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#1. Wit was insulting each person as they stepped onto the island. "Brightness Marakal! What a
disaster that hairstyle is; how brave of you to show it to the world. Brightlord Marakal, I wish you'd
warned us you were going to attend; I'd have forgone supper. I do so hate being sick after a full meal.
Brightlord Cadilar! How good it is to see you. Your face reminds me of someone dear to me."
"Really?" wizened Cadilar said, hesitating.
"Yes," Wit said, waving him on, "my horse. Ah, Brightlord Neteb, you smell unique today - did you
attack a wet whitespine, or did one just sneeze on you? Lady Alami! No, please, don't speak - it's much
easier to maintain my illusions regarding your intelligence that way. And Brightlord Dalinar." Wit nodded
to Dalinar as he passed. "Ah, my dear Brightlord Taselin. Still engaged in your experiment to prove a
maximum threshold of human idiocy? Good for you! Very empirical of you. - Author: Brandon Sanderson
Please Prove Me Wrong quotes by Brandon Sanderson
#2. I only let myself think about this moment one time on the way here. I told
myself if you gave me another chance, I would take this slow and somehow prove to you that you're the only one that ever mattered to me. I'm willing to spend the rest of my life showing you how much you mean to me. I'll work every single day to be the man you deserve, but let me make love to you tonight. Let me know what it's like to feel you again. Please. - Author: Kindle Alexander
Please Prove Me Wrong quotes by Kindle Alexander
#3. I still stared at Daemon, completely aware that everyone else except him was watching me. Closely. But why wouldn't he look at me? A razor-sharp panic clawed at my insides. No. This couldn't be happening. No way.

My body was moving before I even knew what I was doing.

From the corner of my eye, I saw Dee shake her head and one of the Luxen males step forward, but I was propelled by an inherent need to prove that my worst fears were not coming true.

After all, he'd healed me, but then I thought of what Dee had said, of how Dee had behaved with me. What if Daemon was like her? Turned into something so foreign and cold? He would've healed me just to make sure he was okay.

I still didn't stop.
 Please, I thought over and over again. Please. Please. Please. On shaky legs, I crossed the long room, and even though Daemon hadn't seemed to even acknowledge my existence, I walked right up to him, my hands trembling as I placed them on his chest.

"Daemon?" I whispered, voice thick.

His head whipped around, and he was suddenly staring down at me. Our gazes collided once more, and for a second I saw something so raw, so painful in those beautiful eyes. And then his large hands wrapped around my upper arms. The contact seared through the shirt I wore, branding my skin, and I thought - I expected - that he would pull me against him, that he would embrace me, and even though nothing would be all right, it would be better.

Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Please Prove Me Wrong quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#4. Please give me a death goal; I want to prove my credibility - Author: Rana Zahid Iqbal
Please Prove Me Wrong quotes by Rana Zahid Iqbal
#5. Please God give me the power to stay patient and focused through good times and the bad times which you always prove to be the best and most positive times of my life - Author: Hisham Fawzi
Please Prove Me Wrong quotes by Hisham Fawzi
#6. Rory: Amy. I'm gonna need a little help here.
Amy: Just stop it!
Rory: Just think it through, this will work. This will kill the Angels.
Amy: it will kill you too.
Rory: Will it? River said that this place would be erased from time, never existed. If this place never existed what did I fall off?
Amy: You think you'll just come back to life.
Rory: When don't I?
Amy: Rory -
Rory: Anyway, what else is there? Dying of old age downstairs, never seeing you again? Amy, please. If you love me, then trust me and push.
Amy: I can't.
Rory: You have to!
Amy: Could you? Could you if it was me? Could you do it?
Rory: To save you, I could do anything.
Amy: Prove it.
Rory: But I can't take you too.
Amy: You said we'd come back to life. Money-where-your-mouth-is time.
Rory: Amy, but -
Amy: Shut. Up. Together. Or not at all

