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Mathematics is not arithmetic. Though mathematics may have arisen from the practices of counting and measuring it really deals with logical reasoning in which theorems - general and specific statements - can be deduced from the starting assumptions. It is, perhaps, the purest and most rigorous of intellectual activities, and is often thought of as queen of the sciences. ~ Christopher Zeeman
Queen Of The Sciences quotes by Christopher Zeeman
The most distinctive characteristic which differentiates mathematics from the various branches of empirical science, and which accounts for its fame as the queen of the sciences, is no doubt the peculiar certainty and necessity of its results. ~ Carl Gustav Hempel
Queen Of The Sciences quotes by Carl Gustav Hempel
Everything we learn - economics, philosophy, biology, mathematics - has to be understood in light of the overarching reality of the character of God. That is why, in the Middle Ages, theology was called "the queen of the sciences" and philosophy "her handmaiden." Today the queen has been deposed from her throne and, in many cases, driven into exile, and a supplanter now reigns. We have replaced theology with religion. ~ R.C. Sproul
Queen Of The Sciences quotes by R.C. Sproul
I am not a mathematician, but I was aware that for centuries, mathematics was considered the queen of the sciences because it claimed certainty. It was grounded on some fundamental certainties - axioms - that led to others. ~ Tom Stoppard
Queen Of The Sciences quotes by Tom Stoppard
I am a taxonomist, I work in the descriptive, narrative sciences of natural history. Unfortunately there is this status ordering from physics, the queen of the sciences up on top, down through a bunch of squishy subjects, ending up with sociology and psychology on the bottom. Palaeontologists are not much above that in their conventional ordering. ~ Richard Lewontin
Queen Of The Sciences quotes by Richard Lewontin
I'd rather be a beggar than be with the wrong king - not the queen of slaves, but the slave of bravery. I lay me on rocks, cover me with the darkness of the nights - not the king's poisonous soft duvets that won't let me meet I at dawn. ~ Maria I.I.A.
Queen Of The Sciences quotes by Maria I.I.A.
For this mortal I would disobey my queen, abandon my king, the court that has protected me all these years. All of it. ~ Melissa Marr
Queen Of The Sciences quotes by Melissa Marr
The kings die so that their choice of the next Queen can be irrevocable, unassailable, and unprejudiced. ~ Alaya Dawn Johnson
Queen Of The Sciences quotes by Alaya Dawn Johnson
Too much power. Too much. Even the Blood weren't meant to wield this much power. Even Witch had never controlled this much power. This one did. This young Queen. This daughter of his soul. With effort, Saetan steadied his breathing. He could accept her. He could love her. Or he could fear her. The decision was his, and whatever he decided here, now, he would have to live with. ~ Anne Bishop
Queen Of The Sciences quotes by Anne Bishop
he who would proceed in due course should love first one fair form, and then many, and learn the connexion of them; and from beautiful bodies he should proceed to beautiful minds, and the beauty of laws and institutions, until he perceives that all beauty is of one kindred; and from institutions he should go on to the sciences, until at last the vision is revealed to him of a single science of universal beauty, and then he will behold the everlasting nature which is the cause of all, and will be near the end. In the contemplation of that supreme being of love he will be purified of earthly leaven, and will behold beauty, not with the bodily eye, but with the eye of the mind, and will bring forth true creations of virtue and wisdom, ~ Plato
Queen Of The Sciences quotes by Plato
Scientists still do not appear to understand sufficiently that all earth sciences must contribute evidence toward unveiling the state of our planet in earlier times, and that the truth of the matter can only be reached by combing all this evidence ... It is only by combing the information furnished by all the earth sciences that we can hope to determine 'truth' here, that is to say, to find the picture that sets out all the known facts in the best arrangement and that therefore has the highest degree of probability. Further, we have to be prepared always for the possibility that each new discovery, no matter what science furnishes it, may modify the conclusions we draw. ~ Alfred Wegener
Queen Of The Sciences quotes by Alfred Wegener
Perhaps if we all subscribed to the African concept of Ubuntu - that we all become people through other people, and that we cannot be fully human alone, we could learn a lot. There'd be less hatred and more harmony. ~ Queen Rania Of Jordan
Queen Of The Sciences quotes by Queen Rania Of Jordan
It is ... a sign of the times-though our brothers of physics and chemistry may smile to hear me say so-that biology is now a science in which theories can be devised: theories which lead to predictions and predictions which sometimes turn out to be correct. These facts confirm me in a belief I hold most passionately-that biology is the heir of all the sciences. ~ Peter Medawar
Queen Of The Sciences quotes by Peter Medawar
You command my desire for the queen of cities to be mitigated: you alone are a Rome to me. ~ Martial
Queen Of The Sciences quotes by Martial
To Hera

