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#1. When I was 18, I couldn't wait to move away. I was like: 'If I ever have to come back here, I'll kill myself.' Glasgow seemed like failure and death to me back then, but not any more. - Author: Laura Fraser
Polliver Death quotes by Laura Fraser
#2. I was six when I first saw kittens drown.
Dan Taggart pitched them, 'the scraggy wee shits',
Into a bucket; a frail metal sound,

Soft paws scraping like mad. But their tiny din
Was soon soused. They were slung on the snout
Of the pump and the water pumped in.

'Sure isn't it better for them now?' Dan said.
Like wet gloves they bobbed and shone till he sluiced
Them out on the dunghill, glossy and dead.

Suddenly frightened, for days I sadly hung
Round the yard, watching the three sogged remains
Turn mealy and crisp as old summer dung

Until I forgot them. But the fear came back
When Dan trapped big rats, snared rabbits, shot crows
Or, with a sickening tug, pulled old hens' necks.

Still, living displaces false sentiments
And now, when shrill pups are prodded to drown,
I just shrug, 'Bloody pups'. It makes sense:

'Prevention of cruelty' talk cuts ice in town
Where they consider death unnatural,
But on well-run farms pests have to be kept down. - Author: Seamus Heaney
Polliver Death quotes by Seamus Heaney
#3. I am not functioning very well. Living with the knowledge that the baby is dead is painful. I feel so far away from you, God. I can only try to believe that you are sustaining me and guiding me through this. Please continue to stand by my side. - Author: Christine O'Keeffe Lafser
Polliver Death quotes by Christine O'Keeffe Lafser
#4. Only death will take me away from you, vampire girl," he whispered. "And even then, I'll watch over you from wherever I end up. - Author: Julie Kagawa
Polliver Death quotes by Julie Kagawa
#5. People are People still gets played to death on '80s stations. It was our first big break in America. It's not exactly my favorite song. - Author: Martin Gore
Polliver Death quotes by Martin Gore
#6. Hey, listen, I think the Arby's is hiring. Have you considered that? Their death rate is really low for the area." But - Author: Joseph Fink
Polliver Death quotes by Joseph Fink
#7. There are hundreds of Frank Lloyd Wright buildings around the United States and in other countries, too. Wright lived into his 90s, and one of his most famous buildings, the Guggenheim Museum in New York, was completed just before his death. Wright buildings look like Wright buildings - that is their paradox. - Author: Jane Smiley
Polliver Death quotes by Jane Smiley
#8. Some of us take death very seriously." Ms. Udell's words were icy. She looked at Jeff and Rick in turn; they each stared at their sneakers. "It is a solemn topic, and I hope that you will respect yourselves, your classmates, and life itself by treating it as such. - Author: Alex Gino
Polliver Death quotes by Alex Gino
#9. When Jesus cried, 'It is finished!' He was not speaking of the plan of redemption. There were still three days and nights to go through before He went to the throne ... Jesus' death on the cross was only the beginning of the complete work of redemption. - Author: Kenneth Copeland
Polliver Death quotes by Kenneth Copeland
#10. The wind and light on rock top hill and his voice and the rest, all the rest. All the days and lights and winds and years that would have been and that would not be. That should be and were not because he was dead. Shot dead on the road in the wind at 21. His mountains unclimbed, never to be climbed. - Author: Ursula K. Le Guin
Polliver Death quotes by Ursula K. Le Guin
#11. Veins of ivy scale stones,
find footholds but
the caretaker cuts
earth short, peels
creepers from Cotswold
rock and props the dead
head to head so they won't
topple like drunks
on their moss-soft shadows. - Author: Jalina Mhyana
Polliver Death quotes by Jalina Mhyana
#12. In the silence of the woods it felt like I could hear the passage of time, of life passing by. One person leaves, another appears. A thought flits away and another takes its place. One image bids farewell and another one appears on the scene. As the days piled up, I wore out, too, and was remade. Nothing stayed still. And time was lost. Behind me, time became dead grains of sand, which one after another gave way and vanished. I just sat there in front of the hole, listening to the sound of time dying. - Author: Haruki Murakami
