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#1. In some ways, risk-taking is the ultimate act of self-indulgence, an obscene insult to the preciousness of life. And yet, how can one dismiss something that persists despite every reasonable theory that it shouldn't? - Author: Sebastian Junger
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Sebastian Junger
#2. Why is the half of humanity with a special sensitivity to the preciousness of life, the half untainted by testosterone poisoning, almost wholly unrepresented in defense establishments and peace negotiations worldwide? [blurb on Daniella Gioseffi's _Women on War_; quoted in Carol Lynn Pearson's _The Ghost of Eternal Polygamy_] - Author: Carl Sagan
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Carl Sagan
#3. When I first came up, the whole AIDS epidemic was starting, and the gay community that I experienced from the beginning of my career was mostly - and overwhelmingly - concerned with staying alive. And, also, I felt really aware of the preciousness of life and time. The gay community and people who were HIV-positive were treated so badly, and I was very disturbed by things. But I also saw a lot of love and connection in the gay community at that time. - Author: Madonna Ciccone
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Madonna Ciccone
#4. The experience of losing a loved one impels us toward a deeper understanding of life. Everyone fears and is saddened by death. That is natural. But by struggling to overcome the pain and sadness that accompanies death, we become sharply aware of the dignity and preciousness of life and develop the compassion to share the sufferings of others as our own. - Author: Daisaku Ikeda
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Daisaku Ikeda
#5. Whatever your struggle, my brothers and sisters-mental or emotional or physical or otherwise-do not vote against the preciousness of life by ending it! - Author: Jeffrey R. Holland
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Jeffrey R. Holland
#6. This morning I awoke and was reminded of the preciousness of life. I realized I should express my gratitude to those who are so very important to me. Thank you for all you have done and have a great day! - Author: Swapna Rajput
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Swapna Rajput
#7. In fact, life is our greatest teacher. Whatever we are doing can be instructive, whether we are at the office, or talking to our spouse, or driving a car on the freeway. If we are present to our experiences, the impressions of our activities will be fresh and alive, and we will always learn something new from them. But if we are not present, every moment will be like every other, and nothing of the preciousness of life will touch us. - Author: Don Richard Riso
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Don Richard Riso
#8. I did take the blows [of life], but I took them with my chin up, in dignity, because I so profoundly love and respect humanity. - Author: Josephine Baker
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Josephine Baker
#9. I could pose in fashion commercials as a high society star but politics is a new way of life. - Author: Marat Safin
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Marat Safin
#10. The end of all is death and man's life passeth away suddenly as a shadow. - Author: Thomas A Kempis
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Thomas A Kempis
#11. They will eat him alive. On his current course, Henry will fail spectacularly."

My chest constricts so tight it feels like my bones may crack.

Because she's right.

"He won't."

"You don't know that," she swipes back.

"I damn well do! I never would have abdicated otherwise."


"Don't mistake me - I wouldn't have married anyone but Olivia, and I would've waited a lifetime if I had to, until the laws were changed. But I didn't because I knew in my heart and soul that Henry will not just be a good king, he will be better than I ever could've been."

For a moment I don't breathe. I can't. The shock of my brother's words has knocked the air right out of my lungs.

Granny's too, if her whisper is any indication.

"You truly believe that?"

"Absolutely. And, frankly, I'm disheartened that you don't."

"Henry has never been one to rise to the occasion," she states plainly.

"He's never needed to," my brother insists. "He's never been asked - not once in his whole life. Until now. And he will not only rise to the occasion . . . he will soar beyond it."

The Queen's voice is hushed, like she's in prayer.

"I want to believe that. More than I can say. Lend me a bit of your faith, Nicholas. Why are you so certain?"

Nicholas's voice is rough, tight with emotion.

"Because . . . he's just like Mum."

- Author: Emma Chase
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Emma Chase
#12. Something is happening in Memphis; something is happening in our world. And you know, if I were standing at the beginning of time, with the possibility of taking a kind of general and panoramic view of the whole of human history up to now, and the Almighty said to me, "Martin Luther King, which age would you like to live in?" I would take my mental flight by Egypt and I would watch God's children in their magnificent trek from the dark dungeons of Egypt through, or rather across the Red Sea, through the wilderness on toward the promised land. And in spite of its magnificence, I wouldn't stop there.

