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People say, LOVE is Blind.!!
But I disagree them.
I think LOVE can be seen and it can be feel if it's true. ~ Waleed Uz Zaman Khan
Punkts Uz quotes by Waleed Uz Zaman Khan
In the land of Uz, there lived a man, righteous and God-fearing, and he had great wealth, so many camels, so many sheep and asses, and his children feasted, and he loved them very much and prayed for them. 'It may be that my sons have sinned in their feasting.' Now the devil came before the Lord together with the sons of God, and said to the Lord that he had gone up and down the earth and under the earth. 'And hast thou considered my servant Job?' God asked of him. And God boasted to the devil, pointing to his great and holy servant. And the devil laughed at God's words. 'Give him over to me and Thou wilt see that Thy servant will murmur against Thee and curse Thy name.' And God gave up the just man He loved so, to the devil. And the devil smote his children and his cattle and scattered his wealth, all of a sudden like a thunderbolt from heaven. And Job rent his mantel and fell down upon the ground and cried aloud, 'Naked came I out of my mother's womb, and naked shall I return into the earth; the Lord gave and the Lord has taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord for ever and ever.'

Fathers and teachers, forgive my tears now, for all my childhood rises up again before me, and I breathe now as I breathed then, with the breast of a little child of eight, and I feel as I did then, awe and wonder and gladness. The camels at that time caught my imagination, and Satan, who talked like that with God, and God who gave His servant up to destruction, and His servant cryi ~ Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Punkts Uz quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
LV "Nākt uz skolu ir tas pats, kas piespiedu kārtā tikt deportētam uz svešu planētu – katru dienu."
ENG "Coming to school is the same as to be forcibly deported to an alien planet - every day. ~ Mats Strandberg
Punkts Uz quotes by Mats Strandberg
I hate being alone, my feelings, my thoughts and my mind eats me alive. ~ Waleed Uz Zaman Khan
Punkts Uz quotes by Waleed Uz Zaman Khan
efturryd geenuz iz speel iboot whut wuz right nwhut wuz rang boot this nthat nthi nix thing a saytiz thi bloke nwhut izzit yi caw yir joab Jimmy am a liason-co-ordinator hi sayz ah good as sayz a liason-co-ordinator jist whut this erra needs whut way aw thi unimployment inaw thi bevvyin n thi boayz runnin amock n thi hoassyz fawnty bits n thi wummin n tranquilizers it last thiv sent uz a liason-co-ordinator wia degree in fuck knows whut getn peyd fur no known whut thi fuck ti day way it. ~ Tom Leonard
Punkts Uz quotes by Tom Leonard
I 'uz mos' to de foot er de islan' b'fo' I found' a good place. I went into de woods en jedged I wouldn' fool wid raffs no mo', long as dey move de lantern roun' so. I had my pipe en a plug er dog-leg, en some matches in my cap, en dey warn't wet, so I 'uz all right. ~ Mark Twain
Punkts Uz quotes by Mark Twain
Yeah till yet, I can say that
There are some people till now who believe in FAKENESS. ~ Waleed Uz Zaman Khan
Punkts Uz quotes by Waleed Uz Zaman Khan
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