-Doctor Who - Author: Steven Moffat
Please Prove Me Wrong quotes by Steven Moffat
#7. You," she said, bending an icy eye on Elizabeth, "come with me. You have much to explain, madam, and you can do it while Faulkner attends to your appearance."
"I am not," Elizabeth said in a burst of frustrated anger, "going to think of my appearance at a time like this."
The duchess's brows shot into her hairline. "Have you come to persuade them that your husband is innocent?"
"Well, of course I have. I-"
"Then don't shame him more than you already have! You look like a refugee from a dustbin in Bedlam. You'll be lucky if they don't hang you for putting them to all this trouble!" She started up the staircase with Elizabeth following slowly behind, listening to her tirade with only half her mind. "Now, if your misbegotten brother would do us the honor of showing himself, your husband might not have to spend the night in a dungeon, which is exactly where Jordan thinks he's going to land if the prosecutors have their way."
Elizabeth stopped on the third step. "Will you please listen to me for a moment-" she began angrily.
"I'll listen to you all the way to Westminster," the dowager snapped back sarcastically. "I daresay all London will be eager to hear what you have to say for yourself in tomorrow's paper!"
"For the love of God!" Elizabeth cried at her back, wondering madly to whom she could turn for speedier help. An hour was an eternity! "I have not come merely to show that I'm alive. I can prove that Robert is alive and that he came to no h - Author: Judith McNaught
Please Prove Me Wrong quotes by Judith McNaught
#8. Dom, are you out here?" called a voice from somewhere beyond the stables.
Damn it all. It was Tristan.
Swiftly Dom donned his shirt. "Be quiet," he whispered to Jane, "and he'll go away."
Tristan's voice sounded again, even nearer now. "I swear to God, Dom, if you ride off to London in the dark and make a liar out of me before Ravenswood, I will kick you from here to France!"
"He won't go away," Jane whispered back, a hint of desperation in her voice. "He promised Ravenswood that you wouldn't head for London with broken carriage lamps, and now he'll want to make sure that you don't."
Which meant his arse of a brother wasn't going to stop looking for him. Any minute now, he'd be striding into the harness room.
Then Jane would have to marry Dom.
As soon as the thought entered Dom's head, it apparently occurred to her, too, for she paled and stepped near enough to whisper, "Please. Not like this."
He stared at her ashen face, and his stomach sank. He couldn't force her to wed him. After what had happened between them years ago, she would never forgive him for taking her choice away from her yet again.
Besides, he didn't want to force her into anything. The only way he could prove that he didn't intend to run roughshod over her for the rest of their lives was to walk away now. Even if it killed him.
Bloody hell. "I'll draw Tristan away from the stables," Dom said tersely as he shoved his stocking feet into his boots. "That will g - Author: Sabrina Jeffries
Please Prove Me Wrong quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
#9. Dear daughter, I won't try to call my feeling for Arty love. Call it focus. My focus on Art was an ailment, noncommunicable, and, even to me all these years later, incomprehensible. Now I despise myself. But even so I remember, in hot floods, the way he slept, still as death, with his face washed flat, stony as a carved tomb and exquisite. His weakness and his ravening bitter needs were terrible, and beautiful, and irresistible as an earthquake. He scalded or smothered anyone he needed, but his needing and the hurt that it caused me were the most life I ever had. Remember what a poor thing I have always been and forgive me.

He saw no use for you and you interfered with his use of me. I sent you away to please him, to prove my dedication to him, and to prevent him from killing you...

My job was to come back [from the convent] directly, with nothing leaking from beneath my dark glasses, to give Arty his rubdown and then paint him for the next show, nodding cheerfully all the while, never showing anything but attentive care for his muscular wonderfulness. Because he could have killed you. He could have cut off the money that schooled and fed you. He could have erased you so entirely that I never would have had those letters and report cards and photos, or your crayon pictures, or the chance to spy on you, and to love you secretly when everything else was gone. - Author: Katherine Dunn
Please Prove Me Wrong quotes by Katherine Dunn
#10. Ellie I have never in life ... ever sweetheart ... experienced these feelings that i have for you. You walk into a room and i have to catch my breath at the sight of you. You flash your beautiful smile at me and there's not a damn thing in this world I wouldnt do for you. Your laugh moves through my body like a jolt of electricity. Your eyes captivate mine; your lips bring me to my knee's. I want to know every part of you Ellie. I'm just as confused by these feelings as you are sweetheart but i want you to know something, I'll never push you or give up on us I promise you that. Please Ellie just let me in. Let me prove to you how much i want to be with you - Author: Kelly Elliott
Please Prove Me Wrong quotes by Kelly Elliott
#11. My Dear Mother, Please, Mum, read this letter and give me the chance to get to know you again. Mum, I love you and always will. You have been in my heart for forty years. All I remember was a funeral, then I was taken away. I was told you were dead. I will not forgive them for that. Please, Mum, write to me. Please give me the chance to prove to you that there is no hurt in me towards you. - Author: Margaret Humphreys
Please Prove Me Wrong quotes by Margaret Humphreys
#12. Men and women are needed whose prayers will give to the world the utmost power of God; who will make His promises to blossom with rich and full results. God is waiting to hear us and challenges us to bring Him to do this thing by our praying. He is asking us, to-day, as He did His ancient Israel, to prove Him now herewith." Behind God's Word is God Himself, and we read: "Thus saith the Lord, the Holy One of Israel, his Maker: Ask of me of things to come and concerning my sons, and concerning the work of my hands, command ye me." As though God places Himself in the hands and at the disposal of His people who pray - as indeed He does. The dominant element of all praying is faith, that is conspicuous, cardinal and emphatic. Without such faith it is impossible to please God, and equally impossible to pray. - Author: E. M. Bounds
Please Prove Me Wrong quotes by E. M. Bounds
#13. Second," Frank said, "I want to reassure you that I'm alive and well." He patted his chest as if to prove it. "My fate is no longer tied to a piece of wood, which is nice. And if you would all please forget that you saw me in my underwear, I'd appreaciate it."