I would move on by Greece and take my mind to Mount Olympus. And I would see Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Euripides and Aristophanes assembled around the Parthenon. And I would watch them around the Parthenon as they discussed the great and eternal issues of reality. But I wouldn't stop there.

I would go on, even to the great heyday of the Roman Empire. And I would see developments around there, through various emperors and leaders. But I wouldn't stop there.

I would even come up to the day of the Renaissance, and get a quick picture of all that the Renaissance did for the cultural and aesthetic life of man. But I wouldn't stop there.

I would even go by the way that the man for whom I am named had his habitat. And I would watch Martin Luther as he tacked his ninety-five theses on the door at the church of Wittenberg. But I wouldn't stop th - Author: Martin Luther King Jr.
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Martin Luther King Jr.
#13. Birthday, celebration of life.
Celebrate who you are.
Celebrate your uniqueness.
Celebrate your achievement.
Celebrate all that you are capable of becoming. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#14. Being gay is not just what I do, but who I am. It is part of how I choose to live my life even if I never chose. - Author: Johnny Rich
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Johnny Rich
#15. This Sunday School has been of help to me, greater perhaps than any other force in my Christian life, and I can ask no better things for you than that you, and all that shall come after you in this great band of workers for Christ, shall receive the same measure of blessedness which I have been permitted to have. - Author: John D. Rockefeller
Preciousness Of Life quotes by John D. Rockefeller
#16. [is] an instinct developed by natural selection ... and ... on a level with the other instincts which are developed for their utility. It is very near, in its origin and function, to the instinct of imitation, but yet they are distinct .... Its utility is, in the main, twofold: First, it enables the young animal to exercise himself beforehand in the strenuous and necessary functions of its life and so to be ready for their onset; and, second, it enables the animal by a general instinct to do many things in a playful way, and so to learn for itself much that would otherwise have to be inherited in the form of special instincts; this puts a premium on intelligence, which thus comes to replace instinct.... - Author: Karl Groos
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Karl Groos
#17. But why, ... if you have a serious comment to make on the real life of men, must you do it by talking about a phantasmagoric never-never land of your own? Because, I take it, one of the main things the author wants to say is that the real life of men is of that mythical and heroic quality. - Author: C.S. Lewis
Preciousness Of Life quotes by C.S. Lewis
#18. Where have I been? she wondered. Is a life that can now be considered an absence a life?

