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#1. I'm not much interested in extrapolating science and technology; I merely use extrapolation as a means of putting people into new quandaries which produce colorful pressures and conflicts. - Author: Alfred Bester
Quarrelled Means quotes by Alfred Bester
#2. It was as true," said Mr. Barkis, " as turnips is. It was as true," said Mr. Barkis, nodding his nightcap, which was his only means of emphasis, " as taxes is. - Author: Charles Dickens
Quarrelled Means quotes by Charles Dickens
#3. If I label someone as "bad," I know my own meaning: he will hurt someone to get what he wants. If I use "evil" it means he will hurt someone even when he doesn't want anything. - Author: Rory Miller
Quarrelled Means quotes by Rory Miller
#4. Indigenous people have been tracking the same 'psychic virus' for many centuries, calling it 'wetiko' in Cree (windigo in Ojibwa, wintiko in Powhatan), a term that refers to a biologically wicked person or spirit who terrorizes others by means of evil acts. - Author: Paul Levy
Quarrelled Means quotes by Paul Levy
#5. The central values by which most men have lived, in a great many lands at a great many times - these values, almost if not entirely universal, are not always harmonious with each other. Some are, some are not. Men have always craved for liberty, security, equality, happiness, justice, knowledge, and so on. But complete liberty is not compatible with complete equality - if men were wholly free, the wolves would be free to eat the sheep. Perfect equality means that human liberties must be restrained so that the ablest and the most gifted are not permitted to advance beyond those who would inevitably lose if there were competition. Security, and indeed freedoms, cannot be preserved if freedom to subvert them is permitted. Indeed, not everyone seeks security or peace, otherwise some would not have sought glory in battle or in dangerous sports.
Justice has always been a human ideal, but it is not fully compatible with mercy. Creative imagination and spontaneity, splendid in themselves, cannot be fully reconciled with the need for planning, organization, careful and responsible calculation. Knowledge, the pursuit of truth - the noblest of aims - cannot be fully reconciled with the happiness or the freedom that men desire, for even if I know that I have some incurable disease this will not make me happier or freer. I must always choose: between peace and excitement, or knowledge and blissful ignorance. And so on...
If these ultimate human values by which we live are to be - Author: Isaiah Berlin
Quarrelled Means quotes by Isaiah Berlin
#6. A foot note in Scale, Geoffery West:

The full quotation from Einstein is worth repeating because it emphasizes a central dictum of science:
"Propositions arrived at by purely logical means are completely empty as regards reality. Because Galileo saw this, and particularly because he drummed this into the scientific world, he is the father of modern physics, indeed of modern science altogether."

Taken from Einstein's "On the Methods of Theoretical Physics," Essays on modern Science (New York:Dover, 2009) 12-21 - Author: Albert Einstein
Quarrelled Means quotes by Albert Einstein
#7. Then why are you still here?" I ask. I stand up and her gun follows me. I welcome its bullets just to see if I could survive.
"I don't know what that means."
"It means I like my own pain."
"That doesn't make sense."
"I'm human. You think we ever make sense? - Author: Tessa Maurer
Quarrelled Means quotes by Tessa Maurer
#8. If one takes meaning into consideration, happiness might best be described as "a zest for life in all its complexity," as Sissela Bok writes in her book. To achieve it means to "attach our lives to something larger than ourselves." To be happy, one must do. It could be something as simple as teaching Sunday school or as grand as leading nonviolent protests. It could be as cerebral as seeking the cure for cancer or as physical as climbing mountains. It could be creating art. And it could be raising a child - my "best piece of poetrie," as Ben Jonson said in his elegy for his seven-year-old son. - Author: Jennifer Senior
Quarrelled Means quotes by Jennifer Senior
#9. Codfish aristocracy' is what they call us. Men who've made a fortune in business, but are common-born."
"Why codfish?"
"It used to refer to the rich merchants who settled the American colonies and made their money in the cod trade. Now it means any successful businessman."
"Nouveau riche is another term," Helen added. "It's never used as a compliment, of course. But it should be. Being self-made is something to be admired." As she felt his soundless chuckle, she insisted, "It is."
Rhys turned his head to kiss her. "You've no need to flatter my vanity."