That got some laughs. Who knew Frank could be funny on purpouse? - Author: Rick Riordan
Please Prove Me Wrong quotes by Rick Riordan
#14. Voluptuous?"
Grey smiled at the naughty light in her gaze. "A full subscription. Perhaps you will discover between the pages other activities you would like to sample with me."
It wasn't much of a gift, certainly not an expensive one, but Rose embraced him as though he had given her the world-and he had the wine stains on his cuffs to prove it. "Thank you!" She kissed his cheek. "Oh, Grey, thank you so much!"
"It's only a magazine, Rose, but you are welcome."
She pulled back so that he could see her face, the delighted flush in her cheeks. "It's not just a magazine. It's a gesture of…trust and respect. Do you know how many husbands would forbid their wives to read such literature?"
Yes, he did, and he would hardly call it literature. "I'm of the opinion that a husband can only benefit from his wife reading this kind of material."
A coy, seductive-wonderfully wicked-smile curved her full lips. "Perhaps we will both benefit."
He could shag her senseless right then and there. He gave her back her wine instead, and positioned himself with his back against the headboard. He tugged her close, turning her so that she sat with her back against his chest. "Read to me."
She looked horrified at the idea. "What? No, I couldn't."
Grey trailed his fingers down the side of her neck, smiling smugly as she shivered. "Read it. Please."
Her fingers trembled slightly as they parted the pages. "What would you like to hear?"
"A story," he repl - Author: Kathryn Smith
Please Prove Me Wrong quotes by Kathryn Smith
#15. Dearest Reece,
I know you think it improper, or at the very least imprudent, for us to write to one another, but I don't care.There are too many rules as it is and they would choke me if I let them. Between corsets and lessons and curtsies and etiquette, I am hardly myself, and that is how they want it. They would prefer we all dress and talk and think (or not think) alike, like paper dolls.
I do not wish to be a paper doll.
Surely you can see that I am stronger than that.I don't give a fig for the scandalbroth or the gossipmongers. Let us remove to Paris, where no one knows us to care and where they dine on scandal with eclairs every morning.
You will say again that it is impossible but I refuse to believe it. I know with every touch of your hand on mine, with every stolen kiss, that nothing is impossible.
Perhaps love isn't meant to be simple. Perhaps this is merely a test, such as Psyche went through to prove herself to Cupid. Would you have me count lentils, beloved?
And as you claim I have the most to lose, I pray you will let me decide for myself what it is I want and need.
Which is you.
Not silks or lobster soup in crystal bowls or diamonds around my neck.
Just you.
You say again and again that you love me.
Prove it. - Author: Alyxandra Harvey
Please Prove Me Wrong quotes by Alyxandra Harvey
#16. Then Jack turned to her.
Safari? That was the best excuse you could come up with for me not being at a meeting?"
She winced apologetically. "I'm sorry. I'm a terrible liar."
What was wrong with simple sickness? A nice, normal bout of food poisoning?"
He was in a bad mood. I kind of got carried away," she admitted.
Boy, are you lucky I watched Tarzan so much as a kid. - Author: Sarah Mayberry
Please Prove Me Wrong quotes by Sarah Mayberry
#17. Lorelai pulls me in closer and I feel her hair brush the side of my face.
Huh, she smells like bubblegum and oranges.
Wait. What the hell?
Oh great! I'm actually sniffing her hair now.
Yeah, that's not super creepy at all!
Time to dial back the crazy.
It would be wrong to make a move, remember?
The song ends and suddenly The Ronettes' 'Be My Baby' starts to play.
"Ah! I loooove thissss!" Lorelai declares as she grabs me and starts gyrating up and down.
It's wrong to make a move. It's wrong to make a move. It's wrong to make a move.
Oh God … - Author: Joanne McClean
Please Prove Me Wrong quotes by Joanne McClean
#18. But my friend IS the sea, Mr. Diego. He has been my friend since I was very young, my only friend, and I can't bear to hear him crying. he's lonely. I came here to keep him company."