For some time things had been going badly for her. She could cite nothing in particular as a problem; rather, it was as if life in general had a grudge against her. Things persisted in turning grey. Although at first she had revelled in the erudite seclusion of her job, in the protection against the vulgarities of the world that it offered, after five years she now felt that in some way it had aged her disproportionately, that she was as old as the yellowed papers she spent her days unfolding. When, very occasionally, she raised her eyes from the past and surveyed the present, it faded from her view and became as ungraspable as a mirage. Although she had discussed this with the Director, who had waved away her condition of mind as an occupational hazard, she was still not satisfied that this was how the only life she had been offered should be lived. - Author: Marian Engel
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Marian Engel
#19. I never boxed until 17 and a half, I was in the Olympics at 19, and I was world champion when I was 20. I never watched a boxing match life in my life. The only boxer I had ever heard of was Muhammad Ali. - Author: Jeff Fenech
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Jeff Fenech
#20. I respond very easily to outside events. One's life is a matter of chance. Nothing that you've arranged for yourself works out. - Author: Nicholas Winton
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Nicholas Winton
#21. So what was it then exactly, this truth-telling? ... It was about being true to the very stuff of life, it was about trying to capture, though you never could, the very feel of being alive. It was about finding a language. And it was about being true to the fact, the one thing only followed from the other, that many things in life - of so many more than we think - can never be explained at all. - Author: Graham Swift
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Graham Swift
#22. Rhys told himself that everything came with a price. He'd made a difficult choice years ago to regain all he had, and some days he could convince himself that life was like war: bitter, desperate choices were often made in the name of survival, and some inevitably survived at the expense of others. - Author: Julie Anne Long
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Julie Anne Long
#23. That New Year I was invited to stay with one of my old school buddies, Sam Sykes, at his house on the far northwestern coast of Sutherland, in Scotland.
It is as wild and rugged a place as anywhere on earth, and I love it there.
It also happens to boast one of my favorite mountains in the world, Ben Loyal, a pinnacle of rock and steep heather that overlooks a spectacular estuary. So I did not need much encouraging to go up to Sam's and climb.
This time up there, I was to meet the lady who would change my life forever; and I was woefully ill-prepared for the occasion.
I headed up north primarily to train and climb. Sam told me he had some other friends coming up for New Year. I would like them, he assured me.
Great. As long as they don't distract me from training, I thought to myself. I had never felt more distant from falling in love. I was a man on a mission. Everest was only two months away.
Falling in love was way off my radar.
One of Sam's friends was this young girl called Shara. As gentle as a lamb, beautiful and funny--and she seemed to look at me so warmly.
There was something about this girl. She just seemed to shine in all she did. And I was totally smitten, at once.
All I seemed to want to do was hang out with her, drink tea, chat, and go for nice walks.
I tried to fight the feeling by loading up my backpack with rocks and heavy books, then going off climbing on my own. But all I could think about was this beautiful - Author: Bear Grylls
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Bear Grylls
#24. Settling into a new country is like getting used to a new pair of shoes. At first they pinch a little, but you like the way they look, so you carry on. The longer you have them, the more comfortable they become. Until one day without realizing it you reach a glorious plateau. Wearing those shoes is like wearing no shoes at all. The more scuffed they get, the more you love them and the more you can't imagine life without them. - Author: Tahir Shah
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Tahir Shah
#25. Was this what her life would be? Love pressed carefully into the pages of a book, where she
could admire it from a distance and never be hurt by it? - Author: Lily Maxton
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Lily Maxton
#26. The strings of life, are played by an inexperienced musician - Author: A Soft Spoken Man
Preciousness Of Life quotes by A Soft Spoken Man
#27. Giving Birth by Marcus Amaker

do you remember
when the earth was just a baby,
settling in its skin,
safe in the arms of mother nature
with fire breathing from within.
you were not shackled by time
and life roamed around your heart
with the weight of dinosaurs,
leaving footprints in your lungs.
and the first time you saw the sun
you could barely breathe
because the possibility of endless light
planted a seed
so you admire the strength of trees,
who naturally grew into
unwavering beauty,
staring down the mouth of

