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The shift of awareness is most important key to the road of peace. Peace sought by single nation or religion will inevitably generate conflict. Only peace centered on encompassing the whole Earth can lead us to the "promised land" of ancient wisdom. ~ Ilchi Lee
Promised Neverland Isabella quotes by Ilchi Lee
Even amidst tragedy there is laughter, sometimes farce. The degree of farce depends on who is running the tragedy. ~ Daniel Prokop
Promised Neverland Isabella quotes by Daniel Prokop
This was the first time God had crossed my mind in over a year, and again only in my moment of absolute hopelessness. I'd done the same on the raft and in the prison camps when I'd promised God my life should he let me survive. Had I kept my promise? No. And this time, instead of promises, I had only anger and complaints and blame. But I didn't blame myself; I blamed God. Maybe he was listening, maybe not, but even if, as I sometimes suspected, God watched over me, I couldn't blame him for cutting me loose this time. ~ Louis Zamperini
Promised Neverland Isabella quotes by Louis Zamperini
You just promised me eternity, you know. I can make you live to regret it. ~ Lara Adrian
Promised Neverland Isabella quotes by Lara Adrian
We are exiles in Time's abyss, strangers now in the Promised Land. ~ D.B. Nielsen
Promised Neverland Isabella quotes by D.B. Nielsen
I shall pray for your soul,' promised Nessarose.
I shall wait for your shoes,' Elphie answered. ~ Gregory Maguire
Promised Neverland Isabella quotes by Gregory Maguire
It is what it is, Holly. I've got to go. ~ Isabella White
Promised Neverland Isabella quotes by Isabella White
The dignity of the act is the deliberate, circumspect, open, and serene performance by these men in the clear light of day, and by a concurrent purpose, of a civic duty, which embraced the greatest hazards to themselves and to all the people from whom they held this deputed discretion, but which, to their sober judgments, promised benefits to that people and their posterity, from generation to generation, exceeding these hazards and commensurate with its own fitness. ~ William M. Evarts
Promised Neverland Isabella quotes by William M. Evarts
God is God of history and of nations. Also of nature. Originally Yahweh was probably a volcanic deity. But he periodically enters history, the best example being when he intervened to bring the Hebrew slaves out of Egypt and to the Promised Land.
They were shepherds and accustomed to freedom; it was terrible for them to be making bricks. And the Pharaoh had them gathering the straw as well and still being required to meet their quota of bricks per day. It is an archetypal timeless situation. God bringing men out of slavery and into freedom. Pharaoh represents all tyrants at all times. Her voice was calm and reasonable; Asher felt impressed. ~ Philip K. Dick
Promised Neverland Isabella quotes by Philip K. Dick
Heathcliff, if I were you, I'd go stretch myself over her grave and die like a faithful dog. The world is surely not worth living in now, is it? You had distinctly impressed on me the idea that Catherine was the whole joy of your life: I can't imagine how you think of surviving her loss. ~ Charlotte Bronte
Promised Neverland Isabella quotes by Charlotte Bronte
Sara flinched as his hands slid around her waist, pulling her to his naked body. The heat of his skin sank through the insubstantial layer of her shift. He was aroused, throbbing hard and forcefully erect against her. "Open your eyes," he said. "There's nothing to be afraid of."
She forced herself to comply, staring straight ahead into his chest. Her heart thumped so violently that it seemed to batter against her ribs.
As if he could read her mind, Derek lowered his mouth to her hair and held her tightly. "Sara... I'm going to take care of you. I'll never hurt you, or force you to do something you don't want." He took a long breath and forced himself to add reluctantly, "If you want this to stop, then tell me. I probably won't be kind. But I'll wait."
She would never know how much the words cost him. It went against his nature to deny himself what he wanted so badly. He had been deprived of too much when he was young- it had made him selfish to the core. But her needs had become too important to him, her affection too precious to risk.
Sara looked up at him, reading the truth in his face. Gradually her body relaxed against his. "You must tell me how to please you," she said softly. "I-I don't know anything... and you know too much."
His black lashes lowered over a flick of green fire. A wry smile pulled at the corners of his mouth. "We'll find some middle ground," he promised, and kissed her. ~ Lisa Kleypas
Promised Neverland Isabella quotes by Lisa Kleypas
If you don't like something don't protest from a far. Work within it to change it. Otherwise, you'll just be one voice of many rather than a trusted voice of influence. ~ Isabella Poretsis
Promised Neverland Isabella quotes by Isabella Poretsis
I concluded that the trade agreements weren't working as promised, and was depreciating the wages and the manufacturing base, and the jobs of Americans, and that both needed to change, and Donald Trump was out there. So I went to his rally. ~ Jeff Sessions
Promised Neverland Isabella quotes by Jeff Sessions
President Obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans and heal the planet. My promise ... is to help you and your family. ~ Mitt Romney
Promised Neverland Isabella quotes by Mitt Romney
I can't explain the motive of ever Christian, but for me... the answer is obvious. Our Savior was Jewish. His disciples were Jewish. They were born in Israel. They lived in the Promised Land. Jesus preached to 'the lost sheep of Israel.' He died on the cross in Jerusalem. He was raised from the dead in Jerusalem. And the Bible teaches that our Savior is coming back again to reign and rule from Jerusalem. Why shouldn't we love Jews, then? Jesus never taught us to hate anyone. He taught us to love, and he set the supreme example for us to follow. Jesus commanded us to love one another. He commanded us to love our neighbor as ourselves. You're my neighbor, Jacob, If not you, then who? You're from the same family and people as my Savior. How could I hate you or do you wrong? ~ Joel C. Rosenberg
Promised Neverland Isabella quotes by Joel C. Rosenberg
It was time to confront the old bat with the damage she'd caused this time. Then, he promised himself, he'd strangle her for meddling in affairs that were none of her business, and kidnapping a goddamn innocent fairy. ~ Eden Ashe
Promised Neverland Isabella quotes by Eden Ashe
They told you to get your résumé in order, to punch your ticket, to fit in, and to follow instructions. They told you to swallow your pride, not to follow your dream. They promised trinkets and prizes and possibly riches if you would just suck it up and be part of the system, if you would merely do what you were told and conform. They sold you debt and self-storage and reality TV shows. They sold your daughters and sons, too.

