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#1. The doxology moves then to assert that Israel is forever and Yahweh's commitment to Israel is also forever. We had better approach any such doxology suspiciously.
The word "forever" is a clue word, because when it occurs we are likely dealing with state truth.23 That point would perhaps not be noticeable if Yahweh were forever. But it is the people Israel who are said to be "forever." By such a rhetorical move, the main jeopardy from the dreaded God has been removed for the dynasty. Yahweh has now been claimed as a friendly and reliable patron for the regime.
When doxology is used in the context of state truth, it has a political function. Ostensibly it enhances God, but when used as it is used here, it has a political function. Praise of God is by necessary implication praise of and legitimization of the regime. So the "foreverness" is processed as a dynastic claim. The - Author: Walter Brueggemann
Processed quotes by Walter Brueggemann
#2. For many Westerners, "it's natural" seems to mean "it's good." This view is wrong and comes from shopping in supermarkets and living in landscaped environments. Plants evolved toxins to deter animals, fungi, and bacteria from eating them. The list of "natural" foods that need processing to detoxify them goes on and on. Early potatoes were toxic, and the Andean peoples ate clay to neutralize the toxin. Even beans can be toxic without processing. In California, many hunter-gatherer populations relied on acorns, which, similar to manioc, require a labor intensive, multiday leaching process. Many small-scale societies have similarly exploited hardy, tropical plants called cycads for food. But cycads contain a nerve toxin. If not properly processed, they can cause neurological symptoms, paralysis, and death. Numerous societies, including hunter-gatherers, have culturally evolved an immense range of detoxification techniques for cycads. By contrast with our species, other animals have far superior abilities to detoxify plants. Humans, however, lost these genetic adaptations and evolved a dependence on cultural know-how, just to eat. - Author: Joseph Henrich
Processed quotes by Joseph Henrich
#3. The good news was that he wasn't sixteen anymore and he had this, his art. His food. And if this dinner continued to go the way it was going, if Mrs. Raje stood by her word and gave DJ the contract for her son's fund-raising dinner next month based on tonight's success... well, then they'd be fine.
Mrs. Raje had been more impressed thus far. Everything from the steamed momos to the dum biryani had turned out just so. The mayor of San Francisco had even asked to speak to DJ after tasting the California blue crab with bitter coconut cream and tucked DJ's card into his wallet.
Only dessert remained, and dessert was DJ's crowning glory, his true love. With sugar he could make love to taste buds, make adult humans sob.
The reason Mina Raje had given him, a foreigner and a newbie, a shot at tonight was his Arabica bean gelato with dark caramel. DJ had created the dessert for her after spending a week researching her. Not just her favorite restaurants, but where she shopped, how she wore her clothes, what made her laugh, even the perfume she wore and how much. The taste buds drew from who you were. How you reacted to taste as a sense was a culmination of how you processed the world, the most primal form of how you interacted with your environment.
It was DJ's greatest strength and weakness, needing to know what exact note of flavor unfurled a person. His need to find that chord and strum it was bone deep. - Author: Sonali Dev
Processed quotes by Sonali Dev
#4. Food has become a cause of disease rather than a guardian of health in the modern world. Once regarded as the central pillar of life and the most effective of all medicines, food is now a major contributing factor in cancer, heart disease, arthritis , mental illness, and many other pathological conditions. Virtually monopolized by agricultural and industrial cartels, public food supplies, are processed and packaged to produce profits and prolong shelf life, not to promote health and prolong human life. It seems incredible that public health authorities permit the unrestricted use of hydrogenated vegetable oils, refined sugar, chemical preservatives, toxic pesticides, and over 5,000 other artificial food additives that have repeatedly been proven to cause cancer, impair immunity, and otherwise erode human health, while restricting the medical use of nutrients, herbs, acupuncture, fasting, and other traditional therapies that have been shown to prevent and cure the very diseases caused by chemical contaminants in food and water. - Author: Daniel Reid
Processed quotes by Daniel  Reid
#5. health risks of diets loaded with red meat, such as hamburger and steak, and processed meats, such as hot dogs, bacon, and cold cuts. They found that over a ten-year period, men who ate the equivalent of a quarter-pounder hamburger a day had a 22 percent higher risk of dying from cancer and a 27 percent higher risk of dying from heart disease than those men whose diet did not contain such red meat. With women, it was even more impressive. Women who ate large amounts of red meat had a 20 percent higher risk of dying from cancer and a 50 percent higher risk of dying from heart disease. - Author: Richard Furman
Processed quotes by Richard Furman
#6. I think that consciousness is the way information feels when being processed in certain complex ways. - Author: Max Tegmark
Processed quotes by Max Tegmark
#7. Facebook is at the forefront. It's the company that can fundamentally change the way information is being exchanged and processed. It can be the basis for artificial intelligence to develop over time. - Author: Yuri Milner
Processed quotes by Yuri Milner
#8. Why is the world full of color anyway? Sunlight is white, and when it is reflected, it is still white. And so we should be surrounded by a clinical looking, optically pure landscape. That this is not what we see is because every material absorbs light differently or converts it into other kinds of radiation. Only the wavelengths that remain are refracted and reach our eyes. Therefore, the color of organisms and objects is dictated by the color of the reflected light. And in the case of leaves on trees, this color is green.

But why don't we see leaves as black? Why don't they absorb all light? Chlorophyll helps leaves process light. If trees processed light super-efficiently, there would be hardly any left over-and the forest would then look as dark during the day as it does at night. Chlorophyll, however, has one disadvantage. It has a so-called green gap, and because it cannot use this part of the color spectrum, it has to reflect it back unused. This weak spot means that we can see this photosynthetic leftover, and that's why almost all plants look deep green to us. What we are really seeing is waste light, the rejected part that trees cannot use. Beautiful for us; useless for the trees. Nature that we find pleasing because it reflects trash? Whether trees feel the same way about this I don't know, but one thing is for certain: hungry beeches and spruce are as happy to see blue sky as I am. - Author: Peter Wohlleben
Processed quotes by Peter Wohlleben
#9. In conjunction with his colleagues, Frantisek Baluska from the Institute of Cellular and Molecular Botany at the University of Bonn is of the opinion that brain-like structures can be found at root tips. In addition to signaling pathways, there are also numerous systems and molecules similar to those found in animals. When a root feels its way forward in the ground, it is aware of stimuli. The researchers measured electrical signals that led to changes in behavior after they were processed in a "transition zone." If the root encounters toxic substances, impenetrable stones, or saturated soil, it analyzes the situation and transmits the necessary adjustments to the growing tip. The root tip changes direction as a result of this communication and steers the growing root around the critical areas.

Right now, the majority of plant researchers are skeptical about whether such behavior points to a repository for intelligence, the faculty of memory, and emotions. Among other things, they get worked up about carrying over findings in similar situations with animals and, at the end of the day, about how this threatens to blur the boundary between plants and animals. And so what? What would be so awful about that? The distinction between plant and animal is, after all, arbitrary and depends on the way an organism feeds itself: the former photosynthesizes and the latter eats other living beings. Finally, the only other big difference is in the amount of time it takes to proce - Author: Peter Wohlleben
Processed quotes by Peter Wohlleben
#10. As for meat, I'm not going to become vegetarian. I'm telling you that right now. I want me a steak. I want me a pork chop. I want me a lamb chop, even a piece of duck every once in awhile. We used to have ham and salami, all that crazy stuff. I can't eat processed food. I've got to find local farmers and get natural foods. - Author: Sharon Jones
Processed quotes by Sharon Jones
#11. We consume far too many animal products, processed and refined foods, saturated fats, and empty calories. Industries that profit from both our ignorance and our misfortune spoon-feed us confusion and deception. - Author: Kris Carr
Processed quotes by Kris Carr
#12. ... I processed that. Stephan was gay. He had told me as much. And she had told me that they were purely platonic. I believed them both. Why does she seek him out in her sleep? Were they really so close? A part of me was insanely jealous at the thought that he was that important to her, but I knew instinctively that I couldn't indulge that jealousy. The two of them were too close to tolerate anyone coming between them, and I wouldn't be making that mistake. - Author: R.K. Lilley
Processed quotes by R.K. Lilley
#13. Tree nuts and peanuts = 3 servings per week Fresh fruits including natural fruit juices = 3 servings per day Vegetables = 2 servings per day Seafood (primarily fatty fish) = 3 servings per week Legumes = 3 servings per week Sofrito = 2 servings per week White meat In place of red meat Wine with meals (optional) = 7 glasses per week Discouraged Soda drinks < 1 drink per day Commercial baked goods, sweets, pastries < 3 servings per week Spread fats < 1 serving per day Red and processed meats < 1 serving per day *Adapted from Estruch, et al. (2013) Sofrito is a sauce made with tomato and onion, and often includes garlic, herbs, and olive oil. Commercial bakery goods, sweets, and pastries included cakes, cookies, biscuits, and custard, and did not include those that are homemade. December 2014 Page 100 of 112 - Author: Anonymous
Processed quotes by Anonymous
#14. I couldn't pick just one.
The moment I'd touched the sugar packet, a thousand thoughts cascaded through my mind.
I want to go shopping in Times Square.
I want to go to the top of the Empire State Building.
I want Dad to finish his meetings and come see the city with me.
I want to travel to Paris.
I want to fall in love so hard it makes me cry.
I want ...
I shook my head. Sam didn't know what he was asking. How could this small pink square of processed sugar be transformed into my heart's desire?
