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#1. The trouble with aggressive nonsmokers is that they feel they are doing you a favor by not allowing you to smoke. They seem to think that one day you'll look back and thank them for those precious fifteen seconds they just added to your life. What they don't understand is that those are just fifteen more seconds you can spend hating their guts and plotting revenge. - Author: David Sedaris
Plotting Revenge quotes by David Sedaris
#2. What you're saying is this spider, with a brain the size of strawberry seed, hid in your car with its face covered to avoid being gassed by insect spray." He stood in front of me, laughing, peering down into my eyes. "And then, when the fumes dispersed, he set about plotting revenge. Once he'd come up with his plan, he exited your car and, even though he didn't see which direction you went in, he found the front door because he knew you were inside this house." Biting down on his bottom lip, Ric smirked. "Don't you think, if he was as smart as all that, he'd have worn a mask before he ran out from under visor so you couldn't recognise him on your doormat? - Author: Zathyn Priest
Plotting Revenge quotes by Zathyn Priest
#3. Revenge, I've come to learn, is not impulsive, or reactionary, or blind. It's calculating, patient, and observant. And if it's going to work- the timing must be perfect. - Author: Dawn Klehr
Plotting Revenge quotes by Dawn Klehr
#4. I could not, somehow, make contact with any familiar emotion. As I lingered in front of a lighted window, apparently beguiled by a pair of burgundy leather shoes, I could only identify a feeling of exclusion. I felt as if the laws of the universe no longer applied to me, since I was outside the normal frames of reference. A biological nonentity, to be phased out. And somewhere, intruding helplessly and to no avail into my consciousness, the anger of the underdog, plotting bloody revolution, plotting revenge. - Author: Anita Brookner
Plotting Revenge quotes by Anita Brookner
#5. How did I get to be a grown-up? At times, I find myself still sitting on the hillside, plotting revenge against the adult world. - Author: Erica Jong
Plotting Revenge quotes by Erica Jong
#6. That I am totally devoid of sympathy for, or interest in, the world of groups is directly attributable to the fact that my two greatest needs and desires - smoking cigarettes and plotting revenge - are basically solitary pursuits. - Author: Fran Lebowitz
Plotting Revenge quotes by Fran Lebowitz
#7. Some people, he says, they hide themselves away from the eyes of the world. They hunker down and shiver. They find four walls high enough to put between them and everything else. Those people, to them the world is a frightful place. See, you and me, we're different. When we are called on to move, we move. It don't matter the cause or the distance. Revenge or ministration, reason or folly - it's all the same to us. - Author: Alden Bell
Plotting Revenge quotes by Alden Bell
#8. Some children like to make castles out of their rice pudding, or faces with raisins for eyes. It is forbidden
so sternly that, when they grow up, they take a horrid revenge by dying meringues pale blue or baking birthday cakes in the form of horseshoes or lyres or whatnot. - Author: Julia Child
Plotting Revenge quotes by Julia Child
#9. I was a Yankee fan in Brooklyn because my father was a Yankee fan. And my father was required to live in Brooklyn with my mother's family, who were all Dodger fans. So he was surrounded by Dodger fans. He was a Yankee fan. So his revenge was to make me a Yankee fan. - Author: Rudy Giuliani
Plotting Revenge quotes by Rudy Giuliani
#10. As you journey through life take a minute every now and then to give a thought for the other fellow. He could be plotting something. - Author: Dik Browne
Plotting Revenge quotes by Dik Browne
#11. Ingratitude is a crime more despicable than revenge, which is only returning evil for evil, while ingratitude returns evil for good. - Author: William George Jordan
Plotting Revenge quotes by William George Jordan
#12. Do you who are a Christian desire to be revenged and vindicated, and the death of Jesus Christ has not yet been revenged, nor His innocence vindicated? - Author: Saint Augustine
Plotting Revenge quotes by Saint Augustine
