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#1. Leo scratched his head. Well, I dunno about enchiladas- "Enceladus" Piper corrected. Whatever. But Old Potty Face mentioned another name. Porpoise Fear, or something? - Author: Rick Riordan
Potty Face quotes by Rick Riordan
#2. But Old Potty Face mentioned another name. - Author: Rick Riordan
Potty Face quotes by Rick Riordan
#3. Don't be afraid of loving this man, Maria had told her. Don't be afraid. Her slender fingers closed around the warm shaft with its velvet skin stretched smooth. Gently her fingers played over him, curious, wondering fingers, fingers made exultant by their discoveries.
Reflexively Jared arched his back. His head went back in a gesture of exquisite feeling. Then his chin lowered and he was searching her face again. His golden eyes shone bright with emotion. "Touch me, Lauren. Touch me until I die from the pleasure of it. Know all of me." His voice was breathy and uneven. - Author: Sandra Brown
Potty Face quotes by Sandra Brown
#4. When are you going to grow up and stop sleeping around?"

I sat back in my chair, rubbing a hand over face, trying to wake up a little more. "When my dick shrivels up and falls off," I joked. - Author: Kirsty Moseley
Potty Face quotes by Kirsty Moseley
#5. With his face all scrunched up and twisted with anger, he looked just like Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter. Sometimes when someone is making an idiot of themselves, especially on live television, it's just better to let them go ahead. - Author: Cecile Richards
Potty Face quotes by Cecile Richards
#6. Good writing never soothes or comforts. It is no prescription, neither is it diversionary, although it can and should enchant while it explodes in the reader's face. - Author: Joy Williams
Potty Face quotes by Joy Williams
#7. I turned to face him, and when I saw him standing there in the pale, blue-gray sunlight, my breath caught somewhere beneath my ribs. The boy was probably my age, and about my height, too. - Author: Danielle Paige
Potty Face quotes by Danielle Paige
#8. Sisters. Because we all need someone who will defend us behind our back and then call us on our shit to our face. - Author: Brooke Hampton
Potty Face quotes by Brooke Hampton
#9. As he spoke, he whipped a tape measure and a large round magnifying glass from his pocket. With these two implements he trotted noiselessly about the room, sometimes stopping, occasionally kneeling, and once lying flat upon his face ... As I watched him I was irresistibly reminded of a pure-blooded well-trained foxhound as it dashes backwards and forwards through the covert, whining in its eagerness, until it comes across the lost scent. For twenty minutes or more he continued his researches, measuring with the most exact care the distance between marks which were entirely invisible to me, and occasionally applying his tape to the walls in an equally incomprehensible manner. - Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
Potty Face quotes by Arthur Conan Doyle
#10. Chloe, wake up. I really, really, really need to pee."
I moan and sink deeper into Jorge's arms, pulling my hand back.
"Chloe, wake up. I'm dying here. I have to pee."
Ugh, why won't that voice go away? I crack my eyes open and see Ringo by the bed prancing around doing the doggy version of a potty dance.
Ringo starts prancing toward the bedroom door. "Thank goodness. I've got to go. - Author: Katya Armock
Potty Face quotes by Katya Armock
#11. You needn't manhandle me," she hissed, though she didn't fight him.
"Trust me, Miss Butterfield, you'll know when I'm manhandling you." He stopped before a chair. "Sit," he commanded, pushing her into it. "And try to restrain your urge to attack people for half a moment, will you?"
"I was not-"
"As for you," he growled at her companion, "give me the satchel that caused all this furor."
"Yes, sir…I mean, my lord."
Oliver took the satchel from the young man, whose face was drained of all color. Clearly, he lacked his companion's fierceness. - Author: Sabrina Jeffries
Potty Face quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
#12. Have you ever noticed that people look like either rodents or birds? And you can classify them that way, like, I definitely have more of a rodent face, but you look like a penguin. - Author: Jesse Andrews
Potty Face quotes by Jesse Andrews
#13. I'm the first man you saw today," he pointed out, "so I'm officially your valentine."
She let out a harsh laugh. "Because of a silly superstition? I think not."
"Because I want to be," he said in a low voice. "And because you want me to be, too."
Her gaze would have skewered a stone. "Want a drunken debaucher fresh from some whore's bed as my valentine? Not if you were the last man on earth."
She slammed the door in his face.
His brothers laughed, but he ignored them. He couldn't blame her for being angry; he'd given her good reason to be so.
But it didn't change a thing. He'd be damned if he let her go now. One way or the other, Maria Butterfield was going to be his. One way or the other, she would share his bed. - Author: Sabrina Jeffries
Potty Face quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
#14. We have many cases of men committing suicide rather than face their own individuality. I know of no case of a woman who committed suicide because she was gay. - Author: George Weinberg
Potty Face quotes by George Weinberg
#15. I shall content myself with merely declaring my firm conviction that, for the seeker who would live in fear of God and who would see Him face to face, restraint in diet both as to quantity and quality is as essential as restraint in thought and speech. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
Potty Face quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#16. What else did he say?"
"Just that. He's going to The Eye, and he's sorry." She screwed up her face. "Oh, and some weird thing about telling you that he still feels the same way about that tent, and he promises to say it to you in person next time he sees you."
I gave a bark of laughter that was more of a sob, "That asshat," I blubbered.
Elodie nodded in sympathy. "Such an asshat."
When I'd left Thorne Abbey, I'd held Archer's sword and had a sense that somehow things would turn out all right. Please, I thought. The rest of my magic is back, so let me have that power, too.
But there was no reply except the whistling of the wind. - Author: Rachel Hawkins
Potty Face quotes by Rachel Hawkins
#17. Sometimes our LORD comes with a miracle.... Sometimes He gives us the Grace to face the difficulties of life." p. 29 - Author: Kathy Troccoli
Potty Face quotes by Kathy Troccoli
#18. Blind compassion is rooted in the belief that we are all doing the best that we can. When we are driven by blind compassion, we cut everyone far too much slack, making excuses for others' behavior and making nice in situations that require a forceful "no," an unmistakable voicing of displeasure, or a firm setting and maintaining of boundaries. These things can, and often should, be done out of love, but blind compassion keeps love too meek, sentenced to wearing a kind face. This is not the kindness of the Dalai Lama, which is rooted in courage, but rather a kindness rooted in fear, and not just the fear of confrontation, but also the fear of not coming across as a good or spiritual person. When we are engaged in blind compassion we rarely show any anger, for we not only believe that compassion has to be gentle, we are also frightened of upsetting anyone, especially to the point of their confronting us. - Author: Robert Augustus Masters
Potty Face quotes by Robert Augustus Masters
#19. I see Dr. Johnston at the end of the hall, walking toward us. He stops talking to the other doctors and gestures for me to wait. He holds up his hand: Stop. His face is eager yet unsmiling. I look in the other direction then back at him. His steps quicken, and I squint, for some reason pretending I don't recognize him. And I think: What if I'm wrong? What if Joanie doesn't make it out of this?
"Scottie," I say. "This way."
I walk in the other direction, away from Dr. Johnston, and she turns and follows me.
"Walk quickly," I tell her.
"It's a game. Let's race. Walk fast. Run."She takes off, her backpack jiggling on her back, and I follow her, walking quickly then breaking into a slow jog, and because Dr. Johnston is my friend's dad and was a friend of my father's, I feel like I'm fourteen again, running from the patriarchs. - Author: Kaui Hart Hemmings
Potty Face quotes by Kaui Hart Hemmings
#20. Are you going to cry, Mr. Bronson?" the child asked in concern, coming to stand beside his knees, staring into his downturned face. He managed to smile at her. "Just a little on the inside," he said raspily. He felt her little hand on his cheek, and he held utterly still as she kissed him on the nose. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
Potty Face quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#21. Royce Davenport, turn around and look at me," Pandora demands.