I want Mom to come home. - Author: Lisa Mangum
Processed quotes by Lisa Mangum
#15. Sugar has no nutritive value and is addictive. It is one of the biggest enemies to your health. It is an addiction that is very hard to break. Sugar and/or high fructose corn syrup are in most processed foods. They - Author: Elizabeth Gibbons
Processed quotes by Elizabeth Gibbons
#16. What determines what we remember and what we forget? The key to memory consolidation is attentiveness. Storing explicit memories and, equally important, forming connections between them requires strong mental concentration, amplified by repetition or by intense intellectual or emotional engagement. The sharper the attention, the sharper the memory. "For a memory to persist," writes Kandel, "the incoming information must be thoroughly and deeply processed. This is accomplished by attending to the information and associating it meaningfully and systematically with knowledge already well established in memory."35 If we're unable to attend to the information in our working memory, the information lasts only as long as the neurons that hold it maintain their electric charge - a few seconds at best. Then it's gone, leaving little or no trace in the mind. - Author: Nicholas Carr
Processed quotes by Nicholas Carr
#17. He tells me of experiments his team is developing to monitor the spark of recognition in the brain as people look at online ads. The test focus on a brain wave called P300. (The U.S. Navy has run similar tests to see how pilots distinguish friends from foes in the air.) If a P300 wave heats up within a fraction of a second of a subject's seeing an ad, the Tacoda team will make the case that the viewer has not only looked at the spot but has processed it mentally. The next step? Figuring out which type of people process certain types of ads. Like other Numerati in a wide range of industries, Dave Morgan in scrutinizing humans and searching for hidden correlations. What do we do, he asks, that might predict what we'll do next? - Author: Stephen Baker
Processed quotes by Stephen Baker
#18. I can safely say that other than macaroni and cheese, there's no processed food in my life. There's no inorganic food in my life these days. There's no junk food. There's not a lot of sugar. There's no soy. I mean, really everything that's going into my body is pretty pure. - Author: Ginnifer Goodwin
Processed quotes by Ginnifer Goodwin
#19. GMOs are found in nearly 80% of processed food in the United States. Currently, up to 92% of U.S. corn is consumed what are you eating GMO with zoe lister-jonesgenetically engineered, as are 94% of soybeans and 94% of cotton. In short, they are everywhere. - Author: Zoe Lister-Jones
Processed quotes by Zoe Lister-Jones
#20. Imagine waking up in the morning and going to the kitchen and to make yourself some breakfast. You take some soybean grits, mix them with some tainted cattle meat, throw in a few beaks and feathers, smother your concoction with processed sugar syrup and chemicals, then sprinkle on a few preservatives and dyes. Pressure cook the hell out of it, let it cool-and dig in! - Author: Martin Goldstein
Processed quotes by Martin Goldstein
There are many other stress management techniques that can help you to "bring yourself down" quickly when you are highly stressed. You can use them before a situation where anticipation raises tensions that do not automatically subside after a few minutes. You also can use them during an interaction or when a surprise threatens to escalate your stress out of control. Or use them after an encounter has raised your stress level, if it is not subsiding naturally.

Mental Imagery
You experimented with mental imagery in the previous chapter on goal-setting. The use of mental imagery also can be an effective tool for anxiety control. Think of it as a new application of skills you already have: memory and imagination. When I asked you earlier to recall how many windows there are in your bedroom, you used imagery to retrieve the information. Mentally, you went into the room, looked from wall to wall, and counted. That process is mental imagery.
From a relaxation perspective, your nervous system cannot distinguish between reality and imagery. Material passed from the body to the senses, whether real or imagined, is processed the same way. Therefore, imagery can play an important role in inducing internal self-regulation and relaxation. If there is a particular image - such as the warm, sandy beach of the previous exercise, a cool forest clearing covered with a blanket of pine needles, or even a clear blue sky - that represents relax - Author: Jonathan Berent
Processed quotes by Jonathan Berent
#22. I don't eat & drink good clean food because I want my body to look more like Taylor Swift's. Actually, I am among a rare breed of humans that knows my worth is not determined by the size of my ass. That said, I eat and drink clean food because I love myself. Besides, when I eat shitty food, I feel like shit. Period. When I eat refined sugar and a bunch of processed foods, my mind gets all foggy and my body feels lethargic.
No thanks! I mean, how am I supposed to change the world for the better feeling like that? - Author: Brooke Hampton
Processed quotes by Brooke Hampton
#23. But, I fear I spend far too little time apologising for or feeling ashamed about things which really do merit sincere apology and outright contrition.
•Failing to imagine what it is like to be someone else.
•Pissing my life away.
•Dishonesty with self and others.
•Neglecting to pick up the phone or write letters.
•Not connecting made or processed objects
•with their provenance.
•Judging without facts.
•Using influence over others for my own ends.
•Causing pain. - Author: Stephen Fry
Processed quotes by Stephen Fry
#24. The fructose intake of the average American is currently close to 3 ounces (80 grams) a day. Our parents' generation, consuming just honey on their toast, far fewer processed foods, and a normal amount of fruit, took in no more than ½ to 1 ounce (only around 16 to 24 grams) a day. - Author: Giulia Enders
Processed quotes by Giulia Enders
#25. When a body is in an alkaline state, it avoids disease, but when it's in an acidic state - where you're eating a lot of processed foods, meat, dairy - you're not going to have that hydration in your body, and you're not going to have that ability to fight off disease, and it's going to impact your immune system and the inflammation in your body too. - Author: Vani Hari
Processed quotes by Vani Hari
#26. Finn," she protested. "I wasn't laughing like, with her." Izzy glowered at me. "She tried to kill me."
"Actually, I didn't," I broke in. There was a hard look in Aislinn's and Finley's eyes that scared the heck out of me. The last thing I wanted was to be held responsible for Elodie's actions, especially now that I was, technically, one of these women, and the words just came pouring out of my mouth. "See, I don't have powers anymore, because I was supposed to go through the Removal, and that sort of locked my magic away so that I can't use it. But there was this girl-well, this witch-Elodie, and because she passed her magic on to me when she died, we're connected. That means her ghost follows me around and stuff, so when you attacked me, she possessed my body. Which is new and, quite frankly, super freaky, and something that I haven't really processed yet. Anyway, she was the one who used magic on you. Oh, and held the sword to your throat, and said all that creepy stuff. I'm not creepy. At least not on purpose."
By now, all three Brannick women-all four, if you counted Mom-were staring at me. Man, what had that piney-tasting stuff been? The Brannick version of Red Bull?
"I'll, uh, stop talking now. - Author: Rachel Hawkins
Processed quotes by Rachel Hawkins
#27. We begin to hear stories that one group of bread makers are not makers of bread but bakers of terror – and that the ingredients in their bread recipe are ingredients of war, not peace. Now what? Uh oh, we have a grain war on our hands. Processed wheat grain goes against self-proclaimed one hundred percent stone-ground-seven-grain-faith. What the toaster and his Maker stand for is no longer relevant. Mankind disrupts faith. Claims of "Our bread recipe keeps you regular! Yours oppresses digestion! Our bread has all the right ingredients, yours does not!" A holy grain war begins in the effort to limit what kind of bread can be turned into holy toast. This is Righteous Toaster consciousness. - Author: Sadiqua Hamdan
Processed quotes by Sadiqua Hamdan
#28. They were recorded without processed cheese. Listen to old '50s records. The style may be dated, but the recording isn't. - Author: Richard Lloyd
Processed quotes by Richard Lloyd
#29. Why is it that medical strictures and recommendations so often work in favor of food processors and against food producers? Why, for example, do we so strongly favor the pasteurization of milk to health and cleanliness in milk production? (Gene Logsdon correctly says that the motive here "is monopoly, not consumer's health.") - Author: Wendell Berry
Processed quotes by Wendell Berry
#30. Our typical Western diet is full of inflammatory fats - saturated fats, trans fats, too many omega-6, inflammatory, processed vegetable oils like soy and corn oils. These increase IGF-1 and stimulate pimple follicles. - Author: Mark Hyman
Processed quotes by Mark Hyman
#31. Sweetheart, I've been there with you through all of it. I was the one who camped out with you in that old tree house for days on end and held you after your mom died. It was me who sat with you while we waited for your sister to come out of the surgery that cut out her cancer. I was the one holding your hand while we waited for those test results to come back, and I was the one who supplied the alcohol to get you drunk, and the shoulder to cry on while you processed it. I understand. You don't have to do this alone. - Author: Katee Robert
Processed quotes by Katee Robert
#32. In a world where critical thinking skills are almost wholly absent, repetition effectively leapfrogs the cognitive portion of the brain. It helps something get processed as truth. We used to call it unsubstantiated buy-in. Belief without evidence. It only works in a society where thinking for one's self is discouraged. That's how we lost our country. - Author: Laura Bynum
Processed quotes by Laura Bynum
#33. Shopping malls are liquid TVs for the end of the twentieth century. A whole micro-circuitry of desire, ideology and expenditure for processed bodies drifting through the cyber-space of ultracapitalism. - Author: Arthur Kroker
Processed quotes by Arthur Kroker
#34. Not for the first time in my life I had made it to the top. For some reason this made me hanker for a chili dog with chopped onions under a blanket of processed American cheese. - Author: Walter Mosley
Processed quotes by Walter Mosley
#35. We hypostatize information into objects. Rearrangement of objects is change in the content of the information; the message has changed. This is a language which we have lost the ability to read. We ourselves are a part of this language; changes in us are changes in the content of the information. We ourselves are information-rich; information enters us, is processed and is then projected outward once more, now in an altered form. We are not aware that we are doing this, that in fact this is all we are doing - Author: Philip K. Dick
