it? (Sin)
I would hold it safe and keep it from the hurt that has shriveled it. (Callie) ~ Kinley MacGregor
Radiant Day quotes by Kinley MacGregor
What a strange thing to have happen," he thought (just as you must be thinking right now). "This game is much more serious than I thought, for here I am riding on a road I've never seen, going to a place I've never heard of, and all because of a tollbooth which came from nowhere. I'm certainly glad that it's a nice day for a trip," he concluded hopefully, for, at the moment, this was the one thing he definitely knew. ~ Norton Juster
Radiant Day quotes by Norton Juster
Wealth that is stored up in gold is dead. It rots and stinks. True wealth is made every day by men getting up out of bed and going to work. By schoolchildren doing their lessons, improving their minds. Tell ~ Neal Stephenson
Radiant Day quotes by Neal Stephenson
For about a year, I just didn't know what to do. I did laboring jobs, working in the docks, construction sites. ~ Daniel Day-Lewis
Radiant Day quotes by Daniel Day-Lewis
The thing we're all looking for is happiness, and if we achieve just a modicum of that or even a little piece of serenity even for five minutes a day, we're very lucky. ~ Mel Gibson
Radiant Day quotes by Mel Gibson
What we call our joy, God calls our perfection. Each human being has come into the world with the message of perfection. Each human being will one day realize the highest Truth. Each human being is destined to be fulfilled. It is the birthright of our soul. ~ Sri Chinmoy
Radiant Day quotes by Sri Chinmoy
I cannot tell the truth about anything unless I confess being a student, growing and learning something new every day. The more I learn, the clearer my view of the world becomes. ~ Sonia Sanchez
Radiant Day quotes by Sonia Sanchez
I'm making entertainment, but I'm making art. This is my art. Hopefully, it's profitable, hopefully it makes money, but at the end of the day I want it to be remembered for its artistic value as well as its entertainment value. ~ Morgan Spurlock
Radiant Day quotes by Morgan Spurlock
There were night sounds that Stevie had still not come to grips with - the rustling on the ground and above, the hooting of owls - things that suggested that far more happened here at night than during the day. (And yet, Stevie had yet to see the one creature that had been promised in sign after sign along the highway, the ones that read MOOSE. One moose. That's all she wanted. Was that too much to ask? Instead, there were these suggestions of owls, and all Stevie ever heard about the owls was that they liked shiny things and would eat your eyes given half the chance.) ~ Maureen Johnson
Radiant Day quotes by Maureen Johnson
Every day, you are to offer your life to God for His service. You do not serve Him in your spare time or with your leftover resources. The way you live your life for God is your offering to Him. ~ Richard Blackaby
Radiant Day quotes by Richard Blackaby
significance), 600,000 known archaeological sites (and more being found every day; more being lost, too), 3,500 historic cemeteries, 70,000 war memorials, 4,000 sites of special scientific interest, 18,500 medieval churches, and 2,500 museums containing 170 million objects. Having such a fund of richness means that it can sometimes be taken for granted to a shocking degree, but ~ Bill Bryson
Radiant Day quotes by Bill Bryson
Once, in Thessaly, there was a poet called Simonides. He was commissioned to appear at a banquet, given by a man called Scopas, and recite a lyric in praise of his host. Poets have strange vagaries, and in his lyric Simonides incorporated verses in praise of Castor and Pollux, the Heavenly Twins. Scopas was sulky, and said he would pay only half the fee: 'As for the rest, get it from the Twins.' A little later, a servant came into the hall. He whispered to Simonides; there were two young men outside, asking for him by name. He rose and left the banqueting hall. He looked around for the two young men, but he could see no one. As he turned back, to go and finish his dinner, he heard a terrible noise, of stone splitting and crumbling. He heard the cries of the dying, as the roof of the hall collapsed. Of all the diners, he was the only one left alive. The bodies were so broken and disfigured that the relatives of the dead could not identify them. But Simonides was a remarkable man. Whatever he saw was imprinted on his mind. He led each of the relatives through the ruins; and pointing to the crushed remains, he said, there is your man. In linking the dead to their names, he worked from the seating plan in his head.
It is Cicero who tells us this story. He tells us how, on that day, Simonides invented the art of memory. He remembered the names, the faces, some sour and bloated, some blithe, some bored. He remembered exactly where everyone was sitting, at the moment the roof f ~ Hilary Mantel
Radiant Day quotes by Hilary Mantel
Rome was not built in one day and you do not have to be perfect. ~ Arrmon Abedikichi
Radiant Day quotes by Arrmon Abedikichi
Every day I have spent in Uganda has been beautifully overwhelming; everywhere I have looked, raw, filthy, human need and brokenness have been on display, begging for someone to meet them, fix them. And even though I realize I cannot always mend or meet, I can enter in. I can enter into someone's pain and sit with them and know. This is Jesus. Not that He apologizes for the hard and the hurt, but that he enters in, He comes with us to the hard places. And so I continue to enter. ~ Katie Davis
Radiant Day quotes by Katie Davis
All comedians are people who really deeply consider the human experience not only a dirty trick perpetrated by a totally meaningless procedure of accidents, but an unbearable ordeal every day, which can be made tolerable only by mockery in one form or another. ~ William, Saroyan
Radiant Day quotes by William, Saroyan
Our parents would not be 'The best parents in the world' (to us) if they were not our parents. ~ Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Radiant Day quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Shush, listen to me. I've been thinking this over. I could see this new thing was weighing down on you, but I know you're going to be all right." "I'm not so sure." "That's OK. I can be sure for both of us. We've been together in this house for fifteen years, so I know what I'm talking about. When I first started with you I thought it was only a matter of time before depression would take you over. And there was that one summer when it came close, but it didn't happen. Every day you get up and learn something new. Every day you find something to be happy about. Every single day you have a smile for me. You worry more about your mother than you do about yourself. ~ Nicola Yoon
Radiant Day quotes by Nicola Yoon
What I can make people do . . . it's not what they want to do. It may sound corny, but I want people to like me for me, not because I can force them to or because of who my mom is or who I am in the Family. You know?"
He raised his green gaze to my blue one. "That's one of the things I like about you, Lila. You don't care about any of that."
"Just one of the things?" I teased, trying to make him laugh a little, just so he'd forget his guilt and grief, if only for a few moments.
"Just one." His voice took on a low, husky note. "I could list all the others, if you want."
My gaze locked with his and my soulsight kicked in, showing me all of his emotions. And I felt them, too - more intensely than I ever had before. His heart still ached with that soul-crushing guilt, and it always would. But that hot spark I'd seen inside him that first day at the Razzle Dazzle had finally ignited into a roaring fire, burning as hot and bright as my own emotions were right now.
Devon hesitated, then leaned in, just a little. My breath caught in my throat.
He inched forward a little more. I wet my lips.
He came even closer, so close that his warm breath brushed my cheek and his scent flooded my nose, that sharp, fresh tang of pine. Clean and crisp, just like he was, inside and out. I sighed. Suddenly, my hands itched to touch him, to trace my fingers over the sharp planes of his face, and then slide them lower, over all of his warm, delicious muscles . . .
~ Jennifer Estep
Radiant Day quotes by Jennifer Estep
Oh literature is a wonderful thing, Varenka, a very wonderful thing: I discovered that from being with those people the day before yesterday. It is a profound thing. It strengthens people's hearts and instructs them, ... Literature is a picture, or rather in a certain sense both a picture and a mirror; it is an expression of emotion, a subtle form of criticism, a didactic lesson and a document ... ~ Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Radiant Day quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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