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I know my own limitations. And if somebody says, "I need songs for a cartoon garage band - they look like this and they should sound like this," it gives you a direction. I like having that kind of assignment. ~ Beck
Priapic Cartoon quotes by Beck
I have a cartoon I'm developing with Adult Swim called 'Monster Town U.S.A.,' so I'm busy doing that. Trying to do a coffee-table book of my photography that's been requested of me a couple of times. I'm constantly busy. ~ Norman Reedus
Priapic Cartoon quotes by Norman Reedus
I have entered the New Yorker's Cartoon Caption Contest almost weekly virtually since it began and have never even been a finalist. I have done more writing for free for the New Yorker in the last five years than for anybody in the previous 40 years. It's not that I think my cartoon captions are better than anyone else's, although some weeks, understandably, I do. It's that just once I want to see one of my damn captions in the magazine that publishes the best cartoons in the world."
- Roger Ebert
(By the way, in 2011 Ebert finally won, after 107 tries.) ~ Bob Mankoff
Priapic Cartoon quotes by Bob Mankoff
When you throw punches at actors, you stop, you pull it, and it looks like you pulled it. When you throw punches at cartoon characters, they are not there, so you can swing through. It looks like you really decked them. ~ Brendan Fraser
Priapic Cartoon quotes by Brendan Fraser
Even in the cartoon world, Wonder Woman in all her glory never raised children, stabilized a husband, or cleaned and managed a house. Wonder Woman faced only criminals, not housework horrors. ~ Don Aslett
Priapic Cartoon quotes by Don Aslett
I don't think so. Beth didn't get any presents. ~ Breehn Burns
Priapic Cartoon quotes by Breehn Burns
In all jazz, and especially the blues, there is something tart and ironic, authoritative and double-edged. White Americans seem to feel that happy songs are happy and sad songs are sad, and that, God help us, is exactly the way most white Americans sing them - sounding, in both cases, so helplessly, defenselessly fatuous that one dare not speculate on the temperature of the deep freeze from which issue their brave and sexless little voices. Only people who have been "down the line," as the song puts it, know what this music is about…. White Americans do not understand the depths out of which such an ironic tenacity comes, but they suspect that the force is sensual, and they are terrified of sensuality, and do not any longer understand it. The word "sensual" is not intended to bring to mind quivering dusky maidens or priapic black studs. I am referring to something much simpler and much less fanciful. To be sensual, I think, is to respect and rejoice in the force of life, of life itself, and to be present in all that one does, from the effort of loving to the breaking of bread. It will be a great day for America, incidentally, when we begin to eat bread again, instead of the blasphemous and tasteless foam rubber that we have substituted for it. And I am not being frivolous here, either. ~ James Baldwin
Priapic Cartoon quotes by James Baldwin
I am an old school sort of syndicated cartoon watcher. I'm a big fan of Voltron, too. ~ Seamus Dever
Priapic Cartoon quotes by Seamus Dever
Everyday though, I'm just looking for like- I always ask people, What are you listening to? What sounds are good to you? Alot of people are in their car, in the club or on the internet looking and I just don't do any of that. Usually if I'm out and about it's because I have something to do, because I'm like a really big home body. If I'm at home, im watching Nickelodeon cartoons so sometimes I'm out of the loop with the cool music, but for sure I'm predicting that J.Cole is going to be good. ~ Jhene Aiko
Priapic Cartoon quotes by Jhene Aiko
I love this book! Cathy Malkasian's Percy Gloom swirls with echoes of cartoon landscapes from the past and present. You can almost hear Percy Gloom's meek, docile little voice. Her writing is so full of wit and charm that we, like the title character, walk dutifully to the edge and fall in. And like Percy, we are rewarded equally with night terrors and secret treasures. ~ Jeff Smith
Priapic Cartoon quotes by Jeff Smith
I take great pride in the artistic development of cartoons. Our characters are made to go through emotions. ~ Walt Disney
Priapic Cartoon quotes by Walt Disney
They're trying to breed a nation of techno-peasants. Educated just enough to keep things going, but not enough to ask tough questions. They encourage any meme that downplays thoughtful analysis or encourages docility or self indulgence or uniformity. In what other society do people use "smart" and "wise" as insults? We tell people "don't get smart." Those who try, those who really like to learn, we call "nerds." Look at television or the press or the trivia that passes for political debate. When a candidate DOES try to talk about the issues, the newspapers talk about his sex life. Look at Saturday morning cartoon shows. Peasants, whether they're tilling fields or stuffing circuit boards, are easier to manipulate. Don't question; just believe. Turn off your computer and Trust the Force.

