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Of course building a kitchen makes all the symmetric sense in the world because everybody's burning calories at 120 beats a minute. You could even register it on a graph at the DJ booth. "How fast are they burning calories, sir?" "126 a minute." "Are you sure?" "Oh, I'm very sure." You can meter that out. ~ David Lee Roth
Plateaued Graph quotes by David Lee Roth
The greatest moments are those when you see the result pop up in a graph or in your statistics analysis - that moment you realise you know something no one else does and you get the pleasure of thinking about how to tell them. ~ Emily Oster
Plateaued Graph quotes by Emily Oster
The number one reason why people stay stuck is because they cannot accept that they are stuck. Accept that you are stuck, that something needs to change, that you have plateaued, and that you have stopped growing. Realize and understand who and where you are in life. ~ Farshad Asl
Plateaued Graph quotes by Farshad Asl
I am a Prince," he replied, being rather dense. "It is the function of a Prince - value A - to kill monsters - value B - for the purpose of establishing order - value C - and maintaining a steady supply of maidens - value D. If one inserts the derivative of value A (Prince) into the equation y equals BC plus CD squared, and sets it equal to zero, giving the apex of the parabola, namely, the point of intersection between A (Prince) and B (Monster), one determines value E - a stable kingdom. It is all very complicated, and if you have a chart handy I can graph it for you. ~ Catherynne M Valente
Plateaued Graph quotes by Catherynne M Valente
Think about spam filters; if email didn't come from someone that someone you know knows, that's an important signal, and one we could embed in the environment; we just don't. I just want the world to be filtered through my social graph. ~ Clay Shirky
Plateaued Graph quotes by Clay Shirky
Look at that," he said. "How the ink bleeds." He loved the way it looked, to write on a thick pillow of the pad, the way the thicker width of paper underneath was softer and allowed for a more cushiony interface between pen and surface, which meant more time the two would be in contact for any given point, allowing the fiber of the paper to pull, through capillary action, more ink from the pen, more ink, which meant more evenness of ink, a thicker, more even line, a line with character, with solidity. The pad, all those ninety-nine sheets underneath him, the hundred, the even number, ten to the second power, the exponent, the clean block of planes, the space-time, really, represented by that pad, all of the possible drawings, graphs, curves, relationships, all of the answers, questions, mysteries, all of the problems solvable in that space, in those sheets, in those squares. ~ Charles Yu
Plateaued Graph quotes by Charles Yu
I had a firm policy never to charge up my team on an emotional level. I believe that for every artificial peak you may create there is a valley, and i don't like valleys. Games can be lost in valleys. The ideal is an ever-mounting graph line that peaks with your final performance. There will be difficulty and adversity to overcome, but that is necessary to become stronger. Other coaches believe in charging a team up. I never did and never will. I sought a calm assurances in our dressing room, and a calm assurance warming up on the floor, and ad calm assurance in my final remarks before going out to play. ~ John Wooden
Plateaued Graph quotes by John Wooden
The difference between the long-term average of the graph and the ice age, 12,000 years ago, is just over 3°C. The IPCC 2001 report suggests that the line of the hockey stick graph might rise a further 5°C during this century. This is about twice as much as the temperature change from the ice age to pre-industrial times. ~ James E. Lovelock
Plateaued Graph quotes by James E. Lovelock
You can graph human evolution, which is mostly a straight line, but we do get better and change over time, and you can graph technological evolution, which is a line that's going straight up. They are going to intersect each other at some point, and that's happening now. ~ Daniel H. Wilson
Plateaued Graph quotes by Daniel H. Wilson
Euler's proof that in Konigsberg there is no path crossing all seven bridges only once was based on a simple observation. Nodes with an odd number of links must be either the starting or the end point of the journey. A continuous path that goes through all the bridges can have only one starting and one end point. Thus, such a path cannot exist on a graph that has more than two nodes with an odd number of links. As the Konigsberg graph had four such nodes, one could not find the desired path. ~ Albert Laszlo Barabasi
Plateaued Graph quotes by Albert Laszlo Barabasi
Logarithmic-scale graphs are of great value in analyzing stocks because they can clearly show acceleration or deceleration in the percentage rate of quarterly earnings increases. One inch anywhere on the price or earnings scale represents the same percentage change. This is not true of arithmetically scaled charts. On arithmetically scaled charts, a 100% price move from $10 to $20 shows the same space change as a 50% increase from $20 to $30. But a log-scale graph shows a 100% increase as twice as large as the 50% increase. Weekly charts in Daily Graphs Online are properly logarithmic. ~ William O'Neil