"I'm not flattering you. I think you're remarkable. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
Quarrelled Means quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#10. True love, by definition, means "someone that is truly loved". But true love must be reciprocated, or it is only excrutiatingly unbearable and devistating - a never-ending lonely night in an empty room. - Author: A.M. Hudson
Quarrelled Means quotes by A.M. Hudson
#11. You know what I hate most of all in the whole wide world? ... More than people who think that if you're bisexual it means you'll fuck absolutely anyone (especially them)? - Author: Alan Cumming
Quarrelled Means quotes by Alan Cumming
#12. Freedom means choosing your burden. - Author: Hephzibah Menuhin
Quarrelled Means quotes by Hephzibah Menuhin
#13. Close the Bible and open the Manu Smriti. It has an affirmation of life, a triumphing agreeable sensation in life and that to draw up a lawbook such as Manu means to permit oneself to get the upper hand, to become perfection, to be ambitious of the highest art of living. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
Quarrelled Means quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#14. If the whole process of learning from failure means discarding stuff that's not working, but in fact, our natural reaction is to keep going, to throw more money behind it, to throw more emotional energy behind it ... that's a real problem. - Author: Tim Harford
Quarrelled Means quotes by Tim Harford
#15. Violence begets violence by whomever used. War is a dirty business and entails the use of degrading means, whoever wages it. - Author: A.J. Muste
Quarrelled Means quotes by A.J. Muste
#16. The ruby is meant to represent a drop of blood. It is the symbolic representation of the way of the primary edict. It means only one thing and everything. Cut. Once committed to the fight, cut. Everything else is secondary. Cut. That is your duty, your purpose, your hunger. There is no rule more important, no commitment that overrides that one. Cut. The lines are a portrayal of the dance. Cut from the void, not from bewilderment. Cut the enemy as quickly and directly as possible. Cut with certainty. Cut decisively, resolutely. Cut into his strength. Flow through the gap in his guard. Cut him. Cut him down utterly. Don't allow him a breath. Crush him. Cut him without mercy to the depths of his spirit. It's the balance of life: death. It is the dance with death. - Author: Terry Goodkind
Quarrelled Means quotes by Terry Goodkind
#17. Color, even more than drawing, is a means of liberation. - Author: Henri Matisse
Quarrelled Means quotes by Henri Matisse
#18. If you're not nervous, it means you don't care. - Author: Tiger Woods
Quarrelled Means quotes by Tiger Woods
#19. Can any reasonable man be well disposed toward a government which makes war and carnage the only means of supporting itself? - Author: Alexander Hamilton
Quarrelled Means quotes by Alexander Hamilton
#20. The way I live now is that I only write, which means that I'm very poor but very happy. Everything in my life is the way I want it to be. - Author: Helen Oyeyemi
Quarrelled Means quotes by Helen Oyeyemi
#21. They were conquerors, and for that you want only brute force
nothing to boast of, when you have it, since your strength is just an accident arising from the weakness of others. They grabbed what they could get for the sake of what was to be got. It was just robbery with violence, aggravated murder on a great scale, and men going at it blind
as is very proper for those who tackle a darkness.
The conquest of the earth, which mostly means the taking it away from those who have a different complexion or slightly flatter noses than ourselves, is not a pretty thing when you look into it too much. - Author: Joseph Conrad
Quarrelled Means quotes by Joseph Conrad
#22. All known great religions have had an exoteric aspect, that is, exterior, profane, for the masses of believers, and another esoteric, for a restricted select minority of initiates. So it was with the Egyptian and Greek cults. Those ignorant people who pompously speak to us about Aristotle, Socrates, Plato and the 'rational thought of the Greeks' ignore the fact that behind their ideas one finds the Eleusinian Mysteries of Delphi and elsewhere, in which these same philosophers, above all Plato, Aeschylus, Euripides took part, though they could not speak of it in public. The Orphic cults and mythology are the foundation of the philosophical thought of Ancient Greece. The word esoteric itself comes from the Greek work eisoteo and means 'to enter into' and 'to open a door' (towards the Gods: Theo, eiso-theo). - Author: Miguel Serrano
Quarrelled Means quotes by Miguel Serrano
#23. Sometimes healing means spending quality times with old friends around the glow of a campfire in a distant forest. - Author: Nitin Namdeo
Quarrelled Means quotes by Nitin Namdeo
#24. the Primal Blueprint is really about improving body composition, instead of just losing weight. This means a reduction in body fat percentage and an increase or maintenance of muscle or lean body mass. - Author: Mark Sisson
Quarrelled Means quotes by Mark Sisson
#25. Good art is a truing of vision, in the way a saw is trued in the saw shop, to cut more cleanly. It is also a changing of vision. Entering a good poem, a person feels, tastes, hears, thinks, and sees in altered ways. Why ask art into a life at all, if not to be transformed and enlarged by its presence and mysterious means? - Author: Jane Hirshfield