Processed quotes by Philip K. Dick
#36. Then it gets even worse - your irritated intestinal lining allows undigested food particles and bacteria to enter your bloodstream and trigger a wider inflammatory response as your body attacks these foreign particles. When these antinutrients continually damage your gut, which unfortunately happens to most people on Western diets that include large amounts of inflammation-causing processed foods, your body is forced to constantly mount a response against a perceived enemy. It does this by releasing a stream of small inflammatory proteins called cytokines into your bloodstream, which eventually enter your brain. - Author: Dave Asprey
Processed quotes by Dave Asprey
#37. I really do think that cooking is very important. It's really important for the farmers because it means you're going to be buying real food and not processed food, so that means the farmers will capture more of your food dollar. - Author: Michael Pollan
Processed quotes by Michael Pollan
#38. Dietary fat was singled out as the most villainous culprit responsible for weight gain and declining health. The food industry adjusted by replacing saturated animal fats with "heart healthy," super-processed vegetable seed oils, and high fructose corn syrup. Soon, our average body weight started to rise, and it did so quickly. - Author: Scott Abel
Processed quotes by Scott Abel
#39. Before you let your doctor give you testosterone shots or pills, try to boost it naturally by dramatically decreasing or even eliminating sugar, wheat, and processed foods from your diet. A sugar burst has been found to lower testosterone levels by up to 25 percent. If you and your sweetheart share the cheesecake at the restaurant, no one is likely to get "dessert" when you get home! Another way to naturally boost your testosterone level is to start a weight-training program. Building muscle helps your body increase its testosterone levels. The supplements DHEA and zinc can also help. Zinc is necessary to maintain - Author: Daniel G. Amen
Processed quotes by Daniel G. Amen
#40. A significant number of research studies have documented that heart disease is easily and almost completely preventable through a diet rich in plant produce and lower in processed foods and animal products. - Author: Joel Fuhrman
Processed quotes by Joel Fuhrman
#41. She wanted to tell him everything: that her worst fears had come true, that her husband had managed to place a surveillance device into her mind, the whole story. But she didn't want to seem crazy. This was shitty because the truth was crazy, not her. There had been a tagline of a TV show, 'The truth is out there,' that Hazel had initially misinterpreted and felt comforted by. 'That is for sure!' she'd thought, the truth was the most far-out thing possible. Hazel had always felt this--when she learned about periods and sex, when she learned about death, when she learned about the impossible living conditions of the other planets in the solar system and the manufacturing of processed meats. Almost always, the truth was way more bizarre and gross than she would've imagined. Then one night she commented on this to a friend and was told, 'No, dumbass, the show is saying that the truth will be discovered. Like how aliens are real and the U.S. government knows it. - Author: Alissa Nutting
Processed quotes by Alissa Nutting
#42. In my opinion, if most urban meat-eaters were to visit an industrial broiler house, to se how the birds are raised, and could see the birds being "harvested" and then being "processed" in a poultry processing plant, they would not be impressed and some, perhaps many of them would swear off eating chicken and perhaps all meat. - Author: Peter Cheeke
Processed quotes by Peter Cheeke
#43. Smell and taste are processed in parts of our brains that are reactive and emotional rather than intellectual, which is one reason developing a good vocabulary of aromas is so difficult. It's a long journey from our lizard brain way up to where language is processed. - Author: Randy Mosher
Processed quotes by Randy Mosher
#44. Fiction isn't made by scraping the bones of topicality for the last shreds and sinews, to be processed into mechanically recovered prose. Like journalism, it deals in ideas as well as facts, but also in metaphors, symbols and myths. - Author: Hilary Mantel
Processed quotes by Hilary Mantel
#45. The notion that processed food is cheap and integrity foods are prohibitively expensive is simply not true. - Author: Joel Salatin
Processed quotes by Joel Salatin
#46. The police mentality cannot regard a human being in terms other than as an item or object to be processed as expeditiously as possible. - Author: Jack Vance
Processed quotes by Jack Vance
#47. Whereas story is processed in the mind in a straightforward manner, poetry bypasses rational thought and goes straight to the limbic system and lights it up like a brushfire. It's the crack cocaine of the literary world. - Author: Jasper Fforde
Processed quotes by Jasper Fforde
#48. With regard to complex trauma survivors, self-determination and autonomy require that the therapist treat each client as the "authority" in determining the meaning and interpretation of his or her personal life history, including (but not limited to) traumatic experiences (Harvey, 1996). Therapists can inadvertently misappropriate the client's authority over the meaning and significance of her or his memories (and associated symptoms, such as intrusive reexperiencing or dissociative flashbacks) by suggesting specific "expert" interpretations of the memories or symptoms. Clients who feel profoundly abandoned by key caregivers may appear deeply grateful for such interpretations and pronouncements by their therapists, because they can fulfill a deep longing for a substitute parent who makes sense of the world or takes care of them. However, this delegation of authority to the therapist can backfire if the client cannot, or does not, take ownership of her or his own memories or life story by determining their personal meaning.Moreover, the client can be trapped in a stance of avoidance because trauma memories are never experienced, processed, and put to rest. Helping a client to develop a core sense of relational security and the capacity to regulate (and recover from) extreme hyper- or hypoarousal is essential if the client is to achieve a self-determined and autonomous approach to defining the meaning and impact of trauma memories, a crucial goal of posttraumatic therapy. - Author: Christine A. Courtois
Processed quotes by Christine A. Courtois
#49. By the time these words are read, the centuries-old cedar, hemlock, and balsm of the cutblock known as Leah Block 2 will be a distant memory, long since processed into siding, two-by-fours, perhaps even the paper that has been recycled into the pages of this book. - Author: John Vaillant
Processed quotes by John Vaillant
#50. The whole thing boiled down to a simple equation: anything that has any kind of value is made, mined, grown, produced, and processed by working people. So why shouldn't working people collectively own that wealth? Why shouldn't working people own and control their own resources? Capitalism meant that rich businessmen owned the wealth, while socialism meant that the people who made the wealth owned it. - Author: Assata Shakur
Processed quotes by Assata Shakur
#51. The true calamity of clean eating is not that it is entirely false. It is that it contains a kernel of truth. Underneath all the nutribabble talk of 'glowing' and wellness, the gurus of clean eating are completely right to say that most modern eaters would benefit from consuming less refined sugar and processed meat and more vegetables and meals cooked from scratch. The problem is that it's near impossible to pick out the sensible bits of clean eating and ignore the rest. Whether the term clean is used or not, there is a new puritanism about food that has taken root widely. - Author: Bee Wilson
Processed quotes by Bee Wilson
#52. Just because food is served fast doesn't mean it has to be made with cheap raw ingredients, highly processed with preservatives and fillers and stabilizers and artificial colors and flavors. - Author: Steve Ells
Processed quotes by Steve Ells
#53. What really separates people who are habitually upbeat and optimistic from those who are consistently miserable is how the circumstances of life are interpreted and processed. - Author: Robin S. Sharma
Processed quotes by Robin S. Sharma
#54. I work out with our trainer, Jocelynne Boschen of Alpha Sport L.A., hike a lot, and eat healthy. I love cooking so prepare a lot of my own food and avoid processed foods. No fast food. No soda. - Author: Elizabeth Banks
Processed quotes by Elizabeth Banks
#55. Processed foods cause inflammation, a source of most chronic illnesses as well as stress. - Author: Kris Carr
Processed quotes by Kris Carr
#56. The ideal human diet looks like this: Consume plant-based foods in forms as close to their natural state as possible ("whole" foods). Eat a variety of vegetables, fruits, raw nuts and seeds, beans and legumes, and whole grains. Avoid heavily processed foods and animal products. Stay away from added salt, oil, and sugar. Aim to get 80 percent of your calories from carbohydrates, 10 percent from fat, and 10 percent from protein. - Author: T. Colin Campbell
Processed quotes by T. Colin Campbell
#57. I use a lot of fresh citrus, garlic, and fresh herbs when cooking to cut down on fat and sodium but punch up flavor. Our cupboards and fridge are full of condiments - mustards, vinegars, etc. that also add tons of flavor but are low in fat, calories, or other processed additives. - Author: Cat Cora
Processed quotes by Cat Cora
#58. Sodium is an important mineral that is essential for proper functioning of the human body - however, the American diet contains dangerously high amounts of sodium, almost 80 percent of which comes from processed and restaurant foods. - Author: Joel Fuhrman
Processed quotes by Joel Fuhrman
#59. I don't think people have fully processed how deeply television has changed the political process in our own world. Political parties have become vestiges of what they were and individuals with large amounts of money can leapfrog over that process, which can have a positive mediating effect. And so I think there are things to worry about. - Author: Alexander Stille
Processed quotes by Alexander Stille
#60. Over the past ten years, I've processed a lot. I'm still processing. And there is more to be done. But I'm very proud of the person I am today. I'm proud to be gay. I'm proud to be a reckless optimist. I'm proud to keep learning and sharing what I've learned. I'm proud to be a work in progress. - Author: Hannah Hart
Processed quotes by Hannah Hart
#61. I find a difference between what gets called world music - a fusion of western music and music from different cultures in more of a modernized version - and Explorer Series stuff, which is completely undiluted indigenous folk music. That's a lot more powerful than a lot of the super-processed stuff that comes out now. - Author: Glenn Kotche
Processed quotes by Glenn Kotche
