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#1. You are my life." Though his words were barely a whisper, they seemed to echo from somewhere deep within him, enveloping my body and infusing me with something unshakable. "There is nothing I would not do to make you happy. Before I met you, my world was a string of days that were gray and empty. I had nothing to look forward to, and I cannot tell you what it was like, facing down eternity alone. Every day I wished for you. Every day I held on in hopes that eventually we would meet. And when I finally found you..."
He leaned in and kissed me again, astenderly as before. His hand slid underneath my shirt, splaying across my stomach, but the touch wasn't sexual. It was as if he were trying to memorize me, just as I was trying to memorize him.
"I have existed for more eons than I remember. I have seen the sun rise and fall so many times that the days lost all meaning. For so long, they passed me by in a blur. But that night we met by the river - the night you gave up yourself in order to save a virtual stranger - my heart began to beat again."
He took my hand and pressed it against his chest, and there it was - thump thump, thump thump, strong and beautiful. I would've given anything to keep his heart beating. The black abyss that had become my world in those hours I'd thought he was dead had faded, but it was a scar I would always bear. I couldn't go back to that. Even if I had Milo, I would never have another Henry. - Author: Aimee Carter
Pusher Milo quotes by Aimee Carter
#2. When you're in morgue you're seeing life that no longer exists. It gives you an appreciation when you look someone in the eye, you shake their hand, and you hug your friends, your girlfriend, your family. It just gives you an appreciation for the life that surrounds you. At the same time you understand how fragile it is. That you don't need to be an idiot or get so angry at times. - Author: Milo Ventimiglia
Pusher Milo quotes by Milo Ventimiglia
#3. As you can see, that leaves almost no time for brooding, lagging, plodding, or procrastinating, and if we stopped to think or laugh, we'd never get nothing done." "You mean you'd never get anything done," corrected Milo. "We don't want to get anything done," snapped another angrily; "we want to get nothing done, and we can do that without your help. - Author: Norton Juster
Pusher Milo quotes by Norton Juster
#4. I did it to myself. It wasn't society ... it wasn't a pusher, it wasn't being blind or being black or being poor. It was all my doing. - Author: Ray Charles
Pusher Milo quotes by Ray Charles
#5. Because the thing is, as Milo and my friends taught me, ghosts do exist. They don't have to be the creepy monsters that cause nightmares or do harm. They can take the form of memories, of feelings, or of a hard-to-define presence. Or of something else that's impossible to explain, but that's totally okay - just because something can't be explained doesn't mean it doesn't exist. - Author: Leslie Margolis
Pusher Milo quotes by Leslie Margolis
#6. And now," he continued, speaking to Milo, "where were you on the night of July 27?"
"What does that have to do with it?" asked Milo.
"It's my birthday, that's what," said the policeman as he entered "Forgot my birthday" in his little book. "Boys always forget other people's birthdays. - Author: Norton Juster
Pusher Milo quotes by Norton Juster
#7. Seeing the world that, as a child, he had once thought so unimaginably vast, nearly limitless in size, reduced to a tiny ball, floating there, swallowed by the immensity of the universe, reminded Milo of how small he was, how minute a single life was - just - Author: A.G. Riddle
Pusher Milo quotes by A.G. Riddle
#8. It is one thing to be well-read on a subject; it is quite another to be part of the subject itself. It is an unfortunate fact that there are many individuals who make magick there life without making their life magick. - Author: Lon Milo DuQuette
Pusher Milo quotes by Lon Milo DuQuette
#9. 1. Milo There was once a boy named Milo who didn't know what to do with himself - not just sometimes, but always. When he was in school he longed to be out, and when he was out he longed to be in. On the way he thought about coming home, and coming home he thought about going. Wherever he was he wished he were somewhere else, and when he got there he wondered why he'd bothered. Nothing really interested him - least of all the things that should have. "It seems to me that almost everything is a waste of time," he remarked one day as he walked dejectedly home from school. "I can't see the point in learning to solve useless problems, or subtracting turnips from turnips, or knowing where Ethiopia is or how to spell February." And, since no one bothered to explain otherwise, he regarded the process of seeking knowledge as the greatest waste of time of all. - Author: Norton Juster
Pusher Milo quotes by Norton Juster
#10. Her pretty name of Adina seemed to me to have somehow a mystic fitness to her personality.

