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#1. I thought you were the docile one," he murmured.
"Yes, my lord," she said meekly. "Compared to my sister, my lord."
"And you're the smart one as well? Even though you were going to put horse dung on an infect wound?"
"Yes, my lord." She straightened her shoulders. "And the plain one."
His eyes were like a sly weapon, all soft, lingering caresses while he stood just out of reach. "I think you're a fraud, Lady Alys. You've yet to convince me of any of those three things. - Author: Anne Stuart
Qiang Weapon quotes by Anne Stuart
#2. Thank you," I managed to say.

Replying with a nod, he approached my horse. "Here, let me help you - "

I slipped down myself before he could lend a hand, keeping the fur hide in my possession. "I'm not suddenly incapable because I wear a dress, Thaddeus."

"I wasn't suggesting…." Wisely, he let the issue drop.

Lifting an arm, he offered it to me. That's when I noticed my sword in sheath belted to his waist.

"That's mine!" I declared, reaching for the hilt.

Thaddeus managed a quick side-step. He hardened his jaw at my look of incredulity. I would only wait momentarily for an explanation.

"I know the sword is yours, Catherine, everyone knows that. But you're too beautiful tonight to ruin that radiant look with an ugly, leather belt strapped about you."

I was starting to think the man was using compliments as a weapon to defend himself against me. It did work to temper my anger somewhat.

"I brought the sword as a cautionary act, just in case those nasty werewolves show up. Seeing how I'll be standing beside you all evening, the blade will be at your disposal if needed."

I accepted his reasoning and stood down.

"Besides," Thaddeus added, apparently feeling safe, "what's yours is mine now anyway."

I glared at the fool. "That works both ways, you know."

He rolled his eyes and shrugged. "If it must."

Again, he offered me his arm wh - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich
Qiang Weapon quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#3. ...there is something Russian about this particular use of the eye as an aggressive and defensive weapon. In Russian literature there is endless variation in the use of the eye as a soulful receptor, as an avid grasper, and as the very organ for mutual soulful surrender. In regard to the great models of political and literary life, however, the emphasis is on the eye as an incorruptible instrument for the manipulation of the future. Gorky's description of Tolstoy is typical: 'With sharp eyes, from which neither a single pebble nor a single thought could hide itself, he looked, measured, tested, compared.' Or again, his eyes are 'screwed up as though straining to look into the future'.
Equally typical is Trotsky's description of Lenin:
When Lenin, his left eye narrowed, receives a wireless containing a speech he resembles a devilishly clever peasant who does not let himself be confused by any words, or deluded by any phrases. That is highly intensified peasant shrewdness, lifted to the point of inspiration. - Author: Erik H. Erikson
Qiang Weapon quotes by Erik H. Erikson
#4. I had a weapon of my own and I wasn't afraid to fucking use it. And if I died? Who the fuck cared? I put the gun to my head and demanded to be let through. The fucktards shot me. - Author: C.J. Roberts
Qiang Weapon quotes by C.J. Roberts
#5. Few people know this, but I am a trained assassin, skilled in jujitsu and krav maga. I can also, with a few folds, turn an ordinary piece of notebook paper into a lethal weapon. Or I can turn it into a butterfly, which is a great trick when I'm babysitting."
I fought a smile. "A trained assassin who babysits."
"Only the Greene twins and only because their family gets every premium channel on the planet. - Author: Laurie Halse Anderson
Qiang Weapon quotes by Laurie Halse Anderson
#6. When he pursed his lips and dropped a hand into his coat pocket, the last thing Nur expected him to pull out was a cricket ball. "I'd hoped for a disruptor at least," she muttered reprovingly.

The Doctor slipped three fingers around the ball and hefted it experimentally. "I thought we'd try something a little less excessive."

He breathed gently on to the maroon leather and polished it on his leg as the Sontaran finally tossed the Kshatriya aside and stopped to pick up its fallen weapon. He stepped around the corner, sighting along his free arm as the Sontaran straightened, its back fully turned. The cricket ball flashed down the length of the corridor in the blink of an eye, punching into the back of the Sontaran's collar and ricocheting away. To Nur's astonishment, the alien spasmed and crashed to the floor like a falling tree. "Out for a duck," the Doctor commented, blowing across his fingertips.