Plateaued Graph quotes by William O'Neil
The yellow commuter train ran through canal-crossed fields as dull as graph paper. Always one saw evidence of the tiny brick houses that the incontinent municipalities, Voorschoten and Leidschendam and Rijswijk and Zoetermeer, pooped over the rural spaces surrounding The Hague. ~ Joseph O'Neill
Plateaued Graph quotes by Joseph O'Neill
Lilah did little more than sleep and eat and cry, which to me was the most fascinating thing in the entire universe. Why did she cry? When did she sleep? What made her eat a lot one day and little the next? Was she changing with time? I did what any obsessed person would do in such a case: I recorded data, plotted it, calculated statistical correlations. First I just wrote on scraps of paper and made charts on graph paper, but I very quickly became more sophisticated. I wrote computer software to make a beautifully colored plot showing times when Diane fed Lilah, in black; when I fed her, in blue (expressed mother's milk, if you must know); Lilah's fussy times, in angry red; her happy times, in green. I calculated patterns in sleeping times, eating times, length of sleep, amounts eaten.
Then, I did what any obsessed person would do these days; I put it all on the Web. ~ Mike Brown
Plateaued Graph quotes by Mike Brown
The word photography comes from two ancient Greek words: photo for "light" and graph for "drawing." "Drawing with light" is a way of describing photography. ~ Vishal Diwan
Plateaued Graph quotes by Vishal Diwan
Data-intensive graph problems abound in the Life Science drug discovery and development process. ~ Leroy Hood
Plateaued Graph quotes by Leroy Hood
That's calculus in a nutshell. It takes a problem that can't be done with regular math because things are constantly changing - the changing quantities show up on a graph as curves - it zooms in on the curve till it becomes straight, and then it finishes off the problem with regular math. ~ Mark Ryan
Plateaued Graph quotes by Mark Ryan
I settled back into his arm. "If you produce a flannel graph out of somewhere, you will make me very happy."
He smiled. He was smiling a lot these days. "No flannel graph. I do a mean shadow puppet, though. ~ Temple West
Plateaued Graph quotes by Temple West
Who said that about you Faye?" he demands, his playful demeanor gone. I smirk. "Someone in the house you've slept with." I watch his face go blank. Jeez how many of the women has he slept with? I tap him on the shoulder. "I'm sure you will be able to figure it out. I suggest doing a chart or a graph. ~ Anonymous
Plateaued Graph quotes by Anonymous
A dead tree, cut into planks and read from one end to the other, is a kind of line graph, with dates down one side and height along the other, as if trees, like mathematicians, had found a way of turning time into form. ~ Alice Oswald
Plateaued Graph quotes by Alice Oswald
The human situation, in general or in particular, is slightly worse (ignoring an occasional hiccup in the graph) at any given moment than at any preceding moment. ~ J.G. Farrell
Plateaued Graph quotes by J.G. Farrell
Dad loved computer games, and I would sit beside him for hours with graph paper, drawing out plans to try and forecast the moves he should make while he worked the computer controller. ~ Rhianna Pratchett
Plateaued Graph quotes by Rhianna Pratchett
Growth hackers are a hybrid of marketer and coder, one who looks at the traditional question of "How do I get customers for my product?" and answers with A/B tests, landing pages, viral factor, email deliverability, and Open Graph. . . . ~ Ryan Holiday
Plateaued Graph quotes by Ryan Holiday
If he had never created Wonder Woman, William Moulton Marston would be remembered for this experiment. He invented the lie detector test. A century on, it's still in use. It's also all over Wonder Woman. "Come, Elva, you'll have to take a lie detector test," Diana Prince tells Elva Dove, a secretary she suspects of spying, as she drags her down a hallway. "I'll ask you questions," Diana says, strapping Elva to the machine while Trevor looks on. "Answer truthfully or your blood pressure curve will go up. "Did you take that rubber report from the secret files?" Diana asks. "No, no!" Elva insists. "Well, I'll be jiggered," Trevor exclaims, reading the graph. "She is lying. ~ Jill Lepore
Plateaued Graph quotes by Jill Lepore
Most kids bent their heads onto their notebooks and tried to sleep. One boy gauged the quality of his day by sleeping on graph paper, then drawing a circle around the drool spot he'd made and comparing it for size and integrity to his drool spot from the day before. For ~ Mary Karr
Plateaued Graph quotes by Mary Karr
In 7.81 square miles of vaunted black community, the 850 square feet of Dum Dum Donuts was the only place in the "community" where one could experience the Latin root of the word, where a citizen could revel in common togetherness. So one rainy Sunday afternoon, not long after the tanks and media attention had left, my father ordered his usual. He sat at the table nearest the ATM and said aloud, to no one in particular, "Do you know that the average household net worth for whites is $113,149 per year, Hispanics $6,325, and black folks $5,677?"