"Boy, the sea is not your friend, especially not today."

"Excuse me, Mr. Diego, but I think you are wrong. He is my friend, he says good morning to me every day. - Author: Tracy Aiello
Please Prove Me Wrong quotes by Tracy Aiello
#19. All of my friends were seeing a therapist, and I thought something was wrong with me that I didn't see a therapist. So I went to a therapist to find out why I wasn't seeing a therapist. And it turns out I'm very screwed up. Thank God I found a therapist to tell me for $125 an hour. - Author: Ellen DeGeneres
Please Prove Me Wrong quotes by Ellen DeGeneres
#20. Feeling like what, Cassandra Mortmain? Flat? Depressed? Empty? If so, why, pray?
I thought if I made myself write I should find out what is wrong with me, but I haven't, so far. Unless - could I possibly be jealous of Rose?
I will pause and search my innermost soul ...
I have searched it for a solid five minutes. And I swear I am not jealous of Rose; [..] - Author: Dodie Smith
Please Prove Me Wrong quotes by Dodie Smith
#21. I don't know what's wrong with me. It's like all I can do is keep writing this gibberish to keep from breaking apart. - Author: Stephen Chbosky
Please Prove Me Wrong quotes by Stephen Chbosky
#22. What is universal can be surprising. Over time you find the kind of stuff which has people thinking 'That is just something that occurred to me ... there's something wrong with me', is in fact stuff that is universal. - Author: Dylan Moran
Please Prove Me Wrong quotes by Dylan Moran
#23. You're barely older than me.'

'Than I,' he corrected me with a little smile. - Author: H.P. Mallory
Please Prove Me Wrong quotes by H.P. Mallory
#24. Sin is wrong, not because of what it does to me, or my spouse, or child, or neighbor, but because it is an act of rebellion against the infinitely holy and majestic God. - Author: Dave Harvey
Please Prove Me Wrong quotes by Dave Harvey
#25. Nonviolence is a powerful as well as a just weapon. If you confront a man who has long been cruelly misusing you, and say, "Punish me, if you will; I do not deserve it, but I will accept it, so that the world will know I am right and you are wrong," then you wield a powerful and a just weapon. This man, your oppressor, is automatically morally defeated, and if he has any conscience, he is ashamed. - Author: Martin Luther King, Jr.
Please Prove Me Wrong quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr.
#26. I'm sorry...I just don't know what's wrong with me.. - Author: JJM
Please Prove Me Wrong quotes by JJM
#27. I had been a Maoist, and then when the Gang of Four was overthrown, I was completely distraught. I was bedridden for three weeks; it was a very painful experience for me. Not only because I had been wrong, but because I felt really embarrassed that I had been lecturing and pontificating with such self-confidence. - Author: Norman Finkelstein
Please Prove Me Wrong quotes by Norman Finkelstein
#28. We don't live in a jazz world, unfortunately. I think if I had lived in a jazz world, I would have done OK. I'm not sure I would have done great. I'm a lover of jazz music, so I would have been happy, don't get me wrong. I go to jazz concerts like the biggest jazz fan in world. The drag is that I don't play jazz for a living. - Author: George Benson
Please Prove Me Wrong quotes by George Benson
#29. I'd like to start this week with a request, and this one goes out to the followers of the three Abrahamic religions: the Muslims, Christians, and Jews. It's just a little thing, really, but do you think that when you've finished smashing up the world and blowing each other to bits and demanding special privileges while you do it, do you think that maybe the rest of us could sort of have our planet back? I wouldn't ask, but I'm starting to think that there must be something written in the special books that each of you so enjoy referring to that it's ok to behave like special, petulant, pugnacious, pricks.