O Royal Hera of majestic mien, aerial-form'd, divine, Zeus' blessed queen,
Thron'd in the bosom of caerulean air, the race of mortals is thy constant care.
The cooling gales thy pow'r alone inspires, which nourish life, which ev'ry life desires.
Mother of clouds and winds, from thee alone producing all things, mortal life is known:
All natures share thy temp'rament divine, and universal sway alone is thine.
With founding blasts of wind, the swelling sea and rolling rivers roar, when shook by thee.
Come, blessed Goddess, fam'd almighty queen, with aspect kind, rejoicing and serene. ~ Orpheus
Queen Of The Sciences quotes by Orpheus
We have sectors of the economy, aerospace is a good example, where Britain's probably the second country in the world, the automobile sector, where we've done extraordinarily well, an enormous amount of investment over the last couple of years, life sciences is another. ~ Vince Cable
Queen Of The Sciences quotes by Vince Cable
The works which this man [Joseph Banks] leaves behind him occupy a few pages only; their importance is not greatly superior to their extent; and yet his name will shine out with lustre in the history of the sciences. ~ Georges Cuvier
Queen Of The Sciences quotes by Georges Cuvier
If even in science there is no a way of judging a theory but by assessing the number, faith and vocal energy of its supporters, then this must be even more so in the social sciences: truth lies in power. ~ Imre Lakatos
Queen Of The Sciences quotes by Imre Lakatos
At the end of the 1400s, the world changed. Two key dates can mark the beginning of modern times. In 1485, the Wars of the Roses came to an end, and, following the invention of printing, William Caxton issued the first imaginative book to be published in England - Sir Thomas Malory's retelling of the Arthurian legends as Le Morte D'Arthur. In 1492, Christopher Columbus's voyage to the Americas opened European eyes to the existence of the New World. New worlds, both geographical and spiritual, are the key to the Renaissance, the 'rebirth' of learning and culture, which reached its peak in Italy in the early sixteenth century and in Britain during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, from 1558 to 1603. ~ Ronald Carter
Queen Of The Sciences quotes by Ronald Carter
I regard the rights of men and women equal. In Love's fair realm, husband and wife are king and queen, sceptered and crowned alike, and seated on the self-same throne. ~ Robert Green Ingersoll
Queen Of The Sciences quotes by Robert Green Ingersoll
Now it is established in the sciences that no knowledge is acquired save through the study of its causes and beginnings, if it has had causes and beginnings; nor completed except by knowledge of its accidents and accompanying essentials. ~ Avicenna
Queen Of The Sciences quotes by Avicenna
And once upon a time I wondered: Is writing epic fantasy not somehow a betrayal? Did I not somehow do a disservice to my own reality by paying so much attention to the power fantasies of disenchanted white men?

But. Epic fantasy is not merely what Tolkien made it.

This genre is rooted in the epic - and the truth is that there are plenty of epics out there which feature people like me. Sundiata's badass mother. Dihya, warrior queen of the Amazighs. The Rain Queens. The Mino Warriors. Hatshepsut's reign. Everything Harriet Tubman ever did. And more, so much more, just within the African components of my heritage. I haven't even begun to explore the non-African stuff. So given all these myths, all these examinations of the possible… how can I not imagine more? How can I not envision an epic set somewhere other than medieval England, about someone other than an awkward white boy? How can I not use every building-block of my history and heritage and imagination when I make shit up?

And how dare I disrespect that history, profane all my ancestors' suffering and struggles, by giving up the freedom to imagine that they've won for me. ~ N.K. Jemisin
Queen Of The Sciences quotes by N.K. Jemisin
In choosing an opening plan players think most of all of harmonious development for the pieces, but sometimes leave the development of the queen out of their considerations. Yet the Queen is the most valuable and important piece and the whole outcome can depend upon how successfully she plays her role. ~ Alexander Kotov
Queen Of The Sciences quotes by Alexander Kotov
I was reading William Shawcross's biography of the Queen Mother, dressed in my witch outfit! And you know what? It was a really good mix; it was a therapeutic mix. ~ Helena Bonham Carter
Queen Of The Sciences quotes by Helena Bonham Carter
"You laid it on a little thick out there."
Morpheus clucks his tongue. "I performed masterfully," he answers, at last managing to claim his hat from Chessie.
"Right," Jeb scoffs. "Pretty sure my mistreatment wouldn't have sent you into hysterics, drama queen."
Morpheus smirks. "Fair enough. On the other hand, your portrayal of a brainless wind-up numbskull was spot on."
Jeb's lips quiver, as if he's fighting a smile himself. "You know, I still have enough paint to make that flyswatter."
"Tut. No need for violence." Morpheus taps the dust from his hat and places it on his head. "I'm simply giving credit where it's due." ~ A.G. Howard
Queen Of The Sciences quotes by A.G. Howard
In short, bioethics investigates ethical issues arising in the life sciences (medicine, health care, genetics, biology, research, etc) by applying the principles and methods of moral philosophy to these problems. ~ Adele Langlois
Queen Of The Sciences quotes by Adele Langlois
There must be a special, less volcanic portion of hell that was partitioned off and set aside for people who weren't all bad, just a little vindictive. They could call it the drama queen ward. It would be a huge hit. ~ Darynda Jones
Queen Of The Sciences quotes by Darynda Jones
What would be the nicest thing I could say about Newt Gingrich? He may be one of the great supporters of the humanities, because you have people who don't want to study the social sciences, because it's not profitable, and now Newt, as the highest-paid historian in American history, may be an encouragement to people to study history. ~ Barney Frank
Queen Of The Sciences quotes by Barney Frank
Bryce shouldered the canvas bag, surveying the Viper Queen. "Nice outfit."