"I've never seen anything killed by a cricket ball before."

"You haven't yet. He'll wake up in a few minutes. - Author: David A. McIntee
Qiang Weapon quotes by David A. McIntee
#7. As quietly as possible he sought around for something, anything, that could be turned into a weapon. Regrettably, they had, when choosing toys for Young Sam, completely neglected the whole area of hard things with sharp edges. - Author: Terry Pratchett
Qiang Weapon quotes by Terry Pratchett
#8. Psychology is a soft weapon but you can take out
more enemy battalions with leaflets and radio broadcasts than with high explosives. - Author: Nelson DeMille
Qiang Weapon quotes by Nelson DeMille
#9. The risk is too great. A man cannot place too much faith in any one thing, neither a woman, nor a horse, nor a weapon, nor any single thing. - Author: Michael Crichton
Qiang Weapon quotes by Michael Crichton
#10. I think that both parties should declare the debt limit as a political weapon of mass destruction which can't be used. I mean, it is silly to have a country that has 237 years building up its reputation and then have people threaten to tear it down because they're not getting some other matter. - Author: Warren Buffett
Qiang Weapon quotes by Warren Buffett
#11. Love is a weapon of Light, and it has the power to eradicate all forms of darkness. That is the key. When we offer love even to our enemies, we destroy their darkness and hatred ... - Author: Yehuda Berg
Qiang Weapon quotes by Yehuda Berg
#12. If we can use an H-bomb--and as you said it's no checker game; it's real, it's war and nobody is fooling around--isn't it sort of ridiculous to go crawling around in the weeds, throwing knives and maybe getting yourself killed . . . and even losing the war . . . when you've got a real weapon you can use to win? What's the point in a whole lot of men risking their lives with obsolete weapons when one professor type can do so much more just by pushing a button?'
Zim didn't answer at once, which wasn't like him at all. Then he said softly, 'Are you happy in the Infantry, Hendrick? You can resign, you know.'
Hendrick muttered something; Zim said, 'Speak up!'
I'm not itching to resign, sir. I'm going to sweat out my term.'
I see. Well, the question you asked is one that a sergeant isn't really qualified to answer . . . and one that you shouldn't ask me. You're supposed to know the answer before you join up. Or you should. Did your school have a course in History and Moral Philosophy?'
What? Sure--yes, sir.'
Then you've heard the answer. But I'll give you my own--unofficial--views on it. If you wanted to teach a baby a lesson, would you cuts its head off?'
Why . . . no, sir!'
Of course not. You'd paddle it. There can be circumstances when it's just as foolish to hit an enemy with an H-Bomb as it would be to spank a baby with an ax. War is not violence and killing, pure and simple; war is controlled violence, for a purpose. The purpose of war - Author: Robert A. Heinlein
Qiang Weapon quotes by Robert A. Heinlein
#13. My red line is Iran may not have a nuclear weapon. It is inappropriate for them to have the capacity to terrorize the world. Iran with a nuclear weapon or with fissile material that can be given to Hezbollah or Hamas or others has the potential of not just destabilizing the Middle East. - Author: Mitt Romney
Qiang Weapon quotes by Mitt Romney
#14. When we refer to 'the biblical approach to economics' or the biblical response to politics' or 'biblical womanhood,' we're using the Bible as a weapon disguised as an adjective. - Author: Rachel Held Evans
Qiang Weapon quotes by Rachel Held Evans
#15. Culture is an indispensable weapon in the freedom struggle. - Author: Malcolm X
Qiang Weapon quotes by Malcolm X
#16. The coward's weapon, poison. - Author: John Fletcher
Qiang Weapon quotes by John Fletcher
#17. The human body experiences a powerful gravitational pull in the direction of hope. That is why the patient's hopes are the physician's secret weapon. They are the hidden ingredients in any prescription. - Author: Norman Cousins
Qiang Weapon quotes by Norman Cousins
#18. If you hurt Muse, I will hunt you down, use every rusted weapon I own, cut off your precious parts and feed them to the hellhounds. Ryder - Author: Pippa DaCosta
Qiang Weapon quotes by Pippa DaCosta
#19. She heard a trill of laughter float down the hall, lifted a brow. "Company?"
"Indeed." With his disapproving eye, Summerset scanned her wilted shirt and slacks, skimmed over the weapon harness still strapped to her side. "I suggest you bathe and change before meeting your guests."
"I suggest you kiss my ass," she said cheerfully and strolled by him. - Author: J.D. Robb
Qiang Weapon quotes by J.D. Robb
#20. The TRUTH shall always be your unbeatable weapon.
~ Angelica Hopes, an excerpt from P. B. Y. M. Book 1 of Karmic Harvest Trilogy - Author: Angelica Hopes
Qiang Weapon quotes by Angelica Hopes
#21. Having been away from you offical duties," Arch said as the Miller's hand lowered to his side, "you might not have hearc, but I've developed a weapon capable of destroying all of Boaderland, Wonderland, Morgavia, Unterlan and who knows what else. I call it WILMA, which stands for Weapon of Inconceivable Loss and Massive Annihilation. It also happens to be the name of one of my former wives, who had to be put down on account of her feisty temper. - Author: Frank Beddor
Qiang Weapon quotes by Frank Beddor
#22. Criticism is the weapon of the lesser human - it's the weapon of the creature that's incapable of original thinking and original action. - Author: Abhijit Naskar
Qiang Weapon quotes by Abhijit Naskar
#23. Men use a new lesson or experience later on as a ploughshare or perhaps also as a weapon; women at once make it into an ornament. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