#62. Electronic Accounting Systems processed my little payrolls like one big payroll. I did the selling, and the people I hired did most of the operations. - Author: Tom Golisano
Processed quotes by Tom Golisano
#63. Our past, if processed properly, has the ability to refine us for the better, not define or confine us to anything less then we deserve. - Author: Trish Blackwell
Processed quotes by Trish Blackwell
#64. Nothing says I love you like processed food. - Author: Rachel Balducci
Processed quotes by Rachel Balducci
#65. William Tell could take an apple off your head, [Phil] Taylor could take out a processed pea. - Author: Sid Waddell
Processed quotes by Sid Waddell
#66. One of the reasons I got really fat when I left home was because I thought rich people ate white bread and Spam. I also thought they could get processed meals, because we never did, so that was exciting. - Author: Alison Moyet
Processed quotes by Alison Moyet
#67. The brain's auditory cortex, for instance, processes an audio signal from your ear faster than a visual signal is processed in the visual cortex. The difference is around 40 milliseconds, which is not much, but enough to justify using a gun for starting a race, instead of a light flash. The faster audio processing speed means that sprint runners react more quickly to a bang than to a flash of light. - Author: Jean Paul Zogby
Processed quotes by Jean Paul Zogby
#68. If the things we eat have been processed - manipulated, broken apart, adulterated, with most of the fiber (and nutrients) thrown away - then we end up consuming something that's food, technically speaking, but lacks many of the health benefits that eating is supposed to bring us. We get calories - which we need to survive, of course - but little else. None of the nutrition. As Dr. Fuhrman puts it, we end up mechanically full but nutritionally starved. If we do that often enough, we will absolutely harm ourselves at the cellular level. Over time, that may bring about some chronic condition. - Author: Darin Olien
Processed quotes by Darin Olien
#69. The American diet causes disease. It is composed of 25 percent animal products and 62 percent processed foods and only 5 percent of calories from fruits and vegetables. - Author: Joel Fuhrman
Processed quotes by Joel Fuhrman
#70. My main thing is not eating processed food. - Author: Marisa Miller
Processed quotes by Marisa Miller
#71. My hair and I had a really bad argument. She was being sprayed with alcohol and burnt with irons. She was being over processed and yanked and pulled by weave strings and suffocated by glue. She told me if I didn't straighten up and fly right that she was leaving. - Author: Chrisette Michele
Processed quotes by Chrisette Michele
#72. Now, there are important rules in Fairyland, rules from which I shall one day be exempt, when my papers have been processed at last and I am possessed of the golden ring of diplomatic immunity. - Author: Catherynne M Valente
Processed quotes by Catherynne M Valente
#73. The best honey comes from a source you know, and is processed without heat. Raw, unfiltered honey retains its royal jelly, bee pollen and propolis - three major sources of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. 1 cup of locally produced, raw organic honey 1 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice Additional water, about 2 cups 2-½ cups water Ice cubes or crushed ice 1 tablespoon dried culinary lavender Combine honey and 2-½ cups of water in a saucepan and bring to a boil, stirring to dissolve the honey. When the mixture reaches a boil, stir in the lavender and remove from heat. Let the mixture steep for 20 minutes. Strain the lavender from the liquid, then add the fresh lemon juice and an additional 2 cups of water. Use sparkling water if you wish. Pour into glasses full of ice and serve, garnished with a sprig of lavender or mint. [Source: Original] - Author: Susan Wiggs
Processed quotes by Susan Wiggs
#74. I've never been a fearful person. When I was growing up, I wanted to be an actress, a writer, and a musician and I never really processed that those are the three hardest jobs - I just never even processed it. - Author: Krysten Ritter
Processed quotes by Krysten Ritter
#75. If Fobbit leaves a reader feeling stranded in some bland in-between territory, then I haven't done my job. But having said all that, I didn't consciously write the book with a particular moral intent. I took what I experienced and processed it through the sausage factory of fiction. It's up to readers to interpret what's on the page - as is the case with any novel. - Author: Dave Abrams
Processed quotes by Dave Abrams
#76. America had yet seen - that is, until the public caught on and the lean, ammonia-processed beef came to be known as "pink slime. - Author: Michael Moss
Processed quotes by Michael Moss
#77. The vast preponderance of evidence in modern epidemiology shows that those who eat more whole plant foods and fewer animal products and processed foods have lower rates of chronic disease and longer lifespans. - Author: Joel Fuhrman
Processed quotes by Joel Fuhrman
#78. What I think is important about essayists - about the essay, as opposed to a lot of personal writing that kind of finds its way into public view - is that the material really has to be presented in a processed way. - Author: Meghan Daum
Processed quotes by Meghan Daum
#79. The study found that total HCA intake, and consumption of fried meat, beef, and processed meat were all correlated to precancerous damage to breast tissue (Rohrmann, Lukas Jung 2009). - Author: Garth Davis
Processed quotes by Garth Davis
#80. Inevitably, the manufacturers of processed food argue that they have allowed us to become the people we want to be, fast and busy, no longer slaves to the stove. But in their hands, the salt, sugar, and fat they have used to propel this social transformation are not nutrients as much as weapons - weapons they deploy, certainly, to defeat their competitors but also to keep us coming back for more. - Author: Michael Moss
Processed quotes by Michael Moss
#81. I'd been working so hard making the film that I hadn't even emotionally processed the fact that I was a director. - Author: William Monahan
Processed quotes by William Monahan
#82. We live now in an information technology. Flowers have always lived in an information technology. Flowers gather information all day. At night, they process it. This is called photosynthesis.
As our neocortex comes into full use, we, too will practice photosyntesis. As a matter of fact, we already do, but compared for flowers, our kind is primitive and limited.
For one thing, information gathered from daily newspapers, soap operas, sales conferences and coffee klatches is inferior to information gathered from sunlight....
Either because our data is insufficient or because our processing equipment is not fully on line, our own noctural processing is part-time work. The information our conscious minds receive during waking hours is processed by our unconscious during so called "deep sleep". We are in deep sleep only two or three hours a night. For the rest of our sleeping session, the unconscious mind is off duty. It gets bored. It craves recreation. So it plays with the material at hand. In a sense, it palys with itself. It scrambles memories, juggles images, rearranges data, invents scary or titillating stories. This is what we call "dreaming". - Author: Tom Robbins
Processed quotes by Tom Robbins
#83. So my eyes spotted it and my brain processed it and rejected it instantly, on a purely preprogrammed basis. And then it hung up on it. Out of pure animal instinct. Because it looked like a snake. The lizard part of my brain whispered snake and I got that little primeval jolt of fright that had kept my ancestors alive and well way back in evolution. It was all over in a split second. It was smothered immediately. The modern educated part of my mind stepped in and said, No snakes here in January, bud. Way too cold. I breathed out and moved on a step and then paused to look back, purely out of curiosity. - Author: Lee Child
Processed quotes by Lee Child
#84. Research suggests that when people stick to a lower-sodium diet for a period of time, they actually develop a preference for less salty foods. Meanwhile, reports from the Iowa Women's Health Study, which has been ongoing since the mid-1980s, showed that women who made the transition to a plant-based, lower-fat diet actually acquired, over a span of months, aversions to many of the processed and fast foods they liked at the start of the study. When changes like these occur, you know you've begun to rehabilitate your taste buds. - Author: David L. Katz
Processed quotes by David L. Katz
#85. They can see the character, standing before them. The voice became iconic in its own right. Parents often ask me to do it for their children, who don't quite believe them. After all, any old man can claim to be the guy inside the gold suit and kids are rightly skeptical.
'Hello, I am See-Threepio, human-cyborg relations.'
Then I see the magic. I watch as the sound enters their ears, it reaches their brain, it gets processed in moments. And suddenly. Smiles of recognition - and love. - Author: Anthony Daniels
Processed quotes by Anthony Daniels
#86. Google's objective is to organize the world's information and to make it accessible. Unicode plays a central role in this effort because it is the principal means by which content in every language can be represented in a form that can be processed by software. As Unicode extends its coverage of the world's languages, it helps Google accomplish its mission. - Author: Vinton Cerf
Processed quotes by Vinton Cerf
#87. Purchase items that can be made into several meals, like a whole roasted chicken, or bag of sweet potatoes, and shop the periphery of the grocery store, avoiding the middle aisles full of processed and higher-priced foods. - Author: Cat Cora
Processed quotes by Cat Cora
#88. Life, raw life, the kind we lead every day, whether it leads us into the past or the future, has the curious property of not seeming real enough. We have a need, however illusive, for a life that is more real than life. It lies in the imagination. Fiction would seem to be the way it is processed into reality. If this were not so we should have little excuse for art. Life, raw life, would be more than satisfactory in itself. But it seems to be the nature of man to transform - himself, if possible, and then the world around him - and the technique of this transformation is what we call art. - Author: Wright Morris
Processed quotes by Wright Morris
#89. I decided to start embracing and wearing my natural hair, but there was only one problem; I didn't know what to do with it or how to style it. Growing up, all I knew was my relaxed, processed hair, so I had to go through this learning phase. - Author: Kimberly Elise
Processed quotes by Kimberly Elise
#90. This whole world was a processed petroleum product. - Author: Lev Grossman
Processed quotes by Lev Grossman
#91. Research shows that what works and is healthy for adults also works well for children, if adjusted to be age-appropriate. Children, like adults, do not suffer from a deficiency of white sugar, white flour, junk food, or processed foods. A growing child as well as an adult is hurt by junk foods and benefited by healthy foods. - Author: Gabriel Cousens M.D.