The serpentine shifter smiled, revealing bright white teeth - and canines that were slightly too elongated. And slightly too thin. "Nice bodyguard."

Bryce shrugged as those snake's eyes dragged over every inch of Hunt. "Nothing going on upstairs, but everything happening where it counts. ~ Sarah J. Maas
Queen Of The Sciences quotes by Sarah J. Maas
It seems perfectly clear that Economy, if it is to be a science at all, must be a mathematical science. There exists much prejudice against attempts to introduce the methods and language of mathematics into any branch of the moral sciences. Most persons appear to hold that the physical sciences form the proper sphere of mathematical method, and that the moral sciences demand some other method-I know not what. ~ William Stanley Jevons
Queen Of The Sciences quotes by William Stanley Jevons
I can't believe they let us name a person," Nick had said. "It feels like something only the King of the Land should be able to do." "Or the Queen of the Kingdom," Alice said. "Oh, they'd never let a woman name a person," said Nick. "Obviously. ~ Liane Moriarty
Queen Of The Sciences quotes by Liane Moriarty
ethanol may actually make some kinds of air pollution worse. It evaporates faster than pure gasoline, contributing to ozone problems in hot temperatures. A 2006 study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences concluded that ethanol does reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 12 percent relative to gasoline, but it calculated that devoting the entire U.S. corn crop to make ethanol would replace only a small fraction of American gasoline consumption. Corn farming also contributes to environmental degradation due to runoff from fertilizer and pesticides.
But to dwell on the science is to miss the point. As the New York Times noted in the throes of the 2000 presidential race, ―Regardless of whether ethanol is a great fuel for cars, it certainly works wonders in Iowa campaigns. The ethanol tax subsidy increases the demand for corn, which puts money in farmers' pockets. Just before the Iowa caucuses, corn farmer Marvin Flier told the Times, ―Sometimes I think [the candidates] just come out and pander to us, he said. Then he added, ―Of course, that may not be the worst thing. The National Corn Growers Association figures that the ethanol program increases the demand for corn, which adds 30 cents to the price of every bushel sold.
Bill Bradley opposed the ethanol subsidy during his three terms as a senator from New Jersey (not a big corn-growing state). Indeed, some of his most important accomplishments as a senator involved purging the tax code of subsid ~ Charles Wheelan
Queen Of The Sciences quotes by Charles Wheelan
At bottom each "exact" science is, and must be speculative, and its chief tool of research, too rarely used with both courage and judgement, is the regulated imagination. ~ Reginald Aldworth Daly
Queen Of The Sciences quotes by Reginald Aldworth Daly
The Pilgrim Queen
(A Song)

There sat a Lady
all on the ground,
Rays of the morning
circled her round,
Save thee, and hail to thee,
Gracious and Fair,
In the chill twilight
what wouldst thou there?

'Here I sit desolate,'
sweetly said she,
'Though I'm a queen,
and my name is Marie:
Robbers have rifled
my garden and store,
Foes they have stolen
my heir from my bower.

'They said they could keep Him
far better than I,
In a palace all His,
planted deep and raised high.
'Twas a palace of ice,
hard and cold as were they,
And when summer came,
it all melted away.

'Next would they barter Him,
Him the Supreme,
For the spice of the desert,
and gold of the stream;
And me they bid wander
in weeds and alone,
In this green merry land
which once was my own.'

I look'd on that Lady,
and out from her eyes
Came the deep glowing blue
of Italy's skies;
And she raised up her head
and she smiled, as a Queen
On the day of her crowning,
so bland and serene.