Forgive the alliteration, but your persistent, power-mad punch-ups are pissing me off. It's mainly the extremists obviously, but not exclusively. It's a lot of 'main-streamers' as well. Let me give you an example of what I'm talking about.

Muslims: listen up my bearded and veily friends! Calm down, ok? Stop blowing stuff up. Not everything that said about you is an attack on the prophet Mohammed and Allah that needs to end in the infidel being destroyed. Have a cup of tea, put on a Cat Stevens record, sit down and chill out. I mean seriously, what's wrong with a strongly-worded letter to The Times?

Christians: you and your churches don't get to be millionaires while other people have nothing at all. They're your bloody rules; either stick to them or abandon the faith. And stop persecuting and killing people you judge to be immoral. Oh, and st - Author: Marcus Brigstocke
Please Prove Me Wrong quotes by Marcus Brigstocke
#30. But I'm glad you'll see me as I am. Above all, I wouldn't want people to think that I want to prove anything. I don't want to prove anything, I just want to live; to cause no evil to anyone but myself. I have that right, haven't I? - Author: Leo Tolstoy
Please Prove Me Wrong quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#31. The idea of being given things that you don't necessarily deserve was always a difficult one for me to negotiate, and so I really always felt that I had to prove myself. Being the daughter of a famous man I guess is more easy than being the daughter of a famous woman, but at the same time there was a sense of really, with me, of wanting to earn my own way. - Author: Anjelica Huston
Please Prove Me Wrong quotes by Anjelica Huston
#32. Don't try to pull the wool over my eyes. You can't fool an old sheep like me. To prove it, I'll tell you that I've been continuously voting for the same person for president for years and years, a few of them even before he died. - Author: Jarod Kintz
Please Prove Me Wrong quotes by Jarod Kintz
#33. OK, so here's the deal. First of all, "The Wall Street Journal" was bought for $5 billion. It's now worth $500 million, OK. They don't have to tell me what to do. "The Wall Street Journal" has been wrong so many different times about so many different things. I am all for free trade, but it's got to be fair. When Ford moves their massive plant to Mexico, we get nothing. We lose all of these jobs. - Author: Donald Trump
Please Prove Me Wrong quotes by Donald Trump
#34. You're special to me, pretty girl and you need to know that. There is nothing wrong with easing into this. I'll still want you just as much tomorrow as I do now, if not more." ~Ryan - Author: Gia Riley
Please Prove Me Wrong quotes by Gia Riley
#35. Celeste met me halfway, swinging her branch with each step. "What's wrong?"
"Nothing. Just not feeling well, I guess."
"Do. Not. Puke," she ordered. "Especially not on me. - Author: Kiera Cass
Please Prove Me Wrong quotes by Kiera Cass
#36. She sometimes takes her little brother for a walk round this way," explained Bingo. "I thought we would meet her and bow, and you could see her, you know, and then we would walk on."
"Of course," I said, "that's enough excitement for anyone, and undoubtedly a corking reward for tramping three miles out of one's way over ploughed fields with tight boots, but don't we do anything else? Don't we tack on to the girl and buzz along with her?"
"Good Lord!" said Bingo, honestly amazed. "You don't suppose I've got nerve enough for that, do you? I just look at her from afar off and all that sort of thing. Quick! Here she comes! No, I'm wrong!"
It was like that song of Harry Lauder's where he's waiting for the girl and says, "This is her-r-r. No, it's a rabbut." Young Bingo made me stand there in the teeth of a nor'-east half-gale for ten minutes, keeping me on my toes with a series of false alarms, and I was just thinking of suggesting that we should lay off and give the rest of the proceedings a miss, when round the corner there came a fox-terrier, and Bingo quivered like an aspen. Then there hove in sight a small boy, and he shook like a jelly. Finally, like a star whose entrance has been worked up by the personnel of the ensemble, a girl appeared, and his emotion was painful to witness. His face got so red that, what with his white collar and the fact that the wind had turned his nose blue, he looked more like a French flag than anything else. He sagged from the wais - Author: P.G. Wodehouse
Please Prove Me Wrong quotes by P.G. Wodehouse