do you remember being 11 years old
when your mother told you
"birth is more painful than dying"
and you burst with dreams
without even trying,
seeking light in your heart,
where shadows now rest
comfortably next to fear.
but you come out of the woods clear,
with nature's breath
under your tongue,
and a weightless bliss,
no longer scared of
death. - Author: Marcus Amaker
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Marcus Amaker
#28. My father told me by the time you die you'll be lucky if you have six people you called your friends to carry your coffin.I now realize and believe the truth is I thought if I had a dollar for every friend I in my life I'd be rich. The sad truth is if I had a penny for every true friend I have I wouldn't have a nickel. - Author: Peter Fryer
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Peter Fryer
#29. , civilization is an ever-changing tacit agreement, culturally inherited, not chosen at birth. Civilization is the invention of man, my big friend. It is a means of ensuring order and structure; it is man's attempt to expunge all and every act of randomness from daily life. The ultimate goal of civilization is determinism, the complete absence of freewill. If everyone adhered to every rule, every demand, every decree of civilization, there would be no accidents, no arguments, no crime! Man would move through his life smoothly, like a well-oiled cog in a grandfather clock. - Author: Peter Jelen
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Peter Jelen
#30. Freaky kids like us can't ever be normal- Tyler says smugly- Our generation is some new kind of "evolutionary development", my shrink says- "Normal" is just "average", not cool. My latest diagnosis is "A.P.M", Acute Premature Melancholia", usually an affliction of late middle age, they think is genetic since Ty Senoir has had it all his life, too.
You look if you might be A.P.M, too, Sky: that kind of pissed-off mopey look in your face like you swallowed something really gross and can't spit it out. - Author: Joyce Carol Oates
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Joyce Carol Oates
#31. measures like GDP per person give only a rough reflection of the overall level of wellbeing of an individual or a nation. But for sustainable development we are interested in raising human wellbeing, not just in raising income, still less in a mad race for more riches for people who are already rich. Therefore, it is important to ask how we can best measure wellbeing (or life satisfaction) beyond GDP per capita. - Author: Jeffrey D. Sachs
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Jeffrey D. Sachs
#32. At least three times a week, I am overwhelmed with a wave of gratitude to New York City for providing me with a life. Not that my life is so great, although I think it's pretty nifty: I don't mine coal; I get paid to write. - Author: David Rakoff
Preciousness Of Life quotes by David Rakoff
#33. Make your life a monument of visions. Serving, caring, and sharing are the passions. - Author: Debasish Mridha
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Debasish Mridha
#34. How had she ever been so ignorant? How right that the body changed over time, becoming a gallery of scars, a canvas of experience, a testament to life and one's capacity to endure it - Author: Janet Fitch
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Janet Fitch
#35. Those porch girls had no idea they were going to sprawl on that couch until the weight of their adolescent bodies sank down into the pillows. They have no idea when they will get up off that couch. They have no plans for what will happen next. They only know their bodies touching as they try to keep cool. They only know that the coolest spot they can find is in front of that rotary fan.
I want to lay up like that, to float unstructured, without ambition or anxiety. I want to inhibit my life like a porch. - Author: Rebecca Wells
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Rebecca Wells
#36. Sometimes in this life it is necessary to sacrifice oneself for the good of others . - Mam - Author: Joseph Delaney
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Joseph Delaney
#37. A Single journey can change the course of a life. - Author: Angelina Jolie
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Angelina Jolie
#38. Throughout my entire life, I constantly tried to fight normality. I hate it. I hate the idea of it. I hate routine. I hate anything that feels remotely regular or right. - Author: Tom Odell
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Tom Odell
#39. When we support or vote for candidates outside the two major political parties we are immediately lectured about wasting our vote or making it easier for the less desirable of the two major candidates to claim victory. These lies are repeated every election and they must be ignored. You never waste your vote if you vote your conscience. - Author: Glenn Beck
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Glenn Beck
#40. In point of fact, life may be just a shaky expectation, inasmuch as everyone realizes that the cards have often been shuffled, well in advance. - Author: Erik Pevernagie
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Erik Pevernagie
#41. Think about some of the words that are used in these kinds of discussions, one of the most common being the phrase "open-minded." Often the person with spiritual convictions is seen as close-minded and others are seen as open-minded. What is fascinating to me is that at the center of the Christian faith is the assumption that this life isn't all there is. That there is more to life than the material. That existence is not limited to what we can see, touch, measure, taste, hear, and observe. One of the central assertions of the Christian worldview is that there is "more" – Those who oppose this insist that this is all there is, that only what we can measure and observe and see with our eyes is real. There is nothing else. Which perspective is more "closed-minded?" Which perspective is more "open? - Author: Rob Bell
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Rob Bell
#42. Every moment of life is unique-a kiss, a sunset, a dance, a joke. None will ever recur in quite the same way. Each happens only once in the history of the universe. - Author: Stephen Nachmanovitch
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Stephen Nachmanovitch