#13. A shotgun wedding performed by a fornicating vicar, featuring a reluctant bridegroom in love with the vicar's housekeeper and a frothing bride hellbent on revenge. - Author: Elizabeth George
Plotting Revenge quotes by Elizabeth George
#14. You don't need to justify what I do. I do what I have to do to survive because that's all I know. I don't make excuses, I own it. This is me, this is who I am, this is my life. It shames me but not enough to stop. At one point, this was all about revenge; it was about getting the men who got my father and my mother. But somewhere along the way, I forgot about the beast. Vengeance is a beast, you know. It can be tamed. I just stopped feeding it. - Author: Karina Halle
Plotting Revenge quotes by Karina Halle
#15. It certainly is a very difficult group,. We're still bleeding after the Champions League final and want our revenge. - Author: Paolo Maldini
Plotting Revenge quotes by Paolo Maldini
#16. You have to step through the gate, the false barrier of your critical mind, to see all the ways we habitually reject the very place our lives have landed us. And then, we have to stop plotting an escape. That's what practice is for: staying put. - Author: Karen Maezen Miller
Plotting Revenge quotes by Karen Maezen Miller
#17. Villain Foulon taken, my sister! Old Foulon taken, my mother! Miscreant Foulon taken, my daughter! Then, a score of others ran into the midst of these, beating their breasts, tearing their hair, and screaming, Foulon alive! Foulon who told the starving people they might eat grass! Foulon who told my old father that he might eat grass, when I had no bread to give him! Foulon who told my baby it might suck grass, when these breasts were dry with want! O mother of God, this Foulon! O Heaven our suffering! Hear me, my dead baby and my withered father: I swear on my knees, on these stones, to avenge you on Foulon! Husbands, and brothers, and young men, Give us the blood of Foulon, Give us the head of Foulon, Give us the heart of Foulon, Give us the body and soul of Foulon, Rend Foulon to pieces, and dig him into the ground, that grass may grow from him! - Author: Charles Dickens
Plotting Revenge quotes by Charles Dickens
#18. You better explain before I start plotting your murder."

His eyes crinkled. "You'd never get away with it."

"At this point, I don't mind doing time. - Author: Kristen Ashley
Plotting Revenge quotes by Kristen Ashley
#19. Revenge is like a poison in our heart before you now it; turns us into something ugly - Author: Abdulazeez Henry Musa
Plotting Revenge quotes by Abdulazeez Henry Musa
#20. Revenge is good. I think revenge is healthy too, and if you can use music in that way, a sort of therapeutic way for yourself, it can't do any harm. So if King (For A Day ... Fool For A Lifetime) is angry in any way, it's angry in a random, chaotic, healthy way. Like the guy who goes into a building, shoots a bunch of holes in the wall and then leaves. He didn't kill anybody. - Author: Mike Patton
Plotting Revenge quotes by Mike Patton
#21. I don't mind having to die now, for I see that he is the cause of my death is about to share the same fate. - Author: Aesop
Plotting Revenge quotes by Aesop
#22. I belonged to a small minority of boys who were lacking in physical strength and athletic prowess ... We found our refuge in science ... We learned that science is a revenge of victims against oppressors, that science is a territory of freedom and friendship in the midst of tyranny and hatred. - Author: Freeman Dyson
Plotting Revenge quotes by Freeman Dyson
#23. When an editor works with an author, she cannot help seeing into the medicine cabinet of his soul. All the terrible emotions, the desire for vindications, the paranoia, and the projection are bottled in there, along with all the excesses of envy, desire for revenge, all the hypochondriacal responses, rituals, defenses, and the twin obsessions with sex and money. It other words, the stuff of great books. - Author: Betsy Lerner
Plotting Revenge quotes by Betsy Lerner
#24. Her jaw dropped. "You - you -"
He chuckled and winked at her. Her ire evaporated like the steam from the pot--coiling and disappearing into the air. When he used his wiles on her, he was tantalizing. With that purely happy look on his face he was devastating.