#37. I think about him all the time,' Honey whispered, taking a second drink and then passing the bottle to Nell. 'Everything reminds me of him. He's everything I'd say I don't want in a man, and yet I love him so much that I feel as if someone has scooped my heart out and put it back in the wrong way round,' she said, her little girl lost voice echoing around the quiet lobby. 'It hurts, right here.' She put her hand over her heart, and leaned her head on Tash's shoulder. 'In fact, it hurts everywhere. I ache so much that my bones feel too heavy to get out of the bed in the morning. - Author: Kat French
Please Prove Me Wrong quotes by Kat French
#38. Guilt is always a good thing. If I kick you in the groin right now and don't feel guilty about it there's something wrong with me. Something's wrong with my conscience. - Author: Lino Rulli
Please Prove Me Wrong quotes by Lino Rulli
#39. Victra stands to the side listening to enemy chatter. "Response teams inbound. More than two thousand mixed units." She's also patched to the strategic command on Orion's ship, so she can gather battle data from the huge sensor arrays on the flagship. Looks like Roque launched more than fifteen thousand men at us in his leechCraft. Most will be in the Pax by now. Burrowed through to find me. Silly bastards. Roque gambled big, bet wrong. And I've just brought three thousand crazed Obsidian berserkers to a mostly empty warship. The Poet is going to be pissed. - Author: Pierce Brown
Please Prove Me Wrong quotes by Pierce Brown
#40. As a quick aside, let me observe that in moments of high emotion ... if the next thing you're going to say makes you feel better, then it's probably the wrong thing to say. This is one of the finer maxims that I've discovered in life. And you can have it, since it's been of no use to me. - Author: Amor Towles
Please Prove Me Wrong quotes by Amor Towles
#41. I haven't kept a diary since I was seventeen. I think it was soon after my baccalaureat that I gave it up for reasons I'm not sure of, because from the age of twelve or thirteen I had written one religiously... They were a record of what I had done when, down to the nearest minute. I think I held on to them as 'evidence' of some kind. They helped me to find my place in the world and, in a broader sense, to prove to myself that I really existed. I suppose I must have decided at some point that I no longer needed to do that, because I gave up writing a diary, stopped telling the story of my life and tried to just live it instead. - Author: Antoine Laurain
Please Prove Me Wrong quotes by Antoine Laurain
#42. I think that content posted to Twitter is distributed to more platforms, services, sites, online and offline than any other services out there. Would love to see if someone can prove to me otherwise. - Author: Dick Costolo
Please Prove Me Wrong quotes by Dick Costolo
#43. The Lord's Prayer is found in Matthew 6. In verse 12 Jesus says, "Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors" (NKJV). When God talks about debts, He's not just talking about monetary debts. He's talking about the times when people hurt you, the times when people do you wrong. God refers to that as a debt because when you are mistreated, you may feel you are owed something.
Human nature says, "I was wronged. Now I want justice. You mistreated me. Now you've got to pay me back." But the mistake many people make is in trying to collect a debt that only God can pay. The father can't give his daughter's innocence back to her. Your parents can't pay you back for not having a loving childhood. Your spouse can't pay you back for the pain he caused by being unfaithful. Only God can truly pay you back.
If you want to be restored and whole, get on God's payroll. He knows how to make things right. He knows how to bring justice. He'll give you what you deserve. Leave it up to Him. Quit expecting people to make it up to you. They can't give you what they don't have. - Author: Joel Osteen
Please Prove Me Wrong quotes by Joel Osteen
#44. Something was very wrong. The pupils of his eyes had become tiny, almost as small as the point of a pencil. One was looking a slightly different direction from the other... I wasn't really hearing him, I was searching for the person who I knew. That person was receding farther and farther back, away from my eyes. It's as if the person who I loved was now at the end of a long hallway and we could barely see each other. And then he wasn't there anymore. But I saw something new seeing me. Something dangerous with those reptilelike eyes. - Author: Molly Kendall
Please Prove Me Wrong quotes by Molly Kendall
#45. This is just your penis having the feels for my vagina. Your penis is making prank calls! and every single time your penis makes a prank call, my vagina answers the phone. And then you hang up. Or your penis claims wrong number or misdial or no hablo Ingles. It's infuriating, and it's called genital call me maybe. - Author: Penny Reid
Please Prove Me Wrong quotes by Penny Reid

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