Or turn your computer on and treat it like the Oracle of Delphi.

That's right. They've made education superficial and specialized. Science classes for art majors? Forget it! And how many business or engineering students get a really good grounding in the humanities? When did universities become little more than white collar vocational schools? ~ Michael Flynn
Priapic Cartoon quotes by Michael Flynn
They have an amazing proliferation of TV channels now: The all-cartoon channel, the 24-hour-science fiction channel. Of course, to make room for these they got rid of the Literacy Channel and the What's Left of Civilization Channel. ~ Dennis Miller
Priapic Cartoon quotes by Dennis Miller
Honestly, at one time I though Babe Ruth was a cartoon character. I really did, I mean I wasn't born until 1961 and I grew up in Indiana. ~ Don Mattingly
Priapic Cartoon quotes by Don Mattingly
Shall we go?' he murmured, perhaps regretting his decision to show me his army of plastic cartoon figurines. ~ Jon Ronson
Priapic Cartoon quotes by Jon Ronson
If you were to look at an old 'Betty Boop' cartoon or an 'Out of the Ink Well' animation, there are many things about 'Adventure Time' that really remind you of that, even though it doesn't look like any of those cartoons. ~ Fred Seibert
Priapic Cartoon quotes by Fred Seibert
The only cartoon I ever liked was 'Fantasia.' ~ Margaret Weis
Priapic Cartoon quotes by Margaret Weis
When you look back at the older cartoons, they're very much more observational cartoons. And the cartoon - the people in the cartoons are not making the joke. ~ Robert Mankoff
Priapic Cartoon quotes by Robert Mankoff
Throw a blanket over it! ~ Breehn Burns
Priapic Cartoon quotes by Breehn Burns
I change the channel to another movie. An old one, but new to me. And, ironically, a thin, gorgeous blonde - Meg Ryan, maybe - rides her bike on a country road. She smiles like she has no cares in the world. Like no one ever judges her. Like her life is perfect. Wind through her hair and sunshine on her face. The only thing missing are the rainbows and butterflies and cartoon birds singing on her shoulder.

Maybe I should grab my bike and try to catch up with Mom, Mike, and the kids. They can't be going very fast. I would love to feel like that, even if it's just for a second - free and peaceful and normal.
Suddenly, there's a truck. It can't be headed toward Meg Ryan. Could it? Yes. Oh my God. No! Meg Ryan just got hit by that truck.