I pick up Lav and hold her up beside my face. "Would we lie to you?"

Pandora bites her lip and shakes her head. "You're not allowed to use her cuteness to get out of trouble. Come to Mama, little one."

She takes Lavender, and then I scoop the both of them in my arms and walk toward the door.

"Tell you what, why don't we let your parents watch little Lav tonight, and you and me have some alone time? You know, see what happens."

Pandora rolls her eyes, but I know she's thinking about it. - Author: Alexa Riley
Potty Face quotes by Alexa Riley
#22. You can't just repurpose old material created for one platform, throw it up on another one, and then be surprised when everyone yawns in your face. No one would ever think it was a good idea to use a print ad for a television commercial, or confuse a banner ad for a radio spot. Like their traditional media platform cousins, every social media platform has its own language. - Author: Gary Vaynerchuk
Potty Face quotes by Gary Vaynerchuk
#23. Perhaps I am here because of last night's dream, when I stood on the frozen lake before a kayak made of sealskin. I walked on the ice toward the boat and picked up a handful of shredded hide and guts. An old Eskimo man said, "You have much to work with." Suddenly, the kayak was stripped of its skin. It was a rib cage of willow. It was the skeleton of a fish. I want to see it for myself, wild exposure, in January, when this desert is most severe. The lake is like steel. I wrap my alpaca shawl tight around my face until only my eyes are exposed. I must keep walking to stay warm. Even the land is frozen. There is no give beneath my feet. I want to see the lake as Woman, as myself, in her refusal to be tamed. The State of Utah may try to dike her, divert her waters, build roads across her shores, but ultimately, it won't matter. She will survive us. I recognize her as a wilderness, raw and self-defined. Great Salt Lake strips me of contrivances and conditioning, saying, "I am not what you see. Question me. Stand by your own impressions." We are taught not to trust our own experiences. Great Salt Lake teaches me experience is all we have. - Author: Terry Tempest Williams
Potty Face quotes by Terry Tempest Williams
#24. He turned to leave, then hesitated. "One more thing."
He walked up to me. "I've also been thinking about your declaration of undying love or whatever."
"I didn't - it wasn't -"
He clamped his hands on the sides of my gooey face and kissed me.
I had to wonder: was it possible to dissolve into chocolate on a molecular level and melt into a puddle on the carpet? Because that's how I felt. I'm pretty sure Valhalla had to resurrect me several times during the course of that kiss. Otherwise, I don't know how I was still in one piece when Alex finally pulled away.
He studied me critically, his brown and amber eyes taking me in. He had a chocolate moustache and goatee now, and chocolate down the front of his sweater vest.
I'll be honest. A small part of my brain thought, Alex is male right now. I have just been kissed by a dude. How do I feel about that?
The rest of my brain answered: I have just been kissed by Alex Fierro. I am absolutely great with that.
In fact, I might have done something typically embarrassing and stupid, like making the aforementioned declaration of undying love, but Alex spared me.
"Eh." He shrugged. "I'll keep thinking about it. I'll get back to you. In the meantime, definitely take that shower."
He left, whistling a tune that might have been a Frank Sinatra song from the elevator, "Fly Me to the Moon". - Author: Rick Riordan
Potty Face quotes by Rick Riordan
#25. Tell me why you're so hard to forget. Don't remind me, I'm not over it. Tell me why, I can't seem to face the truth, I'm just a little too not over you. - Author: David Archuleta
Potty Face quotes by David Archuleta
#26. Here is something I never expected to feel: love at first sight for an entire family. But life suprises you. It tells you to close your eyes and blow out the candles, and then sometimes smashes your face into the cake before you can even make a wish. But! Sometimes, every once in a while, you get your wish in. You wish for a boy to spend the summer with, and instead life gives you his whole beauiful family. - Author: Emery Lord
Potty Face quotes by Emery Lord
#27. You look like Curran. You have that pissy exasperated look on your face. - Author: Ilona Andrews
Potty Face quotes by Ilona Andrews
#28. Give me the grace to be impatient for the time when I shall see You face to face and need no stimulus than that to adore You. - Author: Flannery O'Connor
Potty Face quotes by Flannery O'Connor
#29. The sounds of the battle raging about them were lost to Hannay. All he could hear was the rush of blood in his ears. He felt his face burn. The sergeant remained motionless, but Hannay noticed that he had clenched his jaw in anticipation of the strike. The lower lid on his left eye twitched under the tension in his jaw muscles. - Author: Martin Marais