Quarrelled Means quotes by Jane Hirshfield
#26. It is because the cosmos is meaningless that we must secure our individual illusions of values, direction, and interest by upholding the artificial streams which give us such worlds of salutary illusion. That is since nothing means anything in itself, we must preserve the proximate and arbitrary background which makes things around us seem as if they did mean something. In other words, we are either Englishmen or nothing whatever. - Author: H.P. Lovecraft
Quarrelled Means quotes by H.P. Lovecraft
#27. More than anything, my wish for you is this: That when your awful darkest days come, you will know you're not alone. Pain will tell you to keep quiet, but that's a lie. Life is fragile and we all break in different ways. I hope you know you can be honest. I hope you know that you can ask for help. Did you catch that? It is absolutely positively okay to ask for help. It simply means you're human. Help is real and it is possible; people find it every day. - Author: Jamie Tworkowski
Quarrelled Means quotes by Jamie Tworkowski
#28. Every sacrifice I make is for the good of my Clan - and for the other Clans around the lake. Even if that means sacrificing myself. - Author: Erin Hunter
Quarrelled Means quotes by Erin Hunter
#29. I have my own definition of minimalism, which is that which is created with a minimum of means. - Author: La Monte Young
Quarrelled Means quotes by La Monte Young
#30. The theme of the diary is always the personal, but it does not mean only a personal story: it means a personal relationship to all things and people. The personal, if it is deep enough, becomes universal, mythical, symbolic; I never generalize, intellectualise. I see, I hear, I feel. These are my primitive elements of discovery.
Music, dance, poetry and painting are the channels for emotion. It is through them that experience penetrates our bloodstream. - Author: Anais Nin
Quarrelled Means quotes by Anais Nin
#31. I am very much afraid that to the fiction writer the fact that we shall always have the poor with us is a source of satisfaction,for it means, essentially, that he will always be able to find someone like himself. - Author: Flannery O'Connor
Quarrelled Means quotes by Flannery O'Connor
#32. I think inspiration is strongest when I find a balance between observation and participation. You can't write about what it means to dance by watching from the bleachers. - Author: Chelsey Philpot
Quarrelled Means quotes by Chelsey Philpot
#33. The Profit function: Individual profits cause collective growth and prosperity. It is necessary for individual people and businesses to profit in a Permaculture Economy where justice is maintained and fairly applied. Profits are earned when efficiency is mastered. With profits, individuals invest in (a) new and innovative means of production which will allow more profits, or (b) buying products and services from other individuals who are also seeking profit by providing value.

Profits also incentivize individuals to be productive participants in society to begin with. If there will be no profit in an activity, business or industry, then individuals will decline participation in that activity, business or industry. Since profits are only possible when buyers are satisfied with the productivity of sellers, then it is also true that an individuals willingness to participate in an activity, business or industry is preceded by the buyers satisfaction which allows the seller to profit. But when buyers are dissatisfied and decline participation, it forces sellers to decline participation. Inversely, if profits are eradicated through the force of price-controls by the government, then sellers will decline participation which then causes buyers to decline participation. And when both sellers and buyers decline participation, then whole industries and economies collapse. - Author: Hendrith Vanlon Smith Jr
Quarrelled Means quotes by Hendrith Vanlon Smith  Jr
#34. I am going to paint one day and when I do I will show the world what color means. - Author: Charles Bukowski
Quarrelled Means quotes by Charles Bukowski
#35. The blues are the roots and the other musics are the fruits. It's better keeping the roots alive, because it means better fruits from now on. The blues are the roots of all American music. As long as American music survives, so will the blues. - Author: Willie Dixon
Quarrelled Means quotes by Willie Dixon
#36. To listen fully means to pay close attention to what is being said beneath the words. You listen not only to the 'music,' but to the essence of the person speaking. You listen not only for what someone knows, but for what he or she is. Ears operate at the speed of sound, which is far slower than the speed of light the eyes take in. Generative listening is the art of developing deeper silences in yourself, so you can slow our mind's hearing to your ears' natural speed, and hear beneath the words to their meaning. - Author: Peter Senge
Quarrelled Means quotes by Peter Senge
#37. Music is an incomparably more powerful means and is a subtler language for expressing the thousand different moments of the soul's moods. - Author: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Quarrelled Means quotes by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

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