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#1. What is the old American saying? Pretend it is chicken? - Author: James L. Cambias
Pretend Chicken quotes by James L. Cambias
#2. Ah, Robbie, when we are dead and buried in our porphyry tombs, and the trumpet of the Last Judgement is sounded, I shall turn and whisper to you, 'Robbie, Robbie, let us pretend we do not hear it. - Author: Oscar Wilde
Pretend Chicken quotes by Oscar Wilde
#3. Let us not pretend to doubt in philosophy what we do not doubt in our hearts. - Author: Charles Sanders Peirce
Pretend Chicken quotes by Charles Sanders Peirce
#4. Bill was wrestling with his undercooked chicken. "Wow," I remarked while examining my own plate. "I don't think I can eat this."
"I know. It's gross," he conceded. "But it's free, so I scarf down seconds each night."
"As a dog returneth to his vomit," I said, while making the sign of the cross in the air in front of me.
"Amen," he agreed with his mouth full, and toasted me with his 7Up can. - Author: Hope Jahren
Pretend Chicken quotes by Hope Jahren
#5. Three years ago, on a night like this I would have been driving my old car home alone, praying it didn't die a noble death in some snow drift. When I rolled up to the house, it would be dark. My heat would be off to save money, my bed would be cold, and if I wanted to tell someone about my day, I'd have to talk to my sword and pretend it listened. Slayer was an excellent weapon, but it never laughed at my jokes. - Author: Ilona Andrews
Pretend Chicken quotes by Ilona Andrews
#6. If hatred strikes you, if you get accused, thrown to the lions, you can expect one of two reactions from people who know you: some of them will join in the kill, the others will discreetly pretend to know nothing, hear nothing, so you can go right on seeing them and talking to them. That second category, discreet and tactful, those are your friends. 'Friends' in the modern sense of the term. Listen, Jean-Marc, I've known that forever. - Author: Milan Kundera
Pretend Chicken quotes by Milan Kundera
#7. Well what? said Peter. He knew but had learned that if there was one advantage to the male sex it was that your obtuseness would never be underestimated; if you pretend you don't know what the problem is, half the time it just goes away. - Author: Brian McGreevy
Pretend Chicken quotes by Brian McGreevy
#8. The real self is who you are when you're at home, when you're comfortable, and the false self is what you're pretending - and the reason you pretend is because you want to create a character for the surroundings you're within. - Author: Benjamin Clementine
Pretend Chicken quotes by Benjamin Clementine
#9. Never hide the real person that you are inseid or behind a mask, there fore some people might like you for who you are not for who you pretend to be. - Author: Mateusz M.R. Gawlikowski
Pretend Chicken quotes by Mateusz M.R. Gawlikowski
#10. Even so, I was proud of myself for taking action at all. I didn't hide or run away or pretend the ugliness didn't happen. I stood up and said something that was true. I said it out loud, and by doing so, I was standing up for lots of people, not just me. - Author: Lauren Myracle
Pretend Chicken quotes by Lauren Myracle
#11. Everything changes, but my love for you never will. I've fought myself on this too long and I can't pretend anymore. I can't feign that I don't want to talk to you, to reach out and brush the hair out of your eyes, or wipe a tear off your cheek. I want to hold you, to tell you how much I love you, to kiss you without repercussions." His voice grew softer, electricity sparking in the air. "I've loved you since I met you, Evangeline, and I will love you for all of eternity. - Author: Angela Corbett
Pretend Chicken quotes by Angela Corbett
#12. I don't pretend to be an intellectual or a philosopher. I just look. - Author: Josef Koudelka
Pretend Chicken quotes by Josef Koudelka
#13. On the other hand are the ungodly who want to have a full and secure belly. If anyone talks to them about faith and patience, they mock and despise Him and say, Can this fool tell us what is good? Yes, you be patient until a roast chicken flies into your mouth. Trust in that and you will starve! - Author: Martin Luther
Pretend Chicken quotes by Martin Luther
#14. Not that she'd have a choice in the matter, but it made her feel a little better to pretend she would. To pretend she'd tell him to fuck off instead of agreeing to almost anything he wanted because she needed her drugs. And fuck, she didn't just need those now. She needed protection. Needed this sleazy drug-dealing pimp with his pornographic decor and his appalling pajamas. - Author: Stacia Kane
Pretend Chicken quotes by Stacia Kane
#15. I will give you a little hint," Emma said with a wry smile. "A whore's trick, but a good one. It's a part that you're playing, like a grand actress on the stage. It isn't you. It has nothing to do with you. You're simply using your body in service to something necessary. You can smile and flirt and dance and pretend you're someone entirely different, and it won't matter. You, the real you, will still be safe inside. - Author: Anne Stuart
Pretend Chicken quotes by Anne Stuart
#16. I do not consider it an insult, but rather a compliment to be called an agnostic. I do not pretend to know where many ignorant men are sure - that is all that agnosticism means. - Author: Clarence Darrow
Pretend Chicken quotes by Clarence Darrow
#17. The cloth overlay of Billy's cart clucks, and a brown chicken pokes her head out from under the covering, stepping out of the basket she was riding in.