"For real?"

"What's your source material, nigger?"

"The Pew Research Center."

Motherfuckers from Harvard to Harlem respect the Pew Research Center, and hearing this, the concerned patrons turned around in their squeaky plastic seats as best they could, given that donut shop swivel chairs swivel only six degrees in either direction. Pops politely asked the manager to dim the lights. I switched on the overhead projector, slid a transparency over the glass, and together we craned our necks toward the ceiling, where a bar graph titled "Income Disparity as Determined by Race" hovered overhead like some dark, damning, statistical cumulonimbus cloud threatening to rain on our collective parades.

"I was wondering what that li'l nigger was doing in a donut shop with a damn overhead projector. ~ Paul Beatty
Plateaued Graph quotes by Paul Beatty
Fortunately, human forgetting follows a pattern. We forget exponentially. A graph of our likelihood of getting the correct answer on a quiz sweeps quickly downward over time and then levels off. ~ Gary Wolf
Plateaued Graph quotes by Gary Wolf
There is an old debate," Erdos liked to say, "about whether you create mathematics or just discover it. In other words, are the truths already there, even if we don't yet know them?" Erdos had a clear answer to this question: Mathematical truths are there among the list of absolute truths, and we just rediscover them. Random graph theory, so elegant and simple, seemed to him to belong to the eternal truths. Yet today we know that random networks played little role in assembling our universe. Instead, nature resorted to a few fundamental laws, which will be revealed in the coming chapters. Erdos himself created mathematical truths and an alternative view of our world by developing random graph theory. Not privy to nature's laws in creating the brain and society, Erdos hazarded his best guess in assuming that God enjoys playing dice. His friend Albert Einstein, at Princeton, was convinced of the opposite: "God does not play dice with the universe. ~ Albert Laszlo Barabasi
Plateaued Graph quotes by Albert Laszlo Barabasi
I was definitely looking for a reason to impose rules in the story during the writing process ... a set of reasons that you could graph for why it's not chaos and anarchy - for why it has to be order, and why you need architects and an architectural brain to create the world of the dream for the subject to enter. ~ Jonathan Nolan
Plateaued Graph quotes by Jonathan Nolan
One thing we seem to be missing is that just as we no longer search for the news, the news finds us today (e.g. this article found me) we will no longer search for products and services, rather we will look to our social graph to what products and services they like and don't like. ~ Erik Qualman
Plateaued Graph quotes by Erik Qualman
Different databases are designed to solve different problems. Using a single database engine for all of the requirements usually leads to non- performant solutions; storing transactional data, caching session information, traversing graph of customers and the products their friends bought are essentially different problems. ~ Pramod J. Sadalage
Plateaued Graph quotes by Pramod J. Sadalage
What people see is just your career graph and the films you do. But that's a very small aspect of my life. ~ Kangana Ranaut
Plateaued Graph quotes by Kangana Ranaut
One third of the economy goes through 'QuickBooks' in terms of businesses invoicing other businesses. Each invoice contains a connection between vendors, suppliers, and customers, and also the price of that connection. Representing the payment graph is huge opportunity and something no other company can do. ~ Aaron Patzer
Plateaued Graph quotes by Aaron Patzer
Open Graph is a language for structuring content and sharing that goes on in other apps, and we're continuing to build it out longer term. But we found we need to build more specific experiences around categories like music or movies. Where we've taken the time to build those specific experiences, stuff has gone quite well. ~ Mark Zuckerberg
Plateaued Graph quotes by Mark Zuckerberg
The power of Facebook is not only in the vast size of the connected audience, but also in the quality of the social ties and interactions that occur within the network. The Facebook social graph fuels our mantra 'Try it for free', 'Share it if you like it', 'Buy it if you love it.' ~ David Perry
Plateaued Graph quotes by David Perry
At Google, they eat lunch on graph paper. ~ Robin Sloan
Plateaued Graph quotes by Robin Sloan
The most beautiful curve is a rising sales graph. ~ Raymond Loewy
Plateaued Graph quotes by Raymond Loewy
To effectively leverage the social graph, every company needs to understand that they need to make their information easily transferable. ~ Erik Qualman
Plateaued Graph quotes by Erik Qualman
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