All in exchange for what would happen later, when it was your turn. It's your turn. ~ Seth Godin
Promised Neverland Isabella quotes by Seth Godin
...your personality is the only permanent thing in your, ultimately, temporary life...that's all the more reason to cherish it... ~ Isabella Koldras, Sense Of Perspective.
Promised Neverland Isabella quotes by Isabella Koldras, Sense Of Perspective.
"Chaol. You sacrificed yourself. You let them put that collar on you - so he could get out"
"I'm going to let them put a collar on you , and we can play." There was nothing human in that face, no memory in those sapphire eyes. Aelin began to weep, even as blood leaked down her nose from his nearness. "i came back for you. Just like i promised."
"I don't care." Dorian said. ~ Sarah J. Maas
Promised Neverland Isabella quotes by Sarah J. Maas
Today there is much talk about democratic ideals in the outside world. But not in Germany! For here in Germany we had more than enough time-fifteen years-to acquaint ourselves with these democratic ideals. And we ourselves had to pick up the legacy left behind by this democracy.

Now we are being credited with many a truly astounding war aim, especially by the English. After all, England is quite experienced in issuing proclamations of objectives in warfare as it has waged the greatest number of wars the world over.

Truly astounding are the war aims announced to us today. A new Europe will arise. This Europe will be characterized by justice. This justice will render armament obsolete. This will lead to disarmament at last. This disarmament in turn will bring about an economic blossoming. Change and trade will spring up-much trade-free trade. And with the sponsorship of this trade, culture shall once more blossom, and not only culture will benefit, but religion will also prosper.

In other words: we are heading towards a golden age! Well, we have heard of this golden age before. Many times precisely the same people attempted to illustrate its virtues to us who are now flooding us with descriptions of its benefits. The records are old ones, played once too often. We can only pity these gentlemen who cannot even come up with a new idea to trap a great people. For all this they had already promised us in 1918.