"You do realize that I will have my revenge?" she said calmly, though her heart was racing.
"I could hope for no less." He flashed her a grin, and she gripped the side of the table to keep from moving closer.
"I dislike you."
"Always a comfort to know." He looked at the kitchen clock, a small mantel piece positioned precariously on a shelf. "Right on time for the night."
She blinked. She supposed it was something of a nightly ritual. "Wouldn't want to disappoint you, your highness."
"Your majesty, if you will. - Author: Anne Mallory
Plotting Revenge quotes by Anne Mallory
#25. Can I kiss you?" Marina asks him [Eight].
"I really wish you would. - Author: Pittacus Lore
Plotting Revenge quotes by Pittacus Lore
#26. Meekness: Uncommon patience in planning a revenge that is worth while. - Author: Ambrose Bierce
Plotting Revenge quotes by Ambrose Bierce
#27. Oh, I am no friend of present-day Christianity, though its founder was sublime- I have seen through present-day Christianity only too well. That icy coldness mesmerized even me, in my youth- but I have taken my revenge since then. How? By worshipping the love which they, the theologians, call sin, by respecting a whore, etc, To some, woman is heresy and diabolical. To me she is the opposite.ov - Author: Vincent Van Gogh
Plotting Revenge quotes by Vincent Van Gogh
#28. It is by our actions that we are destroyed or saved. The choice is ours. - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Plotting Revenge quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#29. What the eff are you two alcoholics talking about? You're all hovering over each other like you're plotting to take over the world. You know you can't do any of that fun stuff without me. - Author: Christine Zolendz
Plotting Revenge quotes by Christine Zolendz
#30. I'm being quite reasonable, Sophie. We love each other, and I'll be damned if I let you toss that away. You're right, we might not be youthful lovers, but by God, I don't want any other woman in my bed but you. We're not old yet, but I want to grow old with you. And while I'd be proud and delighted if you bore me an heir, it doesn't matter to me if that never happens. I'm not giving you up. Not for money, not for an heir, not for age, not for anything. - Author: Monica Burns
Plotting Revenge quotes by Monica Burns
#31. I almost let him die. I did. I'm not proud of that now. It was a mistake. But when all you can think of is revenge, you don't think straight. I haven't for a long time. I've plotted and manipulated and stolen to get what I want, and it's cost me everything. When I lost my mother, I lost a bit of myself to the hatred. It clouded my judgment. I couldn't think straight anymore, and I lost both my father and brother because of it. I lost the love of my life. I lost the respect of my fellow Bloods. I lost control over you. By using deception to get my revenge, I lost everything, Kara. I lost everything that ever used to matter to me. - Blood Gavin - Author: S.M. Boyce
Plotting Revenge quotes by S.M. Boyce
#32. Revenge is a dish best served unexpectedly and from a distance - like a thrown trifle. - Author: Frances Hardinge
Plotting Revenge quotes by Frances Hardinge
#33. Ours is a nation that does not seek revenge. - Author: George W. Bush
Plotting Revenge quotes by George W. Bush
#34. I just can't right now," she said, staring down at her design book. "Price, I can't. I'm sorry." She bit her lip and went silent. I looked back at my blueprints. Someday I'd punish her for this. Someday I'd exact revenge for all my suffering and make her beg for my touch and my cock. She thought I had too much power to hurt her? She hadn't seen anything yet. - Author: Annabel Joseph
Plotting Revenge quotes by Annabel Joseph
#35. The lesson from the smith and wesson is depressin'. - Author: The Notorious B.I.G.
Plotting Revenge quotes by The Notorious B.I.G.
#36. Lex studied her. "Wait a sec. You're happy here?"
The expression on Cordy's face confirmed this. "Not gonna lie, Lex. It's pretty bitchin'."
"So I've been worried sick about you this whole time, picturing you miserable and wrecked and plotting my excruciating demise, and you're telling me this has all been a summer cruise?"