Potty Face quotes by Martin Marais
#30. We should get these wet clothes off," I say conscious now of the cold.
A smile breaks over Colton's face. He raises an eyebrow. "Yeah? - Author: Jessi Kirby
Potty Face quotes by Jessi Kirby
#31. The two of them carefully stepped around the crime scene, picking up Nick's arms, legs and organs, and brought them back to his head. They placed his extremities into position, and then pieced in the gorier bits, assembling a gruesome jigsaw puzzle. In a few moments, most of Nick's body was in place.
The healing process took about twenty minutes. Elphaba and John stood spellbound as they watched a bloody collection of body parts reintegrate into a human form.
As Nick's sinews, nerves, and muscle knit back into place, the gaping wound in Esperto's body also closed, completing a few minutes before Nick's healing. The panther form quickly shrank back to housecat just as Nick sat up. Esperto jumped in his lap and licked the remnants of blood off his face.
"Thank you Esperto," Nick said. He looked at Elphaba and John. "Well, that could have gone better. - Author: Abramelin Keldor
Potty Face quotes by Abramelin Keldor
#32. Truth, purity, and unselfishness wherever these are present, there is no power below or above the sun to crush the possessor thereof. Equipped with these, one individual is able to face the whole universe in opposition. - Author: Swami Vivekananda
Potty Face quotes by Swami Vivekananda
#33. I need to dream.
I need to believe.
I need to know that I have some control in my life.
That if I work hard, that I will be rewarded.
That life is not arbitrary.
I need to believe that bad things happen to good people, for a greater reason.
That dedication, sacrifice, hard work, discipline are all worthy attributes that will eventually produce extraordinary results.
That if I live a certain lifestyle, that my family will be better for that.
That there is a direct link between my actions and my results.
That If I prepare properly that I can face the insurmountable foe and look him in the eye and say "Bring it on, I can take whatever you can dish out."
I need to keep living in order to save my daughter from dying. - Author: JohnA Passaro
Potty Face quotes by JohnA Passaro
#34. You can't undo anything you've already done, but you can face up to it. You can tell the truth. You can seek forgiveness. And then let God do the rest. - Author: Tertullian
Potty Face quotes by Tertullian
#35. 'Nuclear' is nothing but trouble. Do you say 'new-clear' or do you say 'nuke-you-ler'? Whoever invented that word had obviously never studied the human mouth. We don't have enough muscles in our face to make that group of letters come out smoothly. The word is missing a middle syllable, for cryin' out loud. - Author: Paul Feig
Potty Face quotes by Paul Feig
#36. Your face, LORD, do I seek. [5] 9 w Hide not your face from me. - Author: Anonymous
Potty Face quotes by Anonymous
#37. I think when you're live on TV in an unscripted environment a lot slips through the cracks of your real self. People can read my face, they know what I'm thinking. - Author: Andy Cohen
Potty Face quotes by Andy Cohen
#38. Mountains are only a problem when they are bigger than you. You should develop yourself so much that you become bigger than the mountains you face. - Author: Idowu Koyenikan
Potty Face quotes by Idowu Koyenikan
#39. When I opened my eyes, we were still surrounded by darkness. A lantern, standing on the ground, showed a bubbling well. The water splashing from the well disappeared, almost at once, under the floor on which I was lying, with my head on the knee of the man in the black cloak and the black mask. He was bathing my temples and his hands smelt of death. I tried to push them away and asked, 'Who are you? Where is the voice?' His only answer was a sigh. Suddenly, a hot breath passed over my face and I perceived a white shape, beside the man's black shape, in the darkness. The black shape lifted me on to the white shape, a glad neighing greeted my astounded ears and I murmured, 'Cesar!' The animal quivered. Raoul, I was lying half back on a saddle and I had recognized the white horse out of the PROFETA, which I had so often fed with sugar and sweets. I remembered that, one evening, there was a rumor in the theater that the horse had disappeared and that it had been stolen by the Opera ghost. I believed in the voice, but had never believed in the ghost. Now, however, I began to wonder, with a shiver, whether I was the ghost's prisoner. I called upon the voice to help me, for I should never have imagined that the voice and the ghost were one. You have heard about the Opera ghost, have you not, Raoul?"