Figures. See what happens when you exercise? ~ K.A. Barson
Priapic Cartoon quotes by K.A. Barson
Then I got the offer to play Buck Rogers, but I turned it down thinking it was a cartoon character. Well I was wrong, it wasn't at all. So I read the script and decided I liked the character, it had a good concept. ~ Gil Gerard
Priapic Cartoon quotes by Gil Gerard
I'm in a Roadrunner cartoon, Sinclair. And I'm the coyote. ~ MaryJanice Davidson
Priapic Cartoon quotes by MaryJanice Davidson
In light of this, I'm not too disturbed about the semi I'm sporting while watching Beauty and the Beast - part of the homework Erin gave me. I like Belle. She's hot. Well ... for a cartoon, anyway. She reminds me of Kate. She's resourceful. Smart. And she doesn't take any shit from the Beast or that douchebag with the freakishly large arms ~ Emma Chase
Priapic Cartoon quotes by Emma Chase
Everything on Saturday morning [cartoons] moves alike that's one of the reasons it's not animation. The drawings are different, but everybody acts the same way, their feet move the same way, and everybody runs the same way. It doesn't matter whether it's an alligator or a man or a baby or anything, they all move the same. ~ Chuck Jones
Priapic Cartoon quotes by Chuck Jones
I think part of it is the fact that they were kind of the first of its kind - there weren't a lot of cartoons for adults. People forget at the time that The Simpsons started out, it was controversial - the fact that they said "hell" and "damn" in a cartoon was a lot. America was in an uproar. ~ Eric Andre
Priapic Cartoon quotes by Eric Andre
As his gaze rose to her face - he bit back a gasp. "Your hair, it's - "
"Red." ...
"You look stunning." ...
"Did I ever tell you that when I was growing up, my favorite cartoon characters was Jessica Rabbit?" ...
"You always had the curves, but now, with the hair..." He blew out an exaggerated Roger Rabbit whistle. "You're a spittin' image. ~ Kristin Miller
Priapic Cartoon quotes by Kristin Miller
The rock-star thing became very destructive, like, wow. I didn't know what I was doing. I just kind of became that thing. The hair, that rock-star kind of lifestyle, just living a dream. It kind of took over. It started out very innocent and then I turned into a cartoon character. And I started to feel like a cartoon character. ~ Pamela Anderson
Priapic Cartoon quotes by Pamela Anderson
The obvious point of Conrad's cartoon is the weirdness of a world where guns are legal, despite the harm they can do, while VCRs (and circumvention technologies) are illegal. Flash: No one ever died from copyright circumvention. Yet the law bans circumvention technologies absolutely, despite the potential that they might do some good, but permits guns, despite the obvious and tragic harm they do. ~ Lawrence Lessig
Priapic Cartoon quotes by Lawrence Lessig
My wife, Katey Sagal, has transformed herself from a sitcom cartoon to a dramatic powerhouse. ~ Kurt Sutter
Priapic Cartoon quotes by Kurt Sutter
Did you just tweak my nipple?"
"Is that rhetorical?"
"Beware, chatty girl, I can retaliate."
"Promise? Ooh, I like that smolder, it's very Flynn Ryder."
"You're comparing me to cartoon characters now?"
"Animated characters. Huge difference. And it's cute that you know who he is. ~ Kristen Callihan
Priapic Cartoon quotes by Kristen Callihan
(At a health and fitness fair)

Though normally superconfident, I am not prepared for the judgmental stares of the ultrafit. They don't know me and have no idea of my prowess in the boardroom. They're unfamiliar with my shoe collection and unaware that I live in the Dot-Com Palace. And they didn't notice me pulling up in the Caddy. All they can see is how much space I occupy.

With each step I take, I feel cellulite blossoming on my arms, my stomach, my calves. Stop it! I think my chin just multiplied and my thighs inflated. No! Deflate! Deflate! And I'm pretty sure I can see my own ass out of the corner of my eye. Gah! Cut it out!! Am I imagining things, or do my footsteps sound like those of the giant who stomped through the city in the beginning of Underdog? And how did I go from aging-but-still-kind-of-hot ex-sorority girl to horrific, stompy cartoon monster in less than an hour?

My sleek and sexy python sandals have morphed into cloven hooves by the time I reach the line for the race packet. While I wait, the air is abuzz with tales of other marathons while many sets of eyes cut in my direction. Eventually an asshat in a JUST DO IT T-shirt asks me, "How's your training going? ~ Jen Lancaster
Priapic Cartoon quotes by Jen Lancaster
I parody myself every chance I get. I try to make fun of myself and let people know that I'm a human being, and these things that have happened to me are real. I'm not just some cartoon who exists and suddenly doesn't exist. ~ Gary Coleman
Priapic Cartoon quotes by Gary Coleman
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