Qiang Weapon quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#24. Mrs. Jones asked me to think up a few gadgets for our agents out here in the East," Smithers replied. He lifted the fan. "This is one of them. It's very simple, but I rather like it. You see, it looks like an ordinary fan, but actually there are very thin plates of galvanized steel hidden under the silk. And when you bring them together ... " He folded the fan, then brought it smashing down onto the desk. The wood shattered. " ... it becomes a useful weapon. I call it ... " " ... the fan club?" Alex suggested. - Author: Anonymous
Qiang Weapon quotes by Anonymous
#25. Never fear the weapon, only the man wielding it. Focus on your opponent while he focuses on his knife or saber or pistol. He invests his power in the weapon but forgets the rest of his body. - Author: Dan Millman
Qiang Weapon quotes by Dan Millman
#26. I'm absolutely convinced that the threat we face now, the idea of a terrorist in the middle of one of our cities with a nuclear weapon, is very real and that we have to use extraordinary measures to deal with it. - Author: Dick Cheney
Qiang Weapon quotes by Dick Cheney
#27. A great democracy doesn't make it harder to vote than to buy an assault weapon. - Author: William J. Clinton
Qiang Weapon quotes by William J. Clinton
#28. Lipstick is the most valuable weapon in a woman's make-up kit. It has the power to transform the appearance and mood of the person wearing it, and, at the same time, arouses the admiration of everybody else. - Author: Monica Bellucci
Qiang Weapon quotes by Monica Bellucci
#29. pg 132
'...the one and only time in his career he'd been tempted to draw his weapon was when a swarm of gnats had descended on him in the motel parking lot. And what was so wrong about killing all the insects? Who cared if the frogs died with them? The only thing frogs were good for was keeping the insect population down, and clearly they were lousy at that. - Author: P.J. Tracy
Qiang Weapon quotes by P.J. Tracy
#30. The single biggest threat that we face is a nuclear weapon or some weapon of mass destruction. What that means is that we have to be extraordinarily aggressive and vigilant in controlling nuclear proliferation. - Author: Barack Obama
Qiang Weapon quotes by Barack Obama
#31. The word is the prettiest weapon in the world. - Author: Andre Linke
Qiang Weapon quotes by Andre Linke
#32. There is nothing in the world more powerful than an idea. No weapon can destroy it, no power can conquer it except the power of another idea. - Author: James Roysmith
Qiang Weapon quotes by James Roysmith
#33. Any Christianity that rests upon a dichotomy - some sort of platonic concept - simply does not have an answer to nature, and we must say with tears that much orthodoxy, much evangelical Christianity, is rooted in a platonic concept, wherein the only interest is in the "upper story", in the heavenly things - only in "saving the soul" and getting it to heaven. In this platonic concept, even though orthodox and evangelical terminology is used, there is little or no interest in the proper pleasures of the body or the proper uses of the intellect. In such a Christianity there is a strong tendency to see nothing in nature beyond its use as one of the classic proofs of God's existence. "Look at nature," we are told; "Look at the Alps. God must have made them." And that is the end. Nature has become merely an academic proof of the existence of the Creator, with little value in itself. Christians of this outlook do not show an interest in nature itself. They use it simply as an apologetic weapon, rather than thinking or talking about the real value of nature. - Author: Francis A. Schaeffer
Qiang Weapon quotes by Francis A. Schaeffer
#34. An oath is the most powerful weapon we have in our struggle against fornication and adultery - Author: Sunday Adelaja
Qiang Weapon quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#35. But what is normal? Normal is that which already exists, the prevailing condition. But normal is also normative - an expectation, the thing to be wished for. The norm is a double-edged sword. A person can be measured against that which exists, in which case she will be found to be normal and healthy, therefore good. Or a person can be measured against an expectation and found to be wanting. The norm can be changed at will. For those on the inside, the double-edged sword is a defensive weapon. For outsiders, it's a terrifying threat. - Author: Juli Zeh
Qiang Weapon quotes by Juli Zeh
#36. Two days after the Boston marathon bombings, there was a drone strike in Yemen attacking a peaceful village, which killed a target who could very easily have been apprehended. But, of course, it is just easier to terrorise people. The drones are a terrorist weapon; they not only kill targets but also terrorise other people. - Author: Noam Chomsky
Qiang Weapon quotes by Noam Chomsky
#37. The public's continuing ambivalence about cultural matters is all the more striking given that the political conversation on these issues has for 30 years been dominated by an aggressive, radical right-wing insurgency that has achieved an influence far out of proportion to its numbers. Its potent secret weapon has been the guilt and anxiety about desire that inform the character of Americans regardless of ideology; appealing to those largely unconscious emotions, the right has disarmed, intimidated, paralyzed its opposition. - Author: Ellen Willis
Qiang Weapon quotes by Ellen Willis
#38. Hope is a necessity for normal life and the major weapon against the suicide impulse. - Author: Karl A. Menninger
Qiang Weapon quotes by Karl A. Menninger
#39. Woman: Wow-Man!

