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#1. More great Americans were failures than they were successes. They mostly spent their lives in not having a buyer for what they had for sale. - Author: Gertrude Stein
Placebos For Sale quotes by Gertrude Stein
#2. I can get any retail buyer on the phone with you and get them to verify that not a single retail location in America where there's a PlayStation 3 on the shelf for sale. They've all been sold in a matter of minutes. - Author: Jack Tretton
Placebos For Sale quotes by Jack Tretton
#3. Never Get Into An Argument With A Customer. If You Win The Argument You Will Almost Invariably Lose The Sale. And I Don't Like Your Chances For A Sale If You Lose The Argument Either. - Author: David Foreman
Placebos For Sale quotes by David Foreman
#4. We put suffocation warnings on all the - on every piece of plastic film manufactured in the United States or for sale with an item in the United States. We put warnings on coffee cups to tell us that the contents may be hot. And we seem to think that any item sharper than a golf ball is too sharp for children under the age of 10. - Author: Gever Tulley
Placebos For Sale quotes by Gever Tulley
#5. Quality and service are important, if you want to make a sale. If you want to keep a customer for life, keep your promises. - Author: Heidi
Placebos For Sale quotes by Heidi
#6. A man with dry, graying skin and a mop of white hair came in with a plastic tray of herbal potions for sale. "No, no, no," Aisha said to him, palm raised as though to ward him off. The man retreated. Ifemelu felt sorry for him, hungry-looking in his worn dashiki, and wondered how much he could possibly make from his sales. She should have bought something. "You talk Igbo to Chijioke. He listen to you," Aisha said. "You talk Igbo?" "Of course I speak Igbo," Ifemelu said, defensive, wondering if Aisha was again suggesting that America had changed her. "Take it easy!" she added, because Aisha had pulled a tiny-toothed comb through a section of her hair. "Your hair hard," Aisha said. - Author: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Placebos For Sale quotes by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
#7. I'm very happy for whatever plaudits might come the way of my work, but I never ever sit down to write x with y in view - whether it's a reader, a prize or a sale. - Author: Will Self
Placebos For Sale quotes by Will Self
#8. Everything is now for sale. Even those areas of life that we once considered sacred like health and education, food and water and air and seeds and genes and a heritage. It is all now for sale. - Author: Maude Barlow
Placebos For Sale quotes by Maude Barlow
#9. The legal bother, indeed, lasted for years. It was quite a long time before Mr. Baggins was in fact admitted to be alive again. The people who had got specially good bargains at the Sale took a deal of convincing; and - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
Placebos For Sale quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#10. You are aware that the sale of liquore is currently against the law." Edgar went on, "but I suppose that is why you enjoy it."
"Everyone should have a hobby or two," Magnus said. "Mine just happen to include illegal trade, drinking and carousing. I've heard of worse."
"We tend not to have time for hobbies."
Shadowhunters. Always better than you. - Author: Cassandra Clare
Placebos For Sale quotes by Cassandra Clare
#11. Auctions are a venerable selling institution, in use since the time of Herodotus. The word comes from the Latin auctus, meaning to increase. An obscure term for auction, one guaranteed to impress friends and neighbors, is the Latin word subhastare. It is the conjunction of sub, meaning "under," and hasta, meaning "spear." After a military victory, a Roman soldier would plant his spear in the ground to mark the location of his spoils. Later, he would put these goods up for sale by auction.
¹The highest bidder was called the emptor, whence the term caveat emptor. - Author: Rakesh V. Vohra
Placebos For Sale quotes by Rakesh V. Vohra
#12. Yestereve I saw philosophers in the market-place carrying their heads in baskets, and crying aloud, "Wisdom! Wisdom for sale!"
Poor philosophers! They must needs sell their heads to feed their hearts. Said a philosopher to a street sweeper, "I pity you. Yours is a hard and dirty task."
And the street sweeper said, "Thank you, sir. But tell me what is your task?"
And the philosopher answered saying, "I study man's mind, his deeds and his desires."
Then the street sweeper went on with his sweeping and said with a smile, "I pity you too. - Author: Kahlil Gibran
Placebos For Sale quotes by Kahlil Gibran
#13. As Stephanie and Lula were going after the bad guys, Lula was making preparations from the trunk of her Firebird. Stephanie looked inside and stopped breathing for a beat. "That's a rocket launcher!" "Yep," Lula said. "It's a big boy. I got it at a yard sale in the projects. - Author: Janet Evanovich
Placebos For Sale quotes by Janet Evanovich
#14. Greed, envy, sloth, pride and gluttony: these are not vices anymore. No, these are marketing tools. Lust is our way of life. Envy is just a nudge towards another sale. Even in our relationships we consume each other, each of us looking for what we can get out of the other. Our appetites are often satisfied at the expense of those around us. In a dog-eat-dog world we lose part of our humanity. - Author: Jon Foreman
Placebos For Sale quotes by Jon Foreman
#15. The labour-power is a commodity , not capital, in the hands of the labourer, and it constitutes for him a revenue so long as he can continuously repeat its sale; it functions as capital after its sale, in the hands of the capitalist, during the process of production itself. - Author: Karl Marx
Placebos For Sale quotes by Karl Marx
#16. You're worried about getting things successfully done in order to attain some degree of self-worth. Your soul is for sale; You most likely deceive yourself in order to convince yourself. Letting go equals failing, isn't that right? And you forget outstandingly well, don't you? You forget that It takes admirable courage not only to try but also to gracefully give up. - Author: Albert Camus
Placebos For Sale quotes by Albert Camus
#17. I hope he approves of my carefully chosen outfit: the Ultimate Long-Safari-Skirt. Color: Puce. Sale price: $42.95. I've combined it with the Peter Pan Office Shirt, color: bright-white. Price $34.00. An item that has never been marked up or down for the past two years. A point I can't wait to bring up during my interview. - Author: Anne Eliot
Placebos For Sale quotes by Anne  Eliot
#18. Singer/songwriters spend two or three years making an album, and then it goes up for sale and everybody pirates it and you don't make any money. Whereas, writing a film score you still get presented with a paycheck. - Author: Cliff Martinez
Placebos For Sale quotes by Cliff Martinez
#19. It's SpongeBob, Eleanor," he said, speaking very slowly and clearly as though I were some sort of idiot. "SpongeBob SquarePants?" A semi-human bath sponge with protruding front teeth! On sale as if it were something completely unremarkable! For my entire life, people have said that I'm strange, but really, when I see things like this, I realize that I'm actually relatively normal. - Author: Gail Honeyman
Placebos For Sale quotes by Gail Honeyman
#20. If you surrender your self-worth to someone who doesn't see your true value, what happens when someone comes along who wants to give you what you're worth instead of what you'll settle for?