Then, too, England's objecti ~ Adolf Hitler
Promised Neverland Isabella quotes by Adolf Hitler
I'm not doing anything, baby. I love you. I'm being faithful to you." He held up his ring, his thumb stroking the metal. "I promised ... I promise ~ S.C. Stephens
Promised Neverland Isabella quotes by S.C. Stephens
If each person in the room promises that in the twenty-four hours beginning the very next day she or he will do at least one outrageous thing in the name of simple justice, then I promise I will, too. It doesn't matter whether the act is as small as saying, "Pick yourself up" (a major step for those of us who have been our family's servants) or as large as calling for a strike. The point is that, if each of us does as promised, we can be pretty sure of two results. First, the world one day later won't be quite the same.
Second, we will have such a good time doing it that we will never again get up in the morning saying, "WILL I do anything outrageous?" but only "WHAT outrageous act will I do today ~ Gloria Steinem
Promised Neverland Isabella quotes by Gloria Steinem
I would definitely return to 'Neverland' for a sequel if there was the chance again because we all got on so well, and I think it will be great. ~ Charlie Rowe
Promised Neverland Isabella quotes by Charlie Rowe
Hazel laughed. Then she kissed Frank. 'See you in the morning.'
'Yeah,' Frank said. 'Nico … you sure you won't come with us? You'll always have a place in New Rome.'
'Thanks, Praetor. Reyna said the same thing. But … no.'
'I hope I'll see you again?'
'Oh, you will,' Nico promised. 'I'm going to be the flower boy at your wedding, right?'
'Um …' Frank got flustered, cleared his throat and shuffled off, running into the doorjamb on the way out. ~ Rick Riordan
Promised Neverland Isabella quotes by Rick Riordan
Even though many of us are working very hard at it, we rarely, if ever, experience the joy and peace that are promised in the Bible. So what's the problem? Perhaps we are still holding the reins of our lives too tightly, afraid to surrender ourselves to God's Spirit. ~ Ann Spangler
Promised Neverland Isabella quotes by Ann Spangler
My grandfather once ventured upon publishing a volume of hymns. I never heard anyone speak in their favour or argue that they ought to have been sung in the congregation. In that volume, he promised a second if the first should prove acceptable. We forgive him the first collection because he did not inflict another. ~ Charles Spurgeon
Promised Neverland Isabella quotes by Charles Spurgeon
Whatever your fears, whatever the unknowns or the challenges in your life, God has promised to provide for you, to share His pleasure with you, to protect you, and to give you His enduring presence. ~ Nancy Leigh Leigh DeMoss
Promised Neverland Isabella quotes by Nancy Leigh Leigh DeMoss
The red carpet has become like a parallel business. The next day, there are TV programmes, and magazines, and it's all, 'Do you like the dress or not like the dress?' and 'Did she look fat?' To keep borrowing dresses and jewellery is like a full-time job. And you have to be a fantasy, which you can never be, so you always feel depressed. ~ Isabella Rossellini
Promised Neverland Isabella quotes by Isabella Rossellini
My worse date ever?" I asked. "I don't know. I'm always amazed when the other person doesn't ask you anything about yourself. This one date - once the autobiography started, it wouldn't stop. I actually sat there, thinking, Wow, you're not going to ask me a single question, are you? And sure enough. Ten minutes. Thirty minutes. An hour. Only one subject. And it wasn't me." "So, what did you do?" you asked. "I just started counting. Like sheep. And when the waiter asked if we wanted to have dessert, my date started to order, and I interrupted and said I had promised a friend to walk his dog. What about you? ~ David Levithan
Promised Neverland Isabella quotes by David Levithan
It was a day in March, and the sky was a faint green with the first hint of spring. In Central Park, five hundred feet below, the earth caught the tone of the sky in a shade of brown that promised to become green, and the lakes lay like splinters of glass under the cobwebs of bare branches. ~ Ayn Rand
Promised Neverland Isabella quotes by Ayn Rand
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