Processed quotes by Gabriel Cousens M.D.
#92. The most exciting moment as an archaeologist happened when I was looking at the great archaeology site of Tannis, which of course we all know from 'Indiana Jones.' We got satellite imagery of the city of Tannis, we processed it, and literally from thousands of miles away from my lab in Alabama, we were able to map the entire city. - Author: Sarah Parcak
Processed quotes by Sarah Parcak
#93. The corporations have taken over. Even in the recording studio. Actually, the corporate companies have taken over American life most everywhere. Go coast to coast and you will see people wearing the same clothes, thinking the same thoughts, eating the same food. Everything is processed. - Author: Bob Dylan
Processed quotes by Bob Dylan
#94. In addition, a different study linked soy formula given to infant girls with uterine fibroids later diagnosed in adult women.46 Thus, soy may act like estrogen in the body and soy is an additive in many processed foods. - Author: Ray Howell
Processed quotes by Ray Howell
#95. Tallow turned the corner into Bat and Scarly's office to be greeted by a large plastic robot on the bench waving its arms and shouting, "Say hello to my l'il frien'" in an electronically processed voiced as a small plastic penis repeatedly jabbed out from its groin on a short metal piston.
Bat emerged from behind the thing. "Don't judge me," he said. "I got bored. - Author: Warren Ellis
Processed quotes by Warren Ellis
#96. Problem 7-4
Can used cooking oil or grease, such as that from a deep-fat fryer or a frying pan, be poured into the fuel tank of a diesel-powered vehicle and consumed as biodiesel? […]

Solution 7-4
Absolutely not! Demised cooking oil or grease must be processed as shown in Figure 7-4 [page 125, a process that involves methyl alcohol and sulfur] before it can be used as biodiesel. This should be obvious in the case of bacon grease, which solidifies near room temperature. But it is true even of fats that remain liquid at relatively low temperatures, such as corn oil, canola oil, or even soybean oil. - Author: Stan Gibilisco
Processed quotes by Stan Gibilisco
#97. And certain animal products, such as commercial beef and processed meats, are more disease-promoting in our diets than others, such as frogs, salamanders, sardines, snakes, and wild salmon. - Author: Joel Fuhrman
Processed quotes by Joel Fuhrman
#98. In class I was out of place because I could so easily be distracted from concepts by metaphors and facts. Clearly, I was less intelligent than I had hoped, and I felt frustrated by an inarticulate notion that something was wrong if old material was processed as if the immediate past and the uncertain future had no bearing on it. - Author: Ruth Kluger
Processed quotes by Ruth Kluger
#99. As modern-day neuroscience tells us, we are never in touch with the present, because neural information-processing itself takes time. Signals take time to travel from your sensory organs along the multiple neuronal pathways in your body to your brain, and they take time to be processed and transformed into objects, scenes, and complex situations. So, strictly speaking, what you are experiencing as the present moment is actually the past. - Author: Thomas Metzinger
Processed quotes by Thomas Metzinger
#100. His mind filled with visions of a decadent kleptocracy in rapid decline, abetted by both political parties. America's masses, fed on processed poison bought with a food stamp swipe card. Low-skill workers, structurally unable to ever contribute again and too dumb to know their old jobs weren't coming back. The banks in Gotham leaching the last drops of wealth out of the country. Corporations unrestrained by any notion of national interest. The system of property law in shambles. The world drowning in debt. - Author: George Packer
Processed quotes by George Packer
#101. How's your orange juice, Anna? Does it have a touch of lime?"
The glass paused at my lips as I processed his innuendo, and I took a second to make sure my embarrassment stayed hidden inside. I let the drink swish over my tongue a moment before swallowing and answering.
"Actually it's a little sour," I said, and he laughed.
"Thats a shame. " he picked up a green pear from his plate and bit into it, licking juice that dripped down his thumb. My cheeks warmed as I set down my glass.
"Okay, now you're just being crude," I said.
He grinned with lazy satisfaction. - Author: Wendy Higgins
Processed quotes by Wendy Higgins
#102. Confessions are not processed or analysed; they're told in a moment of desperation to a priest or to somebody interrogating you about a crime. - Author: Meghan Daum
Processed quotes by Meghan Daum
#103. About five seconds after I left you today, things between you and
me, they changed," he informed me in a quiet voice.
I felt my brows draw together as my mind processed the fact that
this was not good.
"Changed?" I asked. "How?"
"You got attitude, the kind I like. So I decided I'm gonna ride that
attitude wave of yours, see how things work out. - Author: Kristen Ashley
Processed quotes by Kristen Ashley
#104. I'm 67 and have been reading books since I was 5, I have almost lost track of all the fabulous books I have read by so many authors. It would take me forever to list and name them all, suffice to say I have enjoyed every moment that I have been immersed in so many worlds, so many stories, writing one was inevitable, I enjoyed that too, writing is no different to reading it is still a wonderous surprise as each word is processed. - Author: Barry C. Cunningham
Processed quotes by Barry C. Cunningham
#105. The playing field is anything but level when you walk into the grocery store. So much government subsidy goes into processed foods. Even when you're well-meaning as a parent or a shopper for yourself, you can't help but be pulled toward the highly processed food. - Author: Michael Moss
Processed quotes by Michael Moss
#106. We need to demand that our food is labeled, especially genetically modified foods, and learn how it is produced, processed, and grown. - Author: Daphne Oz
Processed quotes by Daphne Oz
#107. There is no such thing as a fact. There is only how you saw the fact, in a given moment. How you reported the fact. How your brain processed that fact. There is no extrication of the storyteller from the story. - Author: Jodi Picoult
Processed quotes by Jodi Picoult
#108. I like things that don't sound particularly processed or mechanical or made by machines. I like music that contains human elements, with all their flaws. There's air in it, and you can hear a room of a bunch of guys playing. Those are the magic parts. - Author: Chris Stapleton
Processed quotes by Chris Stapleton
#109. Consider the model of [your] local chain pharmacy, where every addictive processed food sold in the front of the store ensures that you will eventually require everything sold by the pharmacy in back. - Author: John Eddy
Processed quotes by John Eddy
#110. I hear daily from Hoosier veterans who are forced to wait months on end for their disability claims to be processed. Unfortunately, this is typical. - Author: Jackie Walorski
Processed quotes by Jackie Walorski
#111. I was in a fast-food restaurant for the first time in my adult life, an enormous and garish place just around the corner from the music venue. It was mystifyingly, inexplicably busy. I wondered why humans would willingly queue at a counter to request processed food, then carry it to a table which was not even set, and then eat it from the paper? Afterward, despite having paid for it, the customer themselves are responsible for clearing away the detritus. Very strange. - Author: Gail Honeyman
Processed quotes by Gail Honeyman
#112. Consider also James 4:17. "Therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin." Few of us can claim ignorance about good nutrition. With so many resources available, we have some idea what healthy eating looks like. We certainly have access to information about what is unhealthy. For instance, most of us know the dangers of fast food and desserts, but we eat them in excess in the name of convenience. We know eating leafy green vegetables is healthier than eating french fries and fresh fruit is better for us than processed sugary desserts. - Author: Sheri Summers Hunt
Processed quotes by Sheri Summers Hunt
#113. A memory is made up of pieces of information taken in and processed by the brain in a way that is unique to each individual. - Author: David Thomas
Processed quotes by David Thomas
#114. A long way of saying I've seen a lot of kind of more systemic and processed changes. Although we still are providing the kind of material you're still seeing out there now. - Author: Susan Downey
Processed quotes by Susan Downey
#115. A ruling intelligentsia, whether in Europe, Asia or Africa, treats the masses as raw material to be experimented on, processed, and wasted at will. - Author: Eric Hoffer
Processed quotes by Eric Hoffer
#116. There are powdered salts, chunked salts, salts shaped in different ways with various additives to work perfectly with processed foods. All of them are geared to increase allure. - Author: Michael Moss
Processed quotes by Michael Moss
#117. Pain cannot be kept intact, it needs to be "processed," converted into humor. - Author: Annie Ernaux
Processed quotes by Annie Ernaux
#118. I try not to eat processed foods, well, ever. If it comes from a lab or a factory, I don't want it. - Author: Theo Rossi
Processed quotes by Theo Rossi
#119. Our lives are one endless stretch of misery punctuated by processed fast foods and the occasional crisis or amusing curiosity. - Author: Augusten Burroughs
Processed quotes by Augusten Burroughs
#120. I think a strict vegetarian diet acts as a good cleansing program for people who come from a diet heavy in animal foods and processed foods. But for some people, when it goes on too long it seems to backfire. - Author: Ann Louise Gittleman
Processed quotes by Ann Louise Gittleman
#121. I believe in eating as nutritiously as I can all the time ... My mother raised me on fresh - rather than processed - foods, and that's how I eat on a regular basis. - Author: Malin Akerman
Processed quotes by Malin Akerman
#122. The fans [of Vampire diaries] that we have now are the people who will watch it any day of the week. So, my first instinct was a little bit of an ego tap, but the second I processed it, I was fine. The only weird thing will be maybe not having as many people live tweeting because they're actually out doing something more interesting on Friday night. I'm not going to sit at home, reading Twitter on Friday night. - Author: Caroline Dries
Processed quotes by Caroline Dries
#123. You are aware only of a small amount of the total information your eyes take in, and even less is processed by your conscious mind and remembered. - Author: David McRaney
Processed quotes by David McRaney
#124. The privileged, we'll see time and again, are processed more by people, the masses by machines. - Author: Cathy O'Neil
Processed quotes by Cathy O'Neil
#125. Meatless Mondays is a dead-simple strategy. Anyone can do it, and it doesn't require major sacrifice. Even if you eat a typical American diet replete with processed, junk and fast food the other six days of the week, going meatless on Mondays will still cut your carbon footprint, improve your health and reduce demand for factory-farm meat. - Author: Mark Bittman
Processed quotes by Mark Bittman
#126. The gaunt, unhealthy vegan is the muffin vegan. Bread and fries and processed veggie dogs. It's like, 'Hello? Did you eat your vegetables?' - Author: Kris Carr
Processed quotes by Kris Carr
#127. I try to get to the gym whenever I can, eat healthy, mostly protein and vegetables, avoid processed sugar and minimize carbs, but I don't feel like I need to go crazy if I want pasta now and then. - Author: Nathan Parsons
Processed quotes by Nathan Parsons
#128. You went away a little boy in a man's body and you came back the same way, except the man got his hair processed. - Author: Stephen King
Processed quotes by Stephen King
#129. In the self-appraisal of efficacy, there are many sources of information that must be processed and weighed through self-referent thought - Author: Albert Bandura
Processed quotes by Albert Bandura
#130. Every year, the average American eats as much as 33 pounds of cheese. That's up to 60,000 calories and 3,100 grams of saturated fat. So why do we eat so much cheese? Mainly it's because the government is in cahoots with the processed food industry. - Author: Michael Moss
Processed quotes by Michael Moss
#131. Destructive Failure: Reveals limitations and weakness, highlights your shortcomings and when not processed correctly, keeps you feeling inadequate and defective. Productive failure: Reveals limitations and weakness, highlights your erroneous thinking and when processed correctly, leads you to better options and keeps you dependent on the Lord. - Author: June Hunt
Processed quotes by June Hunt
#132. Lampaxa Vorheridine? My Latin was never very good. What does that Translate to?"