"Yes, but tell me what happened when you were on the white horse of the Profeta?"

"I made no movement and let myself go. The black shape held me up, and I made no e - Author: Gaston Leroux
Potty Face quotes by Gaston Leroux
#40. I scurry out to the three-way mirror. With an extra-large sweatshirt over the top, you can hardly tell that they are Effert's jeans. Still no Mom. I adjust the mirror so I can see reflections of reflections, miles and miles of me and my new jeans. I hook my hair behind my ears. I should have washed it. My face is dirty. I lean into the mirror. Eyes after eyes after eyes stare back at me. Am I in there somewhere? A thousand eyes blink. No makeup. Dark circles. I pull the side flaps of the mirror in closer, folding myself into the looking glass and blocking out the rest of the store. My face becomes a Picasso sketch, my body slicing into dissecting cubes. I saw a movie once where a woman was burned over eighty percent of her body and they had to wash all the dead skin off. They wrapped her in bandages, kept her drugged, and waited for skin grafts. They actually sewed her into a new skin. - Author: Laurie Halse Anderson
Potty Face quotes by Laurie Halse Anderson
#41. turn your face towards the lances of rain, the soul towards ancient wisdom. And - Author: Arthur Rimbaud
Potty Face quotes by Arthur Rimbaud
#42. How he'd piss on the mattress and shove my face in it, force me to finger his ass while he'd beat himself off. - Author: E.K. Blair
Potty Face quotes by E.K. Blair
#43. And he spat in her face. Harry pulled the Cloak off himself, raised his wand and said, 'You shouldn't have done that.' As Amycus spun round, Harry shouted, 'Crucio!' The Death Eater was lifted off his feet. He writhed through the air like a drowning man, thrashing and howling in pain, and then, with a crunch and a shattering of glass, he smashed into the front of a bookcase and crumpled, insensible, to the floor. 'I see what Bellatrix meant,' said Harry, the blood thundering through his brain, 'you need to really mean it. - Author: J.K. Rowling
Potty Face quotes by J.K. Rowling
#44. Whelks are strange and comforting.
They have no notion of community life and they breed very quietly.
But they have a strong sense of personal dignity.
Even lying face down in a tray of vinegar there is something noble about a whelk.
Which cannot be said for everybody. - Author: Jeanette Winterson
Potty Face quotes by Jeanette Winterson
#45. We cannot change who we are. Sooner or later we will all have to face ourselves. - Author: Pam Jenoff
Potty Face quotes by Pam Jenoff

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