"Yeah. Sorry. - Author: Gina Damico
Plotting Revenge quotes by Gina Damico
#37. I've always been interested in themes of memory, paranoia, and revenge. - Author: Jonathan Nolan
Plotting Revenge quotes by Jonathan Nolan
#38. I don't think you should support the death penalty to seek revenge. I don't think that's right. I think the reason to support the death penalty is because it saves other people's lives. - Author: George W. Bush
Plotting Revenge quotes by George W. Bush
#39. On the 'Revenge' set, even if they're not showing my feet, I'll still wear my heels because it gets me in the feeling of Ashley Davenport. - Author: Ashley Madekwe
Plotting Revenge quotes by Ashley Madekwe
#40. She said the word often enough, and there could be no doubt that she meant to say it; but if the often repeated word had been hate instead of love - despair - revenge - dire death - it could not have sounded from her lips more like a curse. (29.88) - Author: Charles Dickens
Plotting Revenge quotes by Charles Dickens
#41. I was ready to approach her with my English charm, when her brass knuckled boyfriend grabbed me by the arm. - Author: Elton John
Plotting Revenge quotes by Elton John
#42. Confession: Imagine if love, not law, was the standard by which we learned to examine ourselves and confess our sins against God, neighbor, and the earth we share. Imagine if each week we were guided into the kind of self-examination that helped us name and turn from our unloving acts in recent days. And imagine if, along with confessing our sins, we confessed or named our hurts, the places where others have wounded us, so that we could process our pain and then respond in a way that doesn't give in to resentment or revenge. - Author: Brian McLaren
Plotting Revenge quotes by Brian McLaren
#43. What goes around, comes around. - Author: Willie Nelson
Plotting Revenge quotes by Willie Nelson
#44. Did Jack Woltz have the balls to risk everything, to run the chance of losing all on a matter of principle, on a matter of honor; for revenge? - Author: Mario Puzo
Plotting Revenge quotes by Mario Puzo
#45. Anger is uneasiness or discomposure of the mind upon the receipt of any injury, with a present purpose of revenge - Author: John Locke
Plotting Revenge quotes by John Locke
#46. What if there existed a dark kingdom forged on a web of evil spells, with a conniving king plotting to infiltrate the dreams of children all over the world? - Author: Bernice Fischer
Plotting Revenge quotes by Bernice Fischer
#47. Kris was in black running shorts and a tight gray T-shirt constructed from some sort of magical material that clung to his muscles and triggered a gush of epinephrine while her amygdala attempted to reconcile two conflicting signals from her prefrontal cortex: attraction and revenge. "All - Author: Sarah Strohmeyer
Plotting Revenge quotes by Sarah Strohmeyer
#48. He encouraged me by spending afternoons at my side hunched over maps of the world, plotting imaginary expeditions with trails of red pushpins and telling me about the fantastic places I would discover one day. - Author: Ransom Riggs
Plotting Revenge quotes by Ransom Riggs
#49. Buy this book or I'll take it personally, and I will have my revenge. I'll steal your girlfriend or make out with your dad. It doesn't matter to me. Whichever will hurt worse. My vengeance knows no sexuality. You don't want this. Your dad does though. Yeah, like you didn't know your parents' marriage was a sham. Come on. Open your fucking eyes. - Author: Paul Neilan
Plotting Revenge quotes by Paul Neilan
#50. Revenge is a dish that tastes best when served cold. - Author: Mario Puzo
Plotting Revenge quotes by Mario Puzo
#51. When you repay evil with evil, you become evil. - Author: Wayne Gerard Trotman
Plotting Revenge quotes by Wayne Gerard Trotman
#52. Vengeance, retaliation, retribution, revenge are deceitful brothers - vile, beguiling demons promising justifiable compensation to a pained soul for his losses. Yet in truth they craftily fester away all else of worth remaining. - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich
Plotting Revenge quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich

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