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I know more polkas than Frankie Yankovic. I grew up next door to the Polka Tavern in Milwaukee. I can sing some polkas. And proud of that. ~ Al Jarreau
Pogorelc Milwaukee quotes by Al Jarreau
Between my first book tour, in 2003, and the next one, in 2009, many of the places I visited had undergone a significant transformation or vanished: Cody's in Berkeley, seven branch libraries in Philadelphia, twelve of the fourteen bookstores in Harvard Square, Harry W. Schwartz in Milwaukee and, in my own hometown of Washington, D.C., Olsson's and Chapters. ~ Azar Nafisi
Pogorelc Milwaukee quotes by Azar Nafisi
First of all, I want you to think of the city as a collection of people. That's easy, right? You think of Minneapolis or Chicago or Milwaukee, you think of hundreds of thousands of people. Millions of people. That's what you think of right away. Maybe you think of sky-scrapers too, I don't know. But I think of people. The next thing you should think about is ideas. Think of each of those millions of people as a set of ideas. Like, That woman is a ballerina, she thinks about ballet. Or, that man is an architect, he thinks about buildings. If you begin thinking about it that way, a city is the greatest place in the world. It's millions of people, brushing up against one another, exchanging ideas, all the time, at every hour of the day. ~ Nickolas Butler
Pogorelc Milwaukee quotes by Nickolas Butler
Milwaukee used to be flush with good jobs. But throughout the second half of the twentieth century, bosses in search of cheap labor moved plants overseas or to Sunbelt communities, where unions were weaker or didn't exist. Between 1979 and 1983, Milwaukee's manufacturing sector lost more jobs than during the Great Depression - about 56,000 of them. The city where virtually everyone had a job in the postwar years saw its unemployment rate climb into the double digits. Those who found new work in the emerging service industry took a pay cut. As one historian observed, 'Machinists in the old Allis-Chalmers plant earned at least $11.60 an hour; clerks in the shopping center that replaced much of that plant in 1987 earned $5.23. ~ Matthew Desmond
Pogorelc Milwaukee quotes by Matthew Desmond
One can see the results of those policies in hundreds of communities around my State. As one might expect, our largest communities
places like Milwaukee, Madison, and Green Bay
lost thousands of jobs as a result of those trade policies, most notably NAFTA and permanent most-favored-nation status for China. ~ Russ Feingold
Pogorelc Milwaukee quotes by Russ Feingold
I wouldn't even feel sorry for us if I was going against us. I know teams are licking their chops. The Bulls or Milwaukee, they're excited. Even though somebody is hurt they're still excited because they feel like we're a man down and we might not be as strong, but we're confident here. We got the players to still make something special happen. Guys just have to step up as a unit. ~ Tristan Thompson
Pogorelc Milwaukee quotes by Tristan Thompson
To this day, whenever I'm in Milwaukee, which is often, I'm reminded that the people there still haven't gotten over the Braves leaving ... If it helps, they should know the players haven't either. ~ Hank Aaron
Pogorelc Milwaukee quotes by Hank Aaron
I rooted for the Milwaukee Brewers and its stars, Robin Yount and Paul Molitor. I went to a lot of games, including the World Series in 1982. The Brewers may have been a bad team for most of my life, but to have your team at its peak when you are thirteen years old is an experience I wish for every fan. ~ David Einhorn
Pogorelc Milwaukee quotes by David Einhorn
It's valuable to me as an artist and actor to explore all kinds of outlets. So if a local filmmaker in Milwaukee had a good story, I'd be part of it in a second. ~ Tanya Fischer
Pogorelc Milwaukee quotes by Tanya Fischer