"Um, nothing. It wasn't named by an Earth scientist. According to the database it was named by a Cheblookan aboard a frieghter when it stopped here looking for fresh food. His friend was killed by one as they searched the swamp for Greppers. After the hunting party killed the creature and determined that it was safe to eat if processed properly, the Cheblookan reportedly named it after his mother-in-law, Lampaxa Vorheridine. he said it sort of reminded him of her, even though they look nothing alike. - Author: Thomas DePrima
Processed quotes by Thomas DePrima
#133. A more fundamental problem with labelling human distress and deviance as mental disorder is that it reduces a complex, important, and distinct part of human life to nothing more than a biological illness or defect, not to be processed or understood, or in some cases even embraced, but to be 'treated' and 'cured' by any means possible - often with drugs that may be doing much more harm than good. This biological reductiveness, along with the stigma that it attracts, shapes the person's interpretation and experience of his distress or deviance, and, ultimately, his relation to himself, to others, and to the world. Moreover, to call out every difference and deviance as mental disorder is also to circumscribe normality and define sanity, not as tranquillity or possibility, which are the products of the wisdom that is being denied, but as conformity, placidity, and a kind of mediocrity. - Author: Neel Burton
Processed quotes by Neel Burton
#134. Reshaping life! People who can say that have never understood a thing about life - they have never felt its breath, its heartbeat - however much they have seen or done. They look on it as a lump of raw material that needs to be processed by them, to be ennobled by their touch. But life is never a material, a substance to be molded. If you want to know, life is the principle of self-renewal, it is constantly renewing and remaking and changing and transfiguring itself, it is infinitely beyond your or my obtuse theories about it. - Author: Boris Pasternak
Processed quotes by Boris Pasternak
#135. Not everything needed to be processed. Some things needed to be ignored and slept on. - Author: Max Wirestone
Processed quotes by Max Wirestone
#136. 1962 that "No data processing system, whether artificial or living, can process more than 2 x 1047 bits per second per gram of its mass," which means that a hypothetical supercomputer the size of the earth (= c. 6 x 1027 grams) grinding away for as long as the earth has existed (= about 1010 years, with c. 3.14 x 107 seconds/year) can have processed at most 2.56 x 2092 bits, which number is known as Bremermann's Limit. - Author: David Foster Wallace
Processed quotes by David Foster Wallace
#137. When I was twenty-one, a friend gave me a book called Diet for a New America by John Robbins, which exposed the brutal practices of American factory farms. That, coupled with a lecture from Leonardo DiCaprio (when he was nineteen and I was twenty-one) about how such animals are kept and processed, made me lose my desire for factory farm pork and beef right there. - Author: Gwyneth Paltrow
Processed quotes by Gwyneth Paltrow
#138. Language development, for instance, has a critical period that begins in infancy and ends between eight years and puberty. After this critical period closes, a person's ability to learn a second language without an accent is limited. In fact, second languages learned after the critical period are not processed in the same part of the brain as is the native tongue. - Author: Norman Doidge
Processed quotes by Norman Doidge
#139. When a raw food becomes processed food, it can be best valued, protected, stored, and safely delivered to customers. - Author: Anthony Pratt
Processed quotes by Anthony Pratt
#140. Even though consciousness doesn't seem to be confined to the human brain within the skull, we do experience consciousness through our brain. The transformation of consciousness to attention is facilitated by your brain. Driving thoughts into action is also processed by your brain. Your brain is the seat of the creative observer inside you. - Author: Ilchi Lee
Processed quotes by Ilchi Lee
#141. The real improvements then must come, to a considerable extent, from the local communities themselves. We need local revision of our methods of land use and production. We need to study and work together to reduce scale, reduce overhead, reduce industrial dependencies; we need to market and process local products locally; we need to bring local economies into harmony with local ecosystems so that we can live and work with pleasure in the same places indefinitely; we need to substitute ourselves, our neighborhoods, our local resources, for expensive imported goods and services; we need to increase cooperation among all local economic entities: households, farms, factories, banks, consumers, and suppliers. If. we are serious about reducing government and the burdens of government, then we need to do so by returning economic self-determination to the people. And we must not do this by inviting destructive industries to provide "jobs" to the community; we must do it by fostering economic democracy. For example, as much as possible the food that is consumed locally ought to be locally produced on small farms, and then processed in small, non- polluting plants that are locally owned. We must do everything possible to provide to ordinary citizens the opportunity to own a small, usable share of the country. In that way, we will put local capital to work locally, not to exploit and destroy the land but to use it well. This is not work just for the privileged, the well-positioned, the - Author: Wendell Berry
Processed quotes by Wendell Berry
#142. In the first few pages, Kundera discusses several abstract historical figures: Robespierre, Nietzsche, Hitler. For Eunice's sake, I wanted him to get to the plot, to introduce actual "living" characters - I recalled this was a love story - and to leave the world of ideas behind. Here we were, two people lying in bed, Eunice's worried head propped on my collarbone, and I wanted us to feel something in common. I wanted this complex language, this surge of intellect, to be processed into love. Isn't that how they used to do it a century ago, people reading poetry to one another? - Author: Gary Shteyngart
Processed quotes by Gary Shteyngart
#143. So that's us: processed corn, walking. - Author: Michael Pollan
Processed quotes by Michael Pollan
#144. I started with [Leo] Tolstoy and I was overwhelmed. Tolstoy writes like an ocean, in huge, rolling waves, and it doesn't look like it was processed through his thinking. It feels very natural. You don't question whether Tolstoy's right or wrong. His philosophy is housed in interrelating characters, so it's not up for grabs. - Author: Mel Brooks
Processed quotes by Mel Brooks
#145. It has been a long road from Plato's Meno to the present, but it is perhaps encouraging that most of the progress along that road has been made since the turn of the twentieth century, and a large fraction of it since the midpoint of the century. Thought was still wholly intangible and ineffable until modern formal logic interpreted it as the manipulation of formal tokens. And it seemed still to inhabit mainly the heaven of Platonic ideals, or the equally obscure spaces of the human mind, until computers taught us how symbols could be processed by machines. - Author: Allen Newell
Processed quotes by Allen Newell
#146. The bright blue sky remained cloudless, and the aquamarine ocean still crashed gently onto the white sand beach, but the scene was suddenly warped. Twisted, as I processed Thad's words. - Author: Lynne Matson
Processed quotes by Lynne Matson
#147. I wouldn't say that processed food, ready meals and even takeaways aren't relevant to modern life, it's just that over the past 40 years there are three generations of people who have come out of school and gone through their home life without ever being shown how to cook properly. - Author: Jamie Oliver
Processed quotes by Jamie Oliver
#148. I believe that consciousness is, essentially, the way information feels when being processed. - Author: John Brockman
Processed quotes by John Brockman
#149. most processed water and food contain large amounts of fluoride which can lead to fluorosis. Even foods made with mechanically deboned meat (e.g nuggets) contain elevated levels of fluoride due to the contamination from bone particles that occurs during the mechanical deboning process. Fluorosis is a condition that affects the teeth and bones. It is caused by overexposure to fluoride. Fluorosis can cause osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis. Fluoride may also damage connective tissue, brain, and testicles. Also be careful from drinking water containing extra fluoride. - Author: Dr. Neo
Processed quotes by Dr. Neo
#150. I processed his words, my lips searching for his clumsily in the dark. I felt his fingers squeeze my neck. And that douche choked me out. - Author: Camilla Monk
Processed quotes by Camilla Monk
#151. But when I roamed New York City, knowing so much and capable of speaking so nicely, and yet so lonely, and often hungry and cold, I learned the joke at the core of American self-improvement: knowledge was so much junk to be processed one way or another at great universities. The real treasure the great universities offered was a lifelong membership in a respected artificial extended family. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
Processed quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#152. Then I remembered how my Weight Watchers leader told us to 'walk the circumference of the supermarket', meaning to avoid the aisles in the middle that held the most dangerous foods: the processed foods, the foods full of sugary and fatty goodness. She told us to stick to the outside - the dairy, meat, fish, and produces aisles. So I did. - Author: Jamie Cat Callan
Processed quotes by Jamie Cat Callan
#153. A visible cloud of steam rose from a long wide pipe protruding from the roof of a large concrete factory-like building nearby, and the air all around was filled with the intensely savory scent of barbecue potato chips, a flavor being manufactured in quantity for one of Southern's vendors.
