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They weren't so different, the two of them. They'd both been abandoned by their parents, but at least she'd had the Professor. He'd seen something in her worth saving, but Harte never had that. She still might not trust him, but she understood him. The drive that made him who he was, the determination to prove himself - the bone-deep need to belong somewhere - those were all things she knew very well. She understood the hurt, too. The fear that there was something intrinsically wrong with you to make the people who were supposed to love you leave. The way that fear either hardened you or destroyed you. It had turned into a sort of armor for her, another weapon in her arsenal, and she suspected the same was true of Harte. ~ Lisa Maxwell
Preferiria Esta quotes by Lisa   Maxwell
Esta rolled down the window, letting the hot breath of summer rustle across her face. With it came the familiar smells of the city, stale and heavy with the metallic choke of exhaust and the ripeness of too many people sharing one tiny piece of land. But it was also enticing - the scent of danger and possibility that lived and breathed in the crowded streets. Dirty and frantic though it was, the city - this city - was home. She'd never wanted to be anywhere else. ~ Lisa Maxwell
Preferiria Esta quotes by Lisa   Maxwell
But then, people usually do miss what's right in front of them. ~ Lisa Maxwell
Preferiria Esta quotes by Lisa Maxwell
Vesna Esta Holicia, until you shine again, into vision, into the real world. Though a child of man knows time, life itself is eternal. ~ Miyuki Miyabe
Preferiria Esta quotes by Miyuki Miyabe
My nickname is Esta Bell. ~ Ester Dean
Preferiria Esta quotes by Ester Dean
Are you trying to blackmail me?" she asked.
"Not trying, no. Not yet, at least." He smiled pleasantly, because he had the sense it would irritate her even more. "But give me time, and I might find something I want from you."
She let out a derisive laugh. "In your dreams."
He winked. "Every night, sweetheart. ~ Lisa Maxwell
Preferiria Esta quotes by Lisa   Maxwell
They were sitting on opposite sides of the board, playing each other in hopes of gaining the same prize. ~ Lisa Maxwell
Preferiria Esta quotes by Lisa   Maxwell
La cuestion esta en decidirse en algo, alguna vez.

The gist is in deciding on something, at some time. ~ Marta Traba
Preferiria Esta quotes by Marta Traba
"Esa chica esta bien caliente." Hector laughed as Rider shook his head. Ainsley stiffened across from me. She was pretty fluent in Spanish and even though Hector was Puerto Rican, I had a feeling she was getting the general gist of whatever he was saying and she was not happy about it. "Me gustaria a llevarla a mi casa y comermela."
Ainsley cocked her head to the side as she brushed her long, blond hair over her shoulder. "Gracias! Pero no hay ni una parte de mi que tu te vas a comer."
Hector's eyes widened.
Rider threw his head back and burst into laughter. "Oh, shit. Priceless."
"What?" Ainsley blinked big eyes at the stunned Hector. "You think some white chick can't possibly understand another language so you're going to sit in front of me and talk about me like I'm not here?" Her smile was brittle and fake. "Bitch, please."
"Man..." Hector sat back, slowly shaking his head as he stared at her. "You're...brutal."
"Damn straight," she replied, her eyes like chips of blue ice. Whatever yumminess she'd seen in Hector was completely out the window now. "And you're a mal criado."
Hector's eyes narrowed.
"I really like your friend, Mouse." Still chuckling, Rider winked at me. "She basically called him a classless ass, and I agree. ~ Jennifer L. Armentrout
Preferiria Esta quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Esta bien," Clara called back. They sat in silence a while longer. "You seem pretty relaxed," she said to Billy. "Pretty ~ Catherine Ryan Hyde
Preferiria Esta quotes by Catherine Ryan Hyde
Don't start telling yourself stories about me, Esta. I'm not some knight in shining armor. I don't have some hidden heart of gold. I'm a bastard, in every sense of the word."
"Who said I want you to be anything but what you are? I like your angles and your edges," she told him, hoping he could hear the truth in her words. "I have plenty of my own, you know. ~ Lisa Maxwell
Preferiria Esta quotes by Lisa   Maxwell
I had never been out of the country before. And maybe this trip didn't technically count because, well, America had officially imploded and I hadn't needed a passport to cross the border, but I was more than a little disappointed we hadn't run into a mariachi band yet. Donde esta el Zombies? ~ Rachel Higginson
Preferiria Esta quotes by Rachel Higginson
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