Milwaukee has more bars and more churches per capita than almost any other city in North America. I'm not sure if there's a relationship in that. Does too much prayer cause you to drink? Or vice versa? ~ Nanci Rathbun
Pogorelc Milwaukee quotes by Nanci Rathbun
Tucker: You guys going to Milwaukee? Guy: Yes sir, heading home after a vacation. Tucker: Did you know there are midgets in Milwaukee? [The man and his wife are silent and confused.] Tucker: HUNDREDS OF THEM! ~ Tucker Max
Pogorelc Milwaukee quotes by Tucker Max
I was born in Washington, D.C., and I was raised in Milwaukee. ~ Kristen Johnston
Pogorelc Milwaukee quotes by Kristen Johnston
St. Louis is closer to Minneapolis than Milwaukee is. ~ Bud Selig
Pogorelc Milwaukee quotes by Bud Selig
For it must be remembered that at the time I knew quite nothing, naturally, concerning Milo Payne, the mysterious Cockney-talking Englishman with the checkered long-beaked Sherlockholmsian cap; nor of the latter's 'Barr-Bag,' which was as like my own bag as one Milwaukee wienerwurst is like another; nor of Legga, the Human Spider, with her four legs and her six arms; nor of Ichabod Chang, ex-convict, and son of Dong Chang; nor of the elusive poetess, Abigail Sprigge; nor of the Great Simon, with his 2,163 pearl buttons; nor of - in short, I then knew quite nothing about anything or anybody involved in the affair of which I had now become a part, unless perchance it were my Nemesis, Sophie Kratzenschneiderw├╝mpel - or Suing Sophie! ~ Harry Stephen Keeler
Pogorelc Milwaukee quotes by Harry Stephen Keeler
I'm a Brewers fan. I was born in Milwaukee, so I'm all Wisconsin teams all day. ~ Colin Kaepernick
Pogorelc Milwaukee quotes by Colin Kaepernick
Whenever I think of Milwaukee, I think of the American League. Hmm, Boston, Atlanta, weren't they the Browns, too? ~ Mike Shannon
Pogorelc Milwaukee quotes by Mike Shannon
The weirdest thing about Tibet is that the most popular beer is Pabst Blue Ribbon. Everywhere, even on the slopes of Everest, cans of Pabst lay alongside the road labeled, 'Established in Milwaukee in 1849'. ~ Scott Stoll
Pogorelc Milwaukee quotes by Scott Stoll
MILWAUKEE- President Barack Obama went to Milwaukee on Monday to talk up an improving economy and push Congress to boost the minimum wage. ~ Anonymous
Pogorelc Milwaukee quotes by Anonymous
Well, when people ask where I'm from, I usually say the Midwest, because that covers both homes, in a way. Obviously I was born in Omaha, but when people say, "Where do you come from," we'll say Milwaukee. I mean Jennifer was certainly born in Milwaukee, and that's where I spent a big chunk of my adult life, so we usually say we came here from Milwaukee. That's usually how it's referenced is we're from Milwaukee, yeah. ~ Peter Buffett
Pogorelc Milwaukee quotes by Peter Buffett
I could make thousands of dollars in Broadway musicals, but among the best experiences I had was doing 'Hamlet' in Milwaukee and a version of 'Cyrano' that my wife wrote for me on a bus-and-truck tour. ~ John Cullum
Pogorelc Milwaukee quotes by John Cullum
I'm from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I moved to L.A. when I was about eleven years old. I always go back to Milwaukee whenever I can. Just chill with my grandpa and my grandmother and just be with family, be with people that were there before I got a million views on YouTube because of my music video. ~ Jacob Latimore
Pogorelc Milwaukee quotes by Jacob Latimore
Milwaukee, Wisconsin is a place that I feel like it's undervalued. It's one of the most amazing cities I've been to. It has the most to offer. ~ Danny Gokey
Pogorelc Milwaukee quotes by Danny Gokey
In Milwaukee last month a man died laughing over one of his own jokes. That's what makes it so tough for us outsiders. We have to fight home competition. ~ Robert Benchley
Pogorelc Milwaukee quotes by Robert Benchley
I remember one time I'm batting against the Dodgers in Milwaukee. They lead, 2 - 1, it's the bottom of the ninth, bases loaded, two out and the pitcher has a full count on me. I look over to the Dodger dugout and they're all in street clothes. ~ Bob Uecker
