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#1. Science is the most influential tool of progress in the world, not one among many, but most, yet no scientist had tried to use it as a primary tool for harmony. And I desired to accomplish precisely that. I didn't want to popularize science, for there were and are already tons of scientists doing it. I wanted to use science in a way that would have direct humanitarian consequences in interhuman relationships. - Author: Abhijit Naskar
Purpose Of Science quotes by Abhijit Naskar
#2. It is often claimed that knowledge multiplies so rapidly that nobody can follow it. I believe this is incorrect. At least in science it is not true. The main purpose of science is simplicity and as we understand more things, everything is becoming simpler. This, of course, goes contrary to what everyone accepts. - Author: Edward Teller
Purpose Of Science quotes by Edward Teller
#3. I am not worried if scientists go and explain everything. This is for a very simple reason: an impala sprinting across the Savannah can be reduced to biomechanics, and Bach can be reduced to counterpoint, yet that does not decrease one iota our ability to shiver as we experience impalas leaping or Bach thundering. We can only gain and grow with each discovery that there is structure underlying the most accessible levels of things that fill us with awe.

But there is an even stronger reason why I am not afraid that scientists will inadvertently go and explain everything--it will never happen. While in certain realms, it may prove to be the case that science can explain anything, it will never explain everything. As should be obvious after all these pages, as part of the scientific process, for every question answered, a dozen newer ones are generated. And they are usually far more puzzling, more challenging than than the prior problems. This was stated wonderfully in a quote by a geneticist named Haldane earlier in the century: "Life is not only stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine." We will never have our flames extinguished by knowledge. The purpose of science is not to cure us of our sense of mystery and wonder, but to constantly reinvent and reinvigorate it. - Author: Robert M. Sapolsky
Purpose Of Science quotes by Robert M. Sapolsky
#4. I do not conceive of any manifestation of culture, of science, of art, as purposes in themselves. I think the purpose of science and culture is man. - Author: Fidel Castro
Purpose Of Science quotes by Fidel Castro
#5. [Michael Bitbol] asked us to ponder whether the purpose of science is to provide answers about what things are in themselves, or if science is only our most advanced way of developing a pragmatic, conventional knowledge of phenomena sufficient to guide us in our actions. - Author: Pier Luigi Luisi
Purpose Of Science quotes by Pier Luigi Luisi
#6. The purpose of science is to develop, without prejudice or preconception of any kind, a knowledge of the facts, the laws, and the processes of nature. The even more important task of religion, on the other hand, is to develop the consciences, the ideals, and the aspirations of mankind. - Author: Robert Andrews Millikan
Purpose Of Science quotes by Robert Andrews Millikan
#7. The purpose of science is not down-scaling everything to physical level and measure, but to penetrate deeper into the realm beyond the sensory perceptions and bring more in-depth knowledge and wisdom to the world. - Author: Amit Ray
Purpose Of Science quotes by Amit Ray
#8. Here is a beautiful dream: A never-ending journey! The holy purpose of science is to realise this dream for all living beings! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
Purpose Of Science quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#9. The purpose of science is not to analyze or describe but to make useful models of the world. A model is useful if it allows us to get use out of it. - Author: Edward De Bono
Purpose Of Science quotes by Edward De Bono
#10. After all, that was a main purpose of science: to make things of all kinds happen sooner than they otherwise would. - Author: Robert Aickman
Purpose Of Science quotes by Robert Aickman
#11. Half of what we know is wrong, the purpose of science is to determine which half. - Author: Arthur Kornberg
Purpose Of Science quotes by Arthur Kornberg
#12. The main purpose of science is simplicity and as we understand more things, everything is becoming simpler. - Author: Edward Teller
Purpose Of Science quotes by Edward Teller
#13. Don't confuse hypothesis and theory. The former is a possible explanation; the latter, the correct one. The establishment of theory is the very purpose of science. - Author: Martin H. Fischer
Purpose Of Science quotes by Martin H. Fischer
#14. Drifting, without aim or purpose, is the first cause of failure. - Author: Napoleon Hill
Purpose Of Science quotes by Napoleon Hill
#15. The only ethical principle which has made science possible is that the truth shall be told all the time. If we do not penalize false statements made in error, we open up the way for false statements by intention. And a false statement of fact, made deliberately, is the most serious crime a scientist can commit. - Author: Dorothy L. Sayers
Purpose Of Science quotes by Dorothy L. Sayers
#16. The purpose of both, awareness and consciousness, is to lead us towards this path of Oneness. - Author: Gian Kumar
Purpose Of Science quotes by Gian Kumar
#17. The most common definition of [the word information] is: the action of informing; formation or molding of the mind or character, training, instruction, teaching; communication of instructive knowledge.