#43. Sometimes, we get too keen and in a haste to make new relationships, learn new things, stumble upon new ideas . . . .
Always tending to the unknown and easily excited by the mysterious, that we lose value for and forget to appreciate the things and people that have brought and kept us going this far. Keep the things and people which are sure, else they, too, become mysterious and unknown. - Author: Ufuoma Apoki
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Ufuoma Apoki
#44. If poverty defines greatness, then become the poorest person on earth, in terms of weakness and bigotry. And if wealth defines glory, then become the wealthiest person on earth, in terms of courage, confidence and reasoning. - Author: Abhijit Naskar
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Abhijit Naskar
#45. I was pondering the reason why we are all here in this life, and what did it all mean. It seemed to me that we had all been invited to one big party, but no-one's been told what we're all celebrating. - Author: Beatrice James
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Beatrice James
#46. Sinner's Prayer Heavenly Father, I come to you in prayer asking forgiveness for my sins. I believe that Jesus died for my sins and was resurrected sitting on the right hand of the Father. Through Jesus, I believe I have eternal life. I believe that His death and resurrection provided for my forgiveness. I trust in Jesus and Jesus alone as my personal Lord and Savior. Thank you Lord, for saving me and forgiving me! I ask you right now to come into my heart and I give you my life. I accept Jesus as my personal savior. I confess with my mouth that I am born again. Fill me with your Holy Spirit and cleanse me Lord. Make me new in you. I receive your Holy Spirit and can begin a new life now in you Jesus. Help and guide me daily to read your word and to walk with you God. In Jesus' name Amen. - Author: Janie McGee
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Janie McGee
#47. I spent five years of my life being treated for cancer, but since then I've spent fifteen years being treated for nothing other than looking different from everyone else. It was the pain from that, from feeling ugly, that I always viewed as the great tragedy of my life. The fact that I had cancer seemed minor in comparison. - Author: Lucy Grealy
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Lucy Grealy
#48. They sit there for a minute while unknown forms of life pursue recreational activities in their food. - Author: Thomas Pynchon
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Thomas Pynchon
#49. I trust in the perfection of Divine Timing and allow my life to unfold as it should. - Author: Cheryl Richardson
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Cheryl Richardson
#50. Crutches may be a pain in the (pinched nerve back) ass to use, but damn, they are handy when your dog pushes open the bathroom door while you are contemplating life. They're also handy to turn on lights just out of your reach, and to threat your husband with if he doesn't fetch you a Fresca because you are a poor, pathetic little thing huddled under a Snuggy, unable to walk without bellowing profanities at the top of your lungs, thereby scaring your dogs, the fat squirrel stuffing his face on the deck, and the manic depressive goats that live three houses down. - Author: Katie MacAlister
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Katie MacAlister
#51. And we stood like that. The joining of hands is highly underrated in the acts of intimacy. You kiss acquaintances or colleagues, casually to say hello or good-bye. You might even kiss a close friend chastely on the lips. You might quickly hug anyone you knew. You might even meet someone at a party, take him home and sleep with him, never to see him or hear from him again. But to join hands and stand holding each other that way, with the electricity of possibilities flowing between you? The tenderness of it, the promise of it, is only something you share with a few people in your life. - Author: Lisa Unger
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Lisa Unger
#52. I'm interested in the gorgeous side of life, but also familiar with the dark side too. - Author: Lana Del Rey
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Lana Del Rey
#53. If the world gives you the blues, if you wake up in the middle of the night with waves of fear and senseless panic washing over you, I am your friend. If you're overcome by a desperation that makes your mouth open for a scream that never comes out but just freezes your face in mute despair, then you and I have something in common. If you can't understand them for the life of you, even though you've tried so hard, when that dislocation makes you feel like you're the only one of your species on the planet, I know I can confide in you. If this endless ghetto of lies and heart break, this life-long run of fences and flickering neon signs, night sweats and suicidal urges makes you feel like stopping, just stopping, like stopping breathing, wait. Wait. You don't have to tell me your name. You don't have to prove yourself to me. I accept you. If you're finding life to be the one thing that's trying to kill you, I want you to stay alive to rise with the sun and fight back. - Author: Henry Rollins
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Henry Rollins
#54. Self-contempt is a serpent that ever gnaws at one's breath, sucking the life-blood from one's own heart and mixing it with the poison of misanthropy and despair. - Author: Karl Marx
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Karl Marx
#55. When you are able to shift your inner awareness to how you can serve others, and when you make this the central focus of your life, you will then be in a position to know true miracles in your progress toward prosperity. - Author: Wayne W. Dyer
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Wayne W. Dyer
#56. Maybe [artistry] doesn't have to be quite so full of anguish if you never happened to believe, in the first place, that the most extraordinary aspects of your being came from you. But maybe if you just believed that they were on loan to you from some unimaginable source for some exquisite portion of your life to be passed along when you're finished ... it starts to change everything. - Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
Preciousness Of Life quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert

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