A woman is an exclamation mark on the work of creation! When all was said and done, GOD made her - the crescendo of all that was created.

A woman is the solution to the first problem GOD identified in man: loneliness. Loneliness is like sin, in
that it can alter the entire existence of a man - it can reduce a man, full of significance, to absolute nothing. For sin, GOD gave Jesus. For loneliness, GOD gave Woman!

A woman is a multiplier effect. Shewill take any little and make it a great nation. She incubates dreams, broods over them, stretches them and expands them beyond your wildest dreams.

A good woman is a secret weapon. You are better because of her. She increases you just by reason of being there. It's so clearly stated "He who finds a wife - the one who has a woman on his side - finds a good thing and automatically obtains favors from
the Lord.

You must love on her, be sweet to her, care for her, respect her, involve her, honor her, give her room, be patient with her, be good to her, be kind to her and watch your life completely blossom with beauty.

Woman, you are a wonder! Own it, love it, honor it, feel wonderful because of it, walk in beauty because of it, shine brighter because of it. - Author: TemitOpe Ibrahim
Qiang Weapon quotes by TemitOpe Ibrahim
#40. My daughter lives in an apartment (hovel) in Brooklyn, so disgusting the roaches don't even bother hiking up the four flights of stairs to her door. Did I mention that she has a family of mice living under her stove? If she would promise to carry a weapon in her bag, I would never ask her to visit again. Best Mother's Day gift I could ask for! - Author: Kate Siegel
Qiang Weapon quotes by Kate Siegel
#41. Armed with the knowledge of our past, we can with confidence charter a course for our future. Culture is an indispensable weapon in the freedom struggle. We must take hold of it and forge the future with the past. - Author: Malcolm X
Qiang Weapon quotes by Malcolm X

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