This definition remained fairly constant until the years immediately following World War II, when it came in vogue to use 'information' as a technological term to define anything that was sent over an electric or mechanical channel. 'Information' became part of the vocabulary of the science of messages. And, suddenly, the appellation could be applied to something that didn't necessarily have to inform. This definition was extrapolated to general usage as something told or communicated, whether or not it made sense to the receiver. Now, the freedom engendered by such an amorphous definition has, as you might expect, encouraged its liberal deployment. It has become the single most important word of our decade, the suspense of our lives and our work. - Author: Richard Saul Wurman
Purpose Of Science quotes by Richard Saul Wurman
#18. It is high time that laymen abandoned the misleading belief that scientific enquiry is a cold dispassionate enterprise, bleached of imaginative qualities, and that a scientist is a man who turns the handle of discovery; for at every level of endeavour scientific research is a passionate undertaking and the Promotion of Natural Knowledge depends above all on a sortee into what can be imagined but is not yet known. - Author: Peter Medawar
Purpose Of Science quotes by Peter Medawar
#19. I am a great believer in the simplicity of things and as you probably know I am inclined to hang on to broad & simple ideas like grim death until evidence is too strong for my tenacity. - Author: Ernest Rutherford
Purpose Of Science quotes by Ernest Rutherford
#20. Hook always carried about his person a dreadful drug, blended by himself of all the death-dealing rings that had come into his possession. These he had boiled down into a yellow liquid quite unknown to science, which was probably the most virulent poison in existence. Five - Author: J.M. Barrie
Purpose Of Science quotes by J.M. Barrie
#21. Thou art but a feeble flower in the garden of the universe, yet thou hath a purpose much greater than thyself. - Author: Raneem Kayyali
Purpose Of Science quotes by Raneem Kayyali
#22. The House is composed of very good men, not shining, but honest and reasonably well-informed, and in time will be found to improve, and not much inferior in eloquence, science, and dignity, to the British Commons. They are patriotic enough, and I believe there are more stupid (as well as more shining) people in the latter, in proportion. - Author: Fisher Ames
Purpose Of Science quotes by Fisher Ames
#23. Modern life seems to recede further and further away from nature, and closely connected with this fact we seem to be losing the feeling of reverence towards nature. It is probably inevitable when science and machinery, capitalism and materialism go hand in hand so far in a most remarkably successful manner. Mysticism, which is the life of religion in whatever sense we understand it, has come to be relegated altogether in the background. Without a certain amount of mysticism there is no appreciation for the feeling of reverence, and, along with it, for the spiritual significance of humility. Science and scientific technique have done a great deal for humanity; but as far as our spiritual welfare is concerned we have not made any advances over that attained by our forefathers. In fact we are suffering at present the worst kind of unrest all over the world. - Author: D.T. Suzuki
Purpose Of Science quotes by D.T. Suzuki
#24. I think it is now time for social scientists to step out of the shadow and to establish an advanced social sciences methodology that integrates science (third-person view) social transformation (second-person view) and the evolution of self (first-person view) into a coherent framework of consciousness-based action research - Author: Otto Scharmer
Purpose Of Science quotes by Otto Scharmer
#25. If Jack had followed him instead of trying to reclaim his car, he would undoubtedly have voiced his disappointment that they were not yet shooting laser cannons. Frankly, Richard thought dodging the police's bullets would be problematic enough. - Author: Alexander Ferrick
Purpose Of Science quotes by Alexander Ferrick
#26. Nobody as a destiny. I mean, nobody has some kind of inescapable path for their life. This mug was made from clay, and that clay could have been anything at all until somebody made it into a mug. People aren't mugs, we are clay. Living, breathing, thinking, feeling clay, and we can shape ourselves into anything we want, and we keep shaping ourselves all our lives, getting better and better at whatever we want to be, and when we want to be something else we just smooth out the clay and start over. Your lack of 'purpose' is the single best thing about you, because it means you can be whatever you want. - Author: Dan Wells
