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Joanna Priestley's amazing body of animated films have deservedly earned their place in the pantheon of contemporary international animators. Inventively visioned, superbly crafted, and rich with insight into the physical and spiritual dilemmas that confront us all, each new work provides an unexpected pleasure. ~ Bill Foster
Priestleys quotes by Bill Foster
If the twentieth century is to be better than the nineteenth, it will be because there are among us men who walk in Priestley's footsteps ... To all eternity, the sum of truth and right will have been increased by their means; to all eternity, falsehoods and injustice will be the weaker because they have lived. ~ Thomas Huxley
Priestleys quotes by Thomas Huxley
The wild gas, the fixed air is plainly broke loose: but we ought to suspend our judgments until the first effervescence is a little subsided, till the liquor is cleared, and until we see something deeper than the agitation of the troubled and frothy surface.
[Alluding to Joseph Priestley's Observations on Air] ~ Edmund Burke
Priestleys quotes by Edmund Burke
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