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#1. You're right... you win. I still remember you. Probably... - Author: Tasaro Galaksi Kinanthi: Sekali Mencintai Sudah Itu Mati
Politikus Itu quotes by Tasaro Galaksi Kinanthi: Sekali Mencintai Sudah Itu Mati
#2. Geneva has a long history of hosting international organizations, which is part of the reason why CERN is here. CERN has signed agreements with the ITU, WIPO and the WMO. At first sight, there may not seem to be much common ground between CERN and, say, the World Meteorological Organization, but scratch the surface, and you'll soon find a common thread. All of these organizations have a vocation to stimulate technological innovation, and together we're stronger. - Author: Rolf-Dieter Heuer
Politikus Itu quotes by Rolf-Dieter Heuer
#3. is not a religion it must be true before we get to death...( tidaklah suatu agama itu pasti benar sebelum sampai kita kepada kematian ) - Author: Heru Budiman
Politikus Itu quotes by Heru Budiman

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