Grace knew that the barbecue scent came from a massive vat of liquefied compounds, which could be cooled and then poured into hundreds of fifty-five-gallon drums in the morning, carefully sealed, loaded onto tractor-trailers, and shipped out, to be warehoused for as long as two years and then, eventually, utilized in the industrial production of billions of pounds of highly processed potato-based snack foods. She knew what she smelled was a by-product from the manufacture of a highly concentrated chemical.
Nevertheless, the scent evoked picnics in the park, bag lunches in elementary school lunchrooms shared over laughter with her dearest friends, long-buried feelings from childhood that rose from her heart. - Author: Jeffrey Stepakoff
Processed quotes by Jeffrey Stepakoff
#154. Please, never tell me what 'horror erotica' is. Real #art is being lost in a bizarre swamp of over-processed, sexually exploitative garbage. - Author: Carla H. Krueger
Processed quotes by Carla H. Krueger
#155. Processed pig is white trash meat. Some people call it Spam. - Author: Scott Weiland
Processed quotes by Scott Weiland
#156. He was on me before my brain processed the fact that he was coming for me. - Author: Karen Marie Moning
Processed quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#157. One Minister dared to remark on why Tobey could not simply be given a chair and the High King laughed, and said his brain processed information better when Tobey sat on his lap. - Author: Ann T. Ryan
Processed quotes by Ann T. Ryan
#158. You need to be healthy. You don't need to be thin. You don't need to be a certain size or shape or look good in a bikini. You need to be able to run without feeling like you're going to puke. You need to be able to walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded. You need to drink half your body weight in ounces of water every single day. You need to stretch and get good sleep and stop medicating every ache and pain. You need to stop filling your body with garbage like Diet Coke and fast food and lattes that are a million and a half calories. You need to take in fuel for you body that hasn't been processed and fuel for you mind that is positive and encouraging. You need to get up off the sofa or out of the bed and move around. Get out of the fog that you have been living in and see your life for what it is. - Author: Rachel Hollis
Processed quotes by Rachel Hollis
#159. Clean, tasty, real foods do not come processed in boxes or bags; they come from the earth, the sea, the field, or the farm. - Author: Suzanne Somers
Processed quotes by Suzanne Somers
#160. When you go to the grocery store, you find that the cheapest calories are the ones that are going to make you the fattest - the added sugars and fats in processed foods. - Author: Michael Pollan
Processed quotes by Michael Pollan
#161. I do not believe for a moment that the Scriptures are against wealth. But the warning to those who make wealth their pursuit is a stern reality. Wealth must be processed through a philosophy of life that is greater than wealth itself. If not, it shapes the mind for bitter disappointments. - Author: Ravi Zacharias
Processed quotes by Ravi Zacharias
#162. One fact is beyond dispute: Homogenization prevents the consumer from realizing just how little fat is contained in modern processed milk, even "full fat" milk. Before homogenization, milk purchasers looked for milk that had lots of cream - that was the sign that the milk came from healthy cows, cows on pasture. Old-fashioned milk contained from 4 to 8 percent butterfat, which translated into lots of cream on the top. Modern milk is standardize at 3.5 percent, no more. Butterfat brings bigger profits to the dairy industry as butter or as an ingredient in ice cream than as a component of liquid milk. The consumer has been cheated, but with homogenization, he can't tell. - Author: Ron Schmid
Processed quotes by Ron Schmid
#163. Prioritize whole, unprocessed, nutrient-rich, nourishing foods. Eat vegetables, grass-fed and pastured meats and eggs, wild-caught seafood, and some fruit, nuts, and seeds. Avoid foods that are likely to be more harmful than healthful. Especially when regularly consumed, certain foods can trigger inflammation, cause digestive problems, or derail our natural metabolic processes, such as grains, legumes, sugar, and processed seed and vegetable oils. - Author: Michelle Tam
Processed quotes by Michelle Tam
#164. The old botanical metaphors for memory, with their emphasis on continual, indeterminate organic growth, are, it turns out, remarkably apt. In fact, they seem to be more fitting than our new, fashionably high-tech metaphors, which equate biological memory with the precisely defined bits of digital data stored in databases and processed by computer chips. Governed by highly variable biological signals, chemical, electrical, and genetic, every aspect of human memory - the way it's formed, maintained, connected, recalled - has almost infinite gradations. Computer memory exists as simple binary bits - ones and zeros - that are processed through fixed circuits, which can be either open or closed but nothing in between. - Author: Nicholas Carr
Processed quotes by Nicholas Carr
#165. On 20 November, front-line troops got 500 grams of bread per day, factory workers received 250, and everyone else 125 (that is, two slices). 'Twigs were collected and stewed,' records an historian of the siege. 'Peat shavings, cottonseed cake, bonemeal was pressed into use. Pine sawdust was processed and added to the bread. Mouldy grain was dredged from sunken barges and scraped out of the holds of ships. Soon Leningrad bread was containing 10% cottonseed cake that had been processed to remove poisons. Household pets, shoe leather, fir bark and insects were consumed, as was wallpaper paste which was reputed to be made with potato flour. Guinea pigs, white mice and rabbits were saved from vivisection in the city's laboratories for a more immediately practical fate. 'Today it is so simple to die,' wrote one resident, Yelena Skryabina, in her diary. 'You just begin to lose interest, then you lie on your bed and you never get up again. Yet some people were willing to go to any lengths in order to survive: 226 people were arrested for cannibalism during the siege. 'Human meat is being sold in the markets,' concluded one secret NKVD report, 'while in the cemeteries bodies pile up like carcasses, without coffins. - Author: Andrew Roberts
Processed quotes by Andrew Roberts
#166. I eat some fruit every day, but not too much and almost no processed food. I stay away from sweets, except 80 per cent chocolate. - Author: Cynthia Kenyon
Processed quotes by Cynthia Kenyon
#167. The Vedic viewpoint presents a type of linguistic realism in which reality is the 'text' which is being processed by the observer. Reality can also be modified by adding text to it similar to how a programmer programs a computer by inputting a computer program. - Author: Ashish Dalela
Processed quotes by Ashish Dalela
#168. Success. I turned back to my sandwich, only to find that it wasn't there anymore. Maybe because it had been hijacked.
"Give me that!" I told the vamp, who was holding it firmly against his chest, a determined look on his face.
"What ees zat?" he demanded, eyeing my prize.
"Cheese." I held it up.
"Zat ees not cheese."
"How do you know?"
"Eet is orange."
"A lot of cheese is orange."
"Non! No cheese ees that color. Cheese comes from zee milk. Zee milk, eet ees white. When 'ave you seen milk that looks like zat?"
I held up the square of little slices and pointed at the bold-faced label. "Processed American Cheese."
He snatched the package, without letting go of his hostage. And eyed it warily. "Eet says 'cheese food.'" He looked up, obviously perplexed. "What ees thees? Zee cheese, it does not eat. - Author: Karen Chance
Processed quotes by Karen Chance
#169. It needs to connect with the earth. Things that are processed and reprocessed lose their substance. - Author: Alexander McQueen
Processed quotes by Alexander McQueen
#170. Facing and embracing grief allows us to experience the shock, anger, disappointment, and other feelings that need to be processed before we can move through this transition. - Author: Michael Thomas Sunnarborg
Processed quotes by Michael Thomas Sunnarborg
#171. Sandra stood by, quietly amused: she wore a sugar pink track suit with matching plastic hairslides in the shape of elephants. Edward could see quite clearly behind her shoulder, like the aura visible to spiritualists, the woman she would be in thirty years time. There is probably nothing to be done about people, he thought, nothing at all, nor ever has been: processed, from the cradle to the grave. Most neither know nor care, which makes it worse. - Author: Penelope Lively
Processed quotes by Penelope Lively
#172. More than any USDA rule or regulation, this transparency is their best assurance that the meat they're buying has been humanely and cleanly processed. "You can't regulate integrity," Joel is fond of saying; the only genuine accountability comes from a producer's relationship with his or her customers, and their freedom "to come out to the farm, poke around, sniff around. If after seeing how we do things they want to buy food from us, that should be none of the government's business." Like fresh air and sunshine, Joel believes transparency is a more powerful disinfectant than any regulation or technology. - Author: Michael Pollan
Processed quotes by Michael Pollan
#173. The military community in particular, I think, could always be more supported, especially people who are being processed out of the military and trying to readjust to being civilians. - Author: Adam Driver
Processed quotes by Adam Driver
#174. The dark-haired stranger's head snapped around. "Daphne? Did he say Daphne?"
