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#1. Thus men of more enlighten'd genius and more intrepid spirit must compose themselves to the risque of public censure, and the contempt of their jealous contemporaries, in order to lead ignorant and prejudic'd minds into more happy and successful methods. - Author: Jon Jones
Public Censure quotes by Jon Jones
#2. They were completely vague. They expressed everything and nothing. 'It is the Aeolian harp of style,' thought Julien. 'Amid the most lofty thoughts about annihilation, death, the infinite, etc., I can see no reality save a shocking fear of ridicule. - Author: Stendhal
Public Censure quotes by Stendhal
#3. The story of Daniel and his friends is a clarion call to our generation to be courageous; not to lose our nerve and allow the expression of our faith to be diluted and squeezed out of the public space and thus rendered spineless and ineffective. Their story will also tell us that this objective is not likely to be achieved without cost. - Author: John C. Lennox
Public Censure quotes by John C. Lennox
#4. Nobody ever lost a dollar by underestimating the taste of the American public. - Author: P.T. Barnum
Public Censure quotes by P.T. Barnum
#5. For political and bureaucratic reasons, governments at all levels are telling far less to the public than to insiders about how to prepare for and behave in the initial chaos of a mass-casualty event. - Author: Barton Gellman
Public Censure quotes by Barton Gellman
#6. In effect the people were present through their representatives, and were themselves, step by step and point by point, acting in the conduct of public affairs. No longer merely an ultimate check on government, they were in some sense the government. - Author: Bernard Bailyn
Public Censure quotes by Bernard Bailyn
#7. I have an immature, Homer Simpson-like tendency to giggle when I say the words 'seminal fluids' in public. - Author: Stephenie Meyer
Public Censure quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#8. As science is more and more subject to grave misuse as well as to use for human benefit it has also become the scientist's responsibility to become aware of the social relations and applications of his subject, and to exert his influence in such a direction as will result in the best applications of the findings in his own and related fields. Thus he must help in educating the public, in the broad sense, and this means first educating himself, not only in science but in regard to the great issues confronting mankind today. - Author: Hermann Joseph Muller
Public Censure quotes by Hermann Joseph Muller
#9. What do intellectuals and opinion makers get from big government? An increasing number of cushy jobs in the bureaucracy, or in the government-subsidized sector, staffing the welfare regulatory state, and apologizing for its policies, as well as propagandizing for them among the public. To put it bluntly, intellectuals, theorists, pundits, media elites, etc. get to live a life which they could not attain on the free market, but which they can gain at taxpayer expense. - Author: Murray Rothbard
Public Censure quotes by Murray Rothbard
#10. * Engineers have had to invent a new category for the commuter trains of Mumbai, whose Western Railway Line is the world's single most crowded public transport corridor. When fourteen or more people are standing per square meter - above 275 percent capacity - the train has attained "Super Dense Crush Load." In Mumbai, of course, this means people are actually sitting on the roof and hanging out the open doors. - Author: Taras Grescoe
Public Censure quotes by Taras Grescoe
#11. My public persona is badly warped and bears little resemblance to the person those closest to me know. - Author: Mindy McCready
Public Censure quotes by Mindy McCready
#12. Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?' - Author: Martin Luther King, Jr.
Public Censure quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr.
#13. In the modern world the intelligence of public opinion is the one indispensable condition for social progress. - Author: Charles William Eliot
Public Censure quotes by Charles William Eliot
#14. Public borrowing is costly these days, true, but interest rates on municipal bonds are still considerably lower than those borne by corporate debt. - Author: Thomas Frank
Public Censure quotes by Thomas Frank
#15. People were freaked out, but they showed it in weird ways. Back home, people would have been weeping and doing a lot of very public group hugs. At Wexford people just aggressively pretended nothing had happened. - Author: Maureen Johnson
Public Censure quotes by Maureen Johnson
#16. I'm very lucky. The public happens to like me. Maybe they like me because I use every opportunity to talk about injustice. - Author: Vivienne Westwood
Public Censure quotes by Vivienne Westwood
#17. At a time when the public is sour on politicians, have no use for them, Bill Clinton has risen to a different level. Bill Clinton is endlessly interesting. - Author: Mark Shields
Public Censure quotes by Mark Shields
#18. Reconquer the streets, the markets - the public spaces, with the same message of opposition: We are devastated, but we will not give up. With torches and roses, we deliver this message to the world: We do not let fear break us. And we do not let the fear of fear silence us. - Author: Jens Stoltenberg
Public Censure quotes by Jens Stoltenberg
#19. Media work needs ideals. Maybe thirty years from now, after I retire, I'll see the media mature and make the transition from political party, interest group, and corporate to truly public. But over the next ten years, the encroachment of commercialism and worldliness will loom much larger than the democratization we imagine. -Jin Yongquan in China Ink - Author: Judy Polumbaum
Public Censure quotes by Judy Polumbaum
#20. When your parent is a public idol, you never really have a chance to lay that parent to rest. - Author: Lorna Luft
Public Censure quotes by Lorna Luft
#21. Christmas has become a public affirmation of the power and benignity of the state, to which we all make obeisance in the sybolism of the breath test ceremony. - Author: Auberon Waugh
Public Censure quotes by Auberon Waugh
#22. Don't try to be somebody you're not because it doesn't work. If you try to be this perfect person or perfect persona of what you think that somebody should be when they're involved in public office, it's just not going to work. Just be yourself, stay true to your core values, and really just stay abreast of the issues. - Author: Ben Quayle
Public Censure quotes by Ben Quayle
#23. The qualities that made for success in a fighter-pilot seemed to be just those sturdy qualities that made for success in other professions; observation, initiative, determination, courage, including the courage to run away. In course of time it appeared that men who had a private axe to grind beyond the public axe of the King's enemies were especially successful. - Author: Jim Bailey
Public Censure quotes by Jim Bailey
#24. We know about bad guys, what they do, and often, who they are. The politicians have chosen to send us into battle, and that's our trade. We do what's necessary. And in my view, once those politicians have elected to send us out to do what 99.9 percent of the country would be terrified to undertake, they should get the hell out of the way and stay there.

