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#1. And what is the reaction of the British politcal class? Well the Lib Dems, still think that the Euro is a success! I don't quiet think where Cleggy gets this from, I don't know. Prehaps he is cosidering an alternative career, as a stand up comedian, once he's out of politics. - Author: Nigel Farage
Politcal quotes by Nigel Farage
#2. There ought not be two histories, one of political and moral action and one of political and moral theorizing, because there were not two pasts, one populated only by actions, the other only by theories. Every action is the bearer and expression of more or less theory-laden beliefs and concepts; every piece of theorizing and every expression of belief is a politcal and moral action. - Author: Alasdair McIntyre
Politcal quotes by Alasdair McIntyre
#3. Imagine that the country is like a dog. The terrorist attacks are like fleas biting the dog, but what the terrorists are really after is not to bite the dog. It's to have the dog, in an attempt to get the fleas on him, chew himself to pieces. - Author: Dan Carlin
Politcal quotes by Dan Carlin
#4. Arrogance was one of the key factors that kept the white left so factionalized. I felt that instead of fighting against a common enemy, they wasted time quarreling with each other about who has the right line.
Although i respected the work and political positions of many groups on the left, i felt it was necessary for Black people to come together and organize our own structures and our own politcal party ...
I felt, and still feel, that it is necessary for Black revolutionaries to come together, analyze our history, our present condition, and to define ourselves and our struggle. - Author: Assata Shakur
Politcal quotes by Assata Shakur
#5. They did it quite a lot after that first encounter" ... when Jill remembers first meeting the dashing Baron. - Author: Lisa McKnight
Politcal quotes by Lisa McKnight
#6. At the basis of these swindles and manipulations lies socialised production; but the immense progress of humanity, which achieved this socialisation, goes to benefit the speculators. - Author: Vladimir Lenin
Politcal quotes by Vladimir Lenin
#7. Wait, Richard Cheney, as in Dick Cheney? You're a vampire named Dick Cheney? Somehow, that makes you seem more evil. - Author: Molly Harper
Politcal quotes by Molly Harper

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