'A moment,' she said,
'and the dead shall revive;
The giants are failing,
the Saints are alive;
I am coming to rescue
my home and my reign,
And Peter and Philip
are close in my train. ~ John Henry Newman
Queen Of The Sciences quotes by John Henry Newman
Thanks to meetings and discussions with experts in the natural sciences, with physicists and biologists as well as with historians, I have learned to appreciate the importance of those other branches of knowledge which involve the scientific disciplines; these are likewise capable of attaining the truth from different perspectives. The splendor of the truth–Veritatis Splendor–constantly needs to accompany them, enabling people to meet, to exchange ideas, and to enrich one another. ~ Pope John Paul II
Queen Of The Sciences quotes by Pope John Paul II
She was my mirror image, slightly distorted, flipped, older, larger, more able to coexist with a pack of men. I'd be their pawn. She was their queen. ~ Aspen Matis
Queen Of The Sciences quotes by Aspen Matis
The Queen of England is Defender of the Faith but the President of the United States is Defender of the Constitution, which defends all faiths. ~ Walter F. Mondale
Queen Of The Sciences quotes by Walter F. Mondale
My queen," he said formally, "before Glitch sends out the knights and the hounds to drag us back to Mag Tuiredh, will you do me the honor of a last dance? ~ Julie Kagawa
Queen Of The Sciences quotes by Julie Kagawa
In her mind, every last Queen lies at the bottom of the sea, drowned by the Goddess the moment she was done with them. ~ Kendare Blake
Queen Of The Sciences quotes by Kendare Blake
I am the Queen of Elfhame.
Even though I am the queen in exile, I am still the queen.
And that means Madoc isn't just trying to take Cardon's throne.
He's trying to take mine. ~ Holly Black
Queen Of The Sciences quotes by Holly Black
Vida Winter's appearance was not calculated for concealment. She was an ancient queen, sorceress or goddess. Her stiff figure rose regally out of a profusion of fat purple and red cushions. Draped around her shoulders, the folds of the turquoise-and-green cloth that had cloaked her body did not soften the rigidity of her frame. Her bright copper hair had been arranged into an elaborate confection of twists, curls and coils. Her face, as intricately lined as a map, was powdered white and finished with bold scarlet lipstick. In her lap, her hands were a cluster of rubies, emeralds and white, bony knuckles; only her nails, unvarnished, cut short and square like my own, struck an incongruous tone. ~ Diane Setterfield
Queen Of The Sciences quotes by Diane Setterfield
And after Beltane is over, we will have the pleasure of watching our queen deliciously poison her sisters." Natalia ~ Kendare Blake
Queen Of The Sciences quotes by Kendare Blake
Out of Dindymus heavily laden Her lions draw bound and unfed A mother, a mortal, a maiden, A queen over death and the dead. She is cold, and her habit is lowly, Her temple of branches and sods; Most fruitful and virginal, holy, A mother of gods. She hath wasted with fire thine high places, She hath hidden and marred and made sad The fair limbs of the Loves, the fair faces Of gods that were goodly and glad. She slays, and her hands are not bloody; She moves as a moon in the wane, White-robed, and thy raiment is ruddy, Our Lady of Pain. ~ Algernon Charles Swinburne
Queen Of The Sciences quotes by Algernon Charles Swinburne
LOVE'S BAPTISM. I'm ceded, I've stopped being theirs; The name they dropped upon my face With water, in the country church, Is finished using now, And they can put it with my dolls, My childhood, and the string of spools I've finished threading too. Baptized before without the choice, But this time consciously, of grace Unto supremest name, Called to my full, the crescent dropped, Existence's whole arc filled up With one small diadem. My second rank, too small the first, Crowned, crowing on my father's breast, A half unconscious queen; But this time, adequate, erect, With will to choose or to reject. And I choose - just a throne. ~ Emily Dickinson
Queen Of The Sciences quotes by Emily Dickinson
If I could destroy the world, don't you think I could fight off the queen of the Fells? Crow snorted. ~ Cinda Williams Chima
Queen Of The Sciences quotes by Cinda Williams Chima
I am a philosopher in the natural sciences. Matters of the heart I leave to the poets, but it has occurred to me, as a failed poet myself, that the cruelest aspect of love is its inviolable integrity. We do not choose to love - or I should say, we cannot choose not to love. Do you understand? ~ Rick Yancey
Queen Of The Sciences quotes by Rick Yancey
Are all the scientists here men, then?" "Scientists?" Oiie asked, incredulous. Pae coughed. "Scientists. Oh, yes, certainly, they're all men. There are some female teachers in the girls' schools, of course. But they never get past Certificate level." "Why not?" "Can't do the math; no head for abstract thought; don't belong. You know how it is, what women call thinking is done with the uterus! Of course, there's always a few exceptions, God-awful brainy women with vaginal atrophy." "You Odonians let women study science?" Oiie inquired. "Well, they are in the sciences, yes." "Not many, I hope." "Well, about half. ~ Ursula K. Le Guin
Queen Of The Sciences quotes by Ursula K. Le Guin
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