Purpose Of Science quotes by Dan Wells
#27. While goals are chosen, a purpose is discovered. Our purpose is something we have been doing all along, and will continue to do, regardless of circumstances, until the day we die. - Author: Peter McWilliams
Purpose Of Science quotes by Peter McWilliams
#28. The United States pledges before you-and therefore before the world-its determination to help solve the fearful atomic dilemma-to devote its entire heart and mind to find the way by which the miraculous inventiveness of man shall not be dedicated to his death, but consecrated to his life. - Author: Dwight D. Eisenhower
Purpose Of Science quotes by Dwight D. Eisenhower
#29. And art has come to be a spectator of itself, the way it reacts, what newspapers write about it; the artist is a performer. That is how it is. Art does not know a beyond, science does not know a beyond, religion does not know a beyond, not anymore. Our world is enclosed around itself, enclosed around us, and there is no way out of it. - Author: Karl Ove Knausgaard
Purpose Of Science quotes by Karl Ove Knausgaard
#30. There is a curious idea among unscientific men that in scientific writing there is a common plateau of perfectionism. Nothing could be more untrue. The reports of biologists are the measure, not of the science, but of the men themselves. There are as few scientific giants as any other kind. In some reports it is impossible, because of inept expression, to relate the descriptions to the living animals. In some papers collecting places are so mixed or ignored that the animals mentioned cannot be found at all. The same conditioning forces itself into specification as it does into any other kind of observation, and the same faults of carelessness will be found in scientific reports as in the witness chair of a criminal court. It has seemed sometimes that the little men in scientific work assumed the awe-fullness of a priesthood to hide their deficiencies, as the witch-doctor does with his stilts and high masks, as the priesthoods of all cults have, with secret or unfamiliar languages and symbols. It is usually found that only the little stuffy men object to what is called "popularization", by which they mean writing with a clarity understandable to one not familiar with the tricks and codes of the cult. We have not known a single great scientist who could not discourse freely and interestingly with a child. Can it be that the haters of clarity have nothing to say, have observed nothing, have no clear picture of even their own fields? A dull man seems to be a dull man no matter wh - Author: John Steinbeck
Purpose Of Science quotes by John Steinbeck
#31. Religion of the masses is absurd. But so is their science! - Author: Raheel Farooq
Purpose Of Science quotes by Raheel Farooq
#32. I hope the necessity will at length be seen of establishing institutions, here as in Europe, where every branch of science, useful at this day, may be taught in it's highest degrees. - Author: Thomas Jefferson
Purpose Of Science quotes by Thomas Jefferson
#33. Monotony collapses time; novelty unfolds it. You can exercise daily and eat healthily and live a long life, while experiencing a short one. If you spend your life sitting in a cubicle and passing papers, one day is bound to blend unmemorably into the next - and disappear. That's why it's so important to change routines regularly, and take vacations to exotic locales, and have as many new experiences as possible that can serve to anchor our memories. Creating new memories stretches out psychological time, and lengthens our perception of our lives. - Author: Joshua Foer
Purpose Of Science quotes by Joshua Foer
#34. Mrs. O'Dowd, the good housewife, arrayed in curl papers and a camisole, felt that her duty was to act, and not to sleep, at this juncture. "Time enough for that," she said, "when Mick's gone"; and so she packed his travelling valise ready for the march, brushed his cloak, his cap, and other warlike habiliments, set them out in order for him; and stowed away in the cloak pockets a light package of portable refreshments, and a wicker-covered flask or pocket-pistol, containing near a pint of a remarkably sound Cognac brandy, of which she and the Major approved very much; ... Mrs. O'Dowd woke up her Major, and had as comfortable a cup of coffee prepared for him as any made that morning in Brussels. And who is there will deny that this worthy lady's preparations betokened affection as much as the fits of tears and hysterics by which more sensitive females exhibited their love, and that their partaking of this coffee, which they drank together while the bugles were sounding the turn-out and the drums beating in the various quarters of the town, was not more useful and to the purpose than the outpouring of any mere sentiment could be? The consequence was, that the Major appeared on parade quite trim, fresh, and alert, his well-shaved rosy countenance, as he sate on horseback, giving cheerfulness and confidence to the whole corps. All the officers saluted her when the regiment marched by the balcony on which this brave woman stood, and waved them a cheer as they passed; and I daresay - Author: William Makepeace Thackeray