The bottom line is this: You've got to know your worth, at yard sales and in life, because a lot of people who are going to try to talk you out of it. If they can't see your value, let 'em keep on movin'! Someone out there is looking for exactly what you've got and will never try and undercut your value or question your worth. Some things in life just can't be bartered over or placed on the sale rack, and your self-worth is at the top of the list. - Author: Mandy Hale
Placebos For Sale quotes by Mandy Hale
#21. The code of the National Association of Broadcasters enunciates as a cardinal principle in American radio the provision of time by stations, without charge, for the presentation of public questions of a controversial nature. At the same time, it advises against the sale of time for the presentation of controversial issues except in the case of political broadcasts during political campaigns. The basic foundation for the prohibition against the sale of time for the presentation of controversial issues is the public duty of broadcasters to present such issues, regardless of the willingness of others to pay for their presentation. If time were sold for that purpose, it would have to be sold to all with the ability to pay, and as a result the advantage in any discussion would rest largely with those having the greater financial means to buy broadcasting time. - Author: Judith C. Waller
Placebos For Sale quotes by Judith C. Waller
#22. This cyberwar will be a continuous marathon war that will only compound and hyper-evolve in stealth, sophistication and easy entry due to the accelerated evolution of "as a service" attack strategies for sale on the dark web. - Author: James Scott, Senior Fellow, Institute For Critical Infrastructure Technology
Placebos For Sale quotes by James Scott, Senior Fellow, Institute For Critical Infrastructure Technology
#23. It had to be the most surreal, embarrassing, awkward moment of his life, standing petrified in his mother's backyard in front of a broken lawn mower, sporting a woody and discussing sex for sale with the landlady. - Author: Linda Kage
Placebos For Sale quotes by Linda Kage
#24. Everything I have is for sale, except for my kids and possibly my wife. - Author: Carl Icahn
Placebos For Sale quotes by Carl Icahn
#25. Since the values of the market were the highest criteria, persons also became valued as commodities which could be bought and sold. A person's worth is then his salable market value, whether it is skill or 'personality' that is up for sale. [...]
The market value, then, becomes the individual's valuation of himself, so that self-confidence and 'self-feeling' (ones experience of identity with one's self) are largely reflections of what others think of one, in this case the 'others' being those who represent the market. Thus contemporary economic processes have contributed not only to an alienation of man from man, but likewise to 'self-alienation' - an alienation of the individual from himself. As Fromm very well summarizes the point:

Since modern man experiences himself both as the seller and as the commodity to be sold on the market, his self-esteem depends on conditions beyond his control. If he is 'successful,' he is valuable; if he is not, he is worthless. The degree of insecurity which results from this orientation can hardly be overestimated. If one feels that one's own value is not constituted primarily by the human qualities one possesses, but by one's succes on a competitive market with ever-changing conditions, one's self-esteem is bound to be shaky and in constant need of confirmation by others. [Erich Fromm, Man for himself]

In such a situation one is driven to strive relentlessly for 'succes'; this is the chief way to validate ones self - Author: Rollo May
Placebos For Sale quotes by Rollo May
#26. A Palestinian village whose feudal owner sold it for a kiss through a pane of glass..."

Nothing remained of Sireen after the auction apart from you, little prayer rug, because a mother slyly stole you and wrapped up her son who'd been sentenced to cold and weaning - and later to sorrow and longing.

It's said there was a village, a very small village, on the border between sun's gate and earth. It's said that the village was twice sold - once for a measure of oil and once for a kiss through a pane of glass.

The buyers and sellers rejoiced at its sale, the year the submarine was sunk, in our twentieth century.

And in Sireen - the buyers went over the contract - were white-washed houses, lovers, and trees, folk poets, peasants, and children. (But there was no school - and neither tanks nor prisons.) The threshing floors, the colour of golden wine, and the graveyard were a vault meant for life and death, and the vault was sold!

People say that there was a village, but Sireen became an earthquake, imprisoned by an amulet as it turned into a banquet - in which the virgins' infants were cooked in their mothers' milk so soldiers and ministers might eat along with civilisation!