"There is a chicken in your cart."

"I know," Billy snaps, and slaps his napkin across his lap.

"Why is there a chicken in your cart?"

"Because this was supposed to be chicken stew," he says. "I've been hand-feeding this bird for days to be sure it was not poisoned before the fact. And now . . ." He pours Mirabella some water and drinks from her cup. The hen clucks, and Billy tosses down a chunk of bread.

"Now her name is Harriet," he says quietly.

Mirabella laughs. - Author: Kendare Blake
Pretend Chicken quotes by Kendare Blake
#18. Do me a favor this morning. Draw the curtain and come back to bed.
Forget the coffee. We'll pretend
we're in a foreign country, and in love. - Author: Raymond Carver
Pretend Chicken quotes by Raymond Carver
#19. It was the egg," Slade snapped, "because the mutation began with the misreplication of DNA during fertilization of the embryo and its development. It wasn't like an adult bird just magically became a mutant chicken that started popping out more chickens. I have always thought it was an incredibly stupid question, and whoever came up with it obviously had no background in or understanding of science." "Personally, - Author: Sara King
Pretend Chicken quotes by Sara King
#20. There are some who live by every rule and cling tightly to their rectitude because they fear being swept away by a tempest of passion, and there are others who cling to the rules because they fear that there is no passion there at all, and that if they let go they would simply remain where they are, foolish and unmoved; and they could bear that least of all. Living a life of iron control lets them pretend to themselves that only by the mightiest effort of will can they hold great passions at bay. - Author: Philip Pullman
Pretend Chicken quotes by Philip Pullman
#21. Come here, Cal," she says real gentle, and I come close.
Read me something."
I open up the book I'm holding, a new one brought this very day. Just chicken scratch, I used to figure, but now I see what's truly there, and I read a little out.
That's gift enough," she says, and smiles so big, it makes me smile right back. - Author: Heather Henson
Pretend Chicken quotes by Heather Henson
#22. You obeyed, once, because you thought it would make you safe. He showed you - again and again, unrelentingly, he would not let you pretend otherwise - that if obedience did not make one safe from the Guardians or the nodes or the lynchings or the breeding or the disrespect, then what was the point? The game was too rigged to bother playing. - Author: N.K. Jemisin
Pretend Chicken quotes by N.K. Jemisin
#23. It's not supposed to reflect reality," she said. "Reality is all well and good. But sometimes you just want to pretend the world is a better place than it actually is. That great and wonderful things can happen. That love triumphs over everything. - Author: Jennifer E. Smith
Pretend Chicken quotes by Jennifer E. Smith
#24. I think a lot of humor is about distracting yourself. Pretend you're not trying to make it funny. Because for some reason the effort to be funny smells like sulphur in our culture. - Author: Sloane Crosley
Pretend Chicken quotes by Sloane Crosley
#25. Be careful ... not all are what they seem. Some people pretend to be the beach, but they're actually quicksand. - Author: Steve Maraboli
Pretend Chicken quotes by Steve Maraboli
#26. All religions seem alike to me, one mass of absurdities and lies - I know that there is a God, but I know no more of him; and I believe that all those are liars who pretend to know more than I do. - Author: Mary Martha Sherwood
Pretend Chicken quotes by Mary Martha Sherwood
#27. And then, on September 11, the world fractured.
It's beyond my skill as a writer to capture that day and the days that would follow
the planes, like specters, vanishing into steel and glass; the slow-motion cascade of the towers crumbling into themselves; the ash-covered figures wandering the streets; the anguish and the fear. Nor do I pretend to understand the stark nihilism that drove the terrorists that day and that drives their brethren still. My powers of empathy, my ability to reach into another's heart, cannot penetrate the blank stares of those would murder innocents with abstract, serene satisfaction. - Author: Barack Obama
Pretend Chicken quotes by Barack Obama
#28. I always thought fainting showed an inherent weakness of character, but I understood it now. It was an act of self-preservation. Confronted by emotion too extreme to handle, the body shuts down to keep from running around like a chicken with its head cut off, potentially injuring itself. - Author: Karen Marie Moning