Purpose Of Science quotes by William Makepeace Thackeray
#35. Life is a beautiful journey, full of joy and pain
You never know when it will end, don't let a moment pass in vain ...
In the whole ruckus of life, nothing had I gained,
I just wanted freedom, no more did I wanted to be chained ... - Author: Mehek Bassi
Purpose Of Science quotes by Mehek Bassi
#36. Spirituality is the science that teaches us how to achieve peace of mind and supreme satisfaction. Right now we are hankering after many, many things, but nothing we get satisfies us. Spirituality tells us that satisfaction can be found only if we lead a good and divine life-a life of simplicity, purity and humility. - Author: Sri Chinmoy
Purpose Of Science quotes by Sri Chinmoy
#37. Those clocks are sophisticated instruments that calculate time by measuring electrical charges called coulombs
given the rapidity and volume of electrons that move through the measuring device the calibrator must adjust at certain points which was the delay you see
the delay is just recalibrating for the clock moving too quickly during the 10
10ths of a second before the delay
this insures that the actual playing time during a period is exactly 20 minutes That is not an opinion
that is science
amazing devise quite frankly. - Author: Dean Lombardi
Purpose Of Science quotes by Dean Lombardi
#38. I once spoke to a human geneticist who declared that the notion of intelligence was quite meaningless, so I tried calling him unintelligent. He was annoyed, and it did not appease him when I went on to ask how he came to attach such a clear meaning to the notion of lack of intelligence. We never spoke again. - Author: Peter Medawar
Purpose Of Science quotes by Peter Medawar
#39. My purposes are always and only an expression of love. I purpose to work life out of death, to bring freedom out of brokenness and turn darkness into light. - Author: William Paul Young
Purpose Of Science quotes by William Paul Young
#40. I love outsider stories. And I also like a lot of genre fiction, too. So I wanted to write a literary book that flirted with thriller and fantasy and even science fiction. I wanted the coming-of-age story and the love story to be about "outsiderdom" - one of the themes I am most interested in. - Author: Porochista Khakpour
Purpose Of Science quotes by Porochista Khakpour
#41. I remember a story about Jesus meeting a rich man and really liking him. Jesus invited the man to go with him, to sell all his stuff and follow him. The rich man really wanted to go but didn't want to sell his stuff. Jesus looked at the man and loved him. Jesus didn't berate the man or chastise him but actually stood there and felt love for him. But in the end they went their separate ways. I used to think that story was about the dangers of wealth, and to some degree I suppose it is. But I also think it's a story about boundaries. Jesus didn't give up his purpose and community and calling to swim in the rich man's pool or vacation with him in Spain. I think that story about Jesus and the rich man also means that while everybody is invited, not everybody is willing. - Author: Donald Miller
Purpose Of Science quotes by Donald Miller
#42. We should never lose sight of the underlying essence of a market-a place where buyers and sellers come together. Every other feature-whether crafted by tradition or technology-exists only to serve that primary purpose. - Author: Arthur Levitt Jr
Purpose Of Science quotes by Arthur Levitt Jr
#43. I don't think we are here for anything. We're just products of evolution. You can say, "Gee, your life must be pretty bleak if you don't think there's a purpose." But I'm anticipating a good lunch. - Author: James D. Watson
Purpose Of Science quotes by James D. Watson
#44. Nature teaches us everything,
Science, Religion and Scriptures
All are part of you and
All are from you
We all belong to you, on this Earth day ! - Author: Santosh Kalwar
Purpose Of Science quotes by Santosh Kalwar
#45. Scientists now believe that the primary biological function of breasts is to make males stupid. - Author: Dave Barry
Purpose Of Science quotes by Dave Barry
#46. Good," said the First Speaker. "And tell me, what do you think of all this. A finished work of art, is it not?"