Behind a cold shyness, there seemed to lurk a tremulous promise to be franker when she knew you better.

Adina is a strange child; she is fanciful without being capricious.

She was stout and fresh-coloured, she laughed and talked rather loud, and generally, in galleries and temples, caused a good many stiff British necks to turn round.

She had a mania for excursions, and at Frascati and Tivoli she inflicted her good-humoured ponderosity on diminutive donkeys with a relish which seemed to prove that a passion for scenery, like all our passions, is capable of making the best of us pitiless.

Adina may not have the shoulders of the Venus of Milo...but I hope it will take more than a bauble like this to make her stoop.

Adina espied the first violet of the year glimmering at the root of a cypress. She made haste to rise and gather it, and then wandered further, in the hope of giving it a few companions. Scrope sat and watched her as she moved slowly away, trailing her long shadow on the grass and drooping her head from side to side in her charming quest. It was not, I know, that he felt no impulse to join her; but that he was in love, for the moment, with looking at her from where he sat. Her search carried her some distance and at last she passed out of sight behind a bend in the villa wall.

I don't pretend to be s - Author: Henry James
Pusher Milo quotes by Henry James
#11. For me, digital is just another avenue. It doesn't mean that it has to be poor quality or poor content. But, you still run into the same struggles. You can't have full-on language, violence or sexual situations. You can't run rampant with the fact that it's digital. You can't do anything you want. You still have a responsibility to tell a story first, and show what the character is going through first, and then maybe you have a little bit of lee-way to show a more real side of life. - Author: Milo Ventimiglia
Pusher Milo quotes by Milo Ventimiglia
#12. My sisters and mom raised me to respect women and open doors for them. - Author: Milo Ventimiglia
Pusher Milo quotes by Milo Ventimiglia
#13. Can you spell everything?" asked Milo admiringly.
"Just about," replied the bee with a hint of pride in his voice. "You see, years ago I was just an ordinary bee minding my own business, smelling flowers all day, and occasionally picking up part-time work in people's bonnets. Then one day I realized that I'd never amount to anything without an education and, being naturally adept at spelling, I decided that - - Author: Norton Juster
Pusher Milo quotes by Norton Juster
#14. Milo turned to Glen. "What about you? Can I trust you not to do anything stupid?"
"I am a creature of the night," Glen whispered.
"That'll have to do," said Milo, and hurried out. - Author: Derek Landy
Pusher Milo quotes by Derek Landy
#15. I know you've got your guns and you're really good at being horrible to people, but do you seriously think you can threaten him?"
Milo frowned. "I'm not horrible to people."
"Really? You really don't think you're horrible to people?"
"No," he said, a little defensively. "I'm nice. Everyone says it."
"Oh man," said Amber. "People have lied to you. Like, a lot. - Author: Derek Landy
Pusher Milo quotes by Derek Landy
#16. If I knew my friends, they weren't going to make these last eleven days easy. They wanted to win their damn bets, and they wanted me to finally get my head out of my ass, by any means possible. I was pretty confident they didn't really think any sort of law applied to them, and the thought of prison clearly wasn't a deterrent if our past circumstances were any indication. Milo - Author: Rachel Van Dyken
Pusher Milo quotes by Rachel Van Dyken
#17. fell apart after the first three holes?" Milo looked a little glazed. "After the third hole, we had to wait a while for the foursome ahead of us and she asked me to 'explain the scorecard.'" Exasperatedly Denise said, "Explain the scorecard! She's four under par after three holes, and she's - Author: Laurence E. Dahners
Pusher Milo quotes by Laurence E. Dahners
#18. With the air of long practice, Holmes waited until Milo raised his mug to his lips, and then reached up to whack his elbow. Coffee splattered down his front. She smiled her black-cat smile.
"When we're finished here, I'll fetch you a bleach pen and a new shirt," Peterson said to a sputtering Milo. - Author: Brittany Cavallaro
Pusher Milo quotes by Brittany Cavallaro
#19. So, boy, how does it feel to be pouring out a never-ending stream of--?"
"Stop that!" I scowled at my brothers as I shooed them away from Milo. "How can you make such jokes in front of him?"