Pretend Chicken quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#29. Rose and Carlos twisted together like chicken fight partners in knee-deep guacamole, - Author: Richard Long
Pretend Chicken quotes by Richard Long
#30. There are things
that make no sense,
that seem unreal,
that can't be grasped
or understood
or explained,
that maybe don't even exist ...
And still, somehow, those wonderful things touch and change our lives.
Isn't it strange? - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich
Pretend Chicken quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#31. Magic is a cliche, but what do you call it when you enter a place and you can pretend you're anywhere and everywhere from the Mesozoic era to present day, provided you haven't killed every bit of childhood wonder with cynicism? It is magic. The kind that exists. - Author: Wayne Gladstone
Pretend Chicken quotes by Wayne Gladstone
#32. Dinner is served. It's chicken lo mein. Oh and by the way, your cat is missing. - Author: Jarod Kintz
Pretend Chicken quotes by Jarod Kintz
#33. The mob believes everything it is told, provided only that it be repeated over and over. Provided too that its passions, hatreds, fears are catered to. Nor need one try to stay within the limits of plausibility: on the contrary, the grosser, the bigger, the cruder the lie, the more readily is it believed and followed. Nor is there any need to avoid contradictions: the mob never notices; needless to pretend to correlate what is said to some with what is said to others: each person or group believes only what he is told, not what anyone else is told; needless to strive for coherence: the mob has no memory; needless to pretend to any truth: the mob is radically incapable of perceiving it: the mob can never comprehend that its own interests are what is at stake. - Author: Alexandre Koyré
Pretend Chicken quotes by Alexandre Koyré
#34. How can I pretend that nothing happened? - Author: Diane Samuels
Pretend Chicken quotes by Diane Samuels
#35. Thus far, our responsibility for how we treat chickens and allow them to be treated in our culture is dismissed with blistering rhetoric designed to silence objection: "How the hell can you compare the feelings of a hen with those of a human being?" One answer is, by looking at her. It does not take special insight or credentials to see that a hen confined in a battery cage is suffering, or to imagine what her feelings must be compared with those of a hen ranging outside in the grass and sunlight. We are told that we humans are capable of knowing just about anything that we want to know - except, ironically, what it feels like to be one of our victims. We are told we are being "emotional" if we care about a chicken and grieve over a chicken's plight. However, it is not "emotion" that is really under attack, but the vicarious emotions of pity, sympathy, compassion, sorrow, and indignity on behalf of the victim, a fellow creature - emotions that undermine business as usual. By contrast, such "manly" emotions as patriotism, pride, conquest, and mastery are encouraged. - Author: Karen Davis
Pretend Chicken quotes by Karen Davis
#36. I wanted to be left alone to live my life, so it was very easy for people to pretend that they were me. - Author: Mohsen Makhmalbaf
Pretend Chicken quotes by Mohsen Makhmalbaf
#37. I started cooking seven years ago for real, and I started with pasta, and lasagna and roast chicken. Very normal American dishes. When I turned on Food Network, or any sort of cooking channel, that's what people were making. So that's where your education comes from. - Author: Aarti Sequeira
Pretend Chicken quotes by Aarti Sequeira
#38. I smiled and acted like I was supposed to be there. It was amazing how much people assumed by a simple glance. An outfit, an expression, a tone of voice. Anyone could pretend to be anything.
Today, I was a rich girl. - Author: Libby May
Pretend Chicken quotes by Libby May
#39. I can pull you taut, Ashleigh. Like the poems. I can bring you back together. You are so fucking delicious, Ashleigh. So fucking perfect. I wish I could take this pain away from you, really, I swear I feel your sadness and it makes me crazy. Do I ask for more information and risk the tears? Do I pretend it's not happening and risk you feeling ignored? Tell me what to do. - Author: J.A. Huss
Pretend Chicken quotes by J.A. Huss
#40. As for those grapefruit and buttermilk diets, I'll take roast chicken and dumplings. - Author: Hattie McDaniel
Pretend Chicken quotes by Hattie McDaniel