This entire business of modern war crimes, as identified by the liberal wings of politics and the media, began in Iraq and has been running downhill ever since. Everyone's got to have his little hands in it, blathering on about the public's right to know.

Well, the view of most Navy SEALs, the public does not have that right to know, not if it means placing our lives in unnecessary peril because someone in Washington is driving himself mad worrying about the human rights of some cold-hearted terrorist fanatic who would kill us as soon as look at us, as well as any other American at whom he could point that wonky old AK of his. - Author: Marcus Luttrell
Public Censure quotes by Marcus Luttrell
#25. The Albion was a spacious pub, built in the days when a public house with any pretensions to gentility had to have fourteen foot ceilings, brass taps and a polished wooden bar you skate down ... Bert, in his reflective moments, considered that if heaven didn't have a well-appointed pub where a man could sit down over a beer for a yarn with the other angels, then he didn't want to go there. - Author: Kerry Greenwood
Public Censure quotes by Kerry Greenwood
#26. I've been watching you drink," he says. "Think it's a good idea to put your liver through this?"
"What are you the public service message fairy?"
"Just being polite."
"Well I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that you, sir, have taken the being polite thing too far. Why don't you just ask me out already so I can refuse and you can leave me the fuck alone? - Author: Sam Hunter
Public Censure quotes by Sam Hunter
#27. I am Levi Black and my record was spotless; I didn't mess around with students, I didn't lose cases, and I sure as hell didn't air my dirty laundry in public. - Author: J.J. McAvoy
Public Censure quotes by J.J. McAvoy
#28. I've stayed away from Twitter for a long time because I sort of didn't trust myself with such an intimate but very public way of relating to the world, but I feel like I've studied it enough. - Author: Elizabeth Reaser
Public Censure quotes by Elizabeth Reaser
#29. If Christianity has really come from heaven, it must renew the whole life of man; it must govern the life of nations no less than that of individuals; it must control a Christian when acting in his public and political capacity as completely as when he is engaged in the duties which belong to him as a member of a family circle. - Author: Henry Parry Liddon
Public Censure quotes by Henry Parry Liddon
#30. When you have giant corporations that give you a one track message of "finding a cure" or of "hope" it can give the public a false sense that someone is looking after their health interest and some cases even managing their health. - Author: Ravida Din
Public Censure quotes by Ravida Din
#31. All the public business in Congress now connects itself with intrigues, and there is great danger that the whole government will degenerate into a struggle of cabals. - Author: John Quincy Adams
Public Censure quotes by John Quincy Adams
#32. I realized that I'd destroyed my legitimacy with myself, and maybe that was worse than my public legitimacy being destroyed. - Author: Sierra Simone
Public Censure quotes by Sierra Simone
#33. I believe in the institution of marriage and it's like a tag to cement the relationship for your friends, family and public. - Author: Kareena Kapoor Khan
Public Censure quotes by Kareena Kapoor Khan
#34. The friendless, the weak, the victims of prejudice and public excitement are entitled to the same quality of justice and fair play that the rich, the powerful, the well-connected, and the fellow with pull thinks he can get. - Author: Harry S. Truman
Public Censure quotes by Harry S. Truman
#35. You would think that Halloweens tomorrow because of their attempt to scare the American public. - Author: Jim Sensenbrenner
Public Censure quotes by Jim Sensenbrenner
#36. Who the Author of this Production is, is wholly unnecessary to the Public, as the Object for Attention is the DOCTRINE ITSELF, not the MAN. Yet it may not be unnecessary to say, That he is unconnected with any Party, and under no sort of Influence public or private, but the influence of reason and principle. - Author: Thomas Paine
Public Censure quotes by Thomas Paine
#37. The public generally can only ejaculate in amazement. - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Public Censure quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#38. Ask any great athlete or the concert pianist or the successful actor if they have arrived at the place where they need no further practice. They will tell you that the higher you climb in proficiency and public acceptance, the greater the need for practice. - Author: Eric Butterworth
Public Censure quotes by Eric Butterworth
#39. Wishful thinking is not sound public policy. - Author: Bjorn Lomborg
Public Censure quotes by Bjorn Lomborg
#40. If we drill the hell out of everything, including protected public lands and fragile regions like the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, America can emerge as an 'energy superpower.' - Author: Jeff Goodell
Public Censure quotes by Jeff Goodell
#41. I have one great political idea ... That idea is an old one. It is widely and generally assented to; nevertheless, it is very generally trampled upon and disregarded. The best expression of it, I have found in the Bible. It is in substance, "Righteousness exalteth a nation; sin is a reproach to any people" [Proverbs 14:34]. This constitutes my politics - the negative and positive of my politics, and the whole of my politics ... I feel it my duty to do all in my power to infuse this idea into the public mind, that it may speedily be recognized and practiced upon by our people. - Author: Frederick Douglass
Public Censure quotes by Frederick Douglass
#42. What, are there masques? Hear you me, Jessica:
Lock up my doors; and when you hear the drum
And the vile squealing of the wry-neck'd fife,
Clamber not you up to the casements then,
Nor thrust your head into the public street
To gaze on Christian fools with varnish'd faces,
But stop my house's ears, I mean my casements:
Let not the sound of shallow foppery enter
- Author: William Shakespeare
Public Censure quotes by William Shakespeare

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