"To be honest, the only thing in front of him right now is the sea and the supper he ate three days ago." Castor's grin got wider.
Polydeuces was contrite. "We mean well, Helen. We're only trying to make him laugh. A good laugh might take his mind off being so ill."
"It's a shame we're bound straight for Corinth," the old sailor said, rubbing the back of his neck. "Since nothing else seems to be working for this lad, could be that a short rest on dry land would steady his stomach."
"You think we'd ever be able to get him back on board afterward?" Castor asked.
The sailor shrugged. "What would he have to say about it? He's your slave, isn't he?"
"He's our sister's slave, or was," Castor replied. "She freed him as soon as she bought him."
"And still he came onto this ship with you, sick as seafaring makes him?"
"This is his first voyage," I said, stooping beside Milo to place one arm protectively around him. "He didn't know he'd get sick."
"Oh, he'd have come along even if he'd known that a sea monster was waiting to gobble him up," Castor said, with another of those annoying, conspiratorial winks to his twin. "Anything rather than be separated from you, little sister."
Polydeuces eagerly took up his brother's game. "That's true," he ha - Author: Esther M. Friesner
Pusher Milo quotes by Esther M. Friesner
#20. No need to be so hostile..." Milo snorts "Really? - Author: Charon Lloyd-Roberts
Pusher Milo quotes by Charon Lloyd-Roberts
#21. Kara didn't feel like a dial and go coke pusher but she was a supremely good hustler - Author: Saira Viola
Pusher Milo quotes by Saira Viola
#22. My hands are dying. - Author: Courtney Summers
Pusher Milo quotes by Courtney Summers
#23. One day in May, the whiteness in Milo's brain turns into that of a flock of Canadian geese that fills the entire sky. Pan to the young man staring up at them. Clinging to his arm is a pert and pretty, dark-haired girl by the name of Viviane, also looking up. Their mouths are open in amazement. Milo recites a few lines from "The Wild Swans at Coole." De trees are in deir autumn beauty, De woodland paths are dry, Under de October twilight de water Mirrors a still sky; Upon de brimming water among de stones Are nine-and-fifty swans. Viviane looks at him adoringly. "Sounds beautiful!" she says. "Who's it by?" "Yeats." "Never heard of him. - Author: Nancy Huston
Pusher Milo quotes by Nancy Huston
#24. Are you just gonna stare at Jack or are we gonna go? Milo asked, poking his head into the bedroom. - Author: Amanda Hocking
Pusher Milo quotes by Amanda Hocking
#25. And Milo, full of thoughts and questions, curled up on the pages of tomorrow's music and eagerly awaited the dawn. - Author: Norton Juster
Pusher Milo quotes by Norton Juster
#26. People forget that actors are actors, who are looking to put on the clothes and the character, and then shed it just as easily. - Author: Milo Ventimiglia
Pusher Milo quotes by Milo Ventimiglia
#27. Except for a handful, chess players don't have such illusions. The game has a severe analytic quality that makes self-deception difficult. Unlike the undiscovered poet who, despite the harsh criticism of his peers, lives on his fantasies for the day that he will be recognized as the next Dylan Thomas, even a young chess player can usually gauge his talent. When Josh was six, he played several games against a pudgy thirteen-year-old who was the top player on his high school team. He beat Josh every time, but a couple of the games were close, and afterwards the boy seemed gloomy about his performance. He explained that if he didn't make significant improvement during the next year, he would wind up as just another wood-pusher. Despite his celebrity in school, he seemed to know that he didn't have it. While - Author: Fred Waitzkin
Pusher Milo quotes by Fred Waitzkin
#28. I've always found paintings of nudes depressing because they can't compete with photographs. The grainiest photograph of some girl, a blurry Polaroid - you'd rather look at that than the Venus de Milo, because you think, Wow, that's really somebody ... This camera really was in front of this real naked lady. - Author: John Currin
Pusher Milo quotes by John Currin
#29. I will call bullshit on that so many times that the word bullshit will lose all meaning. -Milo - Author: Cora Carmack
Pusher Milo quotes by Cora Carmack
#30. Milo remembered an old saying his father used to quote to him when he was a boy: Beware the wrath of a patient man. - Author: F. Paul Wilson
Pusher Milo quotes by F. Paul Wilson

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