#41. We left in pretty good time, and came after nightfall to Klausenburgh. Here I stopped for the night at the Hotel Royale. I had for dinner, or rather supper, a chicken done up some way with red pepper, which was very good but thirsty. (Mem. get recipe for Mina.) I asked the waiter, and he said it was called "paprika hendl," and that, as it was a national dish, I should be able to get it anywhere along the Carpathians. - Author: Bram Stoker
Pretend Chicken quotes by Bram Stoker
#42. Some people love you not because you deserve to be loved.
They pretend to love you because they are benefiting.
They are basically PARASITES, and you are unfortunately their HOST. - Author: Nomthandazo Tsembeni
Pretend Chicken quotes by Nomthandazo Tsembeni
#43. On top of this was the official indigenous Egyptian government that, though it was quite toothless, various British officials periodically felt the need to pretend to consult in order to maintain the appearance that the wishes of the actual inhabitants of Egypt somehow mattered. - Author: Scott Anderson
Pretend Chicken quotes by Scott Anderson
#44. The impulse to investigate can only be set free if you stop pretending to know answers that you don't. Because the incentives to pretend are so strong, this may require some bravery on your part. - Author: Steven D. Levitt
Pretend Chicken quotes by Steven D. Levitt
#45. That life.
This life.
It looks as if you can have both. I mean, they're both right there, one on top of the other, and it looks as if they'll blend.
But they never will.
So, you take this thing.
You take this thing you want,
and you put it in a box
and you close the lid.
You can let your fingers trace the cracks, the places where the light gets in, the dark gets out, but the lid stays on. You don't look inside. You don't look at this thing you want so much, because you can. Not. Have. It.
So you there's this box, you know, with the thing inside, and you could throw it away or shoot it into space; you could set it on fire and watch it burn to ashes, but really, none of that would make a difference, because you cannot destroy what you want. It only makes you want it more.
You take this thing you want
and you put it in a box
and you close the lid.
And you hold the box close to your heart, which is where it wants to go, and you pretend it doesn't kill you every time you feel yourself breathe. - Author: Megan Hart
Pretend Chicken quotes by Megan Hart
#46. I am a hopeless romantic. And I won't stop till I get it right. I don't think I'm unlike a lot of people. I am just someone who is trying to find that mate, and I think it's a really hard thing to do. And I'm not willing to stay somewhere where I am really not happy. And I am not willing to pretend I am for the kid's sake or so that I don't have to go through another public humiliation. - Author: Halle Berry
Pretend Chicken quotes by Halle Berry
#47. You know,sometimes when people leave us,they leave big holes in our hearts.Some people talk about those holes all the time,hoping words will close them up.Other people pretend the hole aren't there,so that maybe they'll heal if they aren't bothered with so much - Author: Marie Harte
Pretend Chicken quotes by Marie Harte
#48. It's better to be the head of a chicken than the tail of a cow. - Author: Stan Shih
Pretend Chicken quotes by Stan Shih
#49. Buechner put it this way: The Gospel is bad news before it is good news. It is the news that man is a sinner . . . that when he looks in the mirror all in a lather what he sees is at least eight parts chicken, phony, slob. That is the tragedy. But it is also the news that he is loved anyway, cherished, forgiven, bleeding to be sure, but also bled for. - Author: Lois Rabey
Pretend Chicken quotes by Lois Rabey
#50. Behind my office, to the south-east, was Police Headquarters, and I imagined all the good hard work that was being done there to crack down on Berlin's crime. Villainies like speaking disrespectfully of the Führer, displaying a 'Sold Out' sign in your butcher's shop window, not giving the Hitler Salute, and homosexuality. That was Berlin under the National Socialist Government: a big, haunted house with dark corners, gloomy staircases, sinister cellars, locked rooms and a whole attic full of poltergeists on the loose, throwing books, banging doors, breaking glass, shouting in the night and generally scaring the owners so badly that there were times when they were ready to sell up and get out. But most of the time they just stopped up their ears, covered their blackened eyes and tried to pretend that there was nothing wrong. Cowed with fear, they spoke very little, ignoring the carpet moving underneath their feet, and their laughter was the thin, nervous kind that always accompanies the boss's little joke. - Author: Philip Kerr
Pretend Chicken quotes by Philip Kerr

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