"And the axe is laid at the root of the tree..." And once again at the root of the tree, as one dear brother denies another and existence. Officer of the orbits... attend, O knight of death, but don't give in - death is behind us and also before - Author: Samih Al-Qasim
Placebos For Sale quotes by Samih Al-Qasim
#27. Ask for the sale when the mood is right. The worst possible place is in the prospects' office. Best place is a business breakfast, lunch or dinner. Next best is your office. Next best is a trade show. Ask early, and ask often. - Author: Jeffrey Gitomer
Placebos For Sale quotes by Jeffrey Gitomer
#28. Oh, for shame! Nancy, have you never seen Florrie's face in a chrysanthemum, or a rose?'
'Never.' I said. 'Though there was a flounder for sale on a fishmonger's barrow, in Whitechapel yesterday, and the likeness was quite uncanny. I very nearly brought it home ... - Author: Sarah Waters
Placebos For Sale quotes by Sarah Waters
#29. While the changes that are necessary are actually simple, they're painful, and require courage and sacrifice. Living standards will decline in real terms. Citizens will have to save more and consume less. Working lives with lengthen. For many, retirement will be revert to being a luxury. Taxes and charges for government services will rise to match the cost of providing them. There has to be greater emphasis on the real economy - the creation and sale of goods and services. Financial institutions need to return to their actual role of supporting economic activity. - Author: Satyajit Das
Placebos For Sale quotes by Satyajit Das
#30. Everything is for sale in Hollywood; the fairy tale, the costume, the pumpkin, the footman and the mice. - Author: Amanda Eliasch
Placebos For Sale quotes by Amanda Eliasch
#31. Mexico is a lawless place. I don't care what the UN says, or what the State Department travel advisories tell you. The fact is that Mexico, as a whole, is a narco-state run by powerful regional cartels, with a hollow and largely irrelevant central government that is nothing more than window-dressing to appease the international community. Freedom is for those who can afford it, law is for sale, and what is fair is determined by who is most powerful. That's the reality of Mexico. Cancun, Playa, Cabo, Puerto Vallarta- they are all much better than the interior of Mexico, but that is only because their survival depends on a steady flow of tourists with money to burn. To protect that, the government does a good job maintaining the appearance of western-style law and order through the direct threat of massive military intervention. Underneath it all, those places are not much different from the rest of Mexico. - Author: Tucker Max
Placebos For Sale quotes by Tucker Max
#32. My eyes are not for sale and nobody owns the world. - Author: Marty Rubin
Placebos For Sale quotes by Marty Rubin
#33. Titles of property, for instance railway shares, may change hands every day, and their owner may make a profit by their sale even in foreign countries, so that titles to property are exportable, although the railway itself is not. - Author: Karl Marx
Placebos For Sale quotes by Karl Marx
#34. Bangalore is India's fast growing cosmopolitan city with the most high tech industries and also well known for India's mana-candela-flats-in-bangaloreleading scientific establishments. However, in the recent past, Sarjapur Road has witnessed a large amount of infrastructure development and has attracted the interest of Property Developers in Bangalore and investors alike. Mostly all the Major Builders in Bangalore having Residential Apartments in Sarjapur Road offers 2BHK and 3BHK Flats for Sale in Sarjapur Road.
The latest Residential projects in Sarjapur Road have planning to build the 2BHK, 3BHK Flats in Sarjapur Road with international safety standards and amenities. This has attracted and encouraged the buyers to invest on ongoing Residential projects in Sarjapur Road, Bangalore. - Author: Mana
Placebos For Sale quotes by Mana
#35. For several Roman observers, senatorial weakness for bribery was one major factor lying behind their failure: 'Rome's a city for sale and bound to fall as soon as it finds a buyer', as Jugurtha was supposed to have quipped when he left the city. The general incompetence of the governing class was another. - Author: Mary Beard
Placebos For Sale quotes by Mary Beard
#36. She found just the material she wanted in the Bijenkorf - rose pink chiffon and a matching silk to line it, both at sale price too, although even then their purchase made a great hole in her purse. But she was feeling reckless by now; drunk with the prospect of spending an evening in the same company as the professor, she purchased some silver slippers and a handbag -and walked back happily clutching her purchases, and after getting the lunch for her patient and herself and settling her for a nap, went to see Juffrouw Blik. - Author: Betty Neels
Placebos For Sale quotes by Betty Neels
#37. Your lawyer is your true mercenary. Under his code honor consists in making the best possible fight in exchange for the biggest possible fee. He is frankly for sale to the highest bidder. - Author: David Graham Phillips
Placebos For Sale quotes by David Graham Phillips
#38. My soul is not for sale. - Author: Caryl Chessman
Placebos For Sale quotes by Caryl Chessman

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