"Wrong! It is not." This, with sharpness. "It is the first lesson you must unlearn. The Seldon Plan is neither complete nor correct. Instead, it is merely the best that could be done at the time. Over a dozen generations of men have pored over these equations, worked at them, taken them apart to the last decimal place, and put them together again. They've done more than that. They've watched nearly four hundred years pass and against the predictions and equations, they've checked reality, and they have learned. - Author: Isaac Asimov
Purpose Of Science quotes by Isaac Asimov
#47. Induction makes you feel guilty for getting something out of nothing, and it is artificial, but it is one of the greatest ideas of civilization. - Author: Herbert Wilf
Purpose Of Science quotes by Herbert Wilf
#48. My favorite thing in moviemaking is to shoot in chronological order if at all possible, because it just helps for continuity and all the logistical purposes. It also helps with performance and the journey of each character, but I also think it's good for the director and everyone [else] involved. - Author: Zoe Bell
Purpose Of Science quotes by Zoe Bell
#49. Speak of love with others. Remind each other of your spiritual purpose - Author: Deepak Chopra
Purpose Of Science quotes by Deepak Chopra
#50. When we trace the part of which this terrestrial system is composed, and when we view the general connection of those several parts, the whole presents a machine of a peculiar construction by which it is adapted to a certain end. We perceive a fabric, erected in wisdom, to obtain a purpose worthy of the power that is apparent in the production of it. - Author: James Hutton
Purpose Of Science quotes by James Hutton
#51. All money comes from the worth of time - Author: Sunday Adelaja
Purpose Of Science quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#52. I've always wanted to write science fiction. It was one of my first loves, and I knew if I became a writer someday I'd probably write something in the science fiction vein, but I hesitated for a long while because it's such well-trod ground. - Author: Rick Yancey
Purpose Of Science quotes by Rick Yancey
#53. In fact, it seems that present-day science, with one sweeping step back across millions of centuries, has succeeded in bearing witness to that primordial 'Fiat lux' Let there be light uttered at the moment when, along with matter, there burst forth from nothing a sea of light and radiation, while the particles of the chemical elements split and formed into millions of galaxies ... Hence, creation took place in time, therefore, there is a Creator, God exists! - Author: Pope Pius XII
Purpose Of Science quotes by Pope Pius XII
#54. Thousands of years ago, weren't we capable of building enormous structures like the pyramids? Weren't we capable of worshiping gods, weaving, making fire, finding lovers and wives, sending written messages? Of course we were. But although we've succeeded in replacing slaves with wage slaves, all the advances we've made have been in the field of science. Human beings are still asking the same questions as their ancestors. In short, they haven't evolved at all. - Author: Paulo Coelho
Purpose Of Science quotes by Paulo Coelho
#55. What kind of people do we wish to become, and how do we know an American when we see one? Is it possible to pursue a common purpose without a common history or a standard text? - Author: Lewis H. Lapham
Purpose Of Science quotes by Lewis H. Lapham
#56. It began as this desire to do this science fiction movie about perhaps one of the last insects left that nobody's done anything on, which is the cockroach - and truly one of the most frightening insects. - Author: Michael O'Donoghue
Purpose Of Science quotes by Michael O'Donoghue

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