Polliver Death quotes by Haruki Murakami
#13. Regarding factory-farmed animals We owe them a merciful death, and we owe them a merciful life. And when human beings cannot do something humanely, without degrading both the creatures and ourselves, then we should not do it at all. - Author: Matthew Scully
Polliver Death quotes by Matthew Scully
#14. You will go to the lady and say certain things as i instruct you
Suppose she sends for the police?
She will not send for the police
You cannot know that !
Mon cher, practically speaking, i know EVERYTHING - Author: Agatha Christie
Polliver Death quotes by Agatha Christie
#15. Sometimes, and I hate to say it, you do feel things are asked for in the most ludicrously unrealistic fashion. The time you are expected to make things in, and the money you are expected to make them for - that is the death of creativity. Just because some things can be made very cheaply does not mean everything can be. - Author: Darren Boyd
Polliver Death quotes by Darren Boyd
#16. Travel is useful, it exercises the imagination. All the rest is disappointment and fatigue. Our journey is entirely imaginary. That is its strength.
It goes from life to death. People, animals, cities, things, all are imagined. It's a novel, just a fictitious narrative. Littre says so and he's never wrong.
And besides, in the first place, anyone can do as much. You just have to close your eyes.
It's on the other side of life. - Author: Louis Ferdinand Celine
Polliver Death quotes by Louis Ferdinand Celine
#17. Don't depend on death to liberate you from your imperfections. You are exactly the same after death as you were before. Nothing changes; you only give up the body. If you are a thief or a liar or a cheater before death, you don't become an angel merely by dying. If such were possible, then let us all go and jump in the ocean now and become angels at once! Whatever you have made of yourself thus far, so will you be hereafter. And when you reincarnate, you will bring that same nature with you. To change, you have to make the effort. This world is the place to do it. - Author: Paramahansa Yogananda
Polliver Death quotes by Paramahansa Yogananda
#18. Marriage, like death, is a debt we owe to nature. - Author: Julia Ward Howe
Polliver Death quotes by Julia Ward Howe
#19. You know, I still can't get my head around what happened to Ana. She was there last week. She lent me a pen in English class. How can someone go from lending a pen to being dead? - Author: Lang Leav
Polliver Death quotes by Lang Leav
#20. He asks me if I'd like to see the apartment and I say 'Anytime,' and he says, 'Sure, why don't you come up now, then?' I can't think of a reason not to. There's nothing waiting for me at home but my refrigerator, my laptop, and death. - Author: Jami Attenberg
Polliver Death quotes by Jami Attenberg
#21. [Hitler] has grasped the falsity of the hedonistic attitude to life. Nearly all western thought since the last war, certainly all "progressive" thought, has assumed tacitly that human beings desire nothing beyond ease, security, and avoidance of pain. In such a view of life there is no room, for instance, for patriotism and the military virtues. Hitler, because in his own joyless mind he feels it with exceptional strength, knows that human beings don't only want comfort, safety, short working-hours, hygiene, birth-control and, in general, common sense; they also, at least intermittently, want struggle and self-sacrifice, not to mention drums, flag and loyalty-parades ... Whereas Socialism, and even capitalism in a grudging way, have said to people "I offer you a good time," Hitler has said to them "I offer you struggle, danger and death," and as a result a whole nation flings itself at his feet - Author: George Orwell
Polliver Death quotes by George Orwell
#22. Poetry is the language of intensity. Because we are going to die, an expression of intensity is justified. - Author: C.D. Wright
Polliver Death quotes by C.D. Wright
#23. Listen ... You could spend a lifetime trying to understand the works of evil men. Their joys are not ours. They love to inflict pain, create suffering, cause harm and death. It empowers them, for beneath the skin they are empty and worthless. - Author: David Gemmell
Polliver Death quotes by David Gemmell
#24. I'd witnessed how brutal this boy could be - he'd nearly beaten the man to death in front of me. Yet he was now touching my paintings gently, almost reverently.