She drew back, unnerved by his direct question and the rather intense look in his eyes. "Yes."
"Your name is Daphne?"
Now she was beginning to wonder if he was an idiot. "Yes."
He groaned. "Not Daphne Bridgerton."
Her face slid into a puzzled frown. "The very one."
Simon staggered back a step. He suddenly felt physically ill, as his brain finally processed the fact that she had thick, chestnut hair.
The famous Bridgerton hair. Not to mention the Bridgerton nose, and cheekbones, and - Bugger it all, this was Anthony's sister!
Bloody hell.
There were rules among friends, commandments, really, and the most important one was Thou Shalt Not Lust After Thy Friend's Sister.
While he stood there, probably staring at her like a complete idiot, she planted her hands on her hips, and demanded, "And who are you?"
"Simon Basset," he muttered.
"The duke?" she squeaked.
He nodded grimly.
"Oh, dear. - Author: Julia Quinn
Processed quotes by Julia Quinn
#175. We are talking about a programme which claims that 'processed foods do not contain water', possibly the single most rapidly falsifiable statement I've seen all week. What about soup? - Author: Ben Goldacre
Processed quotes by Ben Goldacre
#176. I discovered that kids hate for any food to resemble the form it originally was in nature. They are on to something because that processed garbage was insanely delicious. - Author: Mindy Kaling
Processed quotes by Mindy Kaling
#177. I never want to play a show where it feels overly programmed, processed, and all that. For anybody that comes to one of our shows, the goal for me is to make sure that's their show. That nobody else is going to see that show ever again. You know what I mean? I try to make it different every day. - Author: David Cook
Processed quotes by David Cook
#178. Photography is an imprint or transfer off the real; it is a photochemically processed trace causally connected to the thing in the world to which it refers in a manner parallel to fingerprints or footprints or the rings of water that cold glasses leave on tables. The photograph is thus generically distinct from painting or sculpture or drawing. On the family tree of images it is closer to palm prints, death masks, the Shroud of Turin, or the tracks of gulls on beaches. - Author: Rosalind E. Krauss
Processed quotes by Rosalind E. Krauss
#179. It's a lie to sell a diet plan that includes fast and processed foods, then implement a points system. A big. fat. lie. - Author: Nancy S. Mure
Processed quotes by Nancy S. Mure
#180. I think the reason that swearing is both so offensive and so attractive is that it is a way to push people's emotional buttons, and especially their negative emotional buttons. Because words soak up emotional connotations and are processed involuntarily by the listener, you can't will yourself not to treat the word in terms of what it means. - Author: Steven Pinker
Processed quotes by Steven Pinker
#181. Most Americans live on a diet that includes processed fare that is neither fresh nor natural. - Author: Homaro Cantu
Processed quotes by Homaro Cantu
#182. In every aspect and among almost every demographic, how American society digested and processed the long, dark chapter between the end of the Civil War and the beginning of the civil rights movement has been delusion. - Author: Douglas A. Blackmon
Processed quotes by Douglas A. Blackmon
#183. Eat for nutrition and food value. Emphasize natural foods, avoid processed foods and eliminate junk entirely. - Author: Vince Gironda
Processed quotes by Vince Gironda
#184. Cabal took her arm, and they processed towards the cafe like old friends, or at least the sort of old friends in which the lady wears a somewhat smug smile while the gentleman scowls darkly. - Author: Jonathan L. Howard
Processed quotes by Jonathan L. Howard
#185. Eat food. Eat actual food. I try to not eat anything processed or sugar-free - I eat lots of fruits and vegetables. - Author: Megyn Price
Processed quotes by Megyn Price
#186. Not one of these worthy restaurateurs would consider placing a western dish on his menu. No, we are surrounded instead by the kebab of mutton, the tikka of chicken, the stewed foot of goat, the spiced brain of sheep! These, sir, are predatory delicacies, delicacies imbued with a hint of luxury, of wanton abandon. Not for us the vegetarian recipes one finds across the border to the east, nor the sanitized, sterilized, processed meats so common in your homeland! Here we are not squeamish when it comes to facing the consequences of our desire. - Author: Mohsin Hamid
Processed quotes by Mohsin Hamid
#187. Dysfunctions can occur in each of the self-regulatory subfunctions-in how personal experiences are self-monitored and cognitively processed, in the evaluative self-standards that are adopted, and in the evaluative self-reactions to one's own behavior.. Problems at any one of these points can create self-dissatisfactions and dejection. dysfunctions in all aspects of the self system are most apt to produce the most chronic self-disparagement and despondency - Author: Albert Bandura
Processed quotes by Albert Bandura
#188. I'd rather see a person with a natural mind and processed mind than a processed mind and a natural head. - Author: Erykah Badu
Processed quotes by Erykah Badu
#189. (before the Bessemer process, iron was hardened into steel at the rate of 3 to 5 tons a day; now the same amount could be processed in 15 minutes). Machines - Author: Howard Zinn
Processed quotes by Howard Zinn
#190. The oaks and firs stood up as they reached the interstate and pushed on through the South West Pacific Highway to the Salmon River Highway, past places with names like Falling Creek, Tualatin, Joe Dancer Park, and Erratic Rock. Places you could walk out into and die and never be found. He could imagine them seared by sun in summer and shrouded in snow in winter. Hammered by hail the size of coins in spring and autumn, pounding flesh and smashing bone, processed to be carried off chunk by speck in the guts of birds. - Author: Warren Ellis
Processed quotes by Warren Ellis
#191. An espionage organization is a collector: it collects raw information. That gets processed by a machinery that is supposed to resolve its reliability, and to present a finished product. - Author: Aldrich Ames
Processed quotes by Aldrich Ames
#192. We are on the cusp of the emergence of a company of hidden men and women who with all faith and patience have been enduring great struggles and dealings, being processed by the Lord and filling up what is lacking in the afflictions of Christ. These are not those who seek a reputation for themselves, their passion is His glory and giving Him the church He has longed for. May God grant us all the heart of apostolic fathering and mothering that can release His power in the earth. Zion is once again in travail to bring forth her children. - Author: Mark Chironna
Processed quotes by Mark Chironna
#193. The growing attention Americans are paying to what they put into their mouths has touched off a new scramble by the processed-food companies to address health concerns. - Author: Michael Moss
Processed quotes by Michael Moss
#194. If one yearns to see the face of the Divine, one must break out of the aquarium, escape the fish farm, to go swim up wild cataracts, dive in deep fjords. One must explore the labyrinth of the reef, the shadows of the lily pads. How limiting, how insulting to think of God as a benevolent warden, an absentee hatchery manager who imprisons us in the 'comfort' of artificial pools, where intermediaries sprinkle our restrictive waters with sanitized flakes of processed nutriment. - Author: Tom Robbins
Processed quotes by Tom Robbins
#195. Put simply, Clean Eating is avoiding all processed food, relying on fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains rather than prepackaged or fast food. - Author: Tosca Reno
Processed quotes by Tosca Reno
#196. With tens of thousands of patients dying every year from preventable medical errors, it is imperative that we embrace available technologies and drastically improve the way medical records are handled and processed. - Author: Jon Porter
Processed quotes by Jon Porter
#197. Fynn disguise nobody but Fynn. At the time of writing I have known him for a couple of years. But there is another way in which I have known him all my life. For there is about him that transparent vulnerability which makes for a total and immediate correspondence with anyone who is prepared to throw prejudices to the wind and celebrate life as a lump of mysterious and joyful awe. But all the speculation about a trained scientist or theologian with imaginative leanings and communications was pretty well wide of the mark. Fynn, thank God, was not trained as either of these. Intelligent to the eyelashes and with a gargantuan appetite for knowledge, Fynn was early advised to eschew (may his adviser rest in peace) universities and other institutions for the purveying of processed thought. Some of his most formative thinking took place far from the quads and colleges and punted rivers amongst the small streets, warehouses, and canals of the East End. But with his modest job and his Woolworth's do-it-yourself laboratory he produced thought to which few PhD's have approximated. - Author: Vernon Sproxton
Processed quotes by Vernon Sproxton
#198. And we were taught to play golf. Golf epitomizes the tame world. On a golf course nature is neutered. The grass is clean, a lawn laundry that wipes away the mud, the insect, the bramble, nettle and thistle, an Eezy-wipe lawn where nothing of life, dirty and glorious, remains. Golf turns outdoors into indoors, a prefab mat of stultified grass, processed, pesticided, herbicided, the pseudo-green of formica sterility. Here, the grass is not singing. The wind cannot blow through it. Dumb expression, greenery made stupid, it hums a bland monotone in the key of the mono-minded. No word is emptier than a golf tee. No roots, it has no known etymology, it is verbal nail polish. Worldwide, golf is an arch act of enclosure, a commons fenced and subdued for the wealthy, trampling serf and seedling. The enemy of wildness, it is a demonstration of the absolute dominion of man over wild nature. - Author: Jay Griffiths
Processed quotes by Jay Griffiths
#199. I understand that in some families both parents have to work, so the kids are home alone eating more processed foods. But if the kids know how to make oatmeal or eggs in the morning or pasta or a lentil soup at night - we're giving them real survival tools. - Author: Tamra Davis
Processed quotes by Tamra Davis
#200. I think if you want to eat more meat you should kill it yourself and eat it raw so that you are not blinded by the hypocrisy of having it processed for you. - Author: Margi Clarke
Processed quotes by Margi Clarke

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