Pogorelc Milwaukee quotes by Bob Uecker
The kind of acting I used to enjoy no longer exists because your prime consideration is the budget, running time, the cost - and whether they'll understand it in Milwaukee. ~ Dirk Bogarde
Pogorelc Milwaukee quotes by Dirk Bogarde
If you count all forms of involuntary displacement - formal and informal evictions, landlord foreclosures, building condemnations - you discover that between 2009 and 2011 more than 1 in 8 Milwaukee renters experienced a forced move. ~ Matthew Desmond
Pogorelc Milwaukee quotes by Matthew Desmond
I sit at my desk
each night with no place to go,
opening the wrinkled maps of Milwaukee and Buffalo,
the whole U.S.,
its cemeteries, its arbitrary time zones,
through routes like small veins, capitals like small stones. ~ Anne Sexton
Pogorelc Milwaukee quotes by Anne Sexton
I've owned a business for 26 years. My family isn't in politics and my supporters aren't special interest groups in Madison and Milwaukee. ~ Mark Neumann
Pogorelc Milwaukee quotes by Mark Neumann
Well, Milwaukee is a special place to me. It's where I started my career playing in Appleton. Getting cheered on the road is something I haven't been use to. ~ Alex Rodriguez
Pogorelc Milwaukee quotes by Alex Rodriguez
It's why we oppose Citizens United from that right-wing Supreme Court. In 2012, I also said the Tea Party "acted like terrorists" and called a donut shop manager in Milwaukee who wanted lower taxes a "smartass." And I said the number one issue is a three-letter word, J-O-B-S." I'm proud of who I am. ~ Joe Biden
Pogorelc Milwaukee quotes by Joe Biden
When I go across the country, whether it's Albuquerque, New Mexico, whether it's Birmingham, Alabama or Milwaukee, Wisconsin, there are always forces at play that I choose to relate to and extract inspiration from, and as long as they stay committed to the struggle against poverty, I find a role for myself. ~ Harry Belafonte
Pogorelc Milwaukee quotes by Harry Belafonte
What the Hell. In 1988, I was the AWA heavyweight champion and I never came to Milwaukee. ~ Jerry Lawler
Pogorelc Milwaukee quotes by Jerry Lawler
I was just getting out of a shootaround in Milwaukee when I found out. I took out my insoles (from my shoes) and I was out of there. ~ Dan McCarney
Pogorelc Milwaukee quotes by Dan McCarney
When I was a teenager in Milwaukee in the 1980s, life was pretty boring, and I found myself riveted by the sheer melodrama of everyday life of the 1960s. ~ Rick Perlstein
Pogorelc Milwaukee quotes by Rick Perlstein
Milwaukee one of my favorite cites; I think Milwaukee is #1. ~ Dar Williams
Pogorelc Milwaukee quotes by Dar Williams
And y'all scared I can tell
That I'mma get Bucks like Milwaukee, cause like Sam, I ca' sell. ~ Jadakiss
Pogorelc Milwaukee quotes by Jadakiss
You can't trust anything on the Internet."
"Can, too," I said, completed offended.
"So, if I posted a comment saying I was an Arabian prince from Milwaukee?"
"Yeah, but you're a big fat liar. You don't count. I mean, look at your dad. Pathological liar numeral uno. Lying is in your genes."
He leaned forward. There's only one thing in my jeans right now. ~ Darynda Jones
Pogorelc Milwaukee quotes by Darynda Jones
He'd been living a lie since he arrived. He'd pretended to be a local, yet had loathed everything about Milwaukee. Now Al knew differently. He didn't want to be anything else but himself: a cheese curd-loving, festival-going, Brew Crew fan who adored the most incredible chef in the city. ~ Amy E. Reichert
Pogorelc Milwaukee quotes by Amy E. Reichert
One time I dropped a fly ball in Milwaukee and, after the game, the writers asked me what happened. I told them, 'Well, I was looking up and a UFO flew right across. It was weird. I never saw anything like that in my life.' Man, I was only joking and they wrote it up and put it in the paper. ~ Jesse Barfield
Pogorelc Milwaukee quotes by Jesse Barfield
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