I felt like a spy, like this was a moment I was never supposed to share. It seemed . . . intimate. When he touched the cane, I swore I could feel him aching for those fields, for that rain about to fall. - Author: Kresley Cole
Polliver Death quotes by Kresley Cole
#25. Just like the poles of a magnet, some people are drawn to death and others are repulsed by it, but we all have to deal with it. - Author: James Hetfield
Polliver Death quotes by James Hetfield
#26. Aron felt that something had to die--his mother or his world...He got to his feet and pushed his mother back into death and closed his mind against her. - Author: John Steinbeck
Polliver Death quotes by John Steinbeck
#27. I bequeath myself to the dirt to grow from the grass I love
If you want me again look for me under your boot-soles.
You will hardly know who I am or what I mean
But I shall be good health to you nonetheless
And filter and fibre your blood. - Author: Walt Whitman
Polliver Death quotes by Walt Whitman
#28. He's morbidly obese. He's unusually bloated. There are needle marks on his abdomen and thighs that indicate he's an insulin-dependent diabetic. His diet was fast food and Skittles.

Collier looked skeptical. "So Harding conveniently slipped into a diabetic coma during the middle of a death match? - Author: Karin Slaughter
Polliver Death quotes by Karin Slaughter
#29. I remember an old teacher of mine once saying that behind every dark cloud the sun was just waiting to boil you to death. - Author: David Gemmell
Polliver Death quotes by David Gemmell
#30. Nothing in Death Hunt makes a great deal of sense, though the scenery is rugged and the snowscapes beautiful. - Author: Vincent Canby
Polliver Death quotes by Vincent Canby
#31. They were together, and that was all that mattered. The food, the house, the cars, the money, the power, all inconsequential. She would tear it all down herself with her bare hands if she had to, because her family was alive, well, and surrounding her in love. It was how it should have been that night, and it was the last thing Abigail thought or saw in her minds eye as she faded off into the oblivion and unknown of death. - Author: Stephen Vaughn
Polliver Death quotes by Stephen Vaughn
#32. Strokes cause almost twice as many deaths as all accidents combined, but 80% of respondents judged accidental death to be more likely. Tornadoes were seen as more frequent killers than asthma, although the latter cause 20 times more deaths. Death by lightning was judged less likely than death from botulism even though it is 52 times more frequent. Death by disease is 18 times as likely as accidental death, but the two were judged about equally likely. Death by accidents was judged to be more than 300 times more likely than death by diabetes, but the true ratio is 1:4. The lesson is clear: estimates - Author: Daniel Kahneman
Polliver Death quotes by Daniel Kahneman
#33. Those lavender eyes owned him now as they did four years ago.
Where it all fucking started.
She became the starring role of his misery and his awakening.
He didn't know at the time it was with a little girl too damn young for his tongue or his hands. But that night, four years ago, Roux Tucker crashed into his life and demanded everything from him.
It almost led to his death, but he'd do it over and over and over.
She only had to demand it from him again. - Author: V. Theia
Polliver Death quotes by V. Theia
#34. R is a velocity of measure, defined as a reasonable speed of travel that is consistent with health, mental well-being, and not being more than, say, five minutes late. It is therefore clearly as almost infinite variable figure according to circumstances, since the first two factors vary not only with speed as an absolute, but also with awareness of the third factor. Unless handled with tranquility, this equation can result in considerable stress, ulcers, and even death. - Author: Douglas Adams
Polliver Death quotes by Douglas Adams
#35. Kate lost a mother," I said, "but I lost a nothing."
Kate doesn't feel that way," Jack assured me.
But what about everybody else besides Kate? How can I ever explain to anyone what she was when she and I had no name? People need names for everything. I wasn't a relative or a friend, I was just an object of her kindness."
He wiped my cheeks, saying Ssshh. I buried my face in his shoulder.
True kindness is stabilizing," I went on. "When you feel it and when you express it, it becomes the whole meaning of things. Like all there is to achieve. It's life, demystified. A place out of self, a network of simple pleasures, not a waltz, but like whirls within a waltz."
You're the one now," Jack said definitively. "That's why you met her. She had something she had to pass on." (p. 95) - Author: Hilary Thayer Hamann
Polliver Death quotes by Hilary Thayer Hamann
#36. Death is said in the Bible to be a coronation for the Christian. - Author: Billy Graham